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Sigma Personality: 15 Traits And Why You Should Date A Sigma Male

Sigma Personality: 15 Traits And Why You Should Date A Sigma Male

The Sigma personality is part of the social hierarchy, together with the well-known Alphas, Betas, and all the other types.

You have probably heard about the Alpha personality type, whom you’ll automatically think of as a strong leadership figure.

Whether it’s a man or woman, Alphas are very extroverted and extremely confident and everyone looks at them for guidance.

People with the Beta personality type are followers. They look for guidance and they are usually very laid-back.

However, what about the Sigma personality? What are the traits of a Sigma male and how can you recognize him in a crowd?

If you were to date a Sigma male, what would that be like? Is there a guide for dating a Sigma male?

Let’s answer all your questions about the male Sigma personality!

The definition of a male Sigma personality

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A male Sigma personality can be defined as a combination of traits that can be found in both Alpha men and Beta men.

They are very often referred to as an introverted Alpha and you have most probably heard about this comparison.

He is a rebel without a cause. He is someone who has his own interests and you can point him out in a crowd if you know exactly what to look for.

Sigmas command every crowd without even trying and many women feel pulled to a Sigma male, without even realizing it.

Are you also intrigued by a Sigma male? Do you want to know how to recognize one when you meet him?

Sigma personality traits in men

As said before, the Sigma male has specific personality traits and if you know what to look for, you can spot one right away!

1. He’s extremely introverted

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Sigma Personality: 15 Traits And Why You Should Date A Sigma Male 25

The Sigma man invented introversion. He is mostly the person you will see in the corner of the room at a party, just people-watching.

When you do try to start a conversation, he will most probably avoid any eye contact at first, before you pique his interest.

He is the type of person who will look extremely disinterested in conversations and when someone drags him into a group setting, he will be the quietest.

Don’t confuse this for shyness. A Sigma man isn’t shy in the slightest.

However, what he actually does is save his energy. Introverts are people who get drained by social interactions and they need time to recharge on their own.

On the other hand, once he does give you his trust and once he opens up, he will become the most interesting person you have ever come across.

2. He’s a lone wolf

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It is very common for an introvert to have a very close group of friends they keep nearby.

However, with a man who has a Sigma personality type, you will see that he keeps everyone at arm’s length.

He doesn’t want anyone to get too close because he thinks that they will either hurt him or they’re simply not interesting enough for him.

Even if he does have a few very close friends, he will most probably deal with his issues by himself.

He doesn’t need someone to fight his battles and that’s why he won’t open up to people that easily.

There is no need for him to do that when he thinks that he can overcome everything on his own.

He will never ask for help, unless he really needs it.

3. He’s the biggest overthinker

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Because of the fact that men with a Sigma personality type love to handle things by themselves, they are also the ones who overthink things the most.

He will think things through to their core and this is his way of keeping himself safe.

He will probably bring up things you have never thought about. His mind is like a hidden realm of weird secrets and theories that only a Sigma male can come up with.

He has probably overthought everything that there is to overthink and more.

When he does start talking about his thoughts, you might hear him blabbering on and on and when he catches himself doing so, he will become shy for oversharing.

4. He’s independent

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In the spirit of a true introverted lone wolf, he is also extremely independent.

You will never see him struggle to take care of himself. He doesn’t need a woman to cook for him or clean up after him.

He doesn’t need someone to make decisions for him. Everything he does in his life is well thought out and he probably makes every decision by himself.

This is a good thing because you will never be stuck in a co-dependent relation with a Sigma male.

To be with him, you also have to be just as independent.

5. He’s a rebel without a cause

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A Sigma male will always have a certain bad boy aura around him and people might even advise you to stay away from him.

He is a free-spirited troublemaker who won’t stand still just because someone said so.

He will get into trouble for the most random things but you won’t see him stress a lot about it because it’s probably not the first time.

He is probably very morally gray and doesn’t bat an eyelid when you confront him about it.

It’s not that he’s a bad person, it’s just that he doesn’t play by the rules. There will even be times when he will do what he thinks is right even when no one else seems to see eye to eye with him.

6. He’s extremely intelligent

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As an overthinking introvert, it’s just natural that a Sigma male will be one the smartest, most intelligent creatures out there.

He is someone who commands the room when he talks because everyone knows that there is something they can learn from him.

You will never have a shortage of intelligent conversation with a Sigma man. He will challenge you intellectually and he will want you to do the same.

