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15 Sneaky Ways To Make Him Want You Bad

15 Sneaky Ways To Make Him Want You Bad

Seems like you’re looking for all the sneaky ways to make him want you bad. 

It’s always hard to find the perfect balance between being more attractive and being yourself around the man you’re interested in. You don’t want him to fall in love with a version of you that’s fabricated, but you also want to present the best parts of yourself. 

There are so many instances when we act a bit differently around the guy we’re crushing on. You sit more upright, your voice gets higher and your tone friendlier. It’s nothing too obvious, but you can feel the strain this moment creates for you. 

You like him and you want to impress him, but you still want to stay true to yourself. For the most part. At least, you don’t want to feel like a weight has dropped from your shoulders the moment you’re out of his sight or earshot.

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It can be hard for a woman who’s so enthralled by a guy. You’re crazy about him. You don’t know if you have a swarm of butterflies in your stomach or if it’s just the kaleidoscope of emotions that’s choking the life out of you. 

Well, let’s make him want you bad, asap! The guy you want will fall head over heels for you quickly if you follow our little tips and tricks. 

How to make him want you bad?

1. Be confident

15 Sneaky Ways To Make Him Want You Bad

Fake it till you make it. You may think I’m repeating things just like the rest of the world, but it’s truly that simple. You really think I’d joke about something like this? 

There’s nothing more attractive on a woman than her confidence. Every man will fall victim to that charming energy you exude because you know your worth. 

Being confident is all about the way you present yourself. Hold your head high, your back straight, and your voice clear. Once you show him that you stutter whenever he’s around and you hide into yourself, he’ll think that you’re pining over him (which we don’t want). 

We want him to look at you and see a woman that intrigues him. You won’t get that admiration out of him if you make self-deprecating jokes, you avoid eye contact, and your voice isn’t above a whisper. 

2. Activate his hero instinct

It’s been proven that men need to feel like they can provide something to a woman in order to fall for her. If you’re someone who’s so independent that men don’t have a place in your life, your chances aren’t that good. 

In a man’s eyes, the girl who’s supposed to be the one is someone he can help out. Your Prince Charming isn’t much different. 

Make him feel like a man by activating the hero in him. Ask him for a favor when you need help with something. 

This could involve saving you from another guy who’s making you feel uncomfortable, but also to help you carry something heavy. He’ll feel special because you trust him enough to be there for you in these moments. 

“Okay, sounds great. But, Ashley, aren’t we all supposed to be independent women who don’t need a man?!” 

Well, yes. But being independent and strong doesn’t mean that you have to do things by yourself. It only means that you can if you want to, but if you have someone who’s ready to help you, then you can rely on them. 

In this case, it’s a very handsome man who’s more than ready to give you a helping hand. 

3. Be spontaneous

DONE 15 Sneaky Ways To Make Him Want You Bad 2

One of the surefire ways to make him want you bad is to be spontaneous. Yes, it’s great to be a person who has structure in their life, but if you can let loose sometimes, that would be great. 

No one likes a Negative Nancy who continuously brings everyone down by getting upset and going home early because she didn’t sign up for a spontaneous ride. I understand that people need a plan, but you should always be ready for something unexpected. 

Of course, don’t just run after him whenever he suggests something. That would make you look desperate and you don’t want that. What you do want is to show him that you’re a fun person he can have a great time with. 

4. Don’t be available to him whenever he calls

Now, this one is kind of contradictory to the previous one. Nonetheless, it’s important. 

Do you really believe that you can make him want you bad if he knows that he can have you whenever he sends you a text? Of course not. 

This guy wants to be around you in that particular moment, but if you want to make him desperate for you then you shouldn’t give him everything he’s asking for each time he asks for it. 

Show him that you have a life of your own. You have friends, family, and yourself to spend some time on. He’s not the center of your world, so don’t go flying out the door whenever he texts you. 

I can promise you that it’ll drive him crazy and he’ll want you more and more. Just don’t overdo it, though, because he could misinterpret it for disinterest. 

5. Don’t give in to temptations

15 Sneaky Ways To Make Him Want You Bad

If you want to make him want you bad, then you need to avoid the temptations. 

These include things like the twitching in your fingers when you’re trying really hard not to double text him. I can assure you that you’ll be better of if you didn’t do that. 

Another example of a temptation is when his smell lingers in the room and you can just feel the urge to wrap your body around his. You really want to be in his arms or in his bed, depending on the current mood. 

But please refrain from these actions. It’s not going to end well for your fragile heart as you’re hardly going to give him a run for his money that way. 

