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How To Know When A Taurus Man is Done With You: 15 Warning Signs

How To Know When A Taurus Man is Done With You: 15 Warning Signs

Let me guess, you’ve noticed some changes in your relationship. Your Taurean has been acting differently, but you can’t figure out why. Is he just too busy, or is it something else? I’m here to help you figure out what happens when a Taurus man is done with you.

Be careful because not all people born in the sign of Taurus are the same. You need to keep in mind that we’ll be talking about the Sun sign here. Every individual has a unique natal chart that tells them the placements of other planets and explains a lot more about their personality.

However, if you’re looking for a detailed description of a man whose Sun sign is in Taurus, you’re in for a treat!

Here’s how to know when a Taurus man is done with you

Something is different. You can’t really riddle it out, but one thing’s for sure: He’s changed. I know it can be stressful, no matter how long you’ve been seeing each other. When you love someone, you’re quick to notice the slightest changes.

I prepared 15 most obvious signs to help you figure out whether your Taurus man is done with you, or it’s just a phase. The sooner you find out the truth, the better it will be for you.

1. He stops making an effort

How To Know When A Taurus Man is Done With You: 15 Warning Signs

Did you know that Taurus is ruled by Venus? The planet of love and sensuality.

Then, it should come as no surprise that they enjoy making effort. They’re the type to try to improve the relationship until they see their partner is the happiest person on earth. Nothing is too difficult for them if they do it for the people they love.

Taurus men prefer making subtle instead of grand gestures. They will put in a lot of effort to make a good impression, and once they succeed, they’ll keep wanting to surprise you with something else. Those men will try to win your heart by showing you that they are always paying attention to you.

Taurean men will always strive to keep the girl he’s fallen for, going above and beyond to appreciate and nurture the relationship. He is even willing to go out of his comfort zone or change his behavior if he senses you might want that.

All of this probably sounds familiar to you. Now, if he’s stopped behaving this way, it might be the first sign that something is wrong.

Think about whether he looks at you the same way he did before, and if he’s still full of ideas to make you happy. If the answer is no, you might want to check out the other signs.

2. He doesn’t spoil you anymore

Taurus men are known for spoiling their loved ones. Working comes as a joy, because that’s how they make sure they can afford to surprise their partners with gifts.

It’s one of the most obvious signs that they like you and care about you. These gestures are not always expensive. He will also gift you chocolates or flowers just so he can show you he’s constantly thinking about you.

However, if you notice that he’s not doing these things lately, think about the possible reasons. There must be a deeper cause for his change in behavior.

Talking about finances is an important part of every serious relationship. Therefore, if you’ve already had a chat about this before, don’t be afraid to ask him questions like, “Is money causing you stress lately?” If he says no, but still doesn’t change his behavior, you probably aren’t his priority anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that you should get mad if he’s no longer buying you gifts. It’s just that Taureans love spoiling their partners and once that stops happening, you know that something’s off.

3. He stops having deep conversations with you

DONE How To Know When A Taurus Man is Done With You 15 Obvious Signs 2

Taurus men love their privacy. They will usually keep their thoughts to themselves and make decisions on their own. Some people might see them as rude or stubborn, but for them, it just means being responsible.

When it comes to their partners, however, they like being open about their life. They enjoy having deep conversations with you, as much as they like small talk.

A Taurus man values your opinion and will seek advice from you. It’s his way of trying to make you feel appreciated and loved.

If you’re in a long-term relationship with a Taurean, he’ll ask for your opinion on almost everything he does. Deep conversations will become a part of your day because he wants to show you that you’re important to him.

But, when a Taurus man is done with you, he will stop caring about what you have to say. He won’t ask you for any advice, or he’ll only do so for minor problems. When it comes to privacy, he’ll treat you the same way he treats everyone else; he’ll keep most of his thoughts to himself.

If he stops asking for your input when making plans or resolving problems, the chances are he doesn’t consider you that important anymore.

4. He no longer asks you about your feelings

When a Taurus man loves, he deeply cares about his partner. And that means he is very interested in how you’re feeling. Making you feel safe, loved, cherished, and adored, are just some of the things he considers his obligations as your protector.

It’s widely known that Taureans are stubborn. They have a reputation for not wanting to discuss anything if they’ve already made up their minds. But they are still aware of the importance of compromise.

A Taurus who is completely invested in your relationship will always try to make you happy by meeting you halfway. If he’s madly in love with you, he won’t let a day pass without asking you about you’re feeling.

Have you noticed that he no longer asks you questions or isn’t interested in your day? Keep track of these things to know whether or not your man is done with you.