He is always well informed and analytical in all aspects of his life. If he can learn something new from you, he will ask all types of questions.

His natural curiosity is his biggest asset and that might be one of the reasons why Sigma males are almost always men with the INTJ personality type.

7. He’s confident

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Another trait of a Sigma male is that he is undoubtedly confident. He may have insecurities, but he is so determined to work on himself that he might have a detailed plan on how to get rid of them.

No one can tell him his worth and no one can make him feel inferior. He knows that other people’s opinions don’t matter.

He will only care about the opinions of his very close friends and his partner.

You might confuse his confidence for arrogance at times, but he really just doesn’t care what anyone says.

He thinks about his decisions a lot and he knows that he always does the right thing.

8. He has a good sense of humor

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What’s the first thing that you look for in a guy? It’s most probably humor, as you want someone who is able to make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

Well, a man with the Sigma personality won’t talk a lot, but when he does, he makes everyone laugh.

His wit and his sarcasm make everyone around him double over from all the laughter.

He will throw jokes into the crowd like it’s nothing, but his facial expression will most probably stay completely stagnant.

This fact just makes his jokes funnier than they actually are.

9. He’s a caretaker

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When you get the chance to date a man with the Sigma personality, you will realize how caring he can be.

Because of the fact that he keeps a lot to himself, he will have to try to open up to you more but his love language is almost always acts of service.

He will take care of you by making you coffee every morning or doing the dishes after a meal.

When you’re sick, he won’t leave your side under any circumstances. Sigma men are the biggest caretakers out there so he will spoil you rotten with his affection and attention.

Sigma men are most probably the ones taking care of their drunk friends, even if they look annoyed when doing so.

They are also the ones people go to the most for advice, because they are able to see issues from a different perspective.

10. He has high standards

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Introverts are generally very picky with the people they surround themselves with.

Because of the fact that they get easily drained from social interactions, they tend to have a very close circle of friends they choose to associate themselves with.

A man with the Sigma personality doesn’t like to surround himself with people who aren’t as interesting or intelligent as he is, so imagine how rigorous these standards are when it comes to picking a partner.

He would much rather be single than with someone he can’t vibe with. There is no point in spending time on someone who doesn’t meet his standards.

On the other hand, Sigma men are people who put a lot of time and effort into their romantic relationships.

Why would he want to spend all that energy on someone mediocre? It wouldn’t even be far-fetched to say that he has an ideal type in his head whom he strives to find.

11. He hates expectations

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Expectations will only anger a man with a Sigma personality type, as there is nothing he hates more.

When people have expectations from a Sigma man, be it good or bad ones, he will do whatever is in his power to show them the opposite.

He will most probably hold a certain grudge against anyone who puts a lot of pressure and expectations on him.

It’s just that he wants to live life freely. When people have expectations of him, he feels like that freedom is being taken away from him.

Whenever you expect him to act a certain way, be prepared for a surprise.

12. He probably has very weird interests

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For some reason, men with a Sigma personality type always have weird interests.

He probably plays several instruments and volunteers at an animal shelter, while at the same time, doing an apprenticeship in a tattoo studio.

You will never find someone as interesting as him, simply because he loves to indulge himself in different media and soaks up information like a sponge.

He is the type of person who has to try everything at least once because of his curiosity.

13. He has an amazing fashion sense

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When you think of a man with a good fashion sense, you don’t instantly think of Gucci models.

Rather than that, you think of a man who knows how to combine colors and fabrics and that is exactly what you will find in a Sigma male.

He will always know how to dress for the occasion. If he’s in a business setting, he is either in a suit or he’s rocking the business casual style.

However, if he’s just going out for a drink, you will probably see him wearing something very unique.

He has his own style and he makes sure that it represents his personality.

His fashion sense doesn’t depend on the latest trends but on things that he finds to be the most unique and stylish.

14. He takes good care of himself

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Even when a Sigma male is laid-back and likes to dress more casually, you can still clearly see that he takes good care of himself.

He is the type of person who will put his personal hygiene as the biggest priority.

He always smells like heaven and he always irons his clothes, which also shows how independent he is.

A Sigma male is someone who will undoubtedly pay attention to what he eats and how much.

It isn’t unlikely that he also most probably frequents the gym.

15. He adapts to different settings

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Because of his high intelligence, a man with a Sigma personality type is someone who easily adapts himself to different settings.

He knows how to read his surroundings and make himself absolutely blend in with the crowd.

