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What Makes A Man Chase A Woman? 18 Things That Make You Attractive

What Makes A Man Chase A Woman? 18 Things That Make You Attractive

What makes a man chase a woman?

That’s a question that women have been trying to answer for a long time. It’s hard to distinguish what makes a woman so attractive that it’ll make a man run after her. Nothing seems to be effective enough.

Dating can be so hard nowadays, that you can’t even figure out what your type is, where your standards are, nor what you can do to get the partner you’ve been seeking for so long.

Now, you’re wondering what traits in a woman can make a man pursue her? Well, good thing you’ve come across this article because you’re about to figure out all the answers you need to win in this dating game.

What makes a man chase a woman?

There must be something women around you do that makes men crazy about them. They seem to do it so naturally!

Your female friends have men swarming around them as if they have nothing better to do. You don’t understand their secrets or their way of achieving this.

All you know is you weren’t born with that talent. However, there’s still hope.

You can learn all of their tricks with just a couple of tries. This article will help you get him. He’ll be all over you soon enough. All you need to do is understand that attractiveness can be mastered.

1. Don’t chase him

DONE What Makes A Man Chase A Woman 7 Things That Make You Attractive

An aggressive woman simply isn’t interesting to a man. He doesn’t want someone who’ll do most of the work while dating or during the talking stage.

If you’re constantly chasing him, then he’ll just think you’re desperate. He doesn’t want that because he’ll get the impression that you have nothing better to do but to track every move he makes.

So what makes a man chase a woman?

Everything’s in the chase. He wants a woman that will make him feel like a real man. He wants to feel like he’s the pursuer and the provider. If those needs aren’t met, he simply won’t find you attractive at all.

It’s about the hero instinct, as well as his alpha need for control. If you’re the one who has everything under control, then he feels threatened.

2. Have substance

A pretty face is a great thing, but a pretty mind is even better.

One thing that makes a man chase a woman hard is when he sees she’s much more than her exterior. Believe it or not, substance is very important to him.

I mean, let’s be real, there are many guys out there who care about superficial things. Those are the ones who just care about the way you look, but they also won’t try too hard to get you.

If you’re one of those lucky few to have found a quality man and you want him to chase you, then focus on your intellect and empathy just as much as on your looks. There needs to be balance because otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a guy who’ll only try to take advantage of you.

It’s quite easy, actually. If you want a guy of substance, then you need to be a woman of substance who he’ll want to chase. Your brain is what differentiates you from the rest.

3. Be confident

DONE! What Makes A Man Chase A Woman 7 Things That Make You Attractive

Confidence is one of the most attractive things about a woman. When a woman isn’t confident, a man only gets annoyed by her. She asks for too much affirmation from a man and that’s not something that any guy wants.

A confident woman will show him that she knows her worth and that she’s a woman of value. She’s the type of girl who’ll never let anyone talk over her or tell her what to do.

A real man finds that extremely attractive because he, himself, is just like that. Confidence is just one of those irresistible aspects of a woman that make men chase her with all they’ve got.

4. Be empathetic

Women are known for being more emotional than men. We can debate how true that is, but the truth stands that men do believe this to be true.

So an empathetic woman is someone a man will want to not only chase but keep. He knows that emotional intelligence is a rare thing and an empathetic woman makes him feel seen and heard.

If you’re an empathetic woman, you’ll win his heart in a matter of minutes. He’ll tell you about his life and all he’s looking for is for you to understand him and accept him for who he is.

People experience things in different ways, and their emotions are valid. You’re the one who understands these things and you don’t want to give him the false impression of someone who’s emotionless.

5. Focus on your own life and become the best version of yourself

DONE What Makes A Man Chase A Woman 7 Things That Make You Attractive 5

I can’t stress this one enough. There’s nothing that makes a man chase a woman harder than independence and her need to become better for her own sake.

He’s trying to become better himself. He wants to create a life that he’ll be proud of and he wants the same thing from his partner. It won’t strike him as impressive if your only focus in life is to get married and stay at home, but it will if you’re trying hard to further your career.

Your life should be your biggest priority. That’s how he’ll know you’re a woman worth his time and one who he’ll be happy to call his own.

6. Seduce him subtly

A woman is a seductress without even realizing it. But if you’re trying hard to seduce him, it’s too obvious. He will think you’re easy and won’t find you as interesting.

Instead, try seducing him subtly. You can do this with your body language, prolonged eye contact, and your words.

