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How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You: 10 Powerful Strategies

How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You: 10 Powerful Strategies

You started talking with some random dude without the intention of falling for him. But things were going so well that you eventually realized you liked him a lot. Right now, you’re Googling “how to make a guy regret ghosting you” as, for some reason, he completely stopped contacting you.

You have no idea why he decided not to text you anymore. Everything was going great and you actually felt like you were getting somewhere.

Maybe you even met up a couple of times and started talking about dating or making your relationship official. Despite it all, he easily decided to go no contact with you and stop reaching out to you.

At first, you felt deeply hurt and wanted to get answers from him. How could he stop texting you out of the blue when everything was going great? You caught feelings for him and you couldn’t even imagine that this was the way you’d ever lose him.

You’re upset that he ghosted you unexpectedly and without any explanation, and you’d love to ask him what went wrong. But being the one who reaches out doesn’t sound like a good decision right now.

So, how do you make this guy regret ghosting you? How do you prove to him that he’s just lost the best woman he ever had?

10 ways to make a guy regret ghosting you

When you’re trying to make a guy regret ghosting you, there are some things that should be on the top of your priority list. The more of these you complete, the more successful your outcome will be.

At one point, you’ll make this guy realize that by losing you, he made the biggest mistake of his life. He lost a person who truly cared about him. But once he finally figures out what he did, it’ll already be too late as he won’t be able to get you back.

If you want to make him feel this way, then keep on reading. The following steps will allow you to gain control and make this man play by your rules.

1. Let him see you’ve moved on after him

DONE! How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You 10 Powerful Strategies

When you want to make a guy regret ghosting you, you first need to show him that you’ve moved on after him. He needs to get the impression that you never even cared about him and that his departure from your life hasn’t hurt, not even in the slightest.

When you catch feelings for someone, it can feel almost impossible to act this way. How could you pretend like you don’t care that he ghosted you when it’s the only thing you think about?

But in order to make him realize his blunder, you have to be stronger than your feelings. Even though you’re deeply upset that he unexpectedly stopped communicating with you, he still needs to get the idea that his behavior hasn’t hurt you (whether he wanted to or not).

Make it appear as if you haven’t even noticed that he’s not talking to you anymore. That will immediately hurt his ego and from there on, your plan to make him regret his moves will only keep working better and better.

If you unexpectedly stumble upon him, don’t even ask him why he stopped texting you. Pretend as if he meant nothing to you to the point where you didn’t even notice he ghosted you.

Even if he didn’t have any feelings for you, this realization will still hurt him. His self-esteem will suffer the minute he realizes you didn’t even care about him enough to notice that he no longer texts or calls you.

He’ll start to think that you’re the one who played with him since you obviously don’t feel any of the consequences of his departure. This will upset him and he’ll start wondering about the thing two of you had.

Could it be that he was the one who cared more? Is it possible that you haven’t even realized he’s out of your life?

These questions will keep him up at night but they’re also the first signs of regret.

2. Don’t be the one who texts him

DONE! How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You 10 Powerful Strategies

When a guy ghosts you, he expects to hear from you. He assumes you’ll wonder where he’s gone and you’ll then text and call him until you get your answers.

But what will puzzle him the most is when he gets none of those things from you. No calls after calls until he picks up. No texts and the constant buzzing of his phone.

He’ll get nothing from you and he won’t know what’s going on. Is it possible that he just ghosted you and you didn’t do anything about it? You haven’t even tried to figure out what’s up?!

This is your second step towards making him regret ghosting you. When you don’t give him any sign of being worried about him once he stops talking to you, he starts to feel like his mission has failed.

He starts to wonder if you even cared about him when you haven’t bothered to pick up your phone and check on him. The idea that he didn’t hurt you with his departure stings his ego hard and he feels upset by it.

So, no matter how hard you want to figure out what’s going on, when a guy ghosts you, don’t give him the satisfaction of seeing your name on his phone. Don’t call or text wishing to hear from him.

When he’s the one who stops communicating, then he also needs to be the first one to reestablish it. So, no matter how hard you want to send him a message, you need to keep yourself away from the phone.

He doesn’t need to know you’re hurting but instead needs to think that you haven’t even noticed he’s gone. The realization will torture him and that’s when he’ll start to regret ghosting you.

