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What Girls Think Guys Want? 18 Things That Turn Real Men Off

What Girls Think Guys Want? 18 Things That Turn Real Men Off

If you’re a woman, you probably know what girls think guys want. But what if I told you that almost all those things actually turn real men off?

I know that we all go through life assuming things about others and both women and men tend to do this. We all have different ideas about each other and sometimes, we desperately try to make another person happy by doing something we think they’d like.

A lot of the time, this leads us to a point in life where we’ve done everything wrong. When you try hard to impress a guy, you may decide to do certain things that you normally never would or you live in denial that every man would love to see you doing some things you could never say yes to.

That’s when misunderstandings can happen, as we all focus on our own ideas of what others want. A woman may think that a man wants her to do one thing, while he’ll be wishing for something the complete opposite.

That’s why many relationships fall apart in no time. These different expectations can ruin any possibility of creating a long and lasting connection between two people and one of them decides to pack their bags before things get too much to deal with.

So, if you’re a woman who’s struggling to find a man as every one of them runs away too early, then the reason could be that you’re relying too much on the assumptions you have about them. You probably keep doing the opposite of what makes both you and them happy since you think that’s what they want.

However, if you change your behavior slightly, great things will happen before you even realize it.

What girls think guys want and what they actually want

So, it’s already more than obvious that there are some things that girls think guys love, when in reality, they may be highly repulsive to them. In order to save yourself from making the wrong moves when trying to impress a man, you need to realize what you’re doing wrong.

These are some of the things girls think guys want when the truth is way different. Believe it or not, men don’t want you to…

1. Look like a model

What Girls Think Guys Want 18 Things That Turn Real Men Off

When they see a beautiful woman, most guys will look twice or make a comment about how great she looks but that’s as far as it’ll go. Only immature ones still think that the woman of their dreams must look like a model in order for them to fall in love with her.

All of the others know that a woman’s body isn’t what makes a woman attractive. It’s her personality, her beliefs, and her values that’ll keep a guy by her side, as well as her ability to take care of herself without anyone’s help.

Good looks are only a bonus but no real man will think that a woman must have the body of a model if she wants to steal his attention. Only someone juvenile thinks this way.

So, the first mistake many women make is that they convince themselves that they don’t stand a chance with a man just because they don’t have the best body in the world. But if only you knew how little real men care about this, your life would be so much easier.

2. Have plumped lips

What’s something else that girls think guys want? Well, it’s definitely a trend that many women are trying to follow since they believe it’ll make them appear more attractive to men.

They think that by plumping their lips, they’ll get that hot look that most men are looking for. But once again, this is a myth and it’s not even close to what most men want from women.

If you’re by any chance thinking of getting your lips done just to be more attractive to men, then you’re making a huge mistake. I haven’t yet met a guy who said that he likes the way plumped-up lips look. If anything, all of them state that they hate how fake it looks.

So, if you’re thinking of doing it because you want a guy to like you then please change your plans right away. But if you want to do it because you like them that way, then feel free to do so. In the end, it’s your body and you have every right to do whatever you want with it.

3. Dress provocatively

DONE What Girls Think Guys Want 18 Things That Turn Real Men Off 2

Would you believe me if I told you that a man will be more attracted to a woman who’s wearing a long dress and covering up than one who’s showing everything there is?

There’s a misconception that guys love when girls are dressed provocatively. Apparently, it’s what gets them interested. But if this is the only reason why you wear that tight, short dress even though you don’t feel comfortable in it, then this is your sign to stop doing so.

First of all, you should never dress just to impress a man. And second of all, you should always feel comfortable in your clothes. Also, when a man sees you dressed provocatively, he won’t even think about getting in a serious relationship with you, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re making all of the wrong moves.

Don’t try to get his attention by attempting to look hot since you’ll be sending him the wrong idea about what you want from him. So, figure out your intentions and always dress in clothing that makes you feel comfortable. Attempting to look provocative just because you want him to notice you is wrong and won’t get you anywhere.

4. Act dumb

What do girls think guys want? Well, unfortunately, some of us still believe that men fall in love with dumb women but let me be honest and spill the beans. The only man who’ll ever like you acting like this with him is some immature guy who was never really the brightest kid in class.

He’ll like the idea to lead you through life because he hasn’t ever been able to find himself a woman who could tolerate his stupid behavior. So if that’s not the type of man you’re looking for then you need to stop acting like you know nothing about life.

Real men are attracted to intelligence and the ability to stand up for yourself. They like women who know what they want from life and who won’t put themselves down just because they like a guy. Instead, they’ll show them how capable they are.

