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18 Tips On How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology

18 Tips On How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology

Wondering how to make a guy chase you using male psychology? It seems like such a difficult concept, but it’s so much easier than you may initially think.

Male psychology isn’t that hard to figure out. And once you learn it, then it may be helpful to you in every situation in life.

You’ve heard that guys love the chase – they’re crazy about going after the woman they’re interested in. But how do you get to that point? Is it not something you can learn?

I’m here to tell you that you can follow a few tricks to make him obsessed with you. You can master this little game, while also watching the way he gives you more of his attention day by day.

Men are goal-oriented. That, in itself, can help you understand that once a guy has a plan or a certain interest, he’ll go after it fully.

So let’s dive in and figure out how to use male psychology to make a guy chase after you.

How to make a guy chase you using male psychology

Psychologically speaking, there are many tricks that you could use to get your desired outcome. You can do a lot that’ll inevitably bring him to your doorstep.

If you play your cards right, you’ll even be able to get everything that you want from him. Without this strategy, you can get his attention, but the chances aren’t that great.

Once you understand the male psyche and use it to your advantage, he’ll naturally gravitate towards you because you’ll spark his interest before anyone else.

If you struggle to get this man to chase you, then you may want to prioritize reading this little guide that we’ve created for you. Making a guy chase you using male psychology won’t be that hard once you permit yourself to go for it.

1. Don’t chase him

DONE 18 Tips On How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology

The first thing you need to do is stop chasing him. If you want him to run after you, then you need to stop going after him.

I get that it’s hard to do so when you want to be around him all the time. You want to talk to him and see what he’s been up to. But you can’t expect him to chase you if you’re just running after him all the time.

When a guy pursues you, he thinks that he’s the hunter. He wants to be the one who’s doing most of the work because that makes him feel powerful. It’s an evolutionary thing that brought men to this point because they want to be the ones doing most of the work in these situations.

It’s unfortunate, but most men still believe that a woman who’s interested in them is too easy. That’s a dumb point of view, but for now, it’s the truth.

So, use this to your advantage.

2. Smile more often

If you’re wondering how to make a guy chase you using male psychology, then this should be your secret trick.

Happy people are much more attractive to everyone. Once you start to smile, your entire energy becomes so much better. You become more vibrant and that energy transfers to other people.

When you smile a lot, those around you feel much more welcome, and they relate a good time with you. That’s what he wants to get out of his partner.

He won’t chase a woman who never smiles, because being serious is related to a workspace, as well as very dull moments in life. Once he starts to take interest in you, he’ll look for all these little signs that you’re the fun girl he can enjoy his life with.

If you don’t think that your smile is pretty, then you need to think again. Because he’ll fall in love with the way your lips form that grin from one ear to the other.

3. Keep things about yourself a secret

DONE! 18 Tips On How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology

The biggest mistake women make is that they give up all the information about themselves to the guy right on the first date. They don’t even take men’s psyche into consideration, but just go for it.

If you want to think about what’ll make him chase you, you have to look at his psychological needs. He has to see you like a mystery. The moment you become too transparent, he won’t look at you the same.

Once you give him everything he’s been looking for, you become very uninteresting to him. He’ll move on to someone who’s more alluring and fascinating.

So, prepare what you do and don’t want to tell him. If he asks very intimate questions on the first date, tell him that he has to take you out again if he wants to know that about you.

4. Show interest in the things he talks about

It’s so hard to find someone genuinely interested in what you have to say. To men, it’s the holy grail when they find a woman who’s interested in their hobbies and the things they do.

So, once you show interest in the things he likes, he’ll want to have you around much more often.

You can do this by asking more questions. Ask him what he does, why he does it, how he’s been dealing with certain things.

Everyone likes to talk about themselves. Once he connects you with the feeling of importance, then he’ll chase that feeling even more. You’ll become his main focus because you’ll be the only person in his life to evoke that feeling in him.

5. Focus on yourself

DONE 18 Tips On How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology 3

This kind of sounds counterproductive. But I can promise you that you’ll get the best results from focusing on your own life.

Before trying to figure out how to make a guy chase you using male psychology, the best thing you can do is not to think about it at all.

Once you start to love your life and focus on your happiness, he’ll be running after you like crazy. He’ll want to become part of that amazing life.

