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You Will Soon Regret Pushing Away The Girl Who Waited For You To Love Her

You Will Soon Regret Pushing Away The Girl Who Waited For You To Love Her

The first time you wake up and don’t see her in bed next to you, you’ll know that you have lost the best thing in your life.

This girl is someone who truly loves you and who gives her all to make you happy yet you keep pushing her away as soon as she gets closer. She has been fighting for this love with all the strength she has in her.

The effort she puts into the relationship drains her, and it is all for nothing… because you aren’t ready to lift a finger for her.

No matter how hard she has tried to melt your cold heart, you have kept pushing her away like it is best for her.

Maybe you are right, maybe it’s best for her to give up on you. So much time and energy will go to waste, and why? Just because you are too blind to see what a precious thing you have.

She has waited for you to finally see it, to take care of her like she takes care of you but most importantly, to love her the way she loves you, with all her heart.

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She has waited for you to realize what you want out of your life, out of your relationship with her but she has been waiting for nothing.

She has grown tired of waiting for you to make up your mind. People get tired when they keep investing in something that will never be worth it.

She is tired of constantly begging for crumbs of your love and attention. You have never appreciated her the way she deserves to be appreciated.

You have taken her for granted and you think that she will wait for you forever. After all, doesn’t she love you enough?

She loves you more than you love her, and you know it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have made her wait for something she is never going to get – your love.

You have to admit that she has given you more chances than you deserve. She has waited for you to fix your life, chase after your career goals, and consider your options but now time is running out. She isn’t going to wait forever, and it’s bad enough that you expect her to.

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She has given you all these chances because she believed that you would choose her in the end.

All she wants is for you to realize that what you have been looking for was waiting for you to notice it the whole time. She has wanted you to notice her and realize that you’re going to regret losing her. But you haven’t.

You have never made an effort to change, and you keep stringing her along like she is your puppet. Well, you’ll realize that you made a mistake soon enough.

She might have given you a thousand chances, but one day she’ll give you the last chance you have and you are going to blow it because you’ll keep taking her for granted.

It’s like you’re not aware that she hasn’t given you all those chances just because she is naive or dumb; she has given you all those chances because she loves you and believes that you love her enough to change. Still, you continue to prove her wrong.

She is going to realize it soon enough, and you are going to lose her because of it. When she finally decides that enough is enough, you won’t be able to get her back. She won’t let you break her heart again.

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One day, you’ll have your last chance and be sure that it will truly be the last one. She is tired of waiting, and when she’s done, you’ll know it.

After all, she will see that you will never love her the way she deserves to be loved, and she won’t be ready to settle anymore.

She is going to realize that you haven’t really deserved all those chances, that you don’t really deserve her love or effort.

Once that becomes clear to her, she is going to walk right out that door, and she won’t let you stop her. You have never taken responsibility for your behavior, and she will not take that anymore.

After you realize you have blown it, you’ll suddenly want to change but it will be too late. She won’t want that life of pain and drama to come back once she decides she’s done with it.

You know that she has loved you with all your flaws, and you’re never going to find someone like that again.

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You will see that you can’t keep someone like that waiting forever. Are you really worth the wait? Well, you have never proved it. All she really has is her love for you to make her believe that you’d come around. But you haven’t.

You will soon regret pushing away the girl who waited for you to love her.

She doesn’t deserve for you to push her away, just like she doesn’t deserve for you to keep her waiting.

No matter how much she loves you and believes you, one day, she’ll have had enough. She’ll have had enough of all that wasted time and effort she put into this relationship while you have kept sabotaging it.

You have never appreciated the fact that she is there for you when no one else is, and you probably never will.

That is exactly why you are going to lose the woman who loves you more than she loves herself.

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Why else would she have been putting up with your crap for all this time?

Only a woman who truly loves a man will go through all of that for nothing but she is only a human being, and one day she’ll have had enough. She won’t want to wait another second.

If you really love her, this is your chance to finally prove that. If you don’t do that, you’ll wake up one day, and she won’t be in bed next to you.

That is when you’re going to realize that you have lost the best thing you ever had in life. You’ll regret losing her, but it will be too late.

You Will Soon Regret Pushing Away The Girl Who Waited For You To Love Her

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