It won’t be overly evident, yet it will still send a clear message to him: You’re interested in him and he can lead the way if he wants to pursue you even further. He’ll chase you because he knows that you’re able to play this card as well.

7. Love yourself the most

DONE! What Makes A Man Chase A Woman 7 Things That Make You Attractive

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to love your man more than you love yourself. Only an insecure boy will want you to give him all of your attention and love.

A real man, someone who understands the importance of self-love, will always pick a woman who thinks of herself as a great catch.

If you are insecure or feel like you’re not complete without a man, you need to work on that. Not just because that’s what makes a man chase a woman, but also for your own sake.

But trust me, he’ll be all over you if he sees that you prioritize self-love and self-care.

8. Don’t be too easy

When a guy meets an easy woman, he’s not interested in her for too long.

You want the simple answer to what makes a man chase a woman? It’s simple: Let him chase you.

I know you want to welcome him with open arms once he starts to pursue you. You want to grab the first chance when he shows any type of interest in you.

But you can’t let that happen. Rather let him chase you for a bit, else you’ll be too easy.

A guy doesn’t want an easy woman. He assumes you’re that way with every guy who tries to get to you. He’ll only see you as someone who’s been with all the men in town because you don’t even put up a fight.

That’s an issue, of course. It feels counterintuitive. You want him, so why can’t you enjoy his attention and be honest about your own feelings? If you want him to run after you a little, though, you also need to be unreachable for a certain period.

9. Be flirtatious

DONE What Makes A Man Chase A Woman 7 Things That Make You Attractive 8

A flirtatious woman is highly attractive. She’s the type of girl any guy would chase after – especially if you’re mysterious and subtle about it.

There is a chance that you’ll look very desperate if all you do is flirt with him – where there’s no other communication between the two of you other than your attempt to seduce him with your words.

Once you understand that there’s a fine line between classy flirting and desperation, you’ll definitely be the person he runs towards. You need to show him you’re not cheugy.

What you have to do is respond to his flirting with the same energy, or better yet, just a devious smirk. That’s what’ll give him the sign that his words are making an impact on you.

And just like his words make your stomach flutter, your words affect him the same way.

10. Be desirable

One thing that makes you extremely attractive is when you’re desirable. When men see that they have to compete with other men for you, then they know that you’re a valuable woman.

Men believe that a high-value woman is always pursued by men. If no one wants you, then you probably don’t have the traits or personality you need to attract a guy.

I mean, that’s not true. You know that just as well as I do. But the male brain works in a very weird way. A woman can be high quality and still simply not have guys swarming all over her.

However, it’s problematic, because he’ll want a girl that wants him over and above all the other men. This isn’t something that you can encourage, because it’s not within your power to command every man out there.

But if you do have men in your DMs who are trying to get to know you, you’ll also see how the guy you’re pining over steps up his game.

11. Be funny

DONE! What Makes A Man Chase A Woman 7 Things That Make You Attractive

What makes a guy chase a woman more than a wicked sense of humor? When you’re witty, you can win pretty much any heart.

I know it sounds a tad surreal, but you can definitely see the impact a good joke makes on a guy. You probably heard that guys aren’t that attracted to girls who are funny, but that’s a complete and utter lie.

Let your sense of humor roam freely in conversation (unless, of course, it’s a serious topic). Your sense of humor will be the most attractive asset you have.

Be funny whenever you feel the need to do so and don’t hold back. You’ll bring out a lot of serotonin within him, so he’ll connect the feeling of pure joy with you. He’ll want to be around you even more than before.

That’s when he’ll start to chase you. He’ll text you all the time, ask you to hang out together, and even want to bump into you randomly because of this.

Don’t for a second think that a good sense of humor is something unattractive, because you can win his heart with just a few laughs.

12. Be supportive

It’s so hard to find someone supportive nowadays. When you’re genuinely happy for other people and they see you as a source of encouragement, then you’re the perfect woman.

Too many people are trying to bring others down for their own benefit. It’s everything but flattering on a woman when she’s unsupportive.

Because of that, you should try to understand where he’s coming from with his need to work on himself, as well as his plans for the future. If you’re not enthusiastic about his dreams, then you should probably not even be in his life.

You have to show him that you’re there for him and that you’ll always be his biggest support system.

You can do this quite casually. There’s no need for a huge fuss about this because you’ll score more points by incorporating it in random conversation.

When you end up talking, ask him what he’s up to. When he starts telling you about it, look at him and give him all of your attention. Give him every reason to continue telling you his story, because he’ll see that you’re ready to encourage him in his pursuit of greatness.

