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How Does An Aquarius Man Test You? Face These 15 Tests With Class

How Does An Aquarius Man Test You? Face These 15 Tests With Class

How does an Aquarius man test you? Aquarians are like a different species. These human beings are an enigma and there’s no way you can guess their next move. 

It seems like every man born under this zodiac sign is a weirdo who doesn’t align with society’s standards. Even if that sounds unfair because you really do like him, you don’t know what you should do. 

When you want to impress an air sign, it’s always a gamble. You feel like you’re dealing with a dark force that you can’t move past. I just hope you understand that they’re not as bad as they may seem at first glance. 

Aquarius is an air sign, just like Gemini and Libra. For that exact reason, they share a few very obvious traits, like their need for communication and an open mind. You may know that Aquarians aren’t the most relationship-oriented people in this world. He’s going to test you before he even considers a relationship with you.

Even though it may seem quite scary, you actually have an opportunity to show him that you’re the perfect woman for him. Do you want to prove to him that you’re ready for whatever he throws your way? Well, let me tell you what you can expect. 

How does an Aquarius man test you?

1. He’ll try to find out whether you’re independent

How Does An Aquarius Man Test You Face These 15 Tests With Class

The first thing he’ll want to know is whether you’re an independent soul. Everything can be seen as a test but this one is very important to him. 

He doesn’t want a codependent partner who won’t give him any space. You can’t be the type of girlfriend who keeps bugging her partner about everything. 

How does an Aquarius man test you to see whether you’re independent? Well, he’ll start to look into the little things you do. For example, if you text him the entire day, trying to figure out where he is and whom he’s with, he’ll see that as a red flag. 

I understand that you need trust in a relationship but he’ll actually be honest with you beforehand. There’s no need for you to investigate an Aquarian’s behavior every waking minute. 

He’ll also want to see how you act when you need to get something done. If you constantly ask him to help you out, he’ll consider you incapable of taking care of yourself. He’ll be there for you when you need him but most of the time, he’ll want to see that you can handle things on your own. 

An Aquarian is big on independence. He doesn’t want you to rely on him because he’ll only see that as a threat to his freedom. You need to be your own woman, earn your own money, and take care of yourself!

2. He’ll test your sense of humor

​Aquarians have a morbid sense of humor. If you’re a Scorpio, Aries, or Capricorn, you may understand what he’s joking about without too much trouble. But if you’re a Virgo, Pisces, or Cancer, you could easily misunderstand his intention. 

His sense of humor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and he’ll probably make a mental note of every time you laugh out loud at a stupid joke he makes. During the early stages of dating, he’ll do everything he can to figure out what makes you laugh. 

An Aquarius male won’t try to poke fun at other people unless he thinks that they truly deserve it. If you’re not well-versed in the references he makes, then it could just become very annoying for you. In the long run, it’s not fun to be so confused by things that should be jokes.

It’s sad but true that if you’re not able to laugh with him at the same things, you’ll never move on to be his best friend and lover. You shouldn’t force yourself to do this but you should also loosen up a bit in the presence of an Aquarius guy. 

3. He’ll play hard to get

DONE How Does An Aquarius Man Test You Face These 15 Tests With Class 2

How does an Aquarius man test you when he’s obviously interested in you? Well, he’ll play hot and cold. One day, he’ll be all over you and the next, he’ll act as if he doesn’t know who you are, so it’ll seem like his moods are very unstable. 

This is his way of seeing whether you’ll be able to hold on when he lets go. He wants to make sure that you’re interested enough to keep pursuing him. 

This is important because he can’t always hold on to you, as there will be times when he’s too exhausted or just doesn’t feel loved enough. He can’t be with someone who won’t show him the same amount of effort that he’s ready to give you. 

Also, his ego is in play here. He can’t imagine letting go of everything he believes in for a woman, so he wants to see that you want him just as much as he wants you. 

4. He’ll want to see whether you’re going to smother him

Smothering an Aquarius man will only result in him running away from you. It may sound silly but believe me when I tell you that to him, it’s not. 

Suffocating him like this means that you won’t give him time to breathe. He wants there to be a balance between his social life and his love life and he can’t imagine giving all of his time and energy into a romantic relationship. 

An Aquarius man likes to have space that allows him to be focused on his career just as much as every other aspect of his life. So if you believe that he’s going to make you his number one priority, then you may get disappointed in a very short time. 

Don’t smother him with your presence or your needy behavior, as he’s too free-spirited to ever be contained. Just like any other air sign, if you stifle him, you’ll actually start to push him away from yourself.

5. He’ll try to make you jealous

How Does An Aquarius Man Test You Face These 15 Tests With Class

How does an Aquarius man test you? Well, one of the biggest signs he’s trying to play mind games with you to figure out your compatibility is when he tries to make you jealous, which he does just to test out any controlling tendencies.

