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Don’t Teach A Man How To Be One

Don’t Teach A Man How To Be One

I’m sorry to say this, but if you have to teach a man how to be your man then he isn’t the right one.

You can keep making the excuse that men are ignorant when it comes to love and that they need a push in the right direction for them to learn what they’re supposed to do, but trust me, it isn’t right.

A real man will always know how to treat you. He’ll make the effort and show you his love because he cares about you.

The second you notice that your man isn’t doing any of that, remember that he isn’t the right one.

I know that women are so keen on the idea that men need assistance with love and that we’re supposed to help them change.

We’re fixated on the idea of shaping them into the type of man we want.

While we’re doing that, we fail to realize that we’re actually trying to turn the wrong man into something he’ll never be.

When he’s not the right one, he’ll never act the way you expect him to, as that’s not part of his plan.

He knows very well how you want him to behave. But you need to realize that it’s not what he wants.

His feelings aren’t real and he has no intention of staying.

DONE! Don't Teach A Man How To Be Your Man

So why would he bother if he knows that he’s not there for the long run?

Why would he bother paying attention to you when he already has it without doing anything at all?

You can keep making excuses to try and justify your actions but once you end up teaching him how he’s supposed to treat you, know that you’re making a huge mistake.

It may feel like you’re doing yourself a favor when in fact you’re only digging a hole, and at one point, you’ll fall into it.

If you’re asking yourself how this could be true, then hear me out! He already knows that he’s supposed to take care of you.

You shouldn’t have to try and teach him how. If he wanted to do something about it, he would make a move.

He knows that he’s supposed to text you goodnight and check on you every time he sees that something’s wrong.

He knows that he’s supposed to support you and appreciate everything you are. You are one of a kind and he should show you that.

DONE! Don't Teach A Man How To Be Your Man

But why bother when he also knows that his intentions aren’t real? He’ll be gone before sunrise and you’ll never see him again.

He knows that and that’s why he’s not taking action. It sounds like too much effort for someone who will never be a permanent part of his life.

You should never teach a man that he’s supposed to take you on a date.

You should never tell him what you would like to do, hoping that he’ll understand that he’s supposed to make your wishes come true.

He already knows all this but it makes no difference. His feelings aren’t real and he doesn’t respect you as a person.

If he did, he would never let you beg for things like that because they should come naturally.

When a man wants to make his woman happy, he does everything for her. He knows what she likes and he treats her to the things she’d never expect.

DONE! Don't Teach A Man How To Be Your Man

He buys her flowers and hugs her every time he sees her.

There will never be a day when she doesn’t hear his voice because he knows how much it means to her.

He also knows that her favorite kiss is one on her forehead so he’ll make sure to kiss her that way every time he drives her home.

A real man knows all of the things his woman likes and he treats her the way she deserves to be treated.

On the flip side, someone who doesn’t care pays no attention and he’s only there when it makes him happy.

You should never ask a man to show you off to the world.

He’s well aware of how he should act but it’s obvious that he doesn’t care because he’s not the right man for you.

You could beg to meet his friends and he’ll always find an excuse.

There will always be something that’s keeping him busy and the timing will always be wrong.

No matter how much you push him, he’ll never be willing to act because it’s not something that interests him.

Actually, the sad reality is that you’re not something that really interests him.

When a man has no intention of staying, he also has no intention of caring.

DONE! Don't Teach A Man How To Be Your Man

Finally, you should never teach your man how to love you. You should never beg him for attention hoping that he will finally change.

People like that don’t crack under pressure.

He knows how to push your buttons and make you the most excited woman in the world but he simply doesn’t want to.

He sees you standing there in front of him, falling in love, even though he doesn’t do anything you expect him to do.

So why would he change now if he knows that he can continue acting the same way and you will still be around?

That’s why you should never let him get you into this position. You should never let him feed you crumbs of his love because you deserve much more.

You deserve a real man who knows your worth and who’ll always treat you better than you expect him to.

DONE! Don't Teach A Man How To Be Your Man

Instead of begging for love, he’ll willingly give you more than you want. And when you find someone like that, you’ll feel it.

A feeling of warmth will overtake your body. It’ll all be how it should.

He’ll listen to you because he wants to hear everything you have to say and it won’t be just an act of kindness.

Instead, he’ll genuinely want to hear you out and give you pieces of advice if he can.

He’ll back up his words with his actions. He won’t shower you with words while doing nothing.

Instead, he’ll also show you that his intentions are real. He’ll show you his vulnerable side and he’ll let you feel free with him.

You’ll never struggle with expressing your emotions, values, or beliefs as he’ll always support you.

The second you feel that you have to teach a man how to act, know that he isn’t the right man and that he’ll never become one.

He’ll be in your life until he gets bored and then he’ll walk away, without even turning back!

Don't Teach A Man How To Be One

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