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15 Signs She Likes You…

15 Signs She Likes You…

If you would like to know if the girl you like likes you in return, go through these 15 signs and you’ll know. I agree that sometimes it’s hard to recognize if she likes you or she just sees you as a friend.

But, if you’re not ready to take a risk and ask her by yourself, then you’ll have to pay attention to the signs she gives you and make a conclusion on your own.

I’m sure this will help you. So, these are signs she likes you, but the conclusion is all yours.

1. She adores talking to you.

15 Signs She Likes You...

This sign can be tricky sometimes. There are a lot of girls who are just being nice and polite, and no, they don’t really like you the way you want them to.

But on the other side, there are some girls who will show you they care about you more than just on a friendly level. How can you check which of these is your case?

Ask her out and see if she’s ready to find some time for you, even if she has a busy schedule. If that’s the case, then it is definitely one of the signs she likes you. For real.

2. She touches you.

If a girl touches you first, especially in public, that means something. Or to be more precise, that means she likes you, man. That quick, nice touch means she notices you and she cares about you. What more signs would you like to get?

3. She hugs you.

Every time she gets a chance, she’s around hugging you.

And no, she doesn’t care if somebody sees her… She’s right there to show you she cares. You can be sure that women don’t go around hugging someone just because they need to be hugged.

For that, they have their female friends to call in the middle of the night, telling them they need some support. They need to see if someone cares. That’s why I’m telling you, if she constantly hugs you, she’s just trying to tell you she likes you. You’re a lucky one.

4. She gives you compliments.

If a girl doesn’t make any distance and she’s giving you some compliments, then she’s showing you her interest. Don’t be blind to that.

Believe me, girls aren’t so generous when it comes to compliments, specifically when they don’t like a guy. So, this one is definitely one of the strongest signs she likes you.

5. She’s making long eye contact and she’s doing it first.

15 Signs She Likes You... 1

You caught her looking at you so now you don’t know what to think? I’ll tell you what to think – think that she likes you. Oh sorry, that was wrong… In fact, she really, really likes you!

6. She’s a real blusher when she’s around you.

This one is good because she can’t hide it from you.

It’s biology that says: “Hey man, look at her! She’s so into you. Isn’t it obvious? Come on… don’t just stand there… go to her, talk to her, let her know that you like her too.”

7. She plays with her hair.

She’s talking to you and she continuously touches her hair. It seems like she doesn’t have any peace while she’s around you. Yes, you’re doing it to her. It is one of the signs she likes you.

8. She likes your posts on social media.

Sweet and helpful sign. Why do I say helpful? Because it’s so obvious that you don’t even have to see her for a few days but you can still see if she likes and misses you. Sure, she does. But here we are searching for some obvious signs, aren’t we?

9. She’s around you all the time.

The two of you are out, having fun with your friends, and what happens? She’s around you all night long.

Everywhere you look, you see her. Everywhere you go, she’s right there in a matter of seconds. Is she following you? Well, yes. She is. But you asked for that the moment you liked her too.

10. She instantly told you she’s not in a relationship, and you didn’t even ask.

Well, man… in this case, it’s not only that she likes you, but she already somehow sees herself in a relationship with you.

Is it too early to say congratulations? I don’t think so because when it comes to the signs that she likes you, this one means a lot. And I mean A LOT. Get it?

11. She asks you for help.

15 Signs She Likes You... 2

Every time she’s in some kind of problem and needs a solution, she comes to you, asking you for help.

Sure, you’re ready to help her the moment she asks, and that’s romantic. By that, you’re showing her she means a lot to you and you can be sure she sees that.

12. She calls and texts you first.

You wake up in the morning and here is her message wishing you to have a good day. You’re going to sleep at night and there she is again wishing you sweet dreams.

Girls don’t do that kind of stuff to men they don’t like! Realize that it is now or never. Don’t waste your time thinking about what she thinks. She’s just telling you what she thinks of this sign of attention. So, what more evidence do you need?

13. She’s smiling when she’s around you.

She tells you that you have the best jokes ever? You make her laugh all the time? Wow, you got her for real. Now you just need to keep that interest and it’ll be fine. No, not fine. It’ll be perfect.

Enjoy these romantic days and don’t let the magic disappear. You know these butterflies won’t last forever. Use it to build the heavy construction so the two of you later have much more of a chance to achieve for real as a couple.

14. Almost constantly when she’s around you she seems nervous.

Is that a big deal? It isn’t. It is just her way to show you she cares. Yes, yes… one of the signs she likes you. What now? It’s you who knows what to do. She’s showing you her interest, and it’s up to you to answer it. Or not. But we all know you’ll answer.

15. She remembers everything you tell her.

When does someone remember everything from a conversation with a person? It’s when he or she cares. And only then. We all tend to forget things that don’t mean so much to us. So when we remember, it’s when we truly care.

To sum up, if you’re not so sure if she’s giving you some of these signs, go through them once again and think about her reactions when the two of you are around each other.

Please, remember that these 15 signs she likes you are not the only ones. There can be a number of them. It’s almost impossible to collect all of them in one place. These are my favorite ones and I hope you like them as well. (No matter if you got the positive answers or not.)

15 Signs She Likes You…

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