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How To Have Faith In God’s Timing In Relationships

How To Have Faith In God’s Timing In Relationships

They tell us “everything in its own time” or “all in good time,” but it feels like we don’t have time. We forget about the importance of God’s timing in relationships and how much patience truly matters.

When we want something, we want it right away and can’t wait for it a second longer. It’s now or never because…


Isn’t there such a thing as a time and place for everything?

Whether you believe in God’s timing in relationships or not, there is a plan for you and what’s meant to be yours will always come to you.

There’s no guarantee in life, no matter how much we want it. Instead, there is faith and by having faith in God’s timing in relationships, you can find the patience you need to get where you belong.

There is really no need to rush anything because, as we’ve all heard, there’s a right time for everything. But what does even mean?

Well, often, we make plans and do things our way in the hopes to get everything we desire as soon as possible. Inevitably, this most often ends in disappointment.

Even if you don’t believe in God’s timing in relationships, there are things you do need to believe in: You have plenty of time, it’s never too late, and everything is going according to plan.

How To Have Faith In God’s Timing In Relationships

It might sound strange when I put it that way, but think about it… Why are you in such a rush?

How much did rushing cost you so far? More often than not, it causes you to lose things, not gain them.

Gaining something, even if purely wisdom, takes time.

Losing faith in God’s plan is easy when you only go with your own plans and your own timeline. Most often though, you realize that it’s the wrong way to go about things.

Having faith in God’s timing, especially when it comes to relationships, is much better for your soul.

We’re only human and as such, we take action in the heat of the moment. But taking some time to soothe your soul and let it guide you requires faith.

I know that you’re sometimes afraid that God has forgotten you, so you trust your own understanding of things. But how far can you go if you go down that road?

When you don’t have faith in God’s timing in relationships, you end up settling for less than you deserve. You even settle for things that make you miserable.

Why is having something bad right away better than having something good later on?

DoneHow To Have Faith In Gods Timing In Relationships 2

Most often, it’s just a lack of faith, hope, and patience. It’s the fear that that “good” isn’t going to come at all.

When we rush into relationships, we often see clear signs if the relationship isn’t good for us. We just choose to ignore it because we trust our needs more than we trust God’s plan.

In the end, we get heartbroken and then wonder how it got to that, even though deep down we knew what would happen.

There are no warning signs when the person you’re with is a part of the plan. Instead, you feel like God has sent them to you and that you’re on the right path.

When God sends you a person you belong with, you don’t have to convince them to be with you. They want to be with you and there’s no place they’d rather be than in your arms.

Yes, sometimes God tests you according to your choices and helps you learn valuable lessons.

But when you’re truly looking for the person who’ll stay in your life forever, God lets you meet them when the time is right – when you’re ready for it.

Don’t forget that when someone loves you, you don’t ever need to doubt their love. Their love is obvious and they show you it in everything they do.

You can feel their love even when they don’t say a single word.

A person who makes you miserable instead is not who God intended for you to end up with. He gave us the gift of free will, so not every person we get involved with is a gift from above.

God will never give you something that hurts you, but you will inevitably get hurt on your journey through life. By having faith in God, you’ll have a safer journey and you will reach your destination.

How To Have Faith In God’s Timing In Relationships

You know how sometimes you meet someone and wonder how different things would be had you met them earlier? That’s a part of God’s timing in relationships.

People change over time and their wants and needs change too. It’s the person who’s ready to endure those changes with you who’s your gift from God.

You need to meet that person when you’re ready to endure their changes too.

God knows who the right person is for you but He needs to prepare you for them, and prepare them for you. They need to be the person you truly need and you need to be that person for them too.

Maybe you think that you know what you’re doing, but how right have you been so far? When you have faith in God’s timing in relationships, you can rest assured that you’ll meet your special someone when the time is right.

God’s timing in relationships matters as much as God’s plan does. After all, we do often say that timing is everything.

Having faith in that divine timing is often hard though. Sometimes you just feel like you’ll never get what you deserve.

But you will, you just need to have faith and the necessary patience. God often makes us wait a lot longer than we’d like to, but He has good reason for it.

For instance, God isn’t going to send you your future spouse if you’re dating random strangers for short stints. He’s not going to judge you, but He’s also not going to give you something you’re clearly not ready for.

He’ll give you what you truly need when you truly need it, when the time is right.