Playing dumb isn’t the way to go and you should avoid it unless you’re trying to attract some ignorant guy who still doesn’t know what he wants from life.

5. Act like a child when you don’t get something

What Girls Think Guys Want 18 Things That Turn Real Men Off

Acting all mad, stomping your feet, or even standing still and crossing your arms until you get what you want is reserved for children. It’s called a tantrum and it certainly isn’t something grown women should use when they’re trying to have their demands met.

No guy will feel attracted to you when he sees you on the edge of tears just because he can’t take you to your favorite restaurant since you don’t have a reservation. Nor will he when you let him know that you won’t tell him what’s bothering you when you’re upset with him.

These child-like games don’t belong in serious relationships. It’s not the way anyone over the age of ten should behave. So, you should stop acting this way because it doesn’t make you seem cute. If anything, this behavior is repellent and will push every real man away.

6. Let them take care of you

What a girl often thinks is that a guy wants to date a woman who’ll let him take care of her. She believes that men love to act like heroes all the time and do whatever it takes to make them happy but this is completely wrong and won’t get you far if you try to apply it to your relationship.

The idea of a damsel in distress is no longer attractive to modern men. They’re not looking for a woman who doesn’t know how to take care of herself and instead, they want a strong woman who’ll show them that she doesn’t need their help. They want someone who’ll be equal to them and who won’t wait for them to make her life comfortable.

That woman will know how to make herself happy and a man will only be an extension of the already amazing life she leads. So, stop trying to get a man’s attention by pretending you’re in desperate need of his help. You don’t need him to rescue you when you can do that on your own.

Let a guy know that and you’ll immediately see the difference in his behavior.

7. Agree with everything they say

DONE What Girls Think Guys Want 18 Things That Turn Real Men Off 4

Some girls think that a guy wants a woman who’ll agree with everything he says. Someone who won’t question him even if she disagrees with his words.

So, in order to feel appealing in the eyes of men, women often try desperately to get their attention by acting as if they agree with everything men say. Deep down, you hate the words that are coming out of your mouth but you do it because you want a man to like you.

Now, if you were in the same position and a man was trying to get your attention by blindly agreeing to everything you say, what would you think of him? That he still doesn’t know what he wants from life? That he doesn’t have any standards?

Well, that’s exactly what the man you’re trying to attract will be thinking too. It’s obvious how you’re trying to follow his lead because you want to get his attention and honestly, he won’t feel comfortable seeing you do that.

8. Be different

Being different from the rest of the women and being unique in a world where everyone’s similar – that’s what many girls think guys want. However, that’s not something any real man is looking for.

Honestly, he simply wants you to be yourself. That’s where the story ends. He doesn’t want you to act all quirky or different just to get his attention and this leads me to my next point.

9. Pretend to be something you’re not

What Girls Think Guys Want 18 Things That Turn Real Men Off

Pretending to be something you’re not as a way of getting a guy’s attention is wrong on so many levels. No one wants to be with a person who’s wearing a mask and acting the way she assumes the other person will like.

Eventually, you’ll have to show your real face so why bother to even pretend? Simply show a guy who you really are and if he likes you for it, great. If he rejects you, at least you’ll know you saved yourself from someone who wasn’t meant to be yours.

Men are simple. They want to find someone with whom they feel comfortable. They want to be themselves whenever they’re with you but at the same time, they also want you to be yourself, with no pretense involved.

So, take off your mask and let him get to know you for who you really are. That’s the only way you can make him stay with you forever.

10. Use a baby voice when talking affectionately

Unfortunately, some girls really think that guys like it when women talk to them using their baby voice. But if you were to ask any man about this, he would probably tell you that there’s nothing cute about it.

If anything, it only makes him feel like a child who’s talking to his mother and that certainly isn’t how any guy should feel when he’s around his partner. So, if you’re guilty of making this mistake, please stop doing so in the future.

You’re treating your partner as if you’re his parent and that’s not appealing. Even if you’re simply trying to be affectionate with him, there are way better ways to achieve that without using a baby voice.

11. Expect that they treat you like a princess

DONE What Girls Think Guys Want 18 Things That Turn Real Men Off 6

I’m not really sure why girls think that guys want to be dating a diva but it’s obviously a thing since many of us still share this opinion. Honestly, no man will stay by your side once he realizes you want to be treated like a princess, especially if he sees that you’re not giving him the same treatment in return.

