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18 Clear Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You And Being Yours Forever

18 Clear Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You And Being Yours Forever

Having someone with whom you can cuddle all night and wake up knowing that they’ll be yours forever is a wonderful feeling. And so here you are, looking for the signs he sees himself marrying you. 

Of course, when you’re sure that you love someone from the bottom of your heart, you can’t help but think about having an amazing and fulfilling future together. You may already have everything planned out in your head, from the day he’ll propose to the days when both of you will be blessed with healthy and beautiful children. 

After all, you’ve been seeing each other for a while. He’s not just your boyfriend but also your best friend. He’s always been there for you whenever you needed him and you knew from the very beginning that he was the one. 

The connection you two share is unique and you just know that you want a future with him. Yes, you’ve had your fair share of disagreements but you’ve always managed to find a compromise and you never take each other for granted. 

You’ve realized that he’s the man you want to grow old with because you fit together perfectly. You know that he loves you but at the same time, you’re aware that marriage is such a big step. 

However, that doesn’t stop you from searching for the signs he sees himself marrying you. You can’t help but ask yourself how he feels and whether he’s going to spend the rest of his life with you and you only. 

Every couple in a serious relationship will have that ‘talk’ eventually but for now, if you’re looking for ways to know where his heart and mind are, there are some clear signs he sees you as his future wife. 

Signs he sees himself marrying you 

Walking down the aisle in a beautiful white dress and seeing your significant other waiting for you at the altar is something almost every woman dreams of and yet, not everyone gets the opportunity to experience it. 

Even though you’re certain about your man’s emotions, sometimes you doubt that he’ll ever be ready to take your relationship to the next level but there are some signs that show he does.

1. He talks about future plans with you 

DONE! 18 Clear Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You And Being Yours Forever

When a man talks about long-term plans with you, that’s when you know you’re marriage material. He won’t beat around the bush or lie about it because men are usually pretty bad liars. 

They’re mostly pretty straightforward so they’ll tell you what’s on their mind. That’s why your boyfriend will start to talk about this with you and no one else. 

You’ll spend endless nights making plans that are long-term, like setting dates for vacations and trips and arranging to visit your families. On top of that, he may even gather enough courage to share with you what kind of wedding he wants to have and how many kids he’d like. 

If he’s in it for the long haul, then you won’t have to question his intentions and it’ll be very clear to you from the start that he wants you to be part of his life. Even planning things like celebrations with friends or family gatherings can be a good sign that a man wants to marry you one day. 

2. He remembers the little things 

Knowing your partner inside and out is a big deal when deciding whether the two of you have a future together or not. And if your man hopes you’ll become his wife one day, then he’ll want to know everything about you. 

So ask yourself whether your boyfriend remembers everything you’ve said to him, even the tiniest details about your childhood? If yes, then you know he considers you to be marriage material. 

​He’ll never forget about your birthday or anniversary or any other event that’s significant to you. That’s how he’ll prove to you that you’re one of the most important people in his life. 

Even on those days when you’re feeling off or have the lack of will to do anything, he won’t run away like other guys would but instead, he’ll be there to comfort you and cheer you up. 

That’s what real love is all about – sticking together through thick and thin. 

3. You both trust each other completely 

DONE! 18 Clear Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You And Being Yours Forever

In any relationship, whether between two lovers or family members, trust is a defining factor. You can’t have a healthy relationship without it. It’s something that brings two people closer to each other and it strengthens the bond they share. 

If you have a man by your side who doesn’t trust you with his thoughts or feelings and doesn’t seem to put a whole lot of trust in you, then you can say that a man like that doesn’t deserve you at all. 

On the other hand, if your significant other trusts you completely and shares every part of his life with you, then it’s safe to assume that you’re not just some ordinary girl to him. You’re one of a kind and he knows that.

However, remember that trust has to be reciprocated. You need to be able to trust him too. 

4. He doesn’t have a problem with PDA

Most guys will refrain from public displays of affection because they don’t want others to see their emotional side, as they think it makes them look weak or not manly enough. But that only happens when you’re with a man who isn’t emotionally mature or he’s just wrong for you. 

A man who sees himself marrying you won’t have a problem with PDA and I’m not talking about over-the-top PDA all day, every day but general displays of love.

If he wants you to become his wife one day then he won’t have to hide how he feels about you. He’ll express his feelings freely, without being afraid of being judged by you or anyone else. 

Many relationship experts will agree that if a man is serious about you, he’ll show it. And that’s the best relationship advice that I’ve ever received from anyone. 

