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10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

We’ve all heard of alpha males and beta males, even omega males, but are you familiar with sigma males? This type of guy is a lone wolf.

A sigma male is self-sufficient and does his own thing and these loners dance to the beat of their own drum.

To make it simple, a sigma male is like an introverted alpha.

This type of guy might not be at the top of the male hierarchy but he is a nice guy to be with and self–improvement is one of the most important things for him.

If you are interested in having one in your love life, read on because I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the personality of a sigma.

Imagine a guy who is mysterious, a quiet troublemaker. Wouldn’t you be intrigued? That is exactly the type of man we are talking about.

Still, if you are looking for a knight in shining armor, keep searching as this is not a guy who wants just any girl.

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

You will get to read all about it in the part where we focus on dating such men.

Keep in mind that this guy does not act hard to get; he actually is hard to get.

They do their own thing even when everyone is telling them not to do so because they don’t see the point of life if they live it by the rules that other people made up. Rules don’t apply to this type of man.

Such guys have all the qualities of alphas, but they don’t want to flaunt them.

They are quiet and serious and such a guy doesn’t say much, but when he speaks, he blows your mind.

He will say only what is important and meaningful.

Because they are so quiet, they often seem mysterious and of course, that makes them an interesting challenge for us ladies.

Another attractive quality of theirs is that they are rebels in disguise.

Such a guy will always do his own thing, and that makes him irresistible to girls so naturally, he gets a lot of attention.

Still, he won’t get into a relationship with just anyone. He has a type of girl that he likes, and I’ll tell you all about that later.

Sigmas don’t like when others impose on their lifestyle so don’t place norms or social expectations on this guy as this guy hates it when others tell him how to live his life.

When it comes to appearance, he has his own look.

Sigmas don’t follow trends, but they still look great. They can fit in anywhere, without bringing their expectations or pressures to the table.

Such guys are very adaptable but don’t always use that skill. Are you looking to find out whether you are one of the sigma males?

Or are you looking to date a man like this?

Whatever the case is in your situation, keep reading because you will find out all there is to know about these men.

Sigma male definition

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

Let’s look at the sigma male definition more closely. It’s not that sigma males are not at the top of the male hierarchy, they just choose to live outside of it.

A sigma male does his own thing and as I said earlier, these guys dance to the beat of their own drum.

Sigma males are very attractive to women; as a matter of fact, when you look at the hierarchy, they are at the top, alongside alpha males; still, they are outside of this hierarchy by choice.

We are going to talk more about the difference between sigma males and alpha males later in the article but now that we know the definition of a sigma male, let’s get a clear picture of who a sigma male really is.

The following is everything you need to know about this type of man.

10 personality traits of sigma males

Here are all the main characteristics of this type of man.

If you are a girl, this will help you find out whether a guy like this is right for you but if you are a guy, it will be fun to find out whether you are one of these attractive men.

In any case, this is a very interesting personality, and it’s really fascinating to find out more about it.

Once you read this article, you will learn how to recognize sigmas but most importantly, you will learn how to understand what they are all about.

If you are interested in starting a relationship with one, be ready for a challenge. It sure won’t be easy, but it will certainly be worth it.

1. They are independent

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

They don’t really need anyone in their life, nor do they care about what others think.

This type of man is very dominant, and he won’t let anyone influence him.

He has his way of doing things, and nothing will stop him from doing what he wants.

The expectations of others don’t concern these men, nor does tradition.

They are in no way people pleasers and don’t really care about fitting in social circles.

All in all, they are loners and such people don’t need other people to give meaning to their lives.

Be sure that a guy like this will always be able to make it on his own, no matter what.

2. They know themselves very well

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

Instead of working on their social skills, these guys spend time analyzing themselves and the world they live in.

They think thoroughly about everything before making a decision and being such overthinkers makes them capable of handling social situations without drama.

Self-improvement is really important to them, and they seem as if they live in their own head.

Comparing them to the gamma male, they are willing to go the extra mile in order to finish something.

Still, they are only human so they make mistakes too. It isn’t impossible for a sigma to make the wrong choices, it just doesn’t happen that often.

The most important thing about it is that, unlike many others, they learn from their mistakes. They never repeat the same failures over and over again.

