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9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

You probably know about such personality types as an alpha female, but do you know about a sigma female?

A sigma woman is self-sufficient and does her own thing.

She is like an introverted alpha, even though some of her close friends might be extroverts. Despite having close friends, a true sigma is a loner.

One of her personality traits is that she cares very much about self-improvement and these girls dance to the beat of their own drum.

Are you a sigma female too?

Don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing, and you’ll learn everything you need to know about being a sigma female.

It’s not that a sigma female lacks social skills, she just prefers to be alone instead of in social circles but that doesn’t make her any less popular in them.

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

Someone who dances to the beat of their own drum has to be charismatic and a sigma female lives her own life in her own way.

As I said before, she is like an introverted alpha and I will tell you everything you need to know about a sigma female vs. an alpha female later in the article.

For now, you should know that it’s a personality type that is self-sufficient and cares about self-improvement.

She has her own way of doing things, and she is happy doing her own thing. Introversion is one of the most important traits of a sigma female.

What makes a sigma woman different from an alpha female is her love life.

She is very emotional, and that gives her a hard time when she needs to end an unhealthy relationship.

Still, besides her make-up, she wears a smile on her face but the fact that she is a loner could be a bad thing when it comes to her love life.

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

Even though self-improvement is very important to her, she doesn’t work on her social skills.

A true sigma has to have her own life outside of a relationship; after all, she will always be a loner.

That might give you a tough time if you’re looking to date a sigma female, especially if you are an extrovert.

Read on because you’re going to learn all about this personality type and the traits of a sigma female.

Everything you need to know about a sigma female

Sigma personality

You won’t find a sigma woman having many friends on social media or posting make-up tutorials, if she even uses social media.

Anything that starts with ‘social’ isn’t that interesting to her, and that includes social media.

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

Don’t forget that introversion is one of the most important personality traits of a sigma female.

You can learn more about a sigma male while we’re here as they share some personality traits since they both have a sigma personality.

A sigma personality doesn’t care about hierarchy but still stays on top, next to an alpha female.

Much like an omega female, a sigma personality doesn’t care about conforming, yet nobody rejects them because of it.

Many people love a sigma personality, but the same number of people actually hate them.

Much like an alpha female, a sigma female has healthy confidence and self-esteem but the difference is that being a leader isn’t one of the characteristics of a sigma female.

These women don’t care about being leaders, but they aren’t followers either.

The thing about them is that they actually do whatever they want while retaining respect from others.

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

Still, some people don’t like a sigma female’s nonconforming, bold behavior.

She isn’t the one who will start a fight, but she will certainly defend herself and those she cares about.

When it comes to dating, this is a person who will go for whoever she sees fit and it ends up being successful most of the time.

She has a strong character, and that might make her seem cold and apathetic but it only seems that way because sigmas actually care deeply about those important to them.

They are actually as rare as an INTJ female.

Traits of a sigma female

1. She wants to be an alpha

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

Nobody wants to be second best, they want to be the best and the same goes for this girl who strives to be an alpha.

Still, what’s stopping her from being that is actually her emotions; she is simply too emotional when she needs to end an unhealthy relationship.

Another problem is that it’s hard for her to move on when something is bothering her.

These girls might seem cold at first, but they actually hide their big hearts.

Like all of us, they are afraid of getting hurt, so they act like strong women to hide how emotional they truly are.

2. She doesn’t forget

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

She has got hurt in the past and refuses to forget it. All she really wants is revenge, and she will be prepared to wait for it as long as it takes.

The fact that she seeks revenge makes her feel good and once she finally gets it, she has the best feeling in the world.

This type of girl feels like she is on cloud nine when she gets the sweet taste of victory so justice is important to her, and she will not let those who have hurt her go unpunished.

These girls live for the moment that they’ll get their revenge.

3. She won’t let others bring her down

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

Nobody will want to disagree with this girl when she is mad. It feels like her looks really can kill when she is upset.

The thing is that she is very proud of her accomplishments and won’t let others bring her down; she won’t give them an opportunity to do so.

All in all, this girl doesn’t care much about what others think and is not ready to conform.

She lives her life the way she wants, and she won’t let anyone meddle in it.

The opinions of others don’t interest her because she knows best about what’s good for her.

