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If An Aquarius Man Pulls Away When In Love, Can You Win Him Over?

If An Aquarius Man Pulls Away When In Love, Can You Win Him Over?

Are you wondering why an Aquarius man pulls away when in love? Are you worried that your partner may be losing interest in you? Did he suddenly become distant? If these questions are bothering you right now, you shouldn’t lose hope because I’m here to help you. 

An Aquarius man makes a great companion and romantic partner. After all, you’ll notice that he has a great personality and he’s very loyal, intelligent, and friendly, so who in their right mind wouldn’t be attracted to him, am I right? 

However, just like Virgo, Libra, or Sagittarius, an Aquarian guy also has some dark traits, and being emotionally detached and distant are two of them. 

He values his independence and freedom above all and won’t let anyone get close beyond a certain point. He’s also extremely protective of his boundaries, so you really have to put in the effort to keep an Aquarius man by your side. 

So why does an Aquarius man pull away when in love? 

Aquarius Man Pulls Away When In Love - 8 Reasons Why He Is Cold

It’s not unusual for an Aquarian to act like a true gentleman at the beginning of a relationship. He’ll buy you gifts, plan your dates and strive to make you feel special and one-of-a-kind. 

All of a sudden, though, for whatever reason, he may stop with these gestures and even pull away, so it’s understandable to ask yourself what happened to him. Is it you who did something wrong or is he the one who should take the blame and apologize to you? 

The truth is that an Aquarian man is extremely reluctant to create any sort of emotional attachment with someone. But before you go all crazy at him, you need to know that there are different levels of emotional thresholds. All of us can reach a point at which we become tired or overwhelmed by our feelings.

The thing about an Aquarius man is that he has a very low emotional threshold. Unlike Cancer, Gemini, or Scorpio males (who are known for being very resilient), an Aquarius man feels uncomfortable when faced with intense feelings.

This is one possible explanation as to why your Aquarius man pulls away when in love and another reason may be one of the following.

1. He wants to spend more time with his friends

An Aquarius man belongs to the group of air signs who are highly social and can adapt very well to different environments. If you see an Aquarian in a club, he’ll most likely be surrounded by a group of friends; they’re very important to him and he can’t imagine his life without them. 

An Aquarius man likes to have fun. It’s a part of his personality and he cherishes the time he can spend with his friends. So, if he figures out that he can’t dedicate enough time to them, he’ll sacrifice you and your relationship and he’ll start pulling away.

It’s useless to give him any restrictions or tell him he can’t go out with them because he’d always rather choose his pals over a relationship with you – especially if you try to forbid him from hanging out with them. You have to give him his space and freedom if you want him to stop being distant or running away.

This can be difficult to understand if you’re not an Aquarius just like him but if he’s been giving you a hard time lately, this could be the reason for his strange behavior. 

2. He likes to take things slow 

DONE Aquarius Man Pulls Away When In Love 8 Reasons Why He Is Cold 2

An Aquarius man isn’t the kind of guy who’ll chase you again and again. Instead, he’ll take his time to get to know you and once he’s finally ready to confess his love for you, he’ll make the first move and go to you. 

Keep in mind that an Aquarian doesn’t want to rush things, especially if he’s in a serious relationship. He wants to think things through before making any decision. 

Perhaps you really want to meet his family and friends but if he doesn’t feel ready to take that step, he won’t do so and there’s nothing in this world that can change his mind. 

He simply does things at his own pace and that’s not because he thinks you’re incompatible or something like that, it’s just that he believes that taking big steps too quickly will lead to his downfall. 

3. He’s afraid of commitment 

Another possible reason why an Aquarius man pulls away when in love could be that he’s afraid of commitment. 

For them, dating is very easy. Just like Leos and Tauruses, they’re very outgoing and friendly and don’t have a problem with going out and having fun but the problem is that each of these signs has an issue with commitment. 

An Aquarius man may pull away when in love due to his incapability to focus only on you. As I mentioned earlier, he cherishes his freedom and believes that he’ll lose it once he starts a romantic relationship with someone. 

As a result, he’ll be reluctant to take your dating to the next level. Liking you won’t be that difficult for him but falling in love with you seems to be a bit harder. 

4. He thinks you’re clingy or needy

Aquarius Man Pulls Away When In Love - 8 Reasons Why He Is Cold

Aquarius men appreciate self-dependent women who know how to handle things on their own and who don’t spend their entire day checking up on them. Therefore, if your Aquarius man feels that you’ve become obsessed with him or that you want to spend every second with him, he’ll pull away even if he’s in love with you. 

At first, he may give you the silent treatment as a warning to see whether or not you’ll get the point. However, if you continue with your neediness or clinginess, he’ll definitely break up with you no matter how much you mean to him. 

5. He gets bored easily

“An Aquarius man pulls away when in love. Why?” Well, men always want to have a good time, especially Aquarius men. They hate being around people who take things seriously and who don’t know how to have fun.

