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Is He Secretly Into You? 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You

Is He Secretly Into You? 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You

Recognizing the signs a Leo man likes you is no easy task. 

Because Leo belongs to the Fire element signs, you’ve probably heard that they love having the attention on them. And that’s true, but if they find someone worthy of their love, they give all that attention to the other person.

Dating and loving a Leo man is for sure a thrilling experience. 

It’s well-known fact that people of this zodiac sign are very open about their feelings. But maybe you’re missing the obvious signs a Leo man likes you or that he’s even attracted to you. 

This man is very adventuristic, romantic, and overly affectionate. He loves being in the center of attention and making sure your eyes are locked on him. 

Leo men are constantly surrounded by a large group of people. That’s why sometimes it’s difficult to know if a Leo likes you. 

What are the traits of a Leo man?

Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You

Many women will argue that it’s quite difficult to recognize the signs a Leo man likes you, but trust me when I say, there are fixed signs. 

However, before determining whether or not a Leo man likes you, it’s important to understand whether or not you have a real Lion on your hands. 

If his birthday falls between July 23 and August 22, then you’re dealing with a Leo guy. 

So what are some of his qualities? 

Natural leader

A lion is commonly known as the king of the jungle, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find Leo men in high leadership positions. 

On the other hand, if your guy is a Leo yet doesn’t hold a leadership position in his life, then he’s most probably waiting for a promotion or has other planets that are ruling his career. 

It’s safe to say, though, that most of these men will have prominent job roles as they’re excellent at multitasking and “bossing” others around.

Money is important

DONE Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You 2

If you ask any Leo man, he’ll tell you that money ranks high on his priority list. Because they take work very seriously and hold senior positions, they’re naturally drawn to earning money – and they know how to make a lot of it. 

They love to indulge in all kinds of pleasures and live like the kings they are. 

That said, they’re neither greedy nor selfish. It’s very common for them to share their wealth with those closest to them, especially if they find their lioness. 

Instead, money matters to them because it gives them a sense of pride. That’s why they’re known for showering their partners with gifts. And by doing that, they’re showing off their pride, as they’re trying to impress the woman of their heart. 


You don’t have to worry if a Leo man will have confidence in himself because he has plenty. That’s because he puts his soul and heart into everything he puts his mind to, and he’s pretty darn good at whatever he does. 

He won’t stop until he achieves his goals and he also hates to fail. The thing about Leo man is that he likes his ego stroked – he likes to be praised a lot. 

Not every woman can handle dating a Leo man.

Valuable friend

Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You

A Leo guy is a wonderful friend. He’s usually very warm-hearted and caring. He uses his confidence as a way to support his friends in their endeavors. 

He’s the type of friend who will bring you soup when you’re sick. A Leo man wants to encourage his friends to become the best versions of themselves, so he’ll have your back at all times. 

You can always expect him to encourage you to go and chase your dreams. Overall, he’s a great catch as a best friend. 

Highly social

A Leo male is very sociable and outgoing. He enjoys being surrounded by a group of friends and considers himself the leader of the pack. 

Unlike Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini who are rather anti-social, a Leo man loves going out and inviting his whole group to join him.

And he doesn’t just enjoy being surrounded by people and friends, he’s the life of the party. He’ll always make sure that everyone’s having a great time.

In short, he’s a showman who will keep everyone entertained as he likes the spotlight on him. 


DONE Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You 4

Why are Leos such exceptional leaders and managers? Well, it’s partly because they’re considerate and kind toward others.

However, if they’re lacking in empathy or kindness, their arrogance, bad temper, and pushy nature will come to the surface. Such a man will make it clear that it’s his way or the highway. 

It’s important that you know these characteristics as they’ll help you determine whether or not you want to be in a relationship with a Leo. 

What are the signs a Leo man likes you?

In today’s dating world, it’s very hard to meet a guy who’ll be straightforward about his feelings for you. Most will try to play it cool and act as if they don’t like you

But a Leo man won’t be like that. His confidence and natural desire to take center stage helps him to win the girl he wants. 

1. He pays you a lot of attention

Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You

A clear sign that a Leo man likes you is when he pays you a lot of attention. Leo is usually the one who likes to be praised and have the attention on them, but he’ll reciprocate if he gets all of that from you.

And if a Leo man falls in love with you, he’ll be very impressed with everything you do. 