Also, a woman who focuses on herself will let him focus on himself, too. He’ll know that you’ll both have enough time for your relationship as well as your personal needs. That’s the ultimate goal for every quality man.

6. Enjoy your life

This one is linked to the previous tip.

You shouldn’t focus on him to the point where you forget to enjoy your own life. Even if he doesn’t start to chase you right away, don’t let that sway you. Go after the things that make you happy so you don’t depend on him to enjoy life.

A man won’t chase you if he’s the only source of happiness you have in your life. That’s just too much pressure.

You can even use your social media to promote your beautiful life. If he follows you on your account, then he’ll see those pictures and want to be a part of that positive story.

7. Harmlessly flirt with other men

DONE! 18 Tips On How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology

One surefire way to make a guy chase you by tapping into male psychology is to show him you have other options. He’ll run to you like you’re the only source of light left in this world.

Now, that sounds a tad dramatic. But you can’t just let him think that he’s the only guy who’s interested in you. You have so many options in the world, so show him that he has to fight to be the chosen one.

This doesn’t mean that you should go around and be with every man that looks at you. But you can exchange flirtatious comments and looks when the guy you have a crush on is in the room.

8. Wear red

Has anyone ever told you that red is the color that wins every heart? If they haven’t, then I’m here to enlighten you.

You may think that red isn’t for you, but you can always add a splash of color to help you get noticed. This can include something like red lipstick, or red shoes that go well with your all-black outfit.

When you wear red in a classy way, the man you’re crushing on will pay more attention to you. Red is the color of passion and love for a reason.

Try it out and you’ll see how much it changes his perception of you. He’ll be all over you before you even know it.

9. Don’t wear a lot of makeup

DONE 18 Tips On How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology 5

I know that you’re tired of hearing this. So many of us love to wear makeup as a way of expression. However, men don’t seem to like it because they see it as catfishing.

Even though makeup has nothing to do with deceit, they still like to see a natural face.

Do you know how to do a casual and natural makeup look? Well, go for it!

You don’t need to wear a full-coverage foundation or sparkly eyeshadow. Go for more neutral tones that will enhance your features, but won’t make you look like a doll.

He’ll see that as a sign of confidence. He’ll think of you as someone who’s into more casual looks and he’ll know you’re unlike other women.

10. Take care of your hygiene

This one should be a given, but there’s no reason not to remind you.

Keep your hair clean, your teeth brushed, your clothes ironed. Once you start to pay attention to these little things, he’ll start to notice them too.

There’s nothing more appealing than a beautiful woman who smells nice. Your scent will tell him a lot about you and he won’t even realize how much that’ll impact him.

But it definitely will. It tells him that you’re able to take care of yourself, which also tells him that you’ll be able to take care of him, too.

If you’re trying to make a guy chase you using male psychology, this trick works wonders.

11. Mirror his body language

DONE! 18 Tips On How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology

Has anyone ever told you that mirroring someone’s body language will make them feel safe? It’ll make the other person feel understood and heard.

These little tricks are extremely effective because it makes a guy feel like he’s talking to and confiding in himself. It sounds laughable, but it truly does work.

If you want to make someone obsessed with your energy, you need to try this out.

If you’re sitting at a table and he leans forward, do the same thing. Once he starts to make facial expressions while telling you a story, mimic those. It’ll show him that you’re listening and he’ll want to experience that reassuring feeling more often.

12. Boost his ego

When I tell you to boost his ego, I don’t mean that you should compliment him non-stop. That may get on his nerves and just become unbearable to him.

He doesn’t want a girl who doesn’t know how to keep up a conversation but does everything to sneak a compliment in. That’s not appealing at all.

So, instead, affirm his standpoints. Affirm his theories, show him that you care, make him feel like a king. But you should also be able to notice his efforts and comment on them.

If he comes to get you on time, thank him for it. If he put a lot of effort into his looks for you, then compliment him on it. I can promise you that this psychological trick will make him feel seen.

13. Use mutual friends as allies

DONE 18 Tips On How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology 7

Your mutual friends are your best allies. You don’t have to outright ask them to help you get his attention, but they can be great passive helpers.

Be a good friend to them. They’ll tell him how bubbly and friendly you are, so he’ll start to see you more like that too.

He’ll see you as a loyal friend, which automatically makes you a loyal lover. If they’re going out they’ll always invite you with them and they’ll want to have you around. We’ll see how well you get along with his friends, so he won’t be able to resist you anymore.