On top of that, an Aquarian is looking for a woman who won’t just be his life partner but his best friend as well. He enjoys having some alone time but he also needs his lover by his side, so you have to make sure that you and your Aquarius man share a lot of interests.

After all, he doesn’t want to be with someone who always contradicts him unless he’s testing his own limits. He wants to be with a woman who can keep up with him, who thinks outside of the box, and who isn’t afraid to break out of her shell. He wants to enjoy every second of his life and is mostly focused on what’s happening right now.

If you thought your Aquarian would be concerned about what’ll happen next year, I’m sorry to break it to you but he isn’t. An Aquarius man doesn’t like to make any long-term plans and nothing’s going to change that. 

6. He can’t find the right words to express himself

DONE Aquarius Man Pulls Away When In Love 8 Reasons Why He Is Cold 4

Unlike Pisces men, who are great at communicating their emotions, Aquarius men don’t articulate theirs very often. In some cases, it can seem as if he’s pulling away from you, when in reality he simply doesn’t know how to express his feelings.

What’s most surprising about Aquarians is that anger and jealousy are a part of their love language. You rarely hear them say, “I love you,” in person because they don’t like showing their vulnerable side.

So, if you’re trying to connect with your Aquarius man and make him open up to you, the best way you’ll achieve that is by reaching out to him over various platforms. Perhaps he may feel more comfortable talking about his emotions on a phone call or by text message rather than face-to-face. 

You can call him, write him a love letter, or try to contact him on his social media. Remember to be honest and straightforward with him, so don’t try to play any mind games or you’ll lose him forever.

7. You’re too affectionate

Any guy adores it when he knows his woman needs him. However, while it’s nice to have someone who wants to spend as much time with you as possible, you have to be careful not to go overboard with it. 

Sending an Aquarian dozens of messages a day, saying how you miss him, will overwhelm him and he’ll pull away. He doesn’t want a woman who’s affectionate all the time, as too much attention or tenderness will scare him off.

However, this doesn’t mean that he wants you to be cold or distant toward him. He enjoys getting your love messages but too many of them will make him feel suffocated. 

8. He desires some alone time

Aquarius Man Pulls Away When In Love - 8 Reasons Why He Is Cold

As I said earlier, Aquarius is one of the air signs, who are known for being social and outgoing. While they enjoy being surrounded by people, they also tend to be the most introverted of all the air signs and this could be the reason why an Aquarius man pulls away when in love.

Maybe your guy feels so emotionally drained that he needs some time alone to decompress and organize his thoughts. Perhaps he even told you that he wants some ‘me’ time to recharge his batteries but you didn’t listen to him.

You can’t pressure him to hang out with you or make him feel guilty for wanting more space. If he wishes to retreat for a while, then just let him and tell him that you’ll wait for him until he’s ready. 

What to do if an Aquarius man pulls away when in love

1. Don’t get overly emotional

DONE Aquarius Man Pulls Away When In Love 8 Reasons Why He Is Cold 6

I get that you feel like your world is falling apart because your Aquarius man is pulling away when in love and you obviously want to know what’s going through his mind. However, crying your heart out in front of him will do more harm than good.

You see, an Aquarian doesn’t pay much attention to his emotions and he prefers that his partner does the same. To him, being in control of your own feelings is a sign of power and strength so regardless of how hurt you feel, don’t beg or cry because that’ll push him further away. 

You won’t get him back if he sees you being vulnerable or helpless. Also, playing silly mind games with him will help him realize that you’re not the woman he’s looking for and soon, he’ll break up with you for good. 

2. Don’t overthink it

It’s very easy to surrender yourself to those negative thoughts that he’ll leave you forever but maybe it’s not your fault that he’s pulling away from you in the first place. 

Perhaps he needs some alone time because he feels exhausted from talking to other people all day long. Alternatively, it could be difficult for him to open up to you and he wants to get hold of his feelings before he confesses everything to you.

So if you notice that your Aquarius man is pulling away, just take a step back and give him the space that he needs as long as it’s not doing any harm to your relationship. 

3. Talk to him

Aquarius Man Pulls Away When In Love - 8 Reasons Why He Is Cold

Of course, one of the most direct and quickest ways to find out why he’s pulling away from you is to talk to him. However, be careful to pick a moment when he feels comfortable sharing his emotions with you, otherwise, your conversation could be very awkward. 

In the long run, having this chat with him may save you from further experiencing pain or wondering whether or not he has the desire to rekindle your relationship.

4. Relax

It can be very difficult to keep your composure and your emotions in check when you’re around someone who you know is pulling away from you but if you want to make sure your Aquarius man is still attracted to you, then this is the right thing to do. 

When you’re anxious around a guy, you’re more likely to become uptight or serious, which prevents you from showing off your better qualities. On the other hand, once you relax your body and mind, your confidence will shine through, which is a major turn-on for an Aquarius man. 