Ignore these temptations even when your entire body is buzzing from the intensity, especially in the beginning stages where you’re just trying to get to know each other. Give it some time, because there are enough days ahead of you to spend under the sheets. 

6. Use your body language

Your body is a powerful tool that you can use to your advantage. When you use your body language to convey a message, it’s isn’t too obvious, but the person gets a hint. 

You won’t have to tell him that you like him. One of the proven ways to make him want you bad is to always accentuate your prettiest features when you’re talking. 

For example, if you believe that you have beautiful eyes, then always keep eye contact. If you think that your curves are beautiful, then accentuate them. These seem like small things to you, but they could change the entire course of the conversation you have with this man. 

Another thing you could do is mimic his body language. It’s said that we feel the most comfortable around the people who resemble us the most, so use this trick. 

When he leans over the table, mirror it. Don’t make it too obvious, because he could think that you’re making fun of him. Otherwise, don’t hold back. 

There are so many small movements that could capture his attention and you probably know all of them already. Put a strand of hair behind your ear, tilt your head in question, brush a hand over his when he’s talking. 

Your body is so powerful and it can bring any man to his knees if you know how to use it. 

7. Be flirtatious (in a classy way)

DONE 15 Sneaky Ways To Make Him Want You Bad 4

Flirting can easily turn into something very inappropriate if you’re not careful. Something could become suggestive even if that wasn’t your intention. 

Never make the first move, but rather let him lead the way. See the tone he sets and then encourage him with your own flirtatious comments. 

When you flirt with him, show him that you’re not going to cross your boundaries. If he’s being inappropriate with his comments and expects you to follow suit, then leave. 

However, flirting with a man in a classy way can easily be one of the most attractive things to do. You can use a slight touch on his hand as a way to catch his attention. You could also reciprocate when he starts to charm you with his words. 

I mean, two can play that game. Don’t let yourself blush too hard, keep things under control, and give him a taste of his own medicine.

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8. Take care of your appearance

One of the simplest ways to make a man want you is to pay attention to your physical appearance. I know that we’re all looking for the type of guy who won’t care about superficial things, but if we’re being honest, we need to admit that it’s important. 

We’re all visual beings and the first thing that attracts you to someone is how they look. Now, that doesn’t mean that everyone is attracted to the same things. 

Everyone has a different taste and what’s attractive to you may not be so appealing to someone else. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about how to make him want you bad. 

​Always be presentable when you know that you’ll see him! This doesn’t mean that you should always have a full face of makeup, but rather that you should be clean and neat. 

Take care of your hygiene and dress to impress. He’ll be thinking about you and your amazing scent for days to come if you just put more effort into the way you present yourself. 

Don’t overlook the little details. If anything, always iron your clothes and don’t ignore the importance of perfume.

9. Compliment him and show your appreciation

15 Sneaky Ways To Make Him Want You Bad

It’s not just the girlies who love to get compliments. Men love to hear them just as much as we do!

Can you imagine how happy you’ll make him when you tell him that you appreciate his help? Or when you compliment his appearance considering that he put a lot of effort into impressing you? 

Other than that, there’s nothing more flattering on a man than when he smells nice. You can feel your chest constricting with the need to get closer to him, but for some reason, you feel uncomfortable telling him how good he smells. 

Don’t hide your appreciation for everything that he’s doing. When you see that he’s been taking care of himself, becoming a better version of himself, or working hard, your compliments will mean the world to him. He’ll know that you’re one of those rare people who sees everything he is so clearly.

You know how your heart flutters when you get a compliment from someone and that person immediately becomes more important to you. So, you can use that little trick to make him obsessed with you.

10. Enjoy your own life

Depending on his life choices, he could be quite the player. Getting a walking red flag to fall in love and commit could be challenging, to say the least.

However, you’re a gorgeous woman. He wants you bad, he just doesn’t know it yet. 

When you’re continuously trying to get him interested in you, he’ll know that you’ll always be around. This will only show him that he can have you whenever he pleases. 

Don’t give him that pleasure. The one thing you need to do is enjoy your own life. 

Yes, getting a man’s attention is quite the task, but you don’t actually need it. Is his attention the air you breathe or the water that keeps you alive? No. 

He’s just a man. I can promise you that he’ll run after you the hardest when you’re the furthest away from him. When you focus on yourself, it’s like a cue to a man to put more effort into making you his. 

So, in short, one of the ways to make him want you bad is to enjoy your life more than you enjoy his company. Sounds unbelievable, but it works. 

