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One Day, You Will Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home

One Day, You Will Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home

Home represents comfort, security, and memories. It is the place where everything begins and ends.

We usually associate it with a house or a town but what about when home becomes a person?

What do you mean a person? How can a home be that? We all know what a home is.

Ignore all of the traditional definitions of the word home, close your eyes, and imagine this.

A person. A regular person. Standing on the corner, holding their hands spread apart, smiling widely, and waiting for you to come closer.


A hug. Strong! Tight! One which makes all of the bad emotions inside you break apart.

One Day, You Will Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home


A kiss. On the forehead. Sincere, loving, sweet, and genuine. One that evokes thousands of emotions and paints your world in thousands of bright colors.

How would that make you feel? Comfortable? Secure? Safe? Like you’ve arrived home?

One day, you will meet someone who feels like home. Everything will seem destined to be, the way it should be, from the first glance to the first kiss.

He will not be regular or average in any sense of the words. He will be special, and one of a kind.

You will feel like nothing else exists when you two are together. No more drama and chasing guys.

He will make sure you never look at someone else as you will have the feeling that ‘he is the one‘.

One Day, You Will Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home

It sounds like a cliché but it really is going to be that way. You will feel like nothing else matters besides you two.

With him, everything will be possible.

Good or bad! You will be able to deal with every single problem you are given as he will be your constant support and encouragement.

He will stare into your eyes and you will stare into his. You will do this for hours and never get bored.

You will dip into them and feel like you are in a calm sea, breathing in the salty air while a peaceful breeze touches your face.

His eyes will be your guide through the dark reality of life. He will make your heart skip a beat, thousands of times.

Thinking about him will keep you awake at night and not because you are sad or hurt, but because you can’t believe that you are so lucky to have him in your life.

One Day, You Will Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home

The sound that your heart makes when you see him will be the most beautiful sound of happiness you’ve ever heard.

He will know you so well, maybe even better than you know yourself.

”I know that you are lying,” he will say. ‘‘Tell me the truth. Let me know how you really feel.”

Instead of hiding, you will let him inside your world easily. Not because he pressures you to but because you want to.

You want him to be there with you, always, as his presence makes everything seem better and easier.

He will be the only one you can fully trust and you will never regret your decision for a second. You will know it was the right step to take.

Everything will be simple. You won’t need to try hard anymore.

One Day, You Will Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home

Things will easily progress without the need to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Simple and steady. Without a fuss.

Your problems will become his, and his will become yours. Not because you feel the need to worry but rather because you want to help each other out.

He will support you through both good and bad times because he sees your real value.

Whenever you feel confused or anxious, he will be there.

He will not tell you that you did something wrong but he will help you fight through the whirlwind of emotions.

As your rock, he will stick with you through bad and worse.

Don’t worry, he will never ask you to change as he loves every single part of your body and soul.

One Day, You Will Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home

He will never tell you that you are too short or too tall, too emotional or not emotional enough. You will never be antisocial or too chatty to him.

You will be you. The person right for him.

You will share your dreams and fears with him because you are sure that he will never be able to hurt you.

You just feel that with your whole heart so you let it be the way it is. Completely, fully, wholly.

You will create memories, both good and bad, but they will be only yours and you will go through them together.

You will let him stand next to you, and you will feel that it is the right thing to do.

Nothing could make more sense than you two, holding hands, taking care of each other.

One Day, You Will Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home

You will always remember the way he looked that first night you saw him, and how he smiled at you.

You will remember the first kiss and the first, ”I love you’.’ You will remember everything, as in front of you stands a person worth remembering.

Those three words will escape from your mouth. You will wear your heart on your sleeve and you will not be afraid.

You won’t care if he hurts you as you feel that he would never be able to do that anyway.

And trust me, he will not hurt you. He will say that, but he will also show it too.

He will never let you suffer as when you suffer, so does he.

He would rather protect you from the suffering that happens outside of your little world of happiness.

One Day, You Will Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home

With a person who feels like home, the butterflies will never go away.

They will be a constant reminder of how lucky you are, lucky to have someone who nurtures every part of you, making sure he never hurts you.

If you get scared, don’t try to run away from him but know that he will chase you no matter what.

He knows that you’ve been hurt before and that you have trust issues, but you are safe now and things will never be like they were before.

This is your home. He is your home.

Love can evoke terrifying, frightening, intimidating feelings but it can also feel like a warm night, heated by a crackling fire.

One day you will feel the latter kind of love, a love that is strong and beautiful. You will hear the words, ”Welcome home, I’ve missed you.’

Your home will be a person and you will feel happier than ever before.

One Day, You Will Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home

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