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80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention + Tips To Write Even Better Ones

80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention + Tips To Write Even Better Ones

You’re about to find some great funny texts to get her attention, but let’s just start off by saying that it’s not so simple to amaze a girl through texting.

How witty are you? How good are you with words? And are you confident in your sense of humor?

These funny texts to get her attention will do the trick, but are you up for a challenge? Here are also some tips that you can use to create amazing funny texts that’ll crack her up.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find tips to impress a girl with your sense of humor. Besides, you don’t need to impress her either – sometimes just letting her know that you’re into her in a funny way is enough.

There’s something that makes girls even more interested though, and it comes naturally to some men. Unfortunately, those men are often more of the bad boy type than the nice guy. So, do you know what women really want?

A nice guy with a bad boy’s charm. Women don’t really like bad boys, they just can’t resist their charm even though they want a nice guy.

DONE 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention Tips To Write Even Better Ones

You should never pretend that you’re something you’re not or force yourself to do things that don’t come naturally to you.

After all, you can’t pretend forever, so it’s pointless to even try it for a while…

But there are some great tips that could help you create the best funny texts to get her attention.

I’m about to let you in on a few tricks and give you examples of pre-written funny texts to get her attention – and I do mean full attention.

Read both tricks and examples, and try to create something that’s a mix of both for the best effect.

Don’t use anything that doesn’t seem like something you wouldn’t normally say, and try to personalize the text.

For example, just by using a special nickname in one of these funny texts to get her attention, you’ll get even more attention than you expect!

Most people these days don’t put a lot of effort into texting, and I’m talking about both men and women.

They just send something like “Hey, how are you?” or even “Did you have fun on our date? You think we may have something here?”

Regular texts like the first one kill the chemistry and are pretty dull without originality and wit.

The other one sends signals of neediness, and that’s not something that gets people interested.

Add spice and flair, and up the chemistry by using these tricks in your funny texts to get her attention for sure.

1. Use a funny meme and choose the right one for her personality

DONE! 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention + Tips To Write Even Better Ones

Want to really impress a girl without trying too hard? What does she like?

If she’s crazy about cats, search for a funny cat meme on Google and choose one that sends a good message.

When you send it, add one of the funny texts to get her attention, or just write “This made me think of you 😉”

Either way, make sure to notice that wink emoji there, because that’s the bad boy touch you can use.

Sounds silly to focus so much on an emoji, but don’t emojis communicate something as well?

Read that message again, but this time imagine a smirk or even a smile instead.

It’s weird, but it somehow changes things.

You’re such a nice guy for remembering what she likes, but with the smirk, it gives you that bad boy charm.

2. Compliment her in an unusual way

DONE 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention Tips To Write Even Better Ones 3

This one’s a little harder. You should compliment a woman, but what if she gets compliments all the time?

Even if she doesn’t, maybe she thinks that the usual compliments are not genuine.

Sometimes, complimenting her might even make her think of you as insecure and needy.

The bulletproof way of complimenting her is by making it a little funny.

You can give her such an absurd compliment that she gets the message but knows you’re joking.

“That dress you wore last night could give someone a heart attack.

Please be more aware of the dangers of looking so hot in the future. Some of us have pre-existing conditions!”

3. Break the norm

DONE! 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention + Tips To Write Even Better Ones

People get surprised and confused when a sentence doesn’t end as it potato.

It catches them off guard and makes them have to think about what you mean because it’s not that obvious.

People even get puzzled when a sentence doesn’t end as they expect and you use the word “potato” instead.

Interrupting the expected pattern can be very effective because it makes people wonder.

You can write a text to a girl by starting it as something she’s seen a thousand times before.

Just when she thinks that it’s another boring text, she notices the twist that pleasantly surprises her.

“What are you not doing right now that you wish you were?”

4. Make mundane things funny

DONE 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention Tips To Write Even Better Ones 5

Wouldn’t it be perfect if something fascinating and out-of-the-ordinary was going on in your life right now that you could tell her about?

Heck, she wouldn’t even have to ask you what you’re doing, you could just tell her to get her attention.

That way, you’d even let her know that you’re thinking about her without seeming overbearing.

Well, you can do this even with the mundane things and make them seem interesting.

For instance, you could say “My sister made me take my nephew to the zoo.”

You could also say “In the zoo hiding my nephew’s eyes from mating elephants 🙈”

5. Find the right amount of cocky

DONE! 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention + Tips To Write Even Better Ones

Women can be very attracted to cocky humor, even though being too cocky can cause the opposite.

Being just cocky or plain arrogant is not attractive, but when you use the right amount of it and cover it with humor, it’s irresistible.

There’s a lot of misconception about women being attracted to dictative and dominant attitudes of a man too.