He has to be proud to be with you and his actions must show you how much you mean to him. Otherwise, he’ll always have problems with expressing his emotions, and sooner or later that will hurt your relationship. 

If your guy isn’t shy about PDA and letting the world know that you’re the woman he loves, then that’s a big sign he sees himself marrying you. 

5. He believes in the institution of marriage 

DONE! 18 Clear Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You And Being Yours Forever

You’ll hear many people say that marriage is just a piece of paper that means nothing but that’s not true at all. Your entire relationship dynamic changes once you get married. 

Being in a long-term relationship is great but being married for the rest of your life is a different story. You’re no longer only thinking about yourself but you’re also thinking about your partner. 

A man has to believe in the institution of marriage before he can become someone who wants to get married. Those with a more traditional mindset are more likely to take that big step because they value sharing their life with someone. 

One way you can find out whether your partner is someone like this is to bring up the topic of marriage and see how he reacts. If he opens up about it to you and talks about getting married and raising a family then that’s a great sign that one day he’ll pop the question and ask you to be his wife. 

6. You’ve met his family and friends 

A man is very protective of the person he cares about. He won’t let just anyone be part of his inner circle. So, if your boyfriend introduces you to his family and friends, that’s one of the biggest signs he sees himself marrying you.

You know that you’re part of his life when you get the opportunity to meet those who mean the most to him. It means he’s already sure that one day, you and his family and friends will all be involved in his life and he wants you to know each other and get along. 

On top of that, if he talks highly of you in front of them, that’s another sure sign he considers you to be wife material but his involvement doesn’t end there. He’ll also have a desire to meet your family as well and that shows you that he truly sees the possibility of marrying you. 

7. Your opinions matter to him 

DONE! 18 Clear Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You And Being Yours Forever

Many men prioritize their ego over their significant other, which makes them claim that they’re always right. But that’s not what happens when you meet the right one for you. 

Your soulmate will always ask for your opinion, especially when he needs to make an important decision. That just proves that he values you as a person and believes that you have his best interests at heart. 

You’re a part of his decision-making so he’ll go to you and consult you before making a final decision. He’ll want to know what you think first before anyone else because he cares about you. 

Your thoughts matter to him and that’s because you matter to him. He wants you to be by his side whenever something happens and he’ll always seek your opinion and welcome it. 

8. He shows you his true self 

Tell me this: How does your man act when you spend time together? Does he seem agitated or nervous or is he relaxed? Perhaps it seems to you as if he’s holding back or is he just himself? 

The truth is that people are very good at adapting to various circumstances. They can act differently around different people. 

However, the more you grow together with someone, the more relaxed you are with them and let your guard down. And a man who’s genuinely in love with you and wants to spend his future with you won’t be afraid to show you his real self.

He’ll be vulnerable whenever you two are together because he knows you won’t ever hurt him. That authenticity will bring you a sense of security in your relationship and it’ll strengthen your bond as well. 

9. He’s very protective of you  

DONE! 18 Clear Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You And Being Yours Forever

As I previously mentioned, a man wants to take care of the person he loves. He feels like it’s his duty to do so. But truthfully, it’s in every man’s nature to protect the woman he loves. 

You’re not just anyone to him. You hold a special spot in his heart and he has to make sure that you’re okay every day. 

This man thinks of you as his partner and as such, he won’t allow anyone or anything to hurt you. In some ways, he already acts like he’s your husband. 

That’s when you know that he’s ready to take your relationship to the next level. Even through tough times, he’ll prioritize you over himself. 

However, don’t take this as an insult and assume that he does that because he thinks you’re incapable of taking care of yourself, as that’s not true. He just wants you to know that he has your back no matter what. 

10. You share assets 

One of the telltale signs he sees himself marrying you is the fact that the two of you already share assets. It doesn’t matter whether you share property or a car that the two of you bought together, the fact is that you have decided to share everything with each other. 

You’re basically living as a team and a married couple. The only thing that’s missing is the wedding ring on your finger and your official signature on the license. 

It’s well-known that a man often likes to be the one in charge of finances in any relationship but if his money is yours and vice versa, then you don’t have to worry about his intentions because he’ll definitely ask you to marry him soon. 

This guy obviously plans on sharing his life with you, so why wouldn’t he share his belongings and money too? The real question you have to ask is are you ready to do the same? 