You can’t expect a man to make all of your wishes come true if you’re not willing to do the same for him. You can’t expect him to do whatever you want while you won’t lift a finger for him. This is called double standards and it doesn’t have a place in a healthy relationship.

When you want him to treat you like a princess then you must treat him like a prince; that’s only fair. But since we’re not living in a world of fantasies, you should be able to realize that this behavior isn’t something that’s easily achievable.

He already has too many things on his mind and he doesn’t need to think about all of the demands you set for him. Stop expecting him to do whatever you want, whenever you feel like it. Once you meet the right one, you won’t even have any time to think about your wishes, since you’ll already feel happy with the way he treats you.

12. Borrow their clothes

One of the things that girls think guys want is for them to borrow their clothes. (When I say borrow, I mean steal his hoodie and never give it back to him).

You probably think it’s cute when he sees you wearing his shirt but at some point, this gets hard to tolerate. Once he realizes that you took all of the good things from his wardrobe, he won’t think of your behavior as sweet. Instead, he’ll find it irritating that he has nothing to wear since you stole all of his best pieces of clothing.

13. Wear make-up to impress them

What Girls Think Guys Want 18 Things That Turn Real Men Off

Do you know what girls think that guys want? Could you believe that most of us assume that wearing make-up impresses men?

I know that we all want to look our best and wearing make-up is one of the ways to achieve that. But if you’re only doing it to impress a guy then you’re making a mistake.

Honestly, most of my male best friends are now in serious relationships with women who keep their make-up minimal. Of course, their girlfriends know how to glam up for special events but on a daily basis, when they’re hanging out with their boyfriends, they keep it simple.

Trust me when I tell you that one of the things a man hates is when he hugs you and his shirt gets stained with your foundation. That’s the main reason why they despise make-up.

They would rather date someone who doesn’t choose to wear a full face of make-up daily. And no, he won’t think of her as any less pretty than a woman who’s fully glammed up.

14. Hang out only with male friends

Most girls believe that guys want to hear that we only have male friends. From our point of view, it makes us seem easier to be around.

We suppose that hanging out only with guys shows them how simple it is to spend time with us. We think that they can tell we’re not demanding or sneaky.

But in reality, men see a completely different picture. When they hear you say that you don’t hang out with women, it only makes them think that you could be a drama queen.

They start to think that you’re controlling to the point where no other female wants to hang out with you. And that’s not someone they want to deal with.

15. Let them make the first move

DONE What Girls Think Guys Want 18 Things That Turn Real Men Off 8

Do you really think that guys love it when they’re supposed to always be the ones who make the first move? Does it actually sound like something they would enjoy?

For the bare fact that they approach women and deal with rejection, we must give them credit and say that guys are brave creatures. Get rejected once and you’ll see how bad your ego would hurt. But guys do it all the time and yet they still don’t like the fact that they’re expected to keep doing it.

Maybe for a change, women should take the lead and be the ones who make the first move. That way, we would show them that we’re not afraid of taking matters into our own hands if we find a guy attractive.

Plus, it’s always a bonus when a man sees that a woman knows what she wants. They fall hard for that.

16. Act as if you care about sports

Not many women care about sports and even less of us understand all the sports talk. But for some reason, we believe that guys will appreciate it if we pretend that we’re obsessed with their favorite team or that we love playing their favorite sport in our free time.

Honestly, there’s no point in doing this, as there will come a time when you’ll reveal your real face to him. And he won’t appreciate the fact that you lied to him about your interests.

He’ll then assume that you haven’t been honest about many other things either, which can easily push him away from you.

17. Not communicate your needs

What Girls Think Guys Want 18 Things That Turn Real Men Off

Girls think that guys like it when we’re being all mysterious about our needs. We think they love it when we leave it up to them to figure out what we want.

But out of all of the men I’ve met throughout my life, there hasn’t been one who liked the fact that a woman expected him to guess things she simply could tell him. They hate playing this game since there’s no point in it.

If you’re dating or in a relationship, you should know how to communicate your needs freely. Your partner isn’t supposed to guess what you want from him. Instead, you can effortlessly say it out loud without making the matter more complicated than it is.

18. Play hard to get

Playing hard to get may be attractive… but only if your preferred type is an immature guy, as that’s the best you can get when you act this way.

Of course, you’re allowed to take as much time as you want to move through a relationship but pretending that you don’t want anything with a guy while internally begging God that he won’t give up on you – that’s messed up.

Let a man know if you’re interested in him and then let things progress from there. That’s the only right way for a healthy relationship to begin.

What Girls Think Guys Want? 18 Things That Turn Real Men Off

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