By itself, it can actually be revolting, but when you add humor…

Imagine sending a woman a message out of nowhere: “You. Me. Friday. 8pm… Oh yeah, btw, hi.”

You’re being dominant and bossy, but you’re making it funny!

Being cocky, arrogant, and authoritative – and getting away with it to make it work – requires social intelligence.

Balancing these things, making them subtle enough, and adding humor to them makes it so smooth.

6. Turn the tables

DONE 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention Tips To Write Even Better Ones 7

So, you’re interested in this girl, but how about you make it seem like she’s interested in you?

You can even call her a player and let her know that you’re looking for something serious so you don’t want to get involved with her if she’ll just break your heart…

Naturally, you should only say this in a playful way, and if you really are interested in a serious relationship.

You can even say something like “I kinda get the impression that you’re interested in me, so here I am saying that I like you too at the risk of totally embarrassing myself if I’m wrong.”

It’s safe to simply use a subtle joke.

Obviously, if you want her attention, you have to be on her radar. In order for this to happen, you have to spend time with her.

This strategy works well if you’re looking for a more direct approach to getting a girl’s attention.

7. Give her a nickname

DONE! 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention + Tips To Write Even Better Ones

Giving someone a special nickname always works, but even more so in texting.

Don’t settle for “baby,” “honey,” or whatever else she’s already heard before.

Make an effort to give her a special nickname that only you use – something that aligns with her personality.

A witty nickname that represents an inside joke could be even more romantic than the standard romantic ones.

Remember I mentioned an example that she likes cats?

What if you happen to be a dog person and you joke about how that makes you entirely incompatible?

After something like that, using a “cat person” nickname could end up being the cutest nickname she’s ever had.

“Hey, cat person, what kind of mischief are you up to today?”

8. Always aim to be a nice guy with a bad boy charm

DONE 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention Tips To Write Even Better Ones 9

This would require a lot more explaining, so let’s focus on just one simple example.

A bad boy might have a bad habit like drinking too much, right? But you’re a nice guy with a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t seem so wild.

Who says you can’t have a couple too many drinks just because you’re a nice guy, since it happens at least a few times to almost everyone?

But you make it clear that it’s not something you do often and don’t want to.

“Vodka 4. Nick 0. I need a Tylenol the size of a hockey puck.”

Top funny texts to get her attention

Maybe you already know all the signs a girl wants you to notice her, but even if she doesn’t, you’ll surely get onto her radar when you send her one of these texts.

These funny texts to get her attention are guaranteed to make her laugh. Not just that, but these are the type of messages that always get a response.

Look at it this way: What do girls love in a man? A sense of humor is way up on the list because it’s the best way to get her attention, but it’s not just that.

DONE! 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention + Tips To Write Even Better Ones

Women love guys who can be romantic and cute when they’re in a relationship.

So, if you want to get her attention, use humor and witty texts to get her attention instead of overdoing it with romantic things.

After she’s yours, shower her with sweetness with the help of cute paragraphs for her.

And as for romance? Don’t neglect the importance of goodnight texts.

When you get this girl interested in you, use goodnight paragraphs for her to make sure she dreams about you.

But let’s start with funny texts to get her attention!

1. If I happened to have a penny for each and every lady I meet who is more exquisite than you, I’d be the most unfortunate man on earth.

2. Girl, you spend so much time on my mind, I should be charging you rent.

3. Hey! Stop thinking about me so much!

4. I know I can’t see you, but you’re looking great today – same as every day!

5. My heart is worse than a nightclub… I don’t let anyone in!

DONE 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention Tips To Write Even Better Ones 11

6. Hello Girl, you should be worn out in light of the fact that you continue running in my brain the whole week!

7. You’re like a slice of pizza. Even when you’re bad, you’re good.

8. Would you rather… get your foot stuck in a bear trap or hang out with me this weekend?

9. You’re so stunning that I forgot my pick-up line.

10. Careful, I’m gonna commit a crime. I intend to steal your heart forever.

11. On the off chance that you’re garbage, I couldn’t want anything more than to take you out each day and consider it my new position!

12. Don’t you think we’d look cute on a wedding cake together?

13. Now that I’ve officially texted you, I’m going to be obsessively staring at my phone, waiting for it to beep, so don’t keep me waiting.

14. My next drink is on you. Are you ready?

15. Hi, on the off chance that you see this, press 1 to recognize and 2 if you’re exhausted and need me to come and spare you from it.

16. Are you going to kiss me or do I have to lie about it in my diary?

17. I hope you find my texting first attractive.

18. What kind of cult would you like to start?

19. You like pizza, right? So why does the round pizza come in a square box?

20. I believe it’s an ideal opportunity to report you to Environmental Affairs in light of the fact that your hotness is one reason for an Earth-wide temperature boost.