4. She can be intimidating

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

When you see this girl, you might be intimidated by her.

Much like an alpha, she has a lot going for her but you’ll soon realize that she is okay as long as you don’t try to hurt her.

If you do her any harm, you’ll see that you were intimidated for a good reason.

However, if you are her friend, you’ll have a very good friend in her. Some people don’t like this type of girl, while others love them.

The main difference is in how they approach her and what their intentions are.

5. She wants to be with an alpha

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

When it comes to romantic relationships, this girl will be on the lookout for the best-looking guy there is in a certain crowd.

She is very successful, and she will want him to have the same qualities and that is why she will search for an alpha male to be her new partner.

She will not be ready to settle for anyone who doesn’t have those qualities.

Still, it could happen that she chooses some guy who is nothing like an alpha but it will never be because she is settling.

She simply does whatever she wants, and the same goes for her dating life.

6. She is a great friend

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

The best one of the sigma female characteristics is that she is a great friend; she would do anything to make her friends happy.

When they need her to be by their side, she will drop everything to be there for them.

She is a true friend, and she cares more about quality than quantity when it comes to friends.

You won’t find a woman like this in the company of fakers, as she wants only true friends in her life since she is ready to be a true friend to them as well.

If you have a friend who is a sigma, you are lucky!

7. She can be in the spotlight

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

Don’t think that just because she is an introvert that you won’t get to see her in the spotlight.

When it comes to social dynamics, if she likes the people she’s with, she can be in the spotlight.

Still, if she doesn’t think that she is in the right company and doesn’t like the people she’s with, she will act like a true introvert.

The thing is, to get a woman like this to be in the spotlight, you have to be good company so if you two are good friends, you probably haven’t even noticed that she is such an introvert.

8. She is mysterious

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

All sigmas are mysterious, whether they are male or female.

The truth is, they are really hard to read, so you can never be sure of what they are thinking about.

If in addition they act like the true introvert that they are, it makes it impossible for you to figure them out.

Maybe you are used to reading people easily, but this person is going to surprise you and make it hard for you.

The thing about sigmas is that they don’t just play hard to get, they really are hard to get.

9. She is independent

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

This type of girl is independent. She is perfectly fine with doing things on her own, and she doesn’t get easily influenced by others.

When she doesn’t like the people she’s surrounded by, she will choose to be alone and feel good about it.

It’s not a problem for her to be alone when she can’t find the right man.

After all, it’s always better to be alone than to settle for something that’s less than what you truly deserve.

Sigma female vs. alpha female

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

Alpha females seem to have it all. Their intelligence, beauty, and charm are breathtaking. Still, sigmas are not much different.

Both of them are fine with being on their own and won’t settle for just anyone.

Of course, there are a lot of guys chasing these girls and this is because they are aware of their own worth and feel good in their own skin.

While alpha females can be bossy, sarcastic, and progressive, sigmas are the silent type.

Alphas are like goddesses every woman wants to be like and people would probably feel the same way about sigmas if they were more social.

Both of these types are the kind of woman who thinks with her head.

They don’t care about what others think, and they will never conform. Both of them are actually very emotional, but you can’t really see that until you really get to know them.

They know what it means to get hurt and are determined to never again let anyone do that to them.

Alphas are leaders who can get anything they want when it comes to business.

Sigmas, however, don’t care that much about leading but aren’t followers either.

These women aren’t afraid to make the first move when they like a guy.

Strong men don’t intimidate them, and they are never afraid to say what they think.

Every woman actually wants to be alpha, but you are either born that way or not; this is not something that a person can learn in life.

So if you are an omega female or a beta female, learn more about your type and enjoy it.

Beta females aren’t actually that different from alphas, besides being less dominant but if you are a beta, you know that an alpha will always get more attention and that is why a beta female will always feel like she isn’t getting what she deserves.

As I said, the characteristics of a sigma female include that they don’t just want to be an alpha but the girlfriend of an alpha male.

All in all, even though alphas are on top, sigmas are not far from it either.

If you have learned in this article that you are one of them, congratulations!

Sigmas are actually great friends, and I’m sure that you’ll find the alpha male you’re looking for. However, don’t forget about sigma males too. Good luck!

9 Traits Of A Sigma Female

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    I believe that I am an sigma empath because I have same trates since I was a child.