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3 No-Contact Rule Success Stories That Show Its Power

3 No-Contact Rule Success Stories That Show Its Power

Whether or not you’re a believer in the no-contact rule, the truth is that it works. In this article, I’m going to share with you interesting no-contact success stories that I gathered over the years of writing about it. 

While some might argue that the NC rule doesn’t work at all, others will definitely agree that it really helped them to get back to their ex. 

What’s tricky about it is that it doesn’t work every single time. Such a claim is simply not true, and that’s something that most people tend to forget. 

I understand if you’re a bit hesitant to try it out, but it certainly works in the majority of the cases. Also, I’m going to give you some no-contact rule success stories to prove to you its high level of effectiveness. 

Many people are skeptical when I tell them to start using the NC rule if they want to get their ex back. But it only takes a couple of days to see the results. And once they see them, they believe it’s some sort of magic trick.

What is the no-contact rule and can you really get your ex-boyfriend back by using it? 

3 No-Contact Rule Success Stories That Show Its Power

I understand that there are people out there who aren’t familiar with the NC rule. In this part, I’ll try to explain briefly what it means.

The no-contact rule is a 30-day or longer period of time where you aren’t supposed to communicate with your ex in any way. The no-contact rule works only if you really put your mind to it.

That means absolutely zero calling or texting your ex for four weeks or more.  

You shouldn’t even “accidentally” bump into him or use social media or your mutual friends to reach him. You’re an ex-girlfriend to him and it should stay like that until a certain period of time has passed. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re the dumper or the dumped, the no-contact rule is effective in both cases. 

When you start using the NC rule, you’ll quickly see that your ex-boyfriend wants you back. He may suggest to you to meet up with him so you can clear things out and start over again. 

It’s like quitting a habit or addiction and by that, I mean quitting cold turkey. Even the slightest hint of you texting or calling your ex defeats the purpose. 

I understand it might be tough at first to keep a certain distance from your ex. That’s especially true if you were in a long-distance relationship. 

You yearn for his attention as he’s someone who played a significant role in your life.

But I believe that four weeks is enough time for you to get back on your feet and re-evaluate whether or not you want to give your love another chance. 

If you break the rule and contact your ex the next day after you two broke up, you’ll only seem desperate and needy.

Something as simple as a phone call can ruin your chances of getting your ex back. That’s a big turn-off for guys and isn’t attractive at all. 

No-contact success stories 

There are thousands of no-contact success stories out there that you can read. Here I’ll share with you the most recent ones that I found to be most interesting. 

No-Contact Success Story #1: He showed up at my door 

DONE 3 No Contact Rule Success Stories That Show Its Power 2

“My boyfriend and I broke up a couple of weeks back and it’s been quite difficult for me to get back on my feet again. 

Our relationship was perfect at the very beginning. He was a sweet, kind, charming, and all-around good man. 

He always took care of me and had my back when push came to shove. I never had to question his loyalty and faithfulness. That’s because through his actions he proved to me that I was his only choice. 

But after some time, he started to change. I began to see certain patterns in his behavior that I didn’t like at all. For example, he’d tell me that he went out with his friends and when I’d call them, they’d say he wasn’t with them. 

When I finally confronted him about these times he lied to me, he accused me of being clingy and needy. He didn’t want me to call his friends at all.

My only solution was to break up with him and give him some space to think about his behavior. And so I chose to use the no-contact rule. 

During this period, I decided to focus on myself. I always believed that running back to your ex will only make the situation worse, so I waited. 

I prioritized my well-being and I didn’t call or text him for 14 days straight. 

One day when I opened my door, I saw a bunch of flowers and a note saying “I’m ready to talk if you are.” It was from my ex. 

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing because the last time I’d heard anything about him was a couple of weeks back. 

After that, he called me and said that he wanted to apologize for his behavior. He said he didn’t know how to communicate his feelings to me. 

Eventually, we sorted things out and we gave our love a second chance.”

– Nancy, 34

Why I think the no-contact rule worked

3 No-Contact Rule Success Stories That Show Its Power

It’s funny how the NC rule can bring out how we really feel about each other. In many cases, women are the ones who fail to see this.  

They don’t realize that the no-contact rule isn’t just affecting them, but their exes too. 

Those who use this rule are afraid that it might not work and that their ex forgets about them.

But, you have to remember that you win either way. Even if your ex doesn’t call you, then you’ll know that it wasn’t meant to be and you can carry on with your life on your own.