5. He ignores your wants and needs

How To Know When A Taurus Man is Done With You: 15 Warning Signs

I already said that Taureans love spoiling their partners. And that includes the fact that he’ll always be aware of what you need and what you want to have in your life.

Some of those things can be bought, others can’t. A Taurus man who cares about you will do all in his power to give you both.

However, if he’s done with you, he’ll ignore all of those. He won’t put any effort into surprising you with the things you’ve wanted for a long time. Not even those that you actually need. He won’t pay attention to how you feel and what he can do to make you happy.

6. He stops trying to impress you with his appearance

Beauty is something that is very important to Taureans, and they put a lot of effort into their looks. As I’ve said, Taurus is ruled by Venus, and signs ruled by this planet are very image-conscious and naturally drawn toward aesthetic beauty.

A Taurus man usually looks for an attractive partner and wants to be seen as handsome himself. If your male Taurus seems to stop caring about his appearance when he’s spending time with you, he could be showing you you’re not as important to him as you were before.

If you’ve told him that you’ve noticed the changes, yet he ignores you, it could be a big sign that something is wrong.

7. He’s easily annoyed

DONE How To Know When A Taurus Man is Done With You 15 Obvious Signs 4

Does everything you say have a big chance of turning into an argument? There’s a possibility that he’s the problem. This kind of behavior can be a sign that something inside him is changing.

A Taurus man who is in love is romantic and sweet. But one who is ready to move on might be cold and blunt when he’s talking to you. His behavior may even be considered mean.

Another indication that a Taurus man is done with you is when he begins to behave as if everything you do annoys him. So now it’s not only your words, but it’s your whole existence. If he snaps at you a lot, it might be his way of dealing with the fact that his feelings are fading away.

If you notice that he often turns away when you speak or makes faces when you speak, then it’s highly likely that he’s no longer interested in you.

It’s also possible that he’ll be more interested in what your friends are talking about. This is his way of showing that you’re not his priority anymore, and he may even attempt to undermine you in social settings.

This sign is easily noticed and it’s difficult to stay calm. So, you can try asking him directly about all of these changes. He might just give you a direct, honest answer.

8. He stops being playful with you

Do you remember in elementary school, those mean little boys would torment you just because they had a crush on you? No matter how old he is, a Taurus man is the exact same.

If he usually picks at you in a flirty kind of way, it’s an obvious sign that he likes you. He wants to show you he’s interested, as he’s pretty shy, and it might be awkward for him to confess it. So he’ll choose to tease you so you notice him.

Being in a relationship with him is never boring, as he’ll continue behaving like this no matter how long you’ve been together.

However, when a Taurus man is done with you, he’ll stop being playful and he’ll replace it with seriousness. He might even appear uninterested.

If your partner has stopped teasing you, making jokes, and generally making you laugh, you may consider it a sign of losing interest.

9. He stops being romantic

How To Know When A Taurus Man is Done With You: 15 Warning Signs

Taureans are romantic souls. They’ll make you feel special 24/7 and you’ll definitely be their priority.

You must’ve received numerous gifts from him, as it’s just one of the ways he shows you he cares. He likes making you feel loved, so he’ll always stay true to his romantic side.

He’ll try hard to impress you and regularly surprise you. It’s also important to him that he’s the one who makes you feel fulfilled so that you’d never wish for another man.

He may send flowers to your workplace, make dinner reservations, take you dancing, or give you something handmade because he knows how much you like that type of stuff… Whatever he does, he does it with all his heart.

On the other hand, a Taurus man who is no longer interested won’t care about his romantic side. He’ll rather focus on other things that he considers important in his life. He’s always quick to find new interests that’ll keep him busy.

10. He doesn’t respond to your romantic gestures

Being in a relationship with a romantic soul usually awakens the same in you. So if you’re constantly receiving attention, you’ll probably feel like doing the same in return.

Taurus men appreciate everything you do for them. That helps them know whether they’re doing well as your partners or not. If you shower them with romantic gestures, they’ll always be thankful to have you in their lives.

The key to a Taurus’ heart is through little and well-thought gestures, like cooking him his favorite meal or getting him a gift that you know he’s been wanting for ages. However, if he stops responding to things you do for him, it could mean that he’s one foot out the door.

Try to do your best to surprise your Taurus, but never blame yourself if he doesn’t respond to your effort with gratitude. Never forget your worth.

11. He doesn’t have time for you anymore

DONE How To Know When A Taurus Man is Done With You 15 Obvious Signs 6

When we love someone, we always make sure to have a lot of free time so we can spend it with them. Taurus is no different.

