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How Does A Virgo Man Test You? 14 Tricks He’ll Try To Play On You

How Does A Virgo Man Test You? 14 Tricks He’ll Try To Play On You

You may be wondering, “How does a Virgo man test you?” or are you supposed to think that a perfectionist like this sign doesn’t test a potential partner? 

This earth sign is anything but subtle when it comes to these things. He’s so calculated because he knows how important it is to find someone suitable for him. 

To him, emotional damage and a long healing period after a break-up are just a waste of time. For that exact reason, he doesn’t want to be a person who lies in bed for days trying to forget his ex. There’s so much work that he needs to get to that it’s just inconvenient to him. 

So, can you really know in advance which tests he’ll use on you to test your compatibility? Even though a Virgo guy may try to be slick about these things, it’ll be obvious if you know what to look for. 

He’s very systematic and knowing this can help you win his heart over before he even realizes what’s going on. Those mind games he’s playing with you will look like little things that can be taken care of in just a few days. 

How does a Virgo man test you? 

​1. He’ll ask you very personal questions

How Does A Virgo Man Test You 14 Tricks He'll Try To Play On You

If you want a serious relationship with this sun sign, you may want to know what’s coming your way. So, how does a Virgo man test you? I can tell you that you may not like this one because when a Virgo man likes you, it’s a tricky situation to be in. 

He’ll start asking very personal and intrusive questions. He understands how uncomfortable these questions can be, so he won’t tackle these topics in front of a group of people but the very moment you’re alone and he feels like you’re more comfortable, he’ll start with the interrogation.

You may be flabbergasted by what he asks you but his piercing eyes won’t stop searching for answers. It doesn’t matter whether you just started going out or you’re just in the talking stages because he hates wasting time. 

Those questions can be anything from your worst childhood memories to the most uncomfortable night you had with your ex. He’ll ask you about your parents, your siblings, your previous lovers, and about what you like and don’t like in bed.

All of these questions have the same desired end result, which is to figure out whether you’re compatible or not. 

2. He’ll start dropping hints to see how you react

Your Virgo male is calculated, so he’ll still want to know your reactions to very spontaneous ideas. However, if you bring him down because of the things he says or you tell him that he’s crazy, you may just lose the man you’re pining over. 

He’ll tell you to go on a hike with him, to go on an adventure, or even to simply go and get married right away. Know that he’s not always serious about his proposals, even if he looks very caught up in his own ideas. 

More often than not, he’ll just want to see the way your eyes widen at his words. If you stutter, it’ll be like music to his ears. 

That may seem unfair but he wants to know how confident you are in yourself and the way you think. If your ways of understanding life aren’t the same, then he won’t want to lose more of his precious time trying to understand you. 

Even if he’s just talking about some business ideas that seem quite unusual, they still exist as a gateway for you to be a part of his life. This may sound weird but it’s quite accurate where a Virgo is concerned. 

3. He’ll want to know your plans for the future

DONE How Does A Virgo Man Test You 14 Tricks Hell Try To Play On You 2

What do you mean you intend to date a Virgo guy without having a detailed plan for your future? He’ll just think that’s scandalous. 

Joking aside, this man has most of his life already figured out. He knows what he wants to do and he knows what he expects from his romantic partner. 

He’s probably a family-oriented guy, just like the other earth signs Capricorn and Taurus. He wants to live a life where he can take care of someone because his love language is acts of service. 

You can’t expect him to be too easygoing when dating, which is why he’ll ask you about your future plans to know exactly what he’s getting himself into. If your plans don’t align then he may try to compromise with you if he really likes you but if he doesn’t feel like you’re the perfect fit for him, then he’ll simply move on. 

One of the clear signs a Virgo man doesn’t want to continue your relationship in a serious direction is when he stops asking about your plans. That’s when you know that he’s not interested anymore. 

4. He’ll intentionally make you angry

How else does a Virgo man test you when he’s interested, you may ask? Well, has he ever made you so mad that you wanted to scream?

If yes, then that man likes you and he’s trying to test out your anger issues. This is when he’ll start a debate about anything and everything just to watch your reaction. 

It won’t seem fair to you but to him, it makes perfect sense. This is the best test to see whether you’ll give him the silent treatment when you’re angry or try to cover up your insecurities by acting as if nothing ever happened.

He wants to get you out of your comfort zone into a state of mind where you have to express your needs. These situations can be quite tricky if you don’t know how to act and your self-doubt could get in the way of dealing with problems in your relationship.

Your emotional control is one of the most important things to a Virgo. If you start yelling or if you’re passive-aggressive when you’re mad, he’ll see that as a red flag. 

