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Say It Or Text It: 70+ Good Morning Pick-up Lines For Him And Her

Say It Or Text It: 70+ Good Morning Pick-up Lines For Him And Her

So, you’ve decided to sweep your crush off their feet early in the morning? Worry not, we’ve collected the best good morning pick-up lines for him and her in one place.

There could be many reasons you’re googling this. Perhaps you’re looking for a sharp morning text to send to someone on Tinder you just swiped right on, or you want to make your partner start their day with a smile on their face.

If you want to grab someone’s attention from daybreak and make them happy, a simple “Good morning baby“ could suffice, but you’d like something memorable.

Maybe you woke up grateful for the love of your life and just want to express how much you adore them with some interesting pick-up lines for a good morning. It may not be easy to think of something on your own, but here’s where you can always use our list as inspiration.

We’re bringing you a collection of romantic, cheesy, and smooth pick-up lines that are proven to work every single time. So, if you don’t want your crush to madly fall in love with you, better avoid using them.

Let’s go through some of the best good morning pick-up lines and find something that’ll suit you!

Romantic good morning pick-up lines for him and her

Say It Or Text It: 70+ Good Morning Pick-up Lines For Him And Her

If you’re a hopeless romantic and you like to express your love from the early morning hours, here are some pick-up lines for you.

It’s important for you that your partner knows how you feel about them and there’s no better way than to say or write a couple of words that will make them smile as soon as they open their eyes. We hope you’ll be able to find the right one.

1. I wish I could wake up next to you every morning. That way, even Monday would be perfect.

2. I hope your day is as beautiful as my morning is.

3. Having you by my side is an incredible feeling, and waking up next to you feels like a fairy tale.

4. I’d definitely be a morning person if that would mean waking up next to you.

5. Good morning beautiful/handsome, I hope you slept well.

6. I can’t believe I’m finally waking up next to you. Good morning, my love.

7. I’m looking forward to this becoming part of my morning routine. I love waking up next to you.

8. My dreams have finally come true. I’ve woken up next to the love of my life.

9. Good morning baby, I love you.

10. Mornings are better when you’re around.

11. I’m not a morning person, but waking up next to you is heaven.

12. I’m the luckiest person in the world because finally, my reality is better than my dreams. Good morning, my love.

DONE 70 Good Morning Pick up Lines For Him And Her 2

13. Words are truly not enough to tell you how special this moment is for me. I love you.

14. I can’t wait to wake up to the same perfection tomorrow morning.

15. Waking up next to you makes my mornings special. I’m looking forward to more of them!

16. I’ve heard that kissing is a love language, so would you mind if we start our morning conversation right now?

17. Mornings with you are way better than waking up all alone. No joke.

18. Good morning my love. I just gotta tell you that even if gravity didn’t exist, I’d fall for you all over again.

19. Can I wake you up for the rest of our lives?

20. Your sleepy face is absolutely adorable. I could stare at you for hours.

21. If I was a surgeon, I’d cut my chest open and give you my heart if that’ll prove the love I feel for you.

22. Roses are red, violets are blue, it would be sad if I don’t date you.

23. I can tell you “good morning“ in 7 different languages. Which one do you want to hear next?

24. Can you give me a morning kiss? I promise I’ll give it back!

25. I just can’t stop thinking of you since I woke up this morning. I hope we can do it all over again later.

Cheesy good morning sentences to provoke a smile

Say It Or Text It: 70+ Good Morning Pick-up Lines For Him And Her

Are you the type who likes to be playful all the time? Do you like teasing your partner or using puns to make them laugh? Saying something cheesy has probably never been an issue for you.

However, you’re struggling a bit now with these good morning pick-up lines? No stress, we got your back!

1. I have one question. Are you the goddess of mornings? Every little thing about you is divine.

2. You energize me. Are you my morning coffee?

3. Can I be your morning alarm?

4. Sorry, I think I forgot my jacket on your couch last night. Oops, that’s tomorrow morning, I messed it up again. Damn time traveling.