I’m getting a bit off-topic here, but here’s what I’m trying to say. 

In this particular case, Nancy used no-contact on her ex, and even after 14 days of zero communication, her ex surprised her. He was so affected by her absence, he had to send her flowers and ask her to meet up with him. 

It would be arrogant for me to say that it only happened because of the no-contact rule. That’s simply not true. 

Perhaps her boyfriend had enough time to think about how empty his life was without her, so that’s why he decided to contact her. 

He became aware that she made him happy and that he loves her with all of his heart. It’s only because of his incapability to express his feelings that they had to break up. 

But once he started to miss her, he took action to win her back. 

No-Contact Success Story #2: “I need you back” text 

DONE 3 No Contact Rule Success Stories That Show Its Power 4

Here’s another no contact success story:

“The man I thought was the love of my life, my best friend, broke up with me and left me alone. Truthfully, I didn’t make a big scene when the breakup happened because I’m not that kind of woman. 

But the only thing I was thinking about was how to get him back. Our relationship was great and I never saw any red flags that would suggest that he’d break up with me. But still, it happened. 

I searched online how to get back up on your feet again when I stumbled upon the no-contact rule. Even though I didn’t really believe it’d work, I still decided to give it a try.

I deleted him from my social media and focused on improving myself mentally and emotionally. Every time my friends started talking about him, I didn’t even listen to them and I quickly changed the subject to something else.

After a couple of days, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I tried to re-attract him with a different approach. 

I called him up and said that I don’t want to change his mind whatsoever, but just wanted to let him know that I accept that we have broken up. I also said that I wouldn’t pressure him into doing anything he didn’t want. 

And I wished him all the best and hung up. 

Then, for the second time I tried to use the NC rule. Finally, I can say that it really works.

Last night, he messaged me “I need you back.” What’s going on here. I can’t believe it’s him. ”

– Lucy, 27

Why I think the no-contact rule worked

3 No-Contact Rule Success Stories That Show Its Power

Even though this story shares some similarities with the first one, it’s different in the way that the girl broke the no-contact rule and called her ex. But why did her ex-boyfriend send her the text message after all? 

Well, one explanation for it could be that he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Maybe he thought that she was immature and not emotionally strong enough to keep away from him. 

Perhaps he was testing her to see how she’d behave without him. But one thing is certain: The more he thought about her, the more respect he felt for her. 

When she called him, she proved how special and unique she was. While other girls might have played the waiting game, she took action and wished him all the best. 

Yes, she bent a rules a bit, but her approach was right and she didn’t beg or force him to come back. Instead, she said good luck to him and continued with her own life. 

It’s important you remember that the other person is a human being with emotions as well. Eventually, they too will start to miss you and contact you, whether it be a call or a simple text message. 

No-Contact Success Story #3: No one could compare to him

DONE 3 No Contact Rule Success Stories That Show Its Power 6

“Our relationship was rocky from the very start. I know every couple has its ups and downs, but it felt as if ours was just so difficult to handle. 

But we managed to get through most of the problems. Until something unexpected happened after we decided to move in together. 

My boyfriend got a promotion and was relocated to another city. After many heated arguments about how I won’t leave my job and follow him anywhere in the world, we decided to take a break.

I didn’t force or beg him to stay and miss the opportunity of a lifetime. 

It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made. After a couple of weeks of exchanging messages, we both decided to give it another try and see if the long-distance thing could work. 

Little did we know that we would break up again just months after that happened. But this time I used the no contact rule. I blocked his number from Whatsapp and other social media apps. 

I shifted my focus onto my job and started going out with other guys soon after. And I must confess, dating really took a big hit on my self-esteem. 

I don’t know whether or not the good guys were hiding somewhere, but I only stumbled across toxic players and manipulators who didn’t know what they want. 

After a couple of tries, I gave up on everyone. I lost faith in love and settled to be a career-oriented woman. 

But the universe has its funny way of showing who your happily ever after is. Years later, I saw my ex’s picture on the profile of one of my friends and decided to give him a call. 

He said that he’d also had bad luck when it came to other girls. One call led to another and we agreed to meet each other again. 

After a couple of dates, we got back together and now I can finally say that I’m never been happier in my life. He truly is the man of my dreams and no one can compare to him.”

– Maria, 39

Why I think the no-contact rule worked

3 No-Contact Rule Success Stories That Show Its Power

This one is quite tricky to explain, but I’ll give it a try. You see, the no-contact rule can help you in many ways. It’s not just about distancing yourself from your ex, it has to do with you maturing both emotionally and psychologically. 