Usually, Aquarians don’t have the best rep, as they’re known for being too free-spirited to be in a committed relationship. However, that’s because most women aren’t able to see past this stage, as their neediness gets in the way of understanding what’s going on. 

He wants to know that you’re able to stick to your own boundaries even at times when he tests you, so don’t be jealous and just explain to him that you’re not going to stick around if he continues acting like that. 

Don’t show you’re jealous because that’ll only tell him that you’re insecure, and instead, show him that you understand your worth and that you won’t stay and watch him play with your heart. Stay in control even in this kind of emotional situation because otherwise he won’t be impressed by you at all. 

You’re a wonderful woman who deserves a loyal man. He just needs to become aware of that before you decide to pack your bags and walk away. 

6. He’ll want to know whether you’re rebellious

Someone who blindly follows others is of no interest to an Aquarius man. His open mind and his need to defy the trends of the world are very prominent parts of his personality, which is why you can’t be just another person following the herd if you want to win this man over.

More often than not, an Aquarian acts like an anarchist, so your obedience to society’s expectations of you won’t show you the road to his heart. 

He wants his partner to be an independent thinker who’s able to understand the intricacies of the world. To win him over, you’ll need to educate yourself, understand the problems the world is facing nowadays, and don’t be silent when it comes to these issues. 

Also, your chances are better with this man if you’re a trendsetter rather than a follower. When you’re not afraid to live your life the way you want without the influence of others, you’re more likely to be on his radar. He’ll be intrigued by you but if you’re instead just another mindless sheep, there will be nothing interesting about you to him. 

7. He’ll test your loyalty

DONE How Does An Aquarius Man Test You Face These 15 Tests With Class 4

How does an Aquarius man test you when he’s interested in you? Well, he’ll simply test your loyalty.

I can say with certainty that he dislikes people who can’t be trusted. Even if you think that he’s being unfaithful, it’s unlikely, especially if you’ve made your relationship exclusive and official. 

The good thing about Aquarians is that they’ll rarely lie to their loved one. If he says that he’s bad for you, then he won’t be exaggerating and if he says that he’s loyal to a fault, then he’s being true to his word. 

An Aquarius man in love will be the most loyal man you’ll ever meet but that doesn’t mean that he won’t test your loyalty and he’ll do that by watching your interactions with other men when they’re flirting with you.

It’ll also be obvious that he’s testing you when he asks whom you’re texting. If you lie to him, he’ll notice and he’ll know that you’re not the right girl for him. 

Because he’s a little ruthless, he could even send one of his friends your way just to get a report from him regarding how you act around him. So be very careful when a friend of his tries to flirt with you because it could all go south before you’re even aware of it. 

8. He’ll flirt with you to see your reaction

Aquarians are huge flirts. Once he sees you blushing, he’ll get excited and he’ll know that you’re the type of girl that he likes just from your adorable reaction. 

An Aquarian tests you to see how you react to these moments but to be honest, you can’t really do anything wrong in this kind of situation. If you get completely thrown off your game, he’ll think that you’re cute for stuttering but that doesn’t change the fact that he’ll also be intrigued if you give him the same energy back instead. 

You could flirt with him the entire time because your eye contact combined with your words will send him into a frenzy. He’ll want you more than he ever wanted a woman before he stumbled upon you. 

This test exists purely for him to better understand your personality. There’s no right answer to how you behave here, so you can just show him how you feel about him. 

9. He’ll test you to see whether you can keep an open mind

How Does An Aquarius Man Test You Face These 15 Tests With Class

The signs of an Aquarius man testing you aren’t subtle, trust me, especially when he starts to throw weird topics at you, seemingly without any particular motivation. This is definitely one of the answers to the question on the tip of your tongue about how an Aquarius man tests you. 

From the subject of politics to aliens or mythology, he’ll want to know your opinions on everything, simply because he always has his own, which means that he needs someone to share his unusual interests. 

Once he sees that you’re informed and that you’re able to hold a conversation with him, he’ll want to keep you around. This man won’t be able to get enough of you and he’ll miss you every time you’re not nearby. 

When he’s testing you, these conversations won’t always have a conclusion, nor will they always be the most intellectual conversations you can have with this man, as sometimes, he’ll only talk about stupid topics just to see how you react. 

10. He’ll show you his vulnerable side

Almost no one gets to see the vulnerable side of an Aquarian. His emotions are his own thing, so he doesn’t like to share these intimate things about himself. You’ll rarely hear the words, “I feel…” or, “That broke my heart,” and that’s because he’s such a rational human being who doesn’t care much about emotions. 

This doesn’t mean that he’s not emotional, it’s just that he always looks at the rational side of things. The very moment he lets you see his vulnerable side, he does so to see whether he can trust you with his feelings. 