3. Always look your best

DONE! How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You 10 Powerful Strategies

Now’s the time to get your A-game on. Even if you’re going grocery shopping, make sure you look presentable in case you spot the guy who ghosted you.

You want to look amazing since that’s going to help him acknowledge what he’s lost. When he ghosted you and decided to stop talking to you, he actually suffered a loss of such an amazing person. That’s what we need him to realize.

Besides making him realize that he just ghosted an incredible woman, looking your best will also allow you to feel more confident. If you stumble upon him, you won’t try to hide away because you’re not looking your best at the time.

Instead, you’ll have no issue standing in front of him and greeting him because you know he won’t be able to stop looking at you.

Looking your best will also allow you to see your worth and it’ll stop you from thinking you’re the reason he ghosted you. Feeling good about yourself, you’ll know that he had his reasons for stopping the communication but it wasn’t you.

So, you won’t blame yourself for anything that happened as you’re all too aware of your worth.

4. Make him jealous

DONE! How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You 10 Powerful Strategies

Even though everyone will keep telling you how you shouldn’t try to make him jealous, we all must admit that this technique works best. Of course, you shouldn’t dedicate your whole life to doing everything it takes for him to feel jealous and upset for losing you.

But taking a few small steps that will raise his jealousy and make him realize what he’s lost won’t do any harm. As long as you know when to stop playing with him and keep on living your life, everything’s going to end up well.

So, the easiest way to make a guy regret ghosting you is to simply make him jealous.

You can always start dating other guys, making sure to meet at the spot where your ghoster or his friends will be. That way, you’ll subtly make him realize you’ve moved on when he didn’t expect it to happen that quickly.

If you don’t feel comfortable being at the same place as he is, then simply share a pic of yourself and your new guy on social media. That way, you’ll get the message across without feeling uncomfortable for hanging out in the same bar as your ghoster.

Or, if you have any mutual friends, let them know you’re dating someone new since it’s obvious they’re going to share the news with their buddy as well.

There are many different ways to make him jealous without making it seem like you’re doing it on purpose. As long as you know your limits and don’t dedicate your whole life to making him regret losing you, you’re good.

5. Share your great moments online

DONE! How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You 10 Powerful Strategies

Both a benefit and flaw of social media – the constant connection with others. In this case, we’ll treat it as a benefit as it’ll allow you to let a guy who ghosted you know about the great life you’re living without him.

He doesn’t need to know that you cried yourself to sleep nights after he stopped texting you. He doesn’t need to know he’s still the only thought on your mind.

But what he does need to know is of all those great moments you’re experiencing without him. He needs to see you’re having the time of your life. That way, he’ll think you don’t miss him at all.

After that, he’ll regret ghosting you and wish he stayed in touch with you. He would then be a part of your amazing life as well, but right now, he can only watch you enjoying it from a distance.

Don’t opt for posting quotes and statuses that he’ll know are directed at him. That way, it would be way too obvious that you’re still not over him, no matter how you phrase it.

Instead, simply keep living your life and remember to share the best parts of it on social media. This will make him jealous and also regret losing you.

He’ll realize he made a huge mistake and maybe even consider getting back with you. In that case, you need to figure out if you’d be willing to welcome him back into your life. Think carefully about what you’re getting yourself into if he decides to chase after you once again.

6. Play the psychology card

DONE! How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You 10 Powerful Strategies

How to make a guy regret ghosting you? Well, what about playing the psychology card?

If you by any chance, stumble upon your ghoster and find yourself having a conversation with him, don’t even consider talking about the fact that the two of you no longer keep in touch. Don’t try interrogating him about the reasons he ghosted you, stopping all communication out of the blue.

Doing any of these things would give him the impression that you still think about him a lot. It would make him feel like you’d run into his arms the second he tells you he wants to get back together.

In that case, he would feel like a winner and you’d be giving him a significant ego boost. He’d think highly of himself, imagining that he could have you at any point if he wanted to.

So, instead of talking about why he went radio silent, rather talk about all those great times you shared together. Slip in some of the details that only the two of you know about and remind him of the things you went through together.

Casually mention the way you guys met or start talking about your first date. He needs to hear something that will make him think about you and everything the two of you once had.

This is a psychology card that you can pull out of your sleeve whenever you run into him. Instead of asking him numerous questions about why he no longer texts you, simply remind him of all those moments you spent together.

