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This Is How You Pushed Her Away

This Is How You Pushed Her Away

When you push her away, don’t expect her to come back. You need to face the truth.

“I pushed her away, and I don’t deserve a second chance.” Tell it to yourself if you have to. Do whatever you need to accept the truth, and let her be.

Maybe she wasn’t perfect, but she treated you perfectly.

And most importantly, you knew she loved you unconditionally but you chose to take advantage of her sensitivity.

You assumed that she would be there for you as long as you needed her.

You took her for granted, and she didn’t mean enough to you to fight for her. 

“I pushed her away instead of putting effort into keeping her.” Isn’t that right?

This Is How You Pushed Her Away

When you push her away, you’re actually telling her that you don’t want her to fight for you either… and she got tired of fighting a battle she had already lost.

“I pushed her away, but I thought she’d come back, because she always does.” Isn’t that what you’re thinking?

Well, she’s not going to come back. Not this time. When you push her away, you shouldn’t expect her to either.

You thought she would always chase you. You thought there was nothing you could do for her to stop loving you. But she got tired of it.

She got tired of begging for the crumbs of your love and attention, and she got tired of waiting for you to realize what you had. Now you realize that, now you have lost it.

She loved you more than she loved herself, but you managed to push her away for good.

That was what you always wanted, wasn’t it? At least, you acted like it was.

This Is How You Pushed Her Away

She wasn’t ready to give up on someone she loved, but you made her do it.

It didn’t happen overnight. You had plenty of time to show you that you cared if you actually did.

It didn’t happen when she first caught you in a lie, and it didn’t happen when you first made her cry.

You lied, and she cried so many more times before she finally had enough.

Do you think you still deserve a second chance?

Well, you already had it. She gave you a second chance, a third chance, a tenth chance… You had more chances than you could count, but you blew them all.

It didn’t even happen after she realized you were not a man who was ready to match her efforts and love her the way she deserved.

Don’t fool yourself; she wasn’t blind, and she was completely aware of everything.

This Is How You Pushed Her Away

She saw the way you didn’t respect her, the way you didn’t give her enough attention, the way you didn’t appreciate her. 

It was clear that you were not interested in her, that you never listened to her, and that you never thought of taking care of her needs.

And most of all, she saw how she wasn’t your priority despite you being the center of her world.

However, despite it all, she decided to stay… because she believed you’d change.

She thought that her love would change you and get you to see how happy you could be with her.

No, she wasn’t the one who was blind, you were. You were never fully aware of all the pain you caused her because you didn’t care enough

And you pretended that you didn’t know how much she loved you.

This Is How You Pushed Her Away

You chose to ignore all of her emotions, to feel better about yourself and to chase your guilt away. But instead of chasing guilt away, you chased her away.

When you push her away, don’t wonder why she leaves… Don’t wonder why she won’t come back.

You were blind, but when you saw her finally walk away, you could suddenly see.

All the sleepless nights she spent crying because of you, how depressed she got, how she lost her self-confidence and the damage you caused her mental and emotional health…

You finally saw it all.

Maybe you chose to ignore it, but you could see it.

You also saw how she was always there, by your side, no matter what…

How she gave you everything she had and loved you with all of her heart, even when you didn’t deserve it, and you gave her nothing in return.

This Is How You Pushed Her Away

You saw all the times she forgave you, and all the chances she gave you.

Watching this beautiful, strong woman turning into a desperate girl who only wanted you to notice her should have gotten you to snap out of it… but it didn’t.

Instead, you chose to ignore all of it, and ignore her. Well, she got tired of being ignored.

Finally, after many years, she got the courage to leave you. It took her a long time, but she had lost hope that you would ever be the man she deserved.

She stopped believing that you would ever change.

It took her more bravery and time than you could ever imagine, but this girl finally faced the harsh truth.

She was not going to change you with her love… Instead, you changed her with a lack of it.

Once she started really thinking about the relationship you had, she realized a lot of things.

This Is How You Pushed Her Away

She remembered all the times she needed you, but you chose to spend the time partying with your friends.

You would always rather choose to do anything else than to be there for her when she needed you to spend time with her.

She remembered all the times when she craved for you to just look at her, but you were too busy looking at other women.

You didn’t even see that she noticed that, because you simply didn’t see her.

She could never forget all the years during which she begged for your love and attention, but you acted like she didn’t exist.

Once she was too tired to keep begging, she knew it was time to walk away.

She wanted to leave you a few times before then, but she loved you too much and usually didn’t have the courage.

Nevertheless, she finally realized she deserved more, more than you were ever willing to give her, and more than you ever would be.

This Is How You Pushed Her Away

You watched her leave, and did nothing to stop her. She walked away, and you didn’t even care.

I know why. You were sure that she’d come back, that she was just being a drama queen and that she loved you too much to ever walk away for good.

She loved you so much that you were sure that nothing you would ever do would stop her from loving you.

Even when you pushed her away, you knew you could never push too hard, because she’d still be there.

You were wrong. Everyone has a limit, no matter how much they love you.

She had enough of you pushing her away, and she wasn’t ready to take that from you anymore.

Every woman deserves a man who will treat her right and shower her with love, as does she. It was about time she realized that.

She did leave a couple times before, half-heartedly, but when you called, she would go back to you.

This Is How You Pushed Her Away

You were sure that that would happen this time too so you took your time calling her… 

You thought you’d make her regret ever walking away from you but now, months later, she is not back, and she acts like she has no intention of returning.

So you finally take out your phone and call her, thinking she’ll be eager to answer and run back to you.

But, this time, it is different. There is no response.

You call again, and again, over the next few days, but she simply ignores your calls and never calls you back.

You try meeting her in person, but she just walks past you. You try everything—promises, crying, gifts, but nothing seems to work.

It is now that you’ve finally realized that she is really gone and that the roles are reversed.

This Is How You Pushed Her Away

Finally, you are feeling the slightest amount of what she felt over the years. And it’s tearing you apart.

Her tears have dried, but now you’re the one who’s crying and begging for her love.

“I pushed her away, but now I want her back.” Do you know how many men beside you have said that?

Many of them. However, when you push her away, you have to face the consequences.

You finally see things from her point of view, and you have realized what kind of girl you had and how much she loved you… But you let her slip away.

Now, you are consumed with and overwhelmed by guilt.

You are constantly playing your relationship back in your head, and it finally hits you—you had your chance for happiness, and you ruined it.

And I am sorry, but it’s really too late for anything to be done about it.

When you push her away, you can’t expect her to come back.

This Is How You Pushed Her Away
This Is How You Pushed Her Away 11

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