This makes him an amazing businessman, as because of his intellect and his long list of interests, he can spark a conversation with anyone.

When he wants to, he can be a master manipulator, while at the same time, being the sweetest person in the room.

He can read people’s energies very well. That’s why you need to be aware of the fact that he probably knows when you’re flirting with him or if you have any type of interest in him.

Looking for a reason why you should date a man with a Sigma personality type?

If you can see these personality traits in a man you’re attracted to and he really is a Sigma male, now the question is whether you should really date him.

What does it look like to date a man with a Sigma personality? Will he break your heart?

If you’re looking for a reason why you should date a Sigma male, here are some that are very easy to spot.

1. He won’t lead you on

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As said before, a Sigma man has very high standards and he doesn’t have time to play around with people’s feelings.

He’s not someone who will take advantage of you, nor is he someone who will start a relationship with you before he gets to know you.

He will try to find out as much about you to see whether you two are actually compatible.

Unless you meet his standards, he will make sure to let you know that he doesn’t want a relationship with you.

Yes, it might hurt you, but it’s better than leading you on and then breaking your heart months or years into the relationship.

2. He wants you both to be happy

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Even if a Sigma man is on the other side of the morally gray scale, he will still never put you in a situation where you’re not happy.

This is extremely important to him, because he wants to be himself, so he will give you space so you can express your authenticity as well.

When you’re unhappy, to him, that only means that your relationship isn’t going anywhere.

If he sees that you want to change him or that he doesn’t like a part of your personality, he will tell you right away.

He knows there is no need to stay in an unhealthy relationship.

3. He will approach problems rationally

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A man with a Sigma personality type hates conflicts in a relationship more than anything.

Why would he fight with the person he supposedly loves? That’s why he will always approach issues from a very rational point of view.

In his mind, the answer is very simple; a problem can only have a few solutions, and which solution benefits both of you?

If you want him to take you out on more dates, he will automatically create a schedule so you have date nights at least once or twice a week.

He doesn’t need to fight about things with you. When he has a problem, he will immediately come to you with solutions.

In his eyes, fighting is just a waste of time.

4. He will challenge you to become a better version of yourself

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It’s obvious that a Sigma male cares a lot about his own improvement, as he works on himself constantly.

That will motivate you no end. You will always feel inspired to start a new hobby, to try something new, and to learn.

Because of the fact that he is constantly trying to become a better version of himself, you will also strive for that.

You will have someone who will always listen when you talk about the new things you have done and learned.

5. He will not take you for granted

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As said previously, men with a Sigma personality type are very picky with the people they let into their life.

You really do have a reason to feel special if he’s with you, so if this man decides to give you a chance, it’s because he wants you there.

He won’t take you for granted.

We have also mentioned that Sigma men are born caretakers and that more often than not, their primary love language is acts of service.

He will take care of you, because he knows how rare a soul like yours really is.

6. He is not interested in superficial things

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A man with a Sigma personality will never be interested in superficial things, and he will love you for your personality.

Of course, he will appreciate it when you get all dolled up before going on a date, but most of his attention will be on the words you speak rather than on your make-up.

We are so used to men caring about our looks more than our wit that we expect it from everyone.

A Sigma male doesn’t like expectations. He is different from other men.

Is a man with a Sigma personality the right one for you?

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You could be interested in a man who completely fits this description, but is he just as interested in you? Are you his type?

Sigma men want a unique and independent woman. They’re the men who aren’t afraid of strong women and they actually actively search for a woman like that.

He doesn’t want a woman who will depend on him for validation and security.

If you want a Sigma man to fall in love with you, then you need to realize your own worth and be confident.

Chase after your own dreams and don’t be possessive over him. He needs to feel like he can work on himself just as much as he can work on your relationship.

Don’t try to make him jealous, as he will just walk away. He doesn’t like little games like that, because he’s too smart to fall for them.

This is not a man who you can make jealous because he knows his own worth and what he deserves.

You will always be his priority. However, don’t play with his emotions once he opens up to you, as you might just lose him forever.

Sigma Personality: 15 Traits And Why You Should Date A Sigma Male

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  1. George D V says:

    Spot on except the “bad boy” attitude, being different does not necessarily make one bad.
    Also moral flexing is absolutely not acceptable, very stringent, principal driven. No two ways about it.

    All other points are borderline mind reading…

    Thank you for this wonderful writing!

  2. Kyle Morgan says:

    Extroverts can be sigmas too.