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Never Let A Man Play Mind Games With You!

Never Let A Man Play Mind Games With You!

Have you noticed your crush acting strange and confusing?

You may feel like you’re getting mixed messages from him and you don’t know how to interpret his behavior.

Well, it sounds like the man you’re dating is playing mind games with you.

It’s not unusual that people play tricks on each other, trying to use all sorts of games to get what they want from the other person.

That can be also applied to romantic relationships.

It’s frustrating dating a guy when you don’t know where his head is.

His behavior is totally difficult to understand and you bang your head against the wall figuring out what’s going on.

Does he like you or is he just another player?

DONE - Never Let A Man Play Mind Games With You!

But it’s not always so cut and dry. Men have a difficult time expressing their emotions directly to you. Sometimes they aren’t even aware of them.

That’s why they send mixed signals. They’ve got too many things on their plate and don’t notice they’re giving such signs.

And the worst part is the less secure the guy is, the less he is aware of his behavior and the consequences that come from his actions.

On the flip side, he might know what he’s doing to you and simply doesn’t care.

Maybe he’s just an immature boy who doesn’t want to commit to you and refuses to confess his feelings for you.

Well, guys like these enjoy playing mind games with you. It’s their way of feeding their fragile ego.

It doesn’t really matter – as long as his needs are fulfilled, he is happy and will continue to do that to not only you but many other women too.

Top 3 reasons men play mind games

DONE - Never Let A Man Play Mind Games With You!

The reasons could be many. If you understand why he’s playing mind games with you, you’ll be able to retaliate and defend yourself from being hurt.

To test your feelings for him

If he wants to test your love, loyalty, and intelligence, he’ll try to use those old-fashioned tricks of hot-and-cold, playing hard to get, leading someone on, and the like.

To stroke his ego

Men are obsessed with their ego.

Most of them fail to establish a successful and deep connection with a woman because of their incapability to see beyond their needs.

Guys love to feel wanted and adored by different women and they’ll play mind games to achieve that.

They yearn to feel they have power over you, as they want to feel masculine and strong.

Because he loves a challenge 

DONE - Never Let A Man Play Mind Games With You!

It’s in his nature to hunt and to feel the thrill of it.

This is why it’s important that you don’t show any interest in these types of guys because that’ll initiate his mission to conquer you.

I know it sounds strange and silly, but as I said before, men want to have a sense of power.

Instead of chasing you because he’s got feelings for you and cares about you, he’ll chase you to prove to himself he can accomplish his goal.

That end goal could be to get you into the bedroom, to prove to himself he’s the alpha, or whatever the case may be.

What types of mind games do they play?

Now that we’ve covered the most common reasons why men play mind games with women, let’s cover how precisely they do so.

The Guilt Game

DONE - Never Let A Man Play Mind Games With You!

The most common mind game that men tend to play is guilt tripping.

They’ll make you feel bad and guilty for doing something you didn’t do. Or they’ll try to use the guilt game to force you into something.

In either case, it’s something that can be tough to spot, especially if you’re in love with the guy.

They play the guilt game to get their way, be it to force you to lend them your car or try to get you into the bedroom.

The Breadcrumbing Game 

DONE - Never Let A Man Play Mind Games With You!

This is a mind game that I notice most men play when they’re unsure how they feel about the woman they’re dating at that moment.

They send flirty messages and make promises, but they never fulfill them.

It’s also called “leading someone on,” meaning you’re acting like there could be something between the two of you when there really isn’t anything.

The Hot-and-Cold Game 

DONE - Never Let A Man Play Mind Games With You!

The old-fashioned mixed signals game. It’s really common for guys and women to use this mind game to achieve their goals.

A guy who plays this mind game treats the object of his desire in different ways – showering her with attention, then pulling back to make her long for him – and by doing so he presents himself as really valuable and worthy.

The Ghosting Game 

DONE - Never Let A Man Play Mind Games With You!

The ghosting mind game is very common these days, with phones being an essential tool in dating and relationships.

If a guy ghosts a girl, it means that he ignores her messages and cuts off all communication, thinking he’ll be more valuable and desired in her eyes if he’s “unreachable.”

How to avoid being played?

Now that I’ve covered the most common mind games that men use to play with women, it’s important to know how you can avoid being played.

Never, ever let a man play mind games with you. And here’s how you can stop him from doing so.

Trust your gut.

DONE - Never Let A Man Play Mind Games With You!

It’s plain and simple. Remind yourself of the old days, when your parents told you to always listen to your instincts.

Well, now’s the perfect time to implement that.

If your gut is telling you that the guy you’re dating is playing mind games with you, then you should definitely listen to it.

The best way to fight against his mind games is to walk away immediately!

Know your self-worth.

DONE - Never Let A Man Play Mind Games With You!

You may be feeling vulnerable at the moment, and he realizes your weak now. He uses that as an advantage to achieve his goals.

To avoid that, work on your self-worth and rebuild your confidence.

You’re much more valuable and worthy of love than you think you are.

Don’t defend him if he’s playing mind games with you.

DONE - Never Let A Man Play Mind Games With You!

You should never think it’s funny or cute if he plays these mind games with you. Don’t become complacent.

Playing mind games with a person isn’t a quality that anyone looks for in a partner. People who care about you would never do that to you.

I know that there are tons of books out there about “playing hot and cold,” but remember it’s a dishonest way to treat people like that.

Always let your partner know how you feel and see what they have to say about it.

Do they acknowledge if they have been playing games with you or do they reject the idea?

According to their response, you can figure out your next step.

You deserve better than a man who plays mind games. Don’t you forget it!

Never Let A Man Play Mind Games With You!

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