13. Be patient

DONE What Makes A Man Chase A Woman 7 Things That Make You Attractive 10

One of the worst things you can do right now is to try to rush things.

What makes a man chase a woman is a slow pace that gives him the time to consider his options and decide for himself that he wants you more than any other woman.

Rushing things will only have you looking desperate. Like you just want a boyfriend and you’re not even interested in getting to know him a little better.

If you have trouble with patience and don’t know if it’s something you can pull off, just remember that you don’t know him yet either. You should take way more time getting to know him and talking to him.

This is the perfect moment for you to ask him all the questions that you want to. This way you’ll know for sure whether or not he’s the man for you.

I mean, if it’s meant to be, then it’ll happen. Time won’t make any difference for you and the guy who’s destined to spend his life with you.

14. Be goal-oriented

Here’s one thing that makes a man chase after a woman and gets him completely crazy over her.

An ambitious and goal-oriented woman is a rare specimen who needs to be pursued. Every guy wants a woman like this because she shows him that she’s the perfect life partner.

He wants to further his career, to become the best version of himself. That’s also why he needs a woman next to him who’ll inspire him to continue in that pursuit. Who’s a better candidate for that than a woman who’s already motivated to do things for herself?

He’ll chase you because he’ll want someone that successful in his life. He wants a girl who knows what she’s working toward and what she wants in life.

15. Maintain a cloud of mystery

DONE! What Makes A Man Chase A Woman 7 Things That Make You Attractive

One of those things that make a man really pursue a woman is when she’s mysterious. She’s like the forbidden fruit that he can’t get. She’s the code that he can’t crack.

There’s a certain fear to this, because you may end up being the girl he’s not interested in anymore after he gets to know her. But that’s a very rare occurrence and you shouldn’t worry about that right now.

For now, be sure to always keep a bit of mystery to yourself. He’ll be intrigued by you and want to get to know you.

Everything that you’re not telling him will make him more aware of your existence. He’ll want to talk to you more because that’ll give him a better chance to figure you out.

16. Have boundaries

Boundaries are extremely important. It’s not something we learn in school, but it’s more important than quantum mechanics for sure. It’s the one thing that helps us keep a healthy brain while also maintain healthy relationships.

A woman who has boundaries is desirable, attractive, and someone who understands that she’s the most important person in her own life.

When a guy doesn’t have boundaries, he also can’t respect someone else’s. That’s when you know that you shouldn’t even want the man to pursue you.

But that’s not what we came here to talk about.

We’re here to talk about how your boundaries make you desirable. He’ll know that you respect his boundaries, but also that you respect yourself enough to not condone things that make you uncomfortable.

A man will chase a woman who has self-respect, as it’s one of the most attractive traits to have. It’s also the one thing that’ll keep you from running after him because you know that you deserve someone who’ll do all the running.

17. Go easy on the drama

DONE What Makes A Man Chase A Woman 7 Things That Make You Attractive 12

Men run away from drama, not towards it. And let me tell you right now, a woman with zero drama will get a man to chase after her big time.

You can make yourself the subject of his affection the very moment he sees that you’re chill. Your peace of mind is more important than anything else, so you can easily distance yourself from the unnecessary drama in your life.

He knows that and that’s why he’ll continue to pursue you even when you feel like you’re a little too cold. Many people will tell you that you need to be more vulnerable, but they misunderstand your stance on things.

You’re not emotionless, you’re just not going to lose brain cells trying to get something productive out of a dramatic situation.

18. Be ready to drop him at any given point in time

You probably have many standards. If you don’t, then make a list and update it whenever you think of something new.

Now, one thing that’ll make a man chase a woman is the impression that if he doesn’t do everything right, you’ll just move on without him.

When you’re dating a guy who knows you’ll never walk away from him no matter what he does, he’ll also do all the awful things he can because he knows he can get away with it.

A man will only be consistent when he knows that you don’t have time to waste on him. You want someone in your life who’ll show you he wants you. If he’s expecting you to be the girl to chase him for the bare minimum, then he’s sorely mistaken.

If you want him to chase you, you’ll have to show him you won’t settle for his mediocre efforts. You want a real man who’ll pursue you as you deserve, not a boy who thinks that everything’s too much work.

You’re not too much work.

So be ready to drop him and walk out the minute he stops being consistent.

What Makes A Man Chase A Woman? 18 Things That Make You Attractive

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