Even though many guys fail to listen to their women and their desires, accomplishments, and goals, a Leo man isn’t like that. 

A Leo man in love will make sure to listen to what his woman has to say. And not just that, he’ll be genuinely interested in her opinions, thoughts, and dreams. 

He will never lack encouragement when you need it. He’ll be there for you and cheer you on in all of your life endeavors. 

He might even give you the push you need to do something you didn’t dare do before. He’ll be there for you and make sure you don’t lack any motivation in achieving your dreams. 

If you’re feeling low and when life hits you hard, he’ll make sure you pick yourself up and try again. You’ll definitely feel his presence in your life. 

He knows that it feels great when someone treats you special and with extra care. And if he likes you, all of his attention will be directed at you. 

2. He offers advice when you need it

DONE Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You 6

When life knocks you down and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, then you need someone to pick you up and give you much-needed advice on how to move on from there. That’s exactly what a Leo man will do if he likes you.

He needs to make sure you know he cares about you. That’s why he’ll be there to give you sound advice on how to solve whatever problems you’re facing.

Even though a Leo guy likes attention, he’s also a very good listener. If he really likes you and finds you a compatible partner, then he’ll carefully listen to what you have to say. 

He’ll be attentive to every word you say. And once you tell him the whole story, he’ll be in a position to offer you good advice. 

He’s only one phone call away when you need a shoulder to cry on. And he’s not afraid of letting you know how he feels about you. 

3. He makes you part of his inner circle

 Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You

A Leo man has a very active social life. He likes to be surrounded by his friends at all times. That means that his inner circle doesn’t consist of just one or two people. 

This zodiac sign values friendship, loyalty, and sincerity over everything else. And the thing is, men don’t let random people be a part of their inner circle.

Only those who are closest to their hearts can become part of it. So if he introduces you to his friends, then you know he likes you a lot. 

As soon as he feels comfortable around you and realizes he can trust you, he will open up to you and make you part of his inner circle. That means that every time he invites his friends to do something, he’ll automatically invite you. 

His friends play a big role in his life. He has to make sure you get along with his people and try to impress them. 

Usually, a Leo man plans to meet up with his friends weekly because he likes routine and stability. You’ll be invited to all sorts of activities with him and his people, so be prepared for anything. 

So, if he introduces you to his friends, then take it as a solid sign your Leo man likes you. 

4. He lets you express yourself freely

DONE Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You 8

When you go out on a date with a Leo man, you won’t have to wonder whether or not he’s being his real self with you. He’ll always express himself without any reservations – he won’t wear any masks. 

Guys that belong to this zodiac sign are very creative and, although they enjoy taking the spotlight, if they like you, then they’ll give you the floor. 

One of the easiest ways to know if a Leo man likes you is when he lets you express yourself freely. He wants you to show him your emotions and be vulnerable with him. He appreciates when people show their true selves from the very beginning. 

This guy wants you to express your creativity and if he likes you, he’ll enjoy everything about your personality – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Leo takes a very funny and light-hearted approach so that you feel comfortable and safe when you’re close to him. He’ll always find a way to make you smile, even if it means that he needs to use a bit of sarcasm to playful banter. 

He seeks that deep emotional connection and in order to create it, he needs to get to know you on a personal level. 

5. He’s trying to claim you 

Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You

One thing about Leos is certain – they know what they want. And if he likes you, then he’ll want every friend and family to know that you’re his. 

Don’t be shocked when he starts posting pictures or videos of the two of you on his social media even though you’ve only been on a couple of dates. Why? Because he’s trying to claim you.

This isn’t because he’s possessive and afraid that someone else might have you. It’s just he’s proud of you and wants everyone to know what a great girl he’s dating. 

As I mentioned before, he admires you and wants everyone to know how gorgeous and perfect you truly are. 

In addition to that, he wants you (and the entire world) to know that you’re officially a part of his life. 

Another way that he might try to claim you besides posting pictures on social media is by finding ways to be closer to you physically. That means that he’ll sit next to you, touch you gently – or do whatever he can to claim you, even if you’re not officially together yet. 

6. He shows off

DONE Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You 10

A Leo is ruled by the Sun. Those who are born under this zodiac sign have a strong desire to shine. Their priority is to make an impression on you and everyone else. And sometimes they can’t help it because they attract other people toward them.