As much as we like to believe in magic tricks, God creates miracles, not magic. And miracles take time to happen and are not so obvious.

Maybe you were on the wrong path so far, but now you’re heading to your destination. That’s the subtlety of God’s plan for you.

You have to remember that you don’t always know what’s best for you, yet God does. He will give you what you truly need, not when you think you need it, but only when you’re ready for it.

How to have faith in God’s timing in relationships

1. Never stop hoping

DoneHow To Have Faith In Gods Timing In Relationships 4

Putting your hope in God’s plan is a much better choice than feeling hopeless and worrying when there’s no need for it.

In due time, you will have all that you’re heart truly needs, but in the meantime, don’t ever stop hoping.

Work on achieving your dreams and rest assured that God will push you in the right direction.

Hope is not just a feeling, it’s something powerful that can keep you moving forward. We always hope for a better future and a better tomorrow.

Also, we hope for love – the honest, pure, eternal love that we are waiting for.

Hoping for these things keeps us alive and lets us feel alive as well. It also makes us optimistic, which is a big step toward living a happier life.

Even when nothing seems to be the way it should, we hold on to hope. Even when we don’t feel strong enough, we keep going because that hope drives us forward.

Hope pushes us to keep fighting, even harder than before.

We hope God can hear our prayers and answer them, and He will when the time is right. Sometimes, we don’t even notice that help, we just feel like something is pushing us toward a brighter future.

2. Believe that God’s timing is right

How To Have Faith In God’s Timing In Relationships

There’s a God’s plan for each and every one of us.

We might be the ones living our story, but God is the one writing it. He knows the plot and the happy ending.

Before we’re even born, God has a divine plan for us and guides us toward a happy life.

But sometimes, even though we believe in God, we are not sure about His plan. There’s a plan alright, but where is it taking us?

When we can’t tell where we’re heading, it’s no wonder that we feel lost.

That’s where faith comes in though. The whole meaning of faith is to believe in something that we can’t entirely comprehend or see.

That is the test God has prepared for us to see whether we can hold onto faith even in the darkest of times. Is your belief so strong that it impacts your free will so that you choose your actions and words wisely?

It should be. Just because something is unknown and seems confusing doesn’t mean that it’s not real.

We know how important trust is in relationships, but how about trusting God’s plan for us? After all, you can never know whether you can trust a human being for all eternity, but you can trust God.

Sometimes, the road He’s set out for you is a difficult and unclear one, but you have to have faith to reach its destination.

Eventually, what can’t even be seen from a distance will become clear to you when you get there – and it’ll make you realize it was all worth it.

God might have a different plan for you than you had in mind, but believe that He wants what’s best for you.

There’s a lot of suffering in the world, but it’s not God’s plan for people to suffer. It’s their free will that sometimes leads them to harm each other.

God doesn’t want you to feel heartbroken and He has already chosen a person for you who’d never cause you harm. He wants someone for you who willingly chooses to bring you nothing but joy.

Don’t force anyone to love you, but trust God that He’ll send you one who’ll choose to give you love.

Your faith will protect you from bad relationships because you’ll know that better things are ahead of you. But God doesn’t have the same schedule as you do, so you have to have patience.

3. Have patience

DoneHow To Have Faith In Gods Timing In Relationships 6

Nothing good ever comes from impatience. If you’re searching for the one, you might be overly focused on romance and your love life.

If constantly thinking of your love life gets you down, instead, try to focus on other aspects of your life.

The right person is out there and God will let you meet them when the time is right. You can’t speed up the process just because being alone or with the wrong person can hurt a lot.

This is something you have to take care of. Have faith in God and while exercising patience, work on things about yourself and your life that you can change.

Praying can help you, but God might not always answer “yes” to your prayers – instead, He might be saying “not yet.” Don’t forget that He knows what’s best for you – way better than you do.

Ask for what’s good for you and if it truly is, God will help you have it.

When it’s love you’re searching for, you can’t pray for the right person while you’re still involved with the wrong one. How could God send you the right person when the wrong person is blocking their way?

And If you’re single, be patient. Try to shift focus from your dating life onto yourself.

Hope to find love, work on yourself, and love will come your way when you’re ready.

4. Pray when you need guidance or reassurance

How To Have Faith In God’s Timing In Relationships

Prayers are not magical words that make things happen. They are conversations with God to share what’s on your heart and what your heart needs at the time.