I know that it sounds unfair, when he’s intentionally making you angry, but that’s one of his tests and in his mind, you can take it or leave it. 

5. He’ll want to commit very quickly

How Does A Virgo Man Test You 14 Tricks He'll Try To Play On You

A Virgo doesn’t like to waste his time so your guy will want to commit sooner rather than later. Other signs like to keep the talking stages going even once they start developing feelings for someone and people born under the signs of Aquarius and Gemini are the best examples of this. 

Other signs don’t want to jump straight into a relationship but it doesn’t take a Virgo man long to understand whether you’re the type of woman he wants in his life – and he does this by testing you. 

A man born under this zodiac sign sees the good and the bad before you’re even aware that you showed those sides of yourself to him. That’s why he wants to commit to you quickly because he doesn’t need any more convincing. 

He’s not the type of guy who’ll lead you on for months just to hold up the line of those other guys who are waiting to date you, so don’t be surprised if he texts you saying that you need to talk. This is another test because he doesn’t want to be led on by you either.

If you want him to stay in your life for longer, you won’t need to think too much about this. 

6. He’ll pay attention to see whether you’re consistent

So many people nowadays start their relationship by showing the best version of themselves to their partner. These people do everything in their power to present themselves as the perfect match. 

However, that’s never a good thing, as it just means that you’re going to see a whole new person once they get comfortable in the relationship. 

A Virgo man falls for consistency. He won’t be able to stay in a relationship where he doesn’t know which side of you he’ll get on the phone each night. 

He wants to know that you stick to your promises and your plans and that you know how to treat him right even years into the relationship. Even once you’ve won the grand prize, it doesn’t mean that you should stop making an effort. 

The least you can do with any partner is be consistent. If you’re acting like you can give him the world at the beginning of the relationship, then continue with that behavior because I can assure you that a Virgo guy will follow through with his promises. 

7. He’ll stop texting you to see whether you’ll make a move

DONE How Does A Virgo Man Test You 14 Tricks Hell Try To Play On You 4

How does a Virgo man test you when he’s not even contacting you? He’s obviously playing his mind games to get what he’s looking for. When a Virgo man ignores you, it’s because he’s trying to catch your attention. 

This may seem toxic but it’s more about understanding that you want him just as much as he wants you. If you’re the type of girl who’s only looking at her phone for hours, waiting for a guy to text you first, then he may not stick around for long. 

He’s not an Aries or Sagittarius man who will only play this game to hurt your feelings. Mutual effort is extremely important to him.

This test will make a Virgo man miss you like crazy but he’ll give it his best to see how long it’ll take you to text him first. So don’t hold back and start a conversation by texting or calling him. Show him that you truly care. 

8. He’ll test your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence has become quite an important topic in the world. For such a long time, we didn’t even pay attention to this – one of the most essential parts of every relationship. 

That’s exactly why a Virgo will test you on it. He knows how important it is to understand and perceive emotions the right way. Emotional intelligence lets you understand and communicate your own emotions while also being empathetic with the emotions of others.

So many people don’t know what they’re feeling or how to set boundaries that’ll protect them. It’s hard to watch them struggle each day, especially if you’re in a relationship with someone emotionally immature. 

A Virgo is not someone who’s going to teach you how to communicate your emotions, your wants, or your needs. He understands that he’s not your parent and that you should be able to do that work on your own. 

When you get a Virgo man interested in you, it’s probably because he saw that you don’t need him to hold your hand through every conversation. He can communicate with you without too much trouble, which is exactly why he’ll treat you like a treasure. 

9. He’ll give you constructive criticism

How Does A Virgo Man Test You 14 Tricks He'll Try To Play On You

How does a Virgo man test you when it only looks like he’s being mean to you? Let me start this off by saying that he’s not being mean to you, he’s giving you constructive criticism.

There’s a perfect way to understand feedback. You should learn the right way to give and receive it and this is an important skill to have once you start dating a Virgo.

I know that this may seem like a business deal more than a romantic relationship but bear with me. Once he starts to give you constructive criticism on something you’re doing wrong, he’ll forever keep an eye on minor details in your behavior, from your body language to the words you speak. 

This is simply because he wants to know how you’ll handle it. He doesn’t want to hurt you but rather wants to help you become a better version of yourself. 

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and that’s completely okay. Even if you’re a Virgo woman, you still may get offended by his comments if they aren’t called for. However, if you’re a Libra, Pisces, or even Scorpio, you may take this to heart. 

10. He’ll want to see whether you’re career-driven

Earth signs are the best people to go to when you need some advice on your career. They work so hard that they’re knowledgeable about almost every project that you could come up with. 