Sometimes, those friends will say something interesting about you that’ll remind them how precious you are.

Once you get his friends on your side, you won’t need to ask yourself how to get a guy to chase you using male psychology – or any other means, for that matter.

14. Tease him a little

When I say that you need to tease him, I don’t want to inspire you to be mean to him. Keep things light and casual, don’t go overboard. You could genuinely break his heart and lose him for good.

However, most men like it when a girl teases them a bit. It’s a playful way to give someone your attention, but they have to keep guessing your intentions.

When you tease him, you’ll make him smile and laugh, and he’ll give you his attention, too. Too many romcoms start this way and you know how they end every time.

I mean, we can’t compare real life to a fabricated version of romance, but you can see the appeal in this. He’ll look for you all the time, he’ll want to continue the teasing over text, and you’ll live rent-free in his brain.

And that’s exactly what you want to achieve, right?

15. Ignore him from time to time

DONE! 18 Tips On How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology

Don’t dismiss the power of ignoring a guy when trying to get him to chase you, as it’s yet another aspect of male psychology that you can use to your advantage.

There needs to be a nice balance between ignoring him and giving him your undivided attention. You can do this by not always replying to his text messages. Or even if you’re in a group of people, don’t always talk to him, but rather talk to everyone else more.

If he can’t have you, he’ll want you even more.

I understand that many women are afraid of this game in particular. They think that they could lose the guy for good, but this works wonders in the long term.

It makes you seem like you’re too busy enjoying your actual life to pay attention to men. It doesn’t make you look desperate and needy for a husband and/or boyfriend. You’ll do so much better if you give everything a bit of time.

Wait a while before replying to his texts. When he comes up to you to talk to you, tell him that you’ll be right there with him while you continue your conversation with the person you were already talking to.

Make him wait a bit for your attention.

16. Make sure you really want him

Many women make the mistake of going after a guy without knowing what they want. They come to a point where they get to know the guy a little bit better and realize that he’s not the man they want.

When you’re using male psychology to get a guy to chase you, you need to make sure that this is in fact the man of your dreams.

If at any point, he realizes that you’re playing with him and that you’re rethinking your decision to pursue him, he’ll stop chasing you. He’ll realize that you’re not sure about your feelings for him and that’s what’ll drive him the other way.

If you want him to chase you, then you’ll need to make sure that he’s the right guy for you. You could lose him quite easily if you continue to question your feelings. We don’t want that.

Because at one point, you could just as easily go back to your original state of mind and he’ll be the one who doesn’t want you anymore.

17. Show him your sense of humor

DONE 18 Tips On How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology 9

You probably heard that men never go for funny women because they feel intimidated by them. That’s a downright lie.

They want to be able to laugh with a woman. If you have a sense of humor, you’ll laugh at his jokes and you won’t take him too seriously. You’ll also be able to look at life a little differently.

He’ll laugh with you because he knows that you’re the type of girl he can relax around. He won’t have to choose his words carefully, he’ll be able to say what’s on his mind and know that you’ll laugh at his stupid thoughts.

Every man wants a girl who can let go and just laugh with him. That’s how he’ll know that you’re a girl worth chasing.

You’ll make his body create more serotonin when he’s around you, which will, in turn, lead him to get more attached to you as he’s enthralled by you and your laugh.

If you genuinely want to make this guy chase you, then use this element of male psychology to get what you want.

18. Have patience

It’s exhausting, I get that. I know that this entire scenario feels so uneventful. It’s just a game of cat and mouse that’s getting tiring for no reason.

However, you need to remember what you’re working for. You want this man to be yours, so you have to be very patient. You can’t lose your cool and start running after him. He’ll completely stop his pursuit if you’re not patient enough.

At least give it a deadline. Write down a date when you’ll stop this entire ordeal if he doesn’t start chasing after you like crazy.

Everything in life requires work and dedication. Sadly, romantic relationships can’t even begin without work. It feels worse than a 9 to 5 job because it’s something that needs to be thought through at every time of the day.

So exercise a little patience. Nothing good comes to you without patience. You’ll be much happier with the outcome if you know that you put your best effort into it.

But, at the end of the day, you also have to look out for yourself. Be patient, unless it oversteps your boundaries. If it does, you can always find happiness in another place.

18 Tips On How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology

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