11. Focus on yourself

DONE 15 Sneaky Ways To Make Him Want You Bad 6

The best relationship advice anyone can ever receive is to completely focus on yourself. Your well-being is the most important thing in the world and you should never forget that. 

Your ex-boyfriend probably made you believe that you’re not supposed to love yourself more than you love your partner. Well, look at where that got you. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the talking stage or if you’re in a long-term relationship. You need to spend a lot of time on yourself. 

It’s not selfish to wake up in the morning and choose to spend the day with yourself. You should be the most important person to yourself. 

No healthy man wants a woman whose sole purpose in life is to please him. If he’s someone of quality, then he’s looking for the type of woman who focuses on herself too.

If you’re just trying to gain his approval, it shows that you’re insecure, needy, and probably clingy. A real man doesn’t want that. 

12. Ask him questions

Let’s bring the attention back to the particular things you can do to make him want you bad. Well, even on the first date, you can make him thirsty for more. 

Do that by asking him questions. Don’t be the type of girl who only talks about herself and isn’t interested in the guy in the slightest. 

Once you start asking him questions and showing him that you care, he’ll seek out that feeling you give him. He’ll tell you a lot of things about himself if you just ask the right questions. 

This will become the perfect way to communicate with him. Instead of inspecting his social media accounts, just ask him what’s been going on in his life. 

You can make these questions flirty, even when you’re asking him about the little things that make life special. For instance, ask him about the name of the last playlist he made. 

Ask him about his favorite coworker and what makes that person so special, or about his zodiac sign or even his other beliefs. I can assure you that he’ll want to have you around more often. 

This man will want you badly because you’ll make him feel important. 

13. Don’t be afraid of witty banter

15 Sneaky Ways To Make Him Want You Bad

Bantering with him is a great way to make him want you bad. Men these days can’t get enough of it, because it shows your playful side, sense of humor, and flirtiness. 

When you go out together and continuously banter about things, he won’t be able to move on with his day without thinking of you. It’s not because he thinks that you’re an awful person – your comments will put a smile on his face. 

Girls are usually afraid of this because they believe that it’ll drive the guy away. In actuality, it’s one of the most perfect ways to keep a conversation flowing even if you’re just talking about something stupid. 

When you’re able to make a snarky remark about something without getting offended when he does the same, he’ll go crazy for you. His first thought will be to kiss you just to make you stop talking – which is always acceptable! 

So, use all those witty comments you store in your head to your advantage. He’ll go insane trying to make you his girlfriend. 

14. Create tension between you two

In my opinion, the best way to create the perfect amount of tension between the two of you is to pretend like you have no idea what’s going on. Once one of you acknowledges the tension, it kind of starts to subdue, so act like nothing’s going on. 

Look into his eyes when they drop to your lips. Brush your hand against his back and glance at him suggestively, but don’t talk about the building tension. He won’t want to start a conversation about it.

When he leans into you to kiss you, pretend like you have no idea what’s going on, but put a devious smile on your face, and walk away. You’ll drive him in-freaking-sane. 

15. Engage him in authentic conversation

DONE 15 Sneaky Ways To Make Him Want You Bad 8

At the end of the day, the one thing you can safely assume will make him want you bad is if you’re memorable. You can’t let him forget about you no matter how hard he tries.

An authentic conversation doesn’t have to be one about your childhood trauma. It can be about some stupid things that seem laughable at the time to both of you. 

If you want to make him want you so bad that he can’t sleep at night, give him a conversation that’ll keep him awake! You can get full impact if you do this straight up when you meet him. 

He’ll want to understand the way your mind works, while also trying to debate his own beliefs. This could either go great or it could end in a disaster if you don’t choose your words wisely. 

I’m telling you that the topic has to be authentic because otherwise, you won’t be able to talk about it properly. I can tell you to ask him about physics but that doesn’t interest you in the slightest (or perhaps in your case, it does?) 

So, instead, talk about something that makes you both happy or something that can show you both a different perspective on things. 

Final thoughts 

How to make him want you bad is a sneaky thing to ask, so the answers are just as sly. If you believe that you don’t need any of these tricks to get him to love you, then go out there and be yourself. 

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Sometimes, we just need to remind ourselves that the dating game is just that. An A-game. The best players always win. 

The most important thing is that you’re still true to yourself while also trying to play by the rules other people have laid out already. You’ll do great! I already know that. 

Now, put your prettiest dress on, tell yourself that you’re the most beautiful woman alive, and go make him want you bad! 

15 Sneaky Ways To Make Him Want You Bad

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