It’s not even about the money as much as it is about success. The money is just a bonus for all the effort that he’s putting into becoming such an amazing human being. 

So, you need to follow through with your promises to work on your career too. He wants to have a woman next to him who’s able to motivate him with her own ambitious behavior. 

If you’re the type of girl who only wants to sit at home and watch TV the entire day, then you may not be the best partner for him. He’ll get bored of you in a matter of days. 

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, known to be the messenger of the Gods, so that type of ambition is in their blood. Don’t try to hold him back or think that you’ll get him to fall in love with you by doing nothing. 

Once he starts asking questions about your job and your career, it’s because he’s really invested in seeing you succeed. He’ll watch you closely each day when you get home from work in order to understand your motivation and it’ll help him see your efforts more clearly. 

11. He’ll test your humanitarian side

DONE How Does A Virgo Man Test You 14 Tricks Hell Try To Play On You 6

Virgos are always there when someone needs their help. They like to show everyone that they can rely on them because they know what it feels like to be all alone. 

It’s very important to him that you share this enthusiasm with the world too. If you’re selfish and you don’t see the struggles other people face in the world, you’re not the girl for him. 

How does a Virgo man test you in these situations? More than anything, he’ll look at the way you treat other people. If you treat them with kindness and selflessness then he’ll love you more than he’s ever loved anyone. 

Other than that, he’ll ask you to volunteer with some type of charity to help the community. Once you understand his viewpoint, you’ll want to be part of his life even more. 

I could go into more detail about how important this is to him but I believe that you’ll be able to figure that out for yourself. You’ll pass this test by taking care of your friends, family, and community and by being empathetic toward him and he’ll never look at another woman again, once you show him this side of yourself. 

12. He’ll test your strengths and weaknesses

Do you know what your strengths and weaknesses are? Well, he may know the answer to that before you even get to think about it because he can read you like an open book and he tests you on the things he sees.

He wants to know the person he’s with and he wants to know every little part of your psyche. When you exhibit strength, he sees where you can help him become a better person, so once he understands where your strengths and weaknesses are, he’ll want to move forward in your relationship. 

He’ll want to become part of your life the very moment he sees that these things are complementary to each other. A Virgo man simply knows where your weaknesses will create issues in your relationship and when they’re nothing more than things to be improved upon. 

13. He’ll test your jealousy

How Does A Virgo Man Test You 14 Tricks He'll Try To Play On You

How does a Virgo man test you to see whether you get eaten up by the green monster on any given occasion? One day, he may ask you a hypothetical question and the next, he’ll look for your reaction to his interactions with his female friends.

One way or another, you’ll get tested on this. A Virgo doesn’t care if you try and explain your jealousy as a sign that you care. He only sees that as a toxic trait and a red flag, which is reason enough for him to pack his bags and leave. 

That’s because he’s probably the most loyal zodiac sign out there. He doesn’t really care whether you’re insecure because he knows that he’ll stay loyal to you no matter what. 

He’s the type of guy who only has eyes for one woman and when he’s committed to her, no one else matters, so you need to leave your insecurities at home and finally trust this man. Once he sees that you’re going to make a big deal out of every exchange he has with a woman, he’ll lose his mind.

Yes, he’s also a calculated man but he’s not controlling in any way, which is why you shouldn’t be the type of girl who continues to nag him about each woman he greets on the street. 

14. He’ll want to know whether you can think outside the box

Intelligence is extremely attractive to almost every human being out there. It’s a universal thing that lets us know how innovative and interesting someone actually is. 

To test you, the Virgo guy you’re talking to will do something to see whether you can truly think outside the box. This could be something as simple as giving you a task that’ll require you to activate your brain cells and it’ll definitely require you to use new ways of thinking to prove to him that you’re worthy of him. 

Now this may sound quite pretentious but it’s right up his alley. If you believe that you can impress him by being closed-minded or boring, then you have another thing coming. 

Final thoughts

When you’re wondering, “How does a Virgo man test you?” it’s probably because you’ve seen signs that he’s trying really hard to find something wrong in your behavior. If I were you, I wouldn’t take it to heart, though.

There are so many redeeming qualities in this sign. He’s definitely going to try and give you the perfect relationship. For now, though, all you need to do is present the best version of yourself.

Once he falls in love with you, that’s when you’ll be able to work on your relationship and become the best couple in the world. I mean, we can’t expect anything less from this earth sign, right?

All you need to remember is that he’s a guy who’ll test you because he’s probably already so madly in love with you but he just wants to make sure you won’t break his heart. So, give him a chance and show him how amazing you are!

How Does A Virgo Man Test You? 14 Tricks He'll Try To Play On You