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After 2 Weeks Of No Contact – Should I Give Up On This Scheme?

After 2 Weeks Of No Contact – Should I Give Up On This Scheme?

After 2 weeks of no contact should I give up on him? 

There wasn’t a good enough answer for me when I was going through this. Nothing felt right because saying that I should just throw in the towel seemed brutal, but the thought of contacting him was even worse. 

Obviously, my ex-boyfriend wasn’t even trying to text me. I thought that he was living his best life while I was just sitting at home trying to figure out if this was some cruel game the Universe is playing with me. 

There was no contact to the point where I thought that he had blocked me on all his social media platforms. After a certain time, I started to panic, because this was the first time we didn’t speak for so long. 

There were no phone calls and the bottom line was that I missed him like crazy. A couple of weeks went by and I thought that I would never see him again. 

I believe that this is exactly the way you’re feeling right now. After a certain amount of time, you stop being so confident in yourself and your decision to ignore him. Your self-esteem starts to decline and you’re panicking. 

When those 2 weeks are over and there’s been no contact you want to give up, just like I did at one point. However, there’s a lot more you can do right now without making the mistake of contacting him. 

Even though anxiety is eating you up from the inside out, you should probably take things slowly and listen to some advice. 

After 2 weeks of no contact should I give up?

After 2 Weeks Of No Contact - Should I Give Up On This Scheme

The no-contact rule works wonders if you know how to use it to your advantage. When you were researching this topic you’ve probably come across the 30-day no-contact rule, and if you’ve read some articles about it, then you shouldn’t think that two weeks is a lot. 

You want your ex back and I understand your dilemma. You love him and you feel like you’re at a loss because you can’t fathom a life without him. 

A lot of people would definitely give up if they were in your shoes. I mean, your mutual friends have told you multiple times that you’re just being stubborn. 

But the truth is: Don’t give up!

You won’t get anything out of contacting him after just two weeks of not talking to him! It doesn’t matter if it hurts like hell or if your friends have been telling you that you’re overreacting. 

You’re the girl who knows what you’ve been through. That narcissist you were with has to learn his lesson, and he’s not going to understand what he did wrong if you don’t take this seriously. 

I know that you want to end this suffering you’re putting yourself through. This radio silence isn’t motivating in your healing process. 

But consider this: how many times have you fallen into a trap when you were dieting? You would stick to your plans until the point when some junk would pop up into your head and call out your name.

That’s quite the metaphor for your ex right now, isn’t it? You know that he’s bad for you, but you have a very bad sweet tooth.

Now you gained all that weight back, and what you went through is known as the yo-yo effect. The same thing can happen if you give up right now. 

Mistakes people make during no-contact

I thought that I could give you a list of benefits of not giving up on your no-contact period. However, I feel like you should understand the potential mistakes you may be making while you’re waiting for things to fall in line. 

You’re using the no-contact rule for a specific reason, so you can’t just give up on the first obstacle that you’re facing. The dumper can’t know what he did wrong after just 15 days because he didn’t understand that he was making one mistake after the other during your relationship. 

So, if you’re asking yourself “Should I give up after 2 weeks of no contact?” stop right now. Stop making these mistakes and rather focus on the benefits of not talking to that moron.

1. Putting your life on hold

DONE After 2 Weeks Of No Contact Should I Give Up On This Scheme 2

The first mistake people make during the no-contact period is that they put their entire life on hold. They start to ignore their best friend(s) and they put their ex in the first place of their priority list. 

Everything seems to revolve around him and the breakup you had to go through. It doesn’t seem enough that he threw you out of his life, now you also don’t have a life to go back to. 

Don’t do this to yourself. 

I thought that I should give up after 2 weeks of no contact, but never once did I think that my life was boring without him. Don’t let yourself put everything aside just to focus on him and getting back together with that male specimen. 

There’s an entire life you can live without him being present in your life. Focus all of your energy on yourself because your ex wants to see you suffer. 

Do the exact opposite of the things he’s hoping you’d do. Show him that you’re fine without him and that your life is beautiful. There’s so much you can do with your friends and family and even by yourself. 

If you do put your life on hold because of him, he’ll only see that as his victory more than anything else. Do you think that he’d want to come back to you if he only sees you as a pathetic ex-girlfriend? 

2. Setting a certain deadline

“2 weeks of no contact have gone by, should I give up?”

When you ask me something like that, it feels like you set a certain deadline. It sounds like you’re trying to set a deadline on something unpredictable that depends on two individuals. 