5. You’re my sweetest dream and my perfect reality.

6. I hope your day will be at least partially as good as my morning’s been.

7. I can call you in the morning or nudge you. What do you prefer?

8. You know, I prepare a really good breakfast.

9. Are you morning? Everything about you is good.

10. Did I go to heaven, or did God decide to let the most beautiful angel spend the night on earth?

11. If you think you may regret something in the morning, we can sleep until noon. I’m down for it.

12. I’m really not a breakfast-in-bed kind of person. But for you, I’d make an exception.

DONE 70 Good Morning Pick up Lines For Him And Her 4

13. Are you a parking ticket I forgot to pay because you have “fine” written all over you.

14. If you’d be a vegetable, I’m sure you’d be a cute-cumber.

15. It seems like you’re cold. Do you want to use me as a blanket?

16. I hope that now you believe in love at first sight. If not, we’ll have to spend one more night together.

17. It’s no surprise that the sky is gray. Your eyes have all the color inside.

18. I have two questions. Do you like fruit and what do you think about dates? I’d like to take you to some.

19. Roses are red, violets are blue, is there anything better than waking up next to you?

20. I strongly believe in following my dreams, so don’t be surprised if you see me walking behind you.

21. This may sound weird, but my name is Microsoft. Can I crash at your place?

22. I was completely blinded by your morning beauty. Can I have your personal information? You know, for the insurance purposes.

23. Is it hot in here, or it’s just you?

24. Are you by any chance from Australia? You meet all of my koala-fications.

25. You, me, Netflix & chill. Cozy night in and a morning to remember. Wanna join?

Smooth good morning pick-up lines that work every single time

Say It Or Text It: 70+ Good Morning Pick-up Lines For Him And Her

You’d like to be unique and subtly express your love at the same time. I promise you, it’s never been easier! Simply copy or tweak these sentences, and next time the opportunity comes along, grab it.

Do you want something that’s guaranteed to work every single time? Get ready to sweep your loved ones off their feet with these smooth pick-up lines.

1. Babe, is it morning? I’m not sure if it’s daylight or your beauty that’s lighting up the room.

2. Did you just smile at me or was that a ray of sunshine?

3. What kind of fruit do you like? I want to know how to serve you pancakes in the morning.

4. Don’t leave just yet. I want to tell you good morning and give you a kiss before we part ways.

5. Coffee with milk and one sugar in a big mug on my balcony? Just making sure I know how you like your morning coffee so I can prepare it for you.

6. The only morning glory I need is you.

7. I just woke up and there you are, my dream come true.

8. You want to know what’s truly beautiful? Read the first word again.

9. Every time I look at you, I have to smile. Are you some sort of camera, or what’s the trick?

10. I need you as much as I need my morning coffee. (For the record, I actually can’t live without it.)

11. You’re exactly like my morning coffee, super hot and sweet.

12. It’s not Christmas, yet I got my gift. I’ve been dreaming about you since the day we met.

DONE 70 Good Morning Pick up Lines For Him And Her 6

13. I hope you know CPR because you’re leaving me breathless.

14. I honestly never believed in love at first sight, but then I saw you.

15. The Bible says you should only think about what’s pure and lovely. That’s the reason I’ve been thinking of you the whole day.

16. Do you want me to wake you up with a text, or do kisses sound like a better option?

17. Roses are red, and daisies are fine. Come over and let me make you mine.

18. Okay, I’m here. Hope that the other two wishes include spending the rest of your days with me and somewhere on a beach.

19. Are you google? You have everything I’m searching for!

20. Except for being beautiful, what else do you do?

21. The only thing wrong with my smartphone is that it doesn’t have your phone number on it.

22. Are you a bank loan? ‘Cause you got my interest.

23. Can you tell me your name or is it easier that I simply call you mine?

24. I truly love waking up in my bed, but I’d rather wake up in yours.

25. I love that shirt on you, but I think it would look better scattered on my bedroom floor in the morning.

Say It Or Text It: 70+ Good Morning Pick-up Lines For Him And Her

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