Pray when you need guidance or reassurance and you will feel more at ease. Eventually, you will notice that God is actually listening to your prayers, He just doesn’t give you what you want like a magic genie.

Sometimes, your prayers will lead you to a blessing, while other times they will lead you to lessons you need to learn.

Be grateful for what God sends your way, but don’t fake that feeling. Try to be truly grateful for the things you have in your life.

God doesn’t need you to thank Him. He needs you to be appreciative of what you have because a lot of people have less. When you’re praying, remember the things God has already given you and have faith that more is yet to come.

5. Examine yourself, your life, and your past

DoneHow To Have Faith In Gods Timing In Relationships 8

You can’t ask God for the perfect partner if you’re not going to be a perfect partner for that person.

Look inwards rather than outwards. What can you change about yourself to be worthy of the pure, eternal love you seek?

Examine how you’ve been choosing your partners so far and whether they were the right choice for you. Were you the right choice for them?

A little self-evaluation goes a long way.

God wants you to be the best version of yourself and He will help you become one, but it’s you who needs to do the heavy lifting.

To believe in God’s timing, you have to examine the things in your life so far. Is it really the right time for you to meet your soulmate?

What would your soulmate think of you if they’d met you right now? Are you ready to spend the rest of your life with someone?

Maybe you’re still holding onto heavy emotional baggage from past relationships.

If you were to meet the right person now, how would that relationship last? Would you bring your problems into it and cause it to fail eventually?

God wants you to be with your soulmate, but He wants you to be okay with just being on your own too.

Maybe you’re already in a relationship with someone who isn’t good for you. Perhaps you’re praying for that relationship to last, even though it brings you nothing but heartache.

God wants to protect you, and sometimes, that’s the reason He doesn’t answer your prayers the way you want Him to. Try praying for “the strength to change the things you can, accept the things you can not change, and wisdom to know the difference.”

God wants you to live your life the best you can and to be kind to others. It’s actually as simple as that, so don’t make it complicated.

Work on yourself and when you start walking the path that’s meant for you, you’ll feel that God is leading you to a better future. God will give you what you want, but you need to make the first move.

6. Examine your relationship

How To Have Faith In God’s Timing In Relationships

If you are in a relationship, what kind of relationship is it and who is your partner? Are they truly the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Think about how you felt when you first met them and how you felt on your first date. Did you instantly fall in love and determine that they’re the right person for you without knowing much about them?

Think about what you know about them, what their goals are, and whether their plans for the future are similar to yours. Do they even include you in their plans for the future when they talk about it?

Ask yourself whether you really want to have a future with them either way.

Are they trying to be nice to your loved ones and do you both still have freedom in the relationship? Do they try to make you happy and do you truly feel their love when they look at you?

These questions can help you realize whether your relationship truly is the one that’s meant for you.

Sometimes the blessing isn’t what God gives but what He takes away.

Does your partner love you just as much as you love them?

Did your relationship end but you still miss them and want them back? If your partner left you, that might be a part of God’s plan for you.

I heard a lot of women say, “I couldn’t walk away from him, so God made him walk away from me.”

Don’t get stuck in a bad relationship that clearly isn’t going to last. If your partner is your soulmate, God will make sure that you end up together. But if you’re with the wrong person, them leaving you could be a blessing in disguise.

For a relationship to work, both people need to invest in it. You both need to put the same amount of effort into making your relationship work or else it will fail.

If your partner isn’t willing to work on your relationship, the relationship probably isn’t worth saving. That can hurt, but God didn’t intend for you to be in a one-sided relationship.

He wants you to be with a person who’ll never stop trying to win you over and enrich your life.

If you’re sure that you’re with the right person, just relax. Let things flow naturally and unfold themselves the way God intended.

7. Accept God’s timing in relationships

DoneHow To Have Faith In Gods Timing In Relationships 10

Even when accepting God’s timing in relationships seems difficult, you have to rest in the knowledge that He’s got this.

Work on yourself and open your eyes because you’ll see signs things are getting better.

You can’t know the exact time you’ll meet the love of your life. Only God knows that, so you have to trust Him and be patient.

Live in hope and don’t ever give up on love. Work towards it by improving yourself and God will push you in the right direction.

God has a plan for you and true love is a part of that plan – but only a part. He sees all aspects of your life and wants you to live your life the best you can.

Accept His timing, don’t rush anything, have faith, and never stop hoping.

How To Have Faith In God’s Timing In Relationships

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