An obvious sign a Leo man likes you is when he tries to show off in front of you. You’ll know that he’s trying to grab your attention when he dresses up every time you two go on a date. 

He’s doing that because he wants to impress you. And when he’s finally on a date with you, he won’t stop talking about his achievements and grandiose dreams that he has for the future. 

He constantly seeks validation and attention from you, so that’s why he’s acting that way.

Be careful not to misinterpret this as ignorance. It’s just his way of flirting with you and letting you know that he’s into you.

7. He showers you with gifts

Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You

As I mentioned before, a Leo man values money – it sits pretty high on his priority list. And when they like you, they’ll do anything to make you feel special. 

That’s why a Leo man will shower you with gifts once he accepts his feelings for you. 

At first, he might offer to pay for dinner and bring you a cup of coffee when you’re on your break. As time goes on, the gifts will only get bigger and the gestures will become more grandiose and expensive. 

This is how a Leo man shows that he’s proud of his wealth. Everyone has their own love language, and if yours involves him buying you lavish gifts and chocolates, then you’ll fall in love with a Leo man quickly.

8. He contacts you constantly

 Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You

The thing about a Leo man is that if he sees a girl that he likes, he’ll stop at nothing to make sure she knows he’s into her. That includes following you on all social media platforms and contacting you at every chance he gets.

He knows that he has to stand out from the rest of the guys who completely ignore their girl and think that their mind games will attract her. But a Leo man knows that such mind games don’t work.

That’s why you should expect him to call or message you throughout the day if he likes you. He’ll send you flirtatious love messages and update you on stuff in his life. 

The most important thing for him is that he maintains contact with you so that he can try to claim you. 

Another reason why he’ll contact you constantly is that he wants you to know how important you are to him – or at least becoming to him. 

Instead of thinking that he’s being pushy or forcing you to go on a date with him, think of it as a sign that this Leo man likes you. He’s falling for you hard, so that’s why he needs to interact with you throughout the day.

9. He invites you to events and parties

Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You

A Leo man constantly seeks attention from others, and what better way to get it than at parties and events. He needs to find a way to share all the glorious aspects of himself with the rest of the world. 

He’ll most likely be accompanied by a large group of friends who share similar interests with him. 

On the other hand, if a Leo man likes you, then he’ll invite you to be his plus one at social events and parties. 

When a Leo guy likes someone, then he’ll try his hardest to show you how charming he can be and how talented he truly is. 

He isn’t your classical romantic partner. You should expect exclusive dances, house parties, and extravagant events with him. 

He has friends in high places, so that’s why you’ll find him at every important social event in your city. And if he likes you, then he’ll ask you to accompany him to those events so that he can show everyone how beautiful you are. 

Don’t expect him to hide you from others. Instead, you’ll meet a lot of new faces the first time you go on a date with him. 

10. He remembers tiny details about you

 Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You

Oftentimes, a Leo man doesn’t have time to think about others as he plans his next big adventure or goal. As a consequence, he often misses important details and valuable information that otherwise could be very beneficial to him. 

But when a Leo likes you, then he’ll notice every tiny detail about you. You know he has fallen for you hard when he remembers how you brush your hair or how you style your clothes. 

Also if he likes you, he’ll remember how you felt on a particular day, or an interesting story that you told him about your work or something you experienced as a child. 

In addition, he’ll include those tiny details about you in his gifts to make them more personal. If you said that your favorite color is purple and that you like tulips, then don’t be surprised if he shows up with purple tulips on your next date. 

11. He suddenly ignores you

 Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You

Sometimes a Leo will ignore you just to see how you’ll react. This will happen for no reason and you will find it strange since he previously showered you with gifts.

But, he’ll do it because he wants to determine if you’re worth his time and effort and if you would go the extra mile to keep his attention. 

12. He talks about taking it to the next level

Is He Secretly Into You 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You

A clear sign a Leo man likes you is when he talks about being exclusive with you. 

As I already mentioned, this sign values commitment. He wants to make sure you’re ready to commit to him by being exclusive and dating no one else other than him. 

He wants to form a deep emotional bond with you, with the girl he likes. He’ll be fiercely loyal to you and expect the same from you. 

Don’t break the loyalty and trust that you have with him and you’ll have a great partner for life.  

Is He Secretly Into You? 12 Undeniable Signs A Leo Man Likes You

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