3. They are quiet

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

Don’t be surprised if this man doesn’t impress you right away because they are not big talkers.

This is a guy who will never give you lots of compliments, engage in small talk, or use some empty phrases and this because the traits of a sigma male include being quiet.

Still, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. After all, that doesn’t mean he has poor communication skills, or that he has nothing to say.

The thing about these guys is that they are introverts so you won’t see a sigma talking just for the sake of filling a silence.

You won’t find them trying to get noticed in a crowd by talking either so if this guy starts talking, be flattered because you definitely have his interest.

Nothing he will say will be without a reason and keep in mind that everything this guy says has a deeper meaning.

You need to take him seriously because he won’t open his mouth if he doesn’t have a reason to do so.

Don’t rush him because he will take his time to come up with what to say, and prepare to have your mind blown.

Be careful not to make the mistake of confusing his silence with being shy; he just doesn’t want to talk when he doesn’t have something meaningful to say.

4. They are intelligent

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

The traits of a sigma male include intelligence and wit, which are some of the best personality traits.

As a matter of fact, they have a very high IQ and you have their constant need for self-improvement to thank for that.

Such men are often well-informed, naturally intelligent, and educated.

When it comes to analyzing things, whether it’s people or experiences, these guys are experts and what’s more, they learn from them.

This guy will always ask questions when he is interested in a topic.

In addition, he will find the answer to what he is concerned about, no matter what it takes.

Such a guy is curious about the world and he is a fast learner and most of them are the INTJ personality type.

They’re popular for their brains, not the capability to deal with social situations.

We already wrote about what it’s like to be in a relationship with an INTJ, so be sure to check it out as well.

5. They are bad boys

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males 2

Don’t let his introverted side fool you into thinking he is the nice boy next door; this guy is actually a troublemaker.

He doesn’t live by the rules, and he doesn’t do things by the book. This is a rebel who doesn’t care for hierarchy.

Don’t be surprised to find him on the dark side of the morality grayscale and he might even be on the other side of other things too, such as the law.

This guy gets into trouble often, but in his opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Challenging the moral principles of other people is fun for these guys.

They think that the rules don’t apply to them and don’t feel the obligation to obey or respect them so don’t be surprised if he does some bad things.

6. They are introverts

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

I already mentioned this personality trait several times.

This is a guy who has no intention of blending in or being dominant in crowds and don’t be surprised by the small number of friends on his social media profiles.

He actually hates popularity and never follows trends. Judging from what I told you, you might think that this kind of guy doesn’t have close friends but that’s not the case.

He simply likes to be around only those who truly get him and doesn’t waste time on friendships that aren’t going to last.

So, he does have friends, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t value his privacy; after all, his privacy is the most important thing to him.

He will always crave some time away from everyone as that is his time to clear his thoughts without the interference of others.

7. They are capable

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males 4

Another one of the good traits of a sigma male is that such guys are amazing saviors and caretakers.

This guy is someone you can always count on, and he will help you no matter what.

He is not someone who is willing to quit as soon as there’s a bump in the road.

Obstacles don’t exist for this type, for which anything is possible, and he will accomplish anything he decides he wants to.

Such a man is very capable, and he knows how to take care of himself as well as his family.

When you have had a lousy day or don’t know how to solve a problem, this is the person to turn to.

He is someone you call when you need something fixed or organized and it seems like he is always right, and his advice is always helpful.

Whether you need a loan, have a flat tire, or a family emergency, this is someone you can call in the middle of the night.

That doesn’t mean that he will be happy about you disturbing his peace, but he will help you without hesitation.

8. They are charismatic

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

Sigmas may not be naturally charismatic but it’s a characteristic they developed over time because of their intelligence.

What happened is that they realized that their introversion wouldn’t really help them learn that much about people so they developed charisma.

Now they can hold the attention of an entire room just by speaking when they are willing to.

That charisma actually comes from their confidence and the way they see themselves.

Their introverted personality gives them the empathy they need to connect with others on a higher level.

Could this guy be your Prince Charming? If you read the part about dating these men and recognize the qualities you want, he might be.

9. They are confident

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males 3

While alphas are dominant extroverts, sigmas are dominant introverts.

This guy doesn’t have the need to be loud so that he can show his power to everyone in order to feel good about himself.