He’ll always be interested in getting to know you more. And no matter how much time you’ve spent together, a Taurus man will always want more. When he really cares, he even adjusts his plans according to your schedule.

A Taurean guy enjoys making plans to see you. As a romantic, he’ll have many ideas for new dates and adventures. You’ll feel like he always has enough time to see you, and he’ll never talk to you about how busy his lifestyle is.

When he notices you two might like the same things, he’ll even suggest doing them together. That’s all because a Taurus man wants to spend as much time with you as possible.

But recently, your partner’s been very busy, right? He has a lot of new hobbies, friends, and obligations. He’s not available as much as he was before.

He’s stopped putting any effort into planning new dates, trips, or even short walks with you. He even cancels on things you two have been doing together for a long time.

If you’re nodding to most of these scenarios, I’m sorry, but it’s obvious that it’s not the same as it was. He is probably not that interested anymore.

12. He cancels plans

A Taurus is usually very careful in his planning. He will make sure to respect both his own and his partner’s time.

Just as I’ve said, if he’s deeply in love with you, he’ll go out of his way to find time to see you. Everything you do in life will always be appreciated by him, so your free time is something he won’t mess with.

Making plans is an important relationship factor for him. It’s a way of showing he cares about what makes you happy and what you want to do.

So if he’s been backing out on your plans lately, it’s a red flag. Listen to the reasons he gave you when he postponed your plans. Check the time. If it’s a last-minute cancelation, there’s a real possibility that something truly did come up.

But if you’ve got his message in the morning and you were planning to see each other that night, it’s probably something different. Most likely, he woke up and decided that he’d rather do something else that day.

When a Taurus man is done with you, he starts prioritizing other things and people above you. So keep track of these situations, and it will help you figure out whether or not the end of your relationship is near.

13. He texts and calls you less

How To Know When A Taurus Man is Done With You: 15 Warning Signs

Have you noticed some changes when it comes to keeping in touch? Has he suddenly stopped sending good morning messages, or calling you when he has a coffee break? Has it been going on for a while now?

I know it must be difficult to go through all these changes, but a guy who really cares about you will always find some time to text or call you. Even if he’s busy, he’ll never be too busy to send you a quick message. Remember the times he used to send you little heart emojis just to remind you he’s thinking of you?

Taurus men tend to avoid tough conversations, so this may be a trick to push you away. Sometimes slowly reducing their texts and calls is easier for them than having an honest conversation about their feelings.

Another possibility is that he’s still unsure about what he wants. He’s distancing himself to figure out if he still wants this relationship. He’s also paying attention to how you react to his changes and then making his decision from there.

14. He pushes you away

I already touched on this above, but let me explain it in more detail. A Taurean guy doesn’t like difficult situations and he will avoid them wherever possible.

When a Taurus man is done with you, you’ll likely notice he’s acting mean. Most likely, he does this to push you away from him, because it would be easier for him if you left the relationship without causing any further conflict.

If that doesn’t work for him, he may even attempt to make fun of you when you’re out in public. And he might make a small scene by being rude to you in front of his friends, just so you can see his feelings have changed.

Simultaneously, he’ll try to emotionally distance himself from you. If you make attempts to cheer him up, he may become avoidant or even antisocial.

And when you decide to talk about these problems with him, it is very likely that the discussion will evolve into an argument that will sadly lead to a breakup.

15. He doesn’t want to fix your relationship

DONE How To Know When A Taurus Man is Done With You 15 Obvious Signs 8

This sign is one of the most obvious that he is just done with everything.

When a Taurus man falls in love, he’ll go to the ends of the earth to keep his girl. He cares about her feelings and makes sure to work on solving the problems. He will admit his mistakes and point out the things you might have done wrong.

If you previously used to discuss and solve your relationship issues together, and now he seems like he’s just not interested anymore, it’s a huge sign that he doesn’t feel the need to fix anything.

The last thing you can do is ask him to explain his behavior. Tell him you’ve noticed some changes and you want to know whether he wants to save your relationship or not. Promise him that you’ll be fine with the answer, as long as it’s an honest one.

If you’ve noticed most of these signs, then it’s very likely that your Taurus man is done with you.

After all, maybe breaking up isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you. I’m sure that you still have feelings for him, but if the two of you aren’t on the same page, then there’s not much to be done.

You have the strength to get through this! I know you may not believe me right now, but before you know it, this whole drama will be over and you’ll be smiling again.

How To Know When A Taurus Man is Done With You: 15 Warning Signs

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