11. He loves spending his free time with you 

DONE! 18 Clear Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You And Being Yours Forever

When you say, “I do,” that means you’ll be spending the rest of your lives together. Forget about avoiding your partner for days because you had a huge fight, as you’ll be around each other from then on out. 

So, if you’re wondering about the signs he sees himself marrying you, then pay attention to the amount of free time he spends with you. If he enjoys being around you and doesn’t get tired of your goofy behavior, then you know he’s the right one for you.

That man will seek to be with you every free minute of his day because he wants to be with you and he wants to marry you. 

12. He’s only got eyes for you 

A man who’s scared to commit to you will always make excuses as to why he’s afraid to do so. In that case, he won’t share his assets with you, he won’t spend his free time with you and he definitely won’t be thinking about marrying you. 

So before you start making any wedding plans in your head, you have to first make sure that your significant other is committed to you and only you. He can’t be saying that he loves you and wants to be with you forever and then go and check out the waitress all night while you’re talking to him. 

The truth is a man who’s serious about you will say that he’s committed and will prove it with his actions. He’ll also make it a point to let everyone know, especially other women who may be interested in him. 

Every day, he’ll shower you with compliments and tell you how wonderful you are, to make you feel like you’re the only woman in the entire world for him, and that’s because his heart belongs to you. 

13. He values your accomplishments 

DONE! 18 Clear Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You And Being Yours Forever

An important part of maintaining a healthy relationship such as marriage is to celebrate your partner’s accomplishments and be proud of them. It doesn’t matter whether they’re small or big, it’s crucial not to be jealous or insecure about your significant other’s successes and you should be happy for them.

If this man values your accomplishments, then that’s one of the signs he sees himself marrying you. He’ll take pride in your achievements and he won’t compete with you in any way because he knows that’s not what love is about. Your wins will be his wins and vice versa. 

14. He’s like an open book 

Sharing everything with your partner and showing your vulnerable side is a clear sign that he trusts you completely. Men care a lot about protecting their masculinity and appearing weak in front of others is something most of them are afraid of. 

On the other hand, a partner who plans his future with you won’t have this problem and he’ll be completely vulnerable in front of you. That’s because he sees you as his special woman who knows how to make him feel safe. 

Creating a safe environment where he can put down his defenses plays a major role when forming a deeper bond with someone. You can’t expect to marry a person with whom you don’t feel comfortable letting your guard down. And if your man doesn’t have a problem with that, then that’s your proof that he’s ready for marriage. 

15. You make him a better person 

DONE! 18 Clear Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You And Being Yours Forever

It can be rather difficult to find someone who pushes you to become a better person and romantic relationships are all about that. Therefore, if your man confesses that his life has become better since you’ve been a part of it, then that’s a sign of someone who values you and knows your worth. 

He’ll be thankful that you’ve pushed him to improve on his flaws and he’ll want to do the same for you – as your husband too. 

16. He’s careful about how he spends his money 

This might not be a sign that’s easy to recognize because you may not have full access to his bank account yet and this doesn’t give you the right to snoop around. You can’t be that type of girlfriend who goes to extreme lengths to try and find out this sensitive information without him even knowing it. You have to control yourself.

There are other ways to know how he spends his money and whether or not he’s saving some. Do you think that he’s being extra careful? Does he spend his money wisely or maybe he told you that he’s saving it for hard times? 

If so, then that may be a great sign that one of his life goals is to save money ready to marry you, which is why he’s being more cautious about where and when he spends it. 

17. He’s your biggest supporter 

DONE! 18 Clear Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You And Being Yours Forever

When you say that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with a person, you expect them to be your partner in crime and your biggest supporter. After all, you’re not just looking for a boyfriend or a husband but you’re looking for a best friend as well. 

And truth be told, a man who wants to marry you will be all of that. He’ll be your shelter, your rock, and the one who’s always there when no one else is around. 

He considers you to be a team so he’ll always support you in anything you do and if you fall, it’s his job to pick you up and encourage you to keep on going. What more could you ask for? 

18. He thinks that you would be a great wife and mom 

A sure-fire sign he sees himself marrying you is when he compliments you and tells you that you would be a great wife and mom. If you hear him saying this out of the blue, then you already know he’s thinking about it.

This is the biggest compliment that you can get from your partner. He obviously knows that you bring meaning to his life and that he would feel empty and lonely if you weren’t a part of it. 

That’s why he’ll bring up the topic of marriage in the first place. Don’t doubt that his heart belongs to another woman because he’s yours forever but it’s up to you to notice these signs he sees himself marrying you. 

18 Clear Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You And Being Yours Forever

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