In this case, it helped Maria and her then-ex to mature properly, to figure out what they want in their lives, and that a healthy relationship is all about compromising and adapting to each other. 

Why the no-contact rule is so effective 

It’s been suggested by some relationship experts that the NC-rule’s success rate is around 90%, but that’s debatable. Why? Because whether or not you’re going to get your ex back depends on several factors. 

First, you have to avoid making any post-breakup mistakes such as going out and partying too much. 

Also, the level of regret your ex feels after leaving you will have a significant impact. If you were in a short-term relationship, then chances are he’ll quickly move on from you. 

On top of that, your ex’s mental state is equally as important as other factors. The truth is, the more pain he experiences, the higher the chances are of you getting contacted. 

So, why is such a simple step so effective in getting your ex back? 

1. It gives you a fresh perspective on things 

DONE 3 No Contact Rule Success Stories That Show Its Power 8

When your emotions are all over the place and you don’t know whether you’re feeling sad or happy, I know it’s tough to be objective. 

You need time to process those emotions and make them less overwhelming so you’re able to see things more clearly. 

Once you finally manage to distance yourself from all the mess and negative emotions, you’ll be able to see what happened and realize the reasons it all went wrong. 

In most cases, those surface reasons are blocking you from seeing the root of your problems. 

You have to understand that no relationship will suddenly end out of the blue. It builds over time through disagreements, fights, and negativity. 

Maybe you and your ex had a huge fight the previous week and now you think that’s the reason you two broke up, but it’s not. It’s what caused those arguments to happen in the first place. 

Taking a step back and getting a fresh perspective on things can help you determine what your ex wants. 

2. It helps you move on from a toxic relationship ​​​​

It’s never easy to leave a partner who’s been toxic to you the entire time. It might take years for you to fully recover, but you know what people say, time heals all wounds. 

No-contact creates the perfect opportunity for you to grieve, which is essential when you want to heal completely. And you could never have done that if your toxic ex was constantly around you. 

But once a breakup happens, you have to start questioning whether or not he’s the right person for you in the first place. So, don’t be surprised if you see that you’re better off without him. 

3. It prevents you from being in a hot-and-cold relationship 

3 No-Contact Rule Success Stories That Show Its Power

Perhaps you’re wondering whether contacting your ex is really such a big deal. Well, let me tell you right now, it is and it’s a huge mistake. 

The last thing that you want is for you two to get back together only to break up again weeks or months later. 

Couples often hook up again after they reconnect with each other. This happens because they haven’t really taken any time to think about the reasons they broke up in the first place.

Eventually, the same problems they had start resurfacing and they end up splitting up again. 

That’s the worst thing that could happen to you if you don’t stick to the no-contact rule. 

Understand this. If both of you don’t make significant changes about yourselves during the no-contact period, there’s zero chance that it will work out the second time either. 

4. It allows you to become a better version of yourself 

As you had the opportunity to see from the no-contact success stories, most of them focused on themselves and worked on improving themselves after breaking up with their significant others. 

And you can’t simply achieve that if your ex keeps interrupting you. 

The NC rule is perfect to figure out what you want from your life and also helps you become the best version of yourself. But that’s not all. 

You see, when your ex sees how much you’ve changed and improved, then they’ll definitely like who you’ve become. They’ll recognize the positive changes you’ve made and start chasing you again. 

But don’t feel awful if nothing happens between you and your ex again. You’ll have plenty of potential partners to choose from. 

It might even trigger your ex to be jealous and start putting in the effort to get you back. 

5. You get the space and time to recover 

DONE 3 No Contact Rule Success Stories That Show Its Power 10

Every breakup is emotional, it’s just that some people have a tough time getting back up while others are able to move on quickly. 

After such a traumatic experience, you need time and space to recover. Even if that means building up walls around you, that’s okay. You need to be alone and mourn your loss. 

But if your ex keeps playing hot-and-cold, it will only interrupt you in your process of recovery. It will make it worse. 

You never know, perhaps your ex feels the same way you do and miss you during the no-contact period. That’s why he might send you a text message or call you to see if you’re okay. 

Keep in mind that you need time and space to figure out your feelings and piece yourself back together. And I hope that these no-contact success stories will help you out a bit in your recovery. 

3 No-Contact Rule Success Stories That Show Its Power

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