After that, a miracle will happen. He’ll start thinking about everything and regret ghosting you. He’ll realize he made an awful mistake and will possibly even try to fix the damage, hoping it’s not too late.

7. Love yourself more than before

DONE! How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You 10 Powerful Strategies

When a guy ghosts you, you suddenly need to love yourself harder than before. You need to remind yourself of your worth since getting rejected can easily make you forget it.

The moment you ignore your value and lower your standards, you’re admitting to your ghoster that his behavior hurt you. You’re showing him that he ruined you for love and made you forget the person you used to be before you met him.

That’s why you should now love yourself harder than ever before. Embrace every little detail that makes you who you are and learn to appreciate yourself.

Because when that happens, you’ll start radiating a special kind of beauty. You’ll become irresistible and everyone around you will want to spend time with you, including the guy who ghosted you.

He’ll then regret leaving you in his past and cutting off contact with you. He’ll realize his mistake and that he lost such an amazing woman.

By loving yourself, other people will realize your value too. And then, they’ll also start loving you more.

A guy who ghosted you will be watching that and he’ll realize that cutting you off was the worst possible thing he could’ve done. He’ll regret his decision and will probably want to give things between you two another shot.

But at that point, you’ll already be away from him, building your life how you want it to look. You’re not even bothering about the fact that he abandoned you like you meant nothing to him.

8. Create new habits

DONE! How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You 10 Powerful Strategies

After a guy ghosts you, you’ll miss everything about him – all of the little habits and routines you once did together. That’s why it’s important to change them right away.

Focus your time and energy on some other things – on hobbies that will make you happy. That way, you’re giving yourself a chance to heal and create a new life without him. Also, it’ll show him that you have moved on after him and aren’t stuck in the same place he left you.

When a guy who abruptly stopped talking to you sees you living your own life without him, he’ll instantly regret ghosting you. He’ll realize what an idiot he was for doing that to you.

On the flip side, if he sees you living the same life as before, still taking part in the activities the two of you used to do together, he’ll believe you haven’t moved on after him. That would make him feel good about himself, which is the exact reason you shouldn’t allow this to happen.

So, entertain new habits and find a way to change your life for the better. Enjoy every second of it and don’t give him the impression that you’re still bummed about his silent departure.

A guy who ghosted you needs to feel like you don’t even think about him anymore. That’s how unimportant he is in your life.

9. Don’t be available when he finally reaches out

DONE! How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You 10 Powerful Strategies

Another way to make a guy regret ghosting you is to simply not be there for him when he finally reaches out to you.

At one point, he’ll realize that he lost an amazing woman. It’ll finally hit him that he shouldn’t have left you in his past and stopped all communication with you.

He’ll also see how amazing you’re doing and he’ll then feel envious of your success. It’ll become obvious to him that he hasn’t hurt you and that you’ve moved on after him like he meant nothing to you.

At that point, he’ll want to have you back. He’ll want to reach out to you and see how you’re doing. He also hopes that you won’t be able to resist him and he’ll successfully re-attract you.

But if you want to win the game he’s playing with you then you shouldn’t be that available when he reaches out to you. You shouldn’t reply to his calls or texts because he doesn’t deserve that kind of attention from you.

He already had his chance and he decided to waste it. Now that he regrets his decision, he expects you to welcome him back and things would return to business as usual.

But if you do exactly the opposite, he’ll realize that he no longer stands a chance with you. And that will make him chase after you even more.

10. Bruise his ego

DONE! How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You 10 Powerful Strategies

You can easily make a guy regret losing you by hurting his ego. And here’s how.

If he reaches out to you, make sure you act as though you’ve completely forgotten about him. Try to make him feel like he was just a passing station in your life and nothing more.

The realization that you already have no idea who he is will play hard with his mind. His ego will suffer badly and he won’t be able to accept the fact that you’ve forgotten about him that easily.

To do that, try calling him by a different name. You can ask him to introduce himself and act like you don’t have his number saved on your phone.

This will hurt his ego and he’ll start to feel like he’s easily replaceable. He’ll also feel angry at himself for even thinking about reaching out to you when you’ve erased his existence entirely.

Play with him the same way he played with you. If he was able to leave you so unexpectedly, without any explanations whatsoever, then you have every right to act like you don’t know who he is.

Remember, he ghosted you with such ease that he deserves to become a pawn in his own little game.

How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You: 10 Powerful Strategies

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