Setting a certain deadline, like saying that you’re going to contact him after a month or two weeks, will only create an issue. You’ll want to talk to him but the circumstances for that will be awful. 

After just a few days of no contact, you can’t expect any results. He’s probably enjoying his single life to the fullest. 

Also, you can’t predict what’s going to happen after a few weeks or after a month. Maybe things fall into place much earlier or something happens that prolongs your period of no talking. 

If you set a limit of one month and he comes to his senses two weeks in, you’re just going to lose him. He’s ready to give everything he has to offer to you, but you’re trying to respect that one month. 

If you set a deadline erase it from your mind. 

3. Jumping into a new relationship

After 2 Weeks Of No Contact - Should I Give Up On This Scheme

Rebound relationships are going to destroy your chances to get back together with your ex. No-contact works, but making him jealous definitely won’t. 

When you start a new relationship after you went through heartbreak, you’re actually telling him that the entire relationship didn’t mean anything to you. You’re telling you’re ex that he has nothing to look for in your life anymore. 

You want him back, but you’re so focused on making him jealous that you’re not thinking straight. This will only impact your mental health and you can do something better to rekindle the flame. 

When your ex contacts you or you see each other face to face: don’t let the name of another man slip your tongue. It’ll only confirm to him that he’s made the right choice by walking away from you. 

Another thing to consider is that you’re going to hurt an innocent bystander. You’re jumping into a relationship with someone who doesn’t know that you’re still moping over your ex. 

Even if you don’t get back with your ex, at least you shouldn’t jump into a new relationship before healing from the trauma. 

4. Panicking

“2 weeks of no contact have gone by, should I give up? I don’t want to give up!”

Panicking won’t bring you anything useful. You’ll only start to sweat like a pig, you’ll hyperventilate, and you’ll do something stupid. 

You’ll end up texting him out of fear that he’s actually moving on from you. Almost everyone feels scared when they’re going through the no-contact stage after the breakup. 

When enough time has gone by, you want to send a “happy birthday” text just to see how he’ll react. You’re panicking, so you’re using any and every excuse in the book to talk to him. 

Do you genuinely believe that this is going to help you? Let me answer that for you: it won’t. You’re only creating more issues as you go. 

What you need to do is relax and focus on yourself. 

Once you ignore his presence completely you’ll be able to get everything you’ve been trying to achieve.  

5. Stalking your ex

DONE After 2 Weeks Of No Contact Should I Give Up On This Scheme 4

Don’t look at me like that. I know that you’re doing it right now. 

To be fair, we’ve all done it. We’re all guilty of going through our exe’s accounts because we wanted to see what’s going on. 

When your relationship ended you also should’ve stopped caring what he’s doing with his life. Your own well-being should’ve become your biggest priority. 

However, that’s obviously not happening right now. What you do need to do is remind yourself that stalking your ex will only motivate you to break the period of silence. 

It’s not a bad thing to go through his activity every once in a while, but don’t obsess over it. You’ll send him a stupid text message that’ll only tell him you’re trying to reconnect. 

The last time you commented on something, or when you sent him a text didn’t end well. So hold your horses and give things a little more time. 

6. Demanding closure

After 2 weeks of no contact, you want to give up just like I wanted to. I understand what you’re going through completely, and without a doubt in my mind, I know that you want to find closure for yourself. 

You feel like you won’t be able to move on if you don’t find the closure you need from this man. But be honest with me, there’s still a little hope left inside your chest that’s telling you things will go back to normal soon after you text him to ask for an explanation. 

You want him to realize that he’s made a mistake and what better way to do that but to be the one to make the first move. You’re hoping that he won’t have a good enough explanation for his behavior. 

That’s a very stupid thing to do. I’m being blunt with you, because you probably know these things already.

You’re more than capable of giving yourself the closure you need. You can sit down and explain everything to yourself perfectly because you don’t need any actual reasons for it. 

All you do need in these moments is yourself. People aren’t going to take accountability for their actions nor should they be responsible for the way you’re feeling. 

You’re the only person who’s responsible for your emotions and the way you react to them, so don’t make this mistake and demand some type of closure from him. You’re better than that. 

7. Being desperate

After 2 Weeks Of No Contact - Should I Give Up On This Scheme

Desperation is probably the most unattractive thing in this world. You know that every guy in this world loves to chase a little bit, so the moment he’s not getting some excitement out of your encounters, he’s not going to want to be with you. 

Sounds confusing? I don’t think so. 

