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Cheating Is A Choice, Not A Mistake

Cheating Is A Choice, Not A Mistake

You know how it feels when you break into pieces if the one you love ever cheats on you in any way.

Your whole world comes crashing down, and you don’t see a reason to live anymore.

If you have been cheated on, you understand that feeling.

You also understand what it’s like to be someone’s second choice, even though they are a priority to you.

Unfortunately, you understand all this very well, but there’s something more you have to understand.

It is that your choice was loving them and their choice was cheating on you.

DONE! Cheating Is A Choice, Not A Mistake

Cheaters will often say that it was just a mistake, but don’t let them make you think that it’s true.

They made a mistake and realized that it was wrong to do it?

Don’t buy into that. Making mistakes and cheating are two completely different things.

Cheating is not about making a mistake; it’s just a cowardly way to show someone how little they mean to you.

They make a choice to cheat out of greediness. Cheaters don’t appreciate the relationship they have but aren’t willing to let their partner go.

Cheating made them happy, and that is why they did it. Just to make themselves feel happy no matter how much pain it would cause you.

Self-satisfaction is the only thing they had on their mind. Even the consequences they knew about weren’t enough to stop them.

DONE! Cheating Is A Choice, Not A Mistake

When someone cheats, they deliberately destroy the person who loves them. And they do it just to satisfy their selfish needs.

Cheating isn’t a mistake you make by accident just because you aren’t capable of controlling yourself.

You have a choice. When you choose to cheat, you have made a conscious decision to hurt the person who loves you.

Cheating will make them feel terrible. you know that, but you only care about a moment of happiness you’ll get to enjoy.

Is it really that hard to tell the person who loves you that you aren’t happy with the way things are at that time?

Wasn’t there the option to tell them what was bothering you and try to fix things or leave them and do what you wanted?

DONE! Cheating Is A Choice, Not A Mistake

There is always a better option than cheating, and it is never too hard to choose to do the right thing.

Why did you choose not to do it? You didn’t do the right thing because you were interested in trying something new.

What you had made you feel bored. You had someone who loved you, but you were bored with them and their love.

All you wanted was to satisfy your desires by finding out how it would feel if someone else loved you at least for a little while.

You aren’t capable of making a change by yourself. You feel that urge, so you make a choice to cheat.

Did you know that cheating was wrong while you were cheating?

Of course you did, that is why you did it in secret and chose to hide it from the person who loved you.

DONE! Cheating Is A Choice, Not A Mistake

Cheating is a shameful act, and you were well aware of it. So how could it have been a mistake?

You wanted to have something new while keeping what you already had.

That makes you a terrible, selfish person who has no regard for the feelings of others.

When you truly love a person, you choose things that will protect them, make them feel loved, and cause them to smile.

Loving someone means making choices that could improve the relationship that you have with them, not those that could destroy it.

You made a choice to break your partner’s heart, so don’t choose to keep lying to them by telling them or anyone else that you’re sorry for what you did.

Don’t lie when you are not sorry, and don’t say it was just a mistake.

DONE! Cheating Is A Choice, Not A Mistake

It was a conscious decision to destroy what you had just so you could see what it would be like to have something else at the same time.

You had someone who loved you, but you were incapable of loving them back the way they deserved.

So, you willingly and deliberately chose to destroy the relationship that you had with them.

Just because you had no hope didn’t give you the right to kill someone else’s.

You don’t have a heart, so you broke the heart of someone who gave you theirs.

Now, you’re telling them that you’ve made a mistake and asking them to forgive you.

You probably expect to be forgiven. There’s no tolerance for mistakes in love, especially those that you’ve made on purpose.

DONE! Cheating Is A Choice, Not A Mistake

You aren’t committed, or you are, there is nothing in between. Either you’re there, or you aren’t.

Don’t try to find the gray area in love and relationships, because there isn’t one. All the things you do in your relationship are the things you choose to do.

When you love someone, you choose to make them laugh just because you love their smile.

You love them just as much as they love you, so you choose to make sure they feel special.

When you love someone, you try to protect them because they mean the world to you.

You only make a choice to hurt the person who loves you when you don’t care about how they will feel.

It is that simple. You had a choice, and you could have chosen something else, but you didn’t… and it’s because you weren’t thinking about the consequences.

DONE! Cheating Is A Choice, Not A Mistake

Maybe you did, but you didn’t care. You wasted a lot of time just to enjoy a few minutes. Why? Because you didn’t care about the person who loved you.

They would have given everything to you, but all you gave them was the pain they now have to deal with.

Your only priorities were your own desires and wishes so don’t expect anyone to be a fool and believe you that you made a mistake.

They loved you, but even if they still do, once you’ve made a choice to hurt them, you can’t expect them to forgive you.

Cheating Is A Choice, Not A Mistake

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