5. Keep him guessing as much as possible

DONE Aquarius Man Pulls Away When In Love 8 Reasons Why He Is Cold 8

So, you’re wondering what to do when an Aquarius man pulls away when in love? It’s actually very simple; you need to keep him guessing as much as possible. 

A common trait with this Uranus-based sign is that they get bored easily and they’re very unpredictable. So, in order to stimulate his mind, you have to demonstrate your interesting or eccentric side as well. 

Truthfully, an Aquarius man isn’t a fan of a boring and traditional love life. He would like you to keep back a bit of mystery so hold off a little and don’t tell him everything about yourself right off the bat. 

He may ask a lot of questions about you but you may find he won’t answer many about himself and that can be strange but it’s just the way he is. Also, he may try and show off how smart he is and if you want to attract him again, then being very complimentary about his intellect will definitely help you score a few points in his book. 

6. Keep your distance 

People often say ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder‘ and that’s actually true. If you see that your Aquarius man pulls away when in love, maybe you should give him a taste of his own medicine and keep your distance.

By this, I mean that you shouldn’t communicate with him at all and that you need to limit how often you see each other. Also, giving him space and time to analyze his feelings is a must.

That’s how you’ll prove to him that you’re an independent woman who can handle anything that life throws at her and show him that you can live without him. You have to give him some room to miss your presence, so show him what his life would look like if you weren’t there to help him or comfort him when he needs you. 

Also, keep in mind that your goal is to make him feel your absence, so practice self-restraint and resist the urge to pick up when he calls or texts you.

7. Take care of your appearance 

DONE Strong Women Dont Give Guys Who Played With Them A Chance To Do It Again 4

It’s very easy to take certain things for granted when you’re with someone for an extended period of time and the most common casualty of this is our physical appearance. 

It could be that you were so comfortable around your partner that you stopped putting any effort into your looks but now that both of you have some free time for yourselves, it’s the perfect time to remind him of what got him attracted to you in the first place. 

Treat yourself to a spa day, get a new haircut, or dress up in a way that you know will get his attention. Whatever you decide, just make sure that you look your best whenever you two are together. 

He has to know that other men find you attractive as well and that he needs to step up his game if he still wants to be in a relationship with you. 

8. Be his friend

One way to stay connected with an Aquarius man even when he pulls away from you is to offer him your friendship, which will remind him that you’re not just his girlfriend but you’re his friend as well. So, make sure that you’re there for him when he’s feeling low and when he needs someone to share his achievements with.

A relationship with an Aquarius man can be exhausting or difficult sometimes but at the end of the day, he’s still a human being. Your commitment to being his friend will show him that you genuinely care about him and that you’re a trustworthy person. 

He’ll regret pulling away from a person he can always count on and will most likely be back to his old self soon enough. 

9. Focus on self-growth

DONE Aquarius Man Pulls Away When In Love 8 Reasons Why He Is Cold 10

It’s very important to work on improving your physical appearance but you have to put your energy into self-growth as well. There’s nothing better than knowing you’re a better person today than you were yesterday. 

Once your Aquarius man sees that, he’ll know that you’re open to new experiences and he’ll regret missing out on the new you. Those changes don’t have to be major, however, and you should never lose yourself just because of a man.

You can always sign up for an online course you’ve always wanted to do, travel for a few days, or do something that will nourish your soul. These activities are all beneficial because they’ll take your mind elsewhere and you won’t have time to think about why your Aquarius man pulls away when in love. 

10. Keep your interactions friendly 

Although you’ve noticed that he’s pulling away from you, that doesn’t mean you should hold a grudge against him. It’s his decision and he has to face the consequences of his own actions. 

He’s most likely expecting you to feel awful or maybe hate him but instead of falling into this trap, make sure that you keep your conversations light and sweet. This will leave him wondering what’s going on inside your mind and will definitely throw him off a bit.

Keep in mind that an Aquarian man is drawn to mystery, so use this to your advantage and he’ll be all over you again. 

11. Go out with friends

Aquarius Man Pulls Away When In Love - 8 Reasons Why He Is Cold

A good way to try to get your Aquarius man back and have fun at the same time is to go out with your friends, as this will show him that you prioritize yourself over others. Or you can call your friends and invite them to come over to your house for a girls’ night only.

Perhaps you never knew how to balance your time between him and your friends but now you have the perfect opportunity to change that. Try not to think about him and instead focus on your own happiness. 

12. Make him jealous

What if an Aquarius man pulls away when in love? Well, an Aquarius man is very protective of his woman and he doesn’t like seeing other guys around her, so if you’re trying to rekindle a romance with him, the best way you’ll do that is by casually flirting with someone else. 

Making him jealous can even instead help you to move on (if that’s what you want) or it can give you a fresh perspective on what you’ll have to fix if you do end up being together again. 

If An Aquarius Man Pulls Away When In Love, Can You Win Him Over?