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How To Get A Guy Interested After You’ve Chased Him Too Much

How To Get A Guy Interested After You’ve Chased Him Too Much

How do you get a guy interested after you’ve chased him too hard?

Sometimes, women make the mistake of chasing a guy instead of making him chase them first. You know that men like the chase, but you didn’t think that it’s to this extent.

You wanted to prove everyone wrong, but it ended up backfiring. He was showing interest until the moment you started to chase him. You’d text him first, double-text him, invite him out, and now he’s completely ghosting you.

Don’t worry, that happens even to the best of us. It’s not the first time this has happened to someone, so there’s a way to turn things around again. You can make him chase you in a couple of steps.

1. Stop pursuing him completely

DONE How To Get A Guy Interested After Youve Chased Him Too Much

Before you do anything else, completely stop pursuing him. Ignore him, don’t text him, don’t go to places where you know you’ll bump into him. Don’t do any of those things you did before to get his attention.

Don’t even engage in conversation with him when you’re in the same friend group. You should be polite to him yet show him that you have no interest in him other than that.

He’ll start to wonder what has changed. He’ll think that he did something wrong or that you found someone else. This is when he’ll start to think about you more each day. He’ll become obsessed with you and want to see if you’re still crushing on him at all.

You did chase him hard, but you’re now stopping it abruptly. He won’t expect it and it’ll drive him crazy.

2. Show interest in him as a friend

DONE! How To Get A Guy Interested After You've Chased Him Too Much

When you go from pursuing him to being his friend, it’ll give him whiplash. He’ll think that you’re just playing a game, but once you keep it up for long enough, he’ll start overthinking.

What’s going on that made you act this way?

Show him that your interest isn’t romantic when you stop flirting with him and pay attention to him only when everyone else does. Other than that, talk to others more than you talk to him. Don’t even look in his direction unless everyone else is doing so because he’s telling some story.

You can be his friend and still not show too much interest in him. Just pretend like he’s like everyone else – only a little less special.

You’ll have him going crazy if you pay more attention to others than to him. And that’s exactly what you want to achieve.

3. Become much busier

DONE How To Get A Guy Interested After Youve Chased Him Too Much 3

This is the perfect time to focus on yourself. There’s so much you can do to keep your mind off the guy.

If you really want to get a guy interested in you, despite having chased him in vain, you stop chasing him completely and focus on your life. When you focus on yourself, you’ll become irresistible to any man – especially the one who thought you had no other interests besides him.

You can do this by telling him that you’re not available to hang out because you’ve got some work to do. Trade your time with him for you-time.

Do the things you love most in your life. This works like a charm because you’ll be so distracted, you won’t think too much about him or be tempted to text him.

When you chase him obsessively, you have nothing else to occupy your mind with. This is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby and dedicate more of your time to it.

He’ll find you more attractive while at the same time also feel like something’s missing because you’re not giving him all of your attention anymore.

4. Become more physically and mentally attractive

DONE! How To Get A Guy Interested After You've Chased Him Too Much

A man should adore the person you are.

However, if you’re failing to get a guy interested even after chasing him hard, you need to step up your game. You may have done something to completely repel him because men generally don’t like straightforward women.

Now is your time to become more attractive – both physically and mentally.

Put more effort into your appearance, smell good, put a bit of makeup on, and dress nicely. And mentally, you need to become more positive and mindful.

Show your empathy and always try something new that may teach you a thing or two. Read books and listen to podcasts about the things that you want to learn.

So don’t hold back. This is your perfect time to show off the beautiful person you are inside and out.

5. Flirt with him, but don’t make it obvious

DONE How To Get A Guy Interested After Youve Chased Him Too Much 5

Don’t flirt with him openly. There’s no need for you to go all out and show him with your body language as well as in your words that you want him.

He’ll think that you’re too easy and just move on to a more interesting, intriguing woman. What you want to do is respond to his flirting, but never initiate it yourself.

You can flirt with him by genuinely complimenting him on something. This could be something he did or the way he looks. But never overdo it. One compliment is more than enough.

Let him do all the flirting, you can reciprocate on a very small level, but always let him lead. This will make you look innocent and just responsive enough to motivate him to try harder.

This is how to get a guy interested after you’ve chased him too much – it’s key to show just enough interest. You’ll get him to run after you soon enough.

How To Get A Guy Interested After You've Chased Him Too Much

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