He knows how much he is worth and doesn’t need others to show him that.

This type of man doesn’t have the need to convince others of his abilities and he doesn’t have the need to prove to others that he will achieve what he wants either.

Such a guy doesn’t get his self-esteem from the opinions and approval of other people; he has a sense of self-worth that comes from within, and that makes his confidence unbreakable.

It’s almost impossible to put such a man down and make him feel like he isn’t good enough.

10. They are attractive

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

All of these traits are the reasons why these guys are so attractive to women. Girls see their mysterious troublemaking nature as a challenge.

What girl wouldn’t want to get inside the head of such a guy and figure out what he’s all about?

These guys never play hard to get, they actually are hard to get because they don’t let just anyone in.

You will never find such a guy chasing a woman, nor will you find him with a different girl every time.

Girls approach these guys themselves, with the desire to figure them out.

Dating a sigma male

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

If you’re in a search of a casual hookup, then sigma males are not your type of men.

Sigma males might be able to have any woman they want, but they take their love life seriously.

Dating a sigma male isn’t as easy as you might think as modern dating practices don’t interest these personality types.

So what kind of women are sigma males looking for? Such a guy wants a unique girl who will be intriguing and challenging.

Since sigma males are self-sufficient men, they are looking for the same quality in their partner.

So, such a man wants a woman who won’t be expecting him to be her knight in shining armor who will save her.

He doesn’t want a woman who needs a man to solve her problems, but a woman who has her own life.

That girl needs to be committed and to know what she wants.

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

These males want women who value true love. If you’re the type of girl who can’t be seen without make-up and can’t live without social media, you’re not this guy’s type.

A true sigma doesn’t want a girl who has superficial needs, such as branded clothes, social media, and make-up; he wants a woman who would never allow other people to interfere when it comes to her love life and that should be true even when those people are her close friends.

He considers mixed signals and games to be a waste of both energy and time so if you want to date a true sigma, don’t play hard to get, as it will only drive him away.

Let’s now see some of the disadvantages when dating a sigma male.

You might have a hard time with his need for personal space because you could feelemotionally neglected.

If you want to be with this type of man, forget about being clingy or jealous as such a guy doesn’t put up with behavior like that.

This guy could love you more than anything, but he still won’t want to spend all of his free time with you, which might give you a hard time, but keep in mind that he will never expect you to drop everything for him either.

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

If all this makes sense to you then I’m happy to tell you that you’ll enjoy dating a sigma male.

Still, if you are different from the woman I described, it might be best to give up on sigma males and try dating other personality types.

Are you interested in dating a man like this?

If you are, it might be the best relationship of your life but if you don’t recognize yourself in the qualities of a woman these guys are looking for, it might be best to give up on them and see if another type is a better fit.

Sigma male vs alpha male

Sigma male vs alpha male, which one is better?

Alpha males and sigma males share many personality traits but they have their own ways of living their own lives.

Sigmas are often successful with girls, but without the need to build an infrastructure around themselves.

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

Alpha males and sigmas are usually both very confident, they know what they want, and they are not afraid to take action to get it; the difference is in how they achieve their goals.

While alpha males do so by climbing to the top and leveraging social structures, sigmas don’t like to engage in power games or social politics.

So the main difference is that sigmas are lone wolves.

Maybe this guy doesn’t lack social skills, but he doesn’t like to be in social circles anyway.

A sigma personality is about introversion so other personality types are extroverts in comparison with these loners.

As I said at the beginning, a sigma is basically an introverted alpha but let’s now mention the other types as well.

Besides alpha, who is ‘the king of the jungle’, there are beta males. While alphas have the first pick of girls, beta males get what’s left.

Beneath the beta males are omega males and those are the guys who are always the last ones and the weakest ones.

Both alphas and sigmas are often bad boys but while sigmas are introverted, alphas are extroverts.

Read our article about alphas if you’re more interested in dating that type of man. All of these guys are nice guys in their own way.

Still, when choosing a type of man, you’re choosing what your own life is going to look like so keep that in mind and choose the one that is best for you.

Now that you really understand what these guys are all about, it’s up to you. Do you like sigmas, or is some other type more to your liking?

Whatever the case is, things will never be boring if you hang out with one of these mysterious troublemakers.

10 Personality Traits Of Sigma Males

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