Being vulnerable in front of people is a huge deal for any air sign. They like to put on a tough front, so once you see a tear slip down his cheek, know that you’re quite special to him. 

When you’re witnessing this moment, understand that your reaction is crucial, so don’t belittle him for his feelings but also don’t feel sorry for him. Encourage him by saying that his emotions are valid and real and remind him that you’re there for him if he needs you. 

Once he knows that you’re able to handle these emotional times of his, he’ll know that you’re the closest thing he could get to a soulmate. 

11. He’ll initiate physical intimacy

DONE How Does An Aquarius Man Test You Face These 15 Tests With Class 6

Most of the time, you’ll meet a man who’s ready to be intimate with you before he’s ready to define your relationship and this could definitely happen with an Aquarian. 

His horoscope doesn’t have much to do with that but if you’re an Aquarius woman, you probably understand his need to experience this with you as well. He simply wants to know whether you’re compatible in the bedroom.

You’ll never be bored when you’re in the arms of an Aquarius and it’s important to him because he’s a freaky dude who likes to experiment a lot. This has its pros and cons and more often than not, you won’t be ready to give yourself to him like that, which is completely fine.

He’ll never make you do something that you don’t feel comfortable with but once you do decide to follow him into his bedroom, just remember that he’s not the conventional lover you may be used to. He’s the type of guy who wants to be able to explore his fantasies with you. 

So, how does an Aquarius man test you? Well, I hope you’re not looking for a detailed explanation on this one, as at this point, I think you can use your imagination. 

12. He’ll want to know that you care

How can you show him that you care once he starts to test you on this? Well, first of all, I can tell you that he won’t make it too obvious. It won’t become a habit of his to ask for your attention or for your consideration of his feelings. 

He’ll do it on the down-low, so it’ll usually seem like any other conversation. However, I can tell you with confidence that he’s looking out for your response. 

An Aquarius man will want to see that you care by looking for genuine interest in the things that he does. Even when he tells you a sad story, he wants to see that you’re actively listening to what he has to share with you. 

This test can tell him that he can be himself around you when you care enough about everything that’s a part of his personality. 

13. He’ll test your reaction to his awkwardness

How Does An Aquarius Man Test You Face These 15 Tests With Class

Aquarians are very good in social situations. Their quirky behavior is what draws other people in but it can also give others a reason to become annoyed quite quickly. 

He’s going to put you in situations to test you either knowingly or unknowingly and this will happen often as he’s always the life of the party, even if he seems a little introverted. All I can say is that things won’t be as easy as you expect them to be with him. 

Instead of creating a huge problem about this, show him that you can live with his unusual side and actually encourage it. He’d also love to see your quirky side because that’s what he thinks makes you so authentic. 

He’ll test your ability to handle these moments with him before he starts something serious with you. He doesn’t want a girlfriend who’ll kill his buzz when he’s really in the mood to get crazy. 

If you’re the type of person who gets annoyed easily or if you’re too shy for a loud Aquarian, then you may want to find someone else who’s more up your alley.

14. He’ll try to involve you in his crazy ideas

How does an Aquarius man test you when he’s trying to figure out whether you’re the perfect girl for him? Well, at any point in time, you can expect that he’ll want to involve you in his crazy ideas. 

His mad ideas could involve anything from projects to different adventures. He’s not an adrenalin junky like a Sagittarius may be but he’s definitely the type of person who loves a challenge.

Everything he does is due to his need to fill his life with more exciting experiences. This is why it’s so important that you’re willing to participate. 

Your natural reaction could be to scold him like a child or to tell him that he’s being unrealistic. In actuality, he’s simply trying to show you a small part of his thought process and his different needs, to see whether you can fit in. 

If you’re not ready for this kind of lifestyle, then you’re not ready to date a man like him. That’s okay, as you don’t have to be perfect for him, and there will be someone else out there who’s right for you.

Just remember that just because you don’t want to change, it doesn’t mean that he has to join you. If anything, he’ll become turned off by you in a matter of seconds. 

15. He’ll test your intelligence the most

DONE How Does An Aquarius Man Test You Face These 15 Tests With Class 8

There’s one thing that this zodiac sign will want to test you on the most and that’s your intelligence. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, your social status, or your relationships with other people. He’ll care about your intellect the most.

Are you able to hold a conversation with him? Will you give him new ideas? Can you back up your points with actual data? 

All this means that you need to be very well-versed in different topics. Don’t just think that street smarts will be enough when you’re talking to an Aquarian man. He wants the stats, any evidence, and the resources to support what you’re saying.

Surprise him, as once you impress him with your brain, he’ll be enthralled by you. Show him that you’re so much more than just a beautiful face and then you won’t have to worry about the question of, “How does an Aquarius man test you?”

How Does An Aquarius Man Test You? Face These 15 Tests With Class

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