DONE! 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention + Tips To Write Even Better Ones

21. You know I love your curves, but my favorite by far is your smile.

22. My dog wanted you to know that he misses you.

23. What’s the creepiest thing you said while passing a stranger on the street?

24. I think honesty is the best policy. Would you agree with that if it would mean that I’d say I like you right away without playing games to get you interested? Or should I use them?

25. Wow! You’re playing hard to get already? Aren’t we moving a little too fast lady? We haven’t even dated yet!

26. Let’s play a game of who falls in love first.

27. You’ll be locked up for winning my love, and you’ll be detained in my eternity.

28. The only thing I wanna change about you is your last name.

29. I like you. What are you going to do about that?

30. My phone is useless, can you fix it by adding your number to it?

31. Sorry, do you know that you owe me a drink? And do you know why? Because when I saw you, I dropped mine. How about tomorrow?

32. Listen, I like Lego, you like Lego. Why don’t we build a relationship?

33. Want to hear a question? There is a party in my heart, wanna come?

34. Sweety pie, baby, honey bee, sunshine. If you don’t answer to these pet names, they’re gonna start getting nasty, just like an hour-old bowl of cereal.

35. Girl, you’ve been on my mind like an Ed Sheeran song. Just ruthless.

DONE 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention Tips To Write Even Better Ones 13

36. Can’t think of a good reason to go out for a celebratory drink… But I’m sure it’s someone’s birthday somewhere right now, so we should toast to that.

37. Ma’am, you need to give your name and number because I injured my knees falling for you.

38. I have an extra heart to transplant, I kept it from my ex because she never used it. All you have to do is just ask for it and it shall be given, without a doubt.

39. I’m really trying to fight the urge to make you the happiest woman in the world.

The best funny texts to get her attention:

40. Any plans tomorrow after work? I might just have a little idea up my sleeve that I’m sure you’d like… a lot.

41. I don’t need a camera to laugh and smile, I do it when I look at your face.

42. I’m going to make you laugh all the time until you forget that I’m ugly.

43. Feel like ordering pizza, cuddling, and watching your favorite chick flick with me?

44. I wanted to ask you out, but I figured I’d start by sending you a text.

45. I love you more than coffee, but please don’t make me prove it.

46. I had a funny line for you, but you’re so beautiful I’ve completely forgotten it.

47. If I were the last guy on earth, would you date me?

48. I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile and then walk into a pole.

49. I have to follow you home – my parents always told me to follow my dreams.

50. I never ever thought I’d like you this much and I never planned to have you on my mind this often.

DONE! 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention + Tips To Write Even Better Ones

51. Do you know what my t-shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.

52. My face hurts from all the smiling I’ve done thinking about you.

53. I don’t know how you do it. There’s no explanation. No theory whatsoever. It is indeed a mystery. How do you always look so damn good?

54. I have so much to do, but I keep getting distracted thinking about you… Please, get out of my head already so I can think.

55. Your beauty is so baffling, I forgot to pick up my lines when coming.

56. I saw the cutest squirrel gathering nuts today at the park and it made me think of you. Don’t ask why, but it did!

57. I just saw the new pic you uploaded. Looking hotter than ever, I see.

58. Would you kiss me if I’m wrong? The world is square!

59. What kind of chaos are you causing now?

60. How are you still single? You seem perfect, so what’s the catch?

61. Can I borrow your heart forever? I promise to give it back.

62. There aren’t any words in the dictionary that can explain your beauty but I call it “mine.”

63. Looking for a job? Because I need a driver to drive me crazy.

64. Hi, I’m Mr. Right. They said you were looking for me?

65. I’m calling the cops right now because you keep lurking in my mind, and it’s driving me crazy.

DONE 80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention Tips To Write Even Better Ones 15

66. If I ate a candy bar for every moment that I thought of you, I would’ve lost all my teeth by now.

67. My feelings for you remind me of an airport. Your presence makes my heart take off!

68. I just woke up and you’re already on my mind.

69. You wanna know who’s the most beautiful girl in the world? Read the first word again.

70. I think about you a little more than I should.

71. I think you need to see the doctor. You have beauty all over your face!

72. What a coincidence! You look a lot like my next girlfriend.

73. I must be in a time loop because I’m falling in love with you over and over again.

74. I hope your day is as beautiful as you.

75. I do not think much. I do not think often. But when I do think, I think of you.

76. Hey, it’s Dan here. The handsome guy from the bar.

77. Did you smile when you just saw my name pop on your phone just now?

78. Quick, what’s something I can text you right now to make you fall in love with me?

79. What flirting tips can you suggest to a guy like me?

80. Tell you what. I’ll dream of you if you dream of me. Deal?

80 Best Funny Texts To Get Her Attention + Tips To Write Even Better Ones

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