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Let Him Go If He Doesn’t Realize Your Worth

Let Him Go If He Doesn’t Realize Your Worth

Although you may not know it, you are more than fabulous and more than enough. You have great value and it’s time for you to become aware of that.

I know you love this guy and that he is your everything. He is the center of your universe and the most important person in the world for you. You love and support him unconditionally. And you think you couldn’t live without him.

But it’s about time you face the harsh reality.

This guy doesn’t even try to match your effort.Let Him Go If He Doesn't Realize Your Worth

He is not interested in what you have to say and in getting to know the real you. This is the guy who will never be there for you and will never believe in you. Most importantly, this guy doesn’t love you, doesn’t respect or appreciate you. He doesn’t know your true worth.

This guy doesn’t know what a special person he has by his side. He is not aware of the intensity and the depth of your love towards for him. And he never will be.

He thinks you will always be there for him. So, he is taking you for granted. Your attention suits him and it serves him as an ego booster. He is keeping you around, not because he loves you, but because he enjoys manipulating and using you.

This is the guy who never has time for you. For him, everything seems more important than you and your relationship. He never shares your problems and never takes care of you and your needs. This is the man who will never treat you as a priority and will never see your true worth.

So, it’s time to think and decide if this is really what you need. Is this what you deserve?Let Him Go If He Doesn't Realize Your Worth

Remember, we all accept the treatment we think we deserve. And without you even realizing it, he has managed to convince you that this is exactly what you deserve.

You are having a hard time admitting it, but deep down, you know you deserve much more. You know it’s time to let go of this guy, no matter how much it hurts.

Admit to yourself that this man is not giving you the attention and the treatment he should give you. Face the harsh reality and the emptiness you have been feeling since you became involved with him.

You feel unwanted, unloved, and disrespected. And this is not how a healthy romantic relationship should make you feel.

I assume you’ll think he’ll change. You hope that he’ll realize how important you are to him and how much he loves you. I am sorry to be the one to break it to you, but this won’t happen. This guy cares about himself only and you are just a victim of his emotional manipulation.

You probably think that he actually needs you, but isn’t aware of it. You think of him as a lost boy who needs time to accept someone’s love and affection. You see that he has some deeper emotional issues, and you think you are the only one which can help him.Let Him Go If He Doesn't Realize Your Worth

You see yourself as his savior and healer. But that is exactly what he wants you to think. Somehow, he manages to present himself as the victim every time, although he is actually the villain.

What you should know is that nobody can heal or fix another person if that person doesn’t want to be helped. There are some people who don’t want to be saved and he is probably one of those people.

What you don’t know is how much harm you are causing to yourself by being in this type of relationship. His mistreatment affects you physically, emotionally, and mentally, and it will scar your soul.

Because of him, you feel like you are not worthy of anyone’s love and respect. So, you become consumed by your insecurities and the lack of self-esteem. You feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and drained.

You are giving yourself completely to someone, and you are not getting anything back.

So, please, let him go. I know you don’t think you’ll ever find a guy who will treat you the way he should, but that can’t be further from the truth. The relationship you are currently in has distorted your views on love and relationships, and you ended up thinking that every guy will be the same.

Trust me, they won’t. Believe me that you’ll find a guy who will see your true value and who will love you in a way that you’ll start loving yourself again. You just have to let go of the past.

Let Him Go If He Doesn’t Realize Your Worth

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