Just remember that he thinks that he can have you whenever he pleases just because you’re in love with him. He doesn’t care that you’re in pain because of his absence, and he just wants to feel the ego boost from being the only guy you’re interested in. 

If you let go of the notion that you need him, you’ll be so much happier. This is a perfect moment for self-improvement, so don’t let it flop.

The benefits when you don’t give up after 2 weeks of no contact

Last year you thought that he was going to be your forever person. Last week he broke your heart completely and the next thing you know is that you’re completely alone. 

Now when you’re wondering why he doesn’t want to hear from you, you’re crying your eyes out. 

The pain you’re experiencing doesn’t let you think clearly. So let’s talk about the benefits of not contacting him first. Even if you were in a long-distance relationship it can still have amazing perks. 

1. You’ll learn how to live without him

DONE After 2 Weeks Of No Contact Should I Give Up On This Scheme 6

Is there anything better than the feeling you get when you completely and utterly love yourself? The way your heart skips a beat when you think of your own life?

You probably don’t feel that way right now. You’re not thinking about what a beautiful blessing your life actually is because you’re so focused on this man who obviously doesn’t like you enough. 

You want to give up on everything you’ve been working on just because you’re not getting any reaction from him. All of this is happening because you don’t know how to live without him!

You’re so set on a life with this man with you that you can’t even imagine what it could look like without him there. So when you learn to live without him, your life gets a whole new purpose. 

There’s no reason for you to cling to him. Even if he does come back to you and you figure everything out in a timely manner, you still have to learn how to be your person. 

Once you understand that life isn’t about another person but your enjoyment of things, you’ll also be happy in a relationship. The no-contact period gives you the perfect space to do that. 

2. He will have enough time to realize what he wants

I also wanted to give up after 2 weeks of no contact, but then I remembered that he was the one who didn’t know what he wanted from his life. He didn’t know that I was the best woman he’ll ever find. 

I mean, it may sound conceded, but you also know that you’re the perfect fit for that man. You’re the girl who loves him unconditionally and understands every mood he’s in. 

When you give him enough time and space, he’ll also realize this; even if he didn’t think about it at the time. He still isn’t aware of your importance in his life, and he won’t realize it, unless he has to learn to live without you. 

You’re the woman he’ll go after once he sees that there’s no one like you out there. This process could be a long one because he has to realize it by himself.

You can’t teach him these things, nor should you want to. 

That is why everything will fall into place after the no-contact period. He’ll be the one to initiate a date just to meet up with you. 

But you need to stop contacting him if you want to get that done.

3. You’ll be able to evaluate the relationship

After 2 Weeks Of No Contact - Should I Give Up On This Scheme

This is probably the best thing that can happen if you choose to stop contacting him. Even if it was an LDR you can still see things from a whole new perspective if you don’t talk to him for a few days. 

Evaluating your relationship is an amazing thing to do when you broke up with someone. You need to see what you did wrong and what your partner did wrong. 

You’re not the only one at fault here, so you shouldn’t put all the blame on yourself. There’s nothing you could’ve done to make the relationship end in some other way. 

This is a fact because your partner had just as much impact on your relationship as you did. He simply decided that it was time to break things off and walk away from the life you built together. 

The main point of the no-contact period is that you two need time to figure out what to do next. Even if he does come back into your life you need to clear things up for him and make him understand that the same mistakes can’t happen again. 

The same mistakes he was making in the relationship won’t be tolerated again. You deserve so much better. The things he did were unacceptable and you should see them as such, now and forever.

4. If you end up together again your relationship will be much more stable

“2 weeks of no contact have gone by so I think I should give up!”

​​​​Well, maybe you should give up on the idea you had about this entire situation. Nothing comes easy, so reconciliation won’t come to you overnight. 

The no-contact rule works for so many people all around the world and it gives you an amazing opportunity to figure things out. He’ll start to understand that he can’t live without you and you’ll know what kind of treatment you should accept in a relationship. 

If you end up in a relationship again, you’ll be able to see the issues and confront them right away. You know that you can live without that man and that your life will be just as good. 

He also knows that you don’t mind being by yourself, so he’ll be scared to lose you once more. When something like this happens again, you’ll walk away without another thought in mind. 

The period when you don’t call or text each other is the time that you can use to teach him what will happen once he actually loses you, because life won’t get better for him afterward.

Don’t give up. Give it time. 

Good luck!

After 2 Weeks Of No Contact - Should I Give Up On This Scheme?

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