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28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

You like this girl, but you aren’t sure if she’s interested…

Maybe you’re even not that interested in having a relationship with her yourself, but you think there are signs a girl wants you to notice her.

How can you be sure? Well, these signs that a woman wants you to notice her will help you find out if she’s really interested in you.

The truth is, girls don’t usually make the first move, and this is because most of the time they don’t want to.

We want men to chase us, and no matter how much we like a guy, we want him to be the one who makes the first move.

However, we won’t just sit around, hoping that he’ll see that we want him to do that. If a girl wants you to notice her, she will give you little hints about it.

Realizing that a woman’s hinting about something isn’t always so easy for guys.

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

Those hints aren’t always obvious, so they can make you confused, or you perhaps won’t even notice them.

That is why I’m here, to help you get inside her mind and realize if she’s interested in you.

Should you make the first move? Could there be something in her behavior that is telling you that you should?

After reading these signs a girl wants you to notice her, you’ll know the answers to these.

If she shows most of these signs, there’s no doubt about it – she’s interested.

The only question that will be left unanswered after you read this article is if you are interested too?

I’ll leave that one up to you, but if you are, you’ll be happy to find out if you have a shot with her.

You’re about to read the biggest list of signs showing that a woman wants you to notice her, and you’ll finally know the truth.

1. She always comes up with a reason to talk to you

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

If a girl is interested in you and wants you to do something about it, she’ll always have an excuse to contact you and the reason why she wants to talk to you could be anything.

Maybe she wants you to help her decipher the notes she took in class.

Perhaps she needs you to drive her somewhere because there’s something wrong with her car, or she needs your help with a project for work.

It could be anything, but she always comes up with a reason to talk to you.

However, once the two of you do talk, that reason suddenly doesn’t seem so important.

You end up talking about unrelated things, and it looks like she’s happy about that and doesn’t even care about the reason she had.

2. She reaches out to you

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

What would happen if you stopped reaching out to her?

Maybe you aren’t sure that she’s interested, and you don’t want to keep reaching out because of it.

Would that be the end of all communication between the two of you?

If you don’t ever talk to each other again just because you’ve stopped reaching out, it means that you were right to doubt her being interested.

However, if you stop chasing her, and she likes you, it could force her to reach out to you.

This will show you that she really is interested in you because she doesn’t want things to end between the two of you.

If, after reading this article, you still aren’t sure about her feelings for you, don’t text her for a few days.

You need to check if she’ll take the initiative and reach out to you, because if she does, you have a chance with her.

3. She is full of energy

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

She is prepared to do anything when she’s with you. If you asked her to go bungee jumping with you, she would be up for it.

Girls usually like a nice candlelit dinner, but this one seems to even be excited to go for a run with you, as long as you want her to.

She’s excited about any adventure you suggest and full of energy.

This doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t prefer a nice candlelit dinner, because it only means she wants you to see her as a potential partner.

Whatever you want to do, she wants to too, and you notice that she’s just as energetic as you are.

All of her energy is focused on you, so it’s not a surprise that she’s into you.

4. She always has your back

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

Whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation, you can count on her to come to your rescue, because she always does.

She’s there for you whenever you need her, and is always ready to help you however she can.

When you doubt yourself, she shows you how much faith she has in you. She encourages you to become the best possible version of yourself.

All she wants is for you to see yourself through her eyes. Imagine if you could, what would you see? Would you see a man she’s crazy about?

If she stays by your side when things get tough, it’s probably true.

5. She plays with her hair or jewelry

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

One of the signs a girl wants you to notice her is when she plays with her hair.

I know that you probably heard of this a long time ago; it was true decades ago, and it’s just as true today.

We don’t really know why we play with our hair when looking at a guy we like, but all of us girls do it.

Just like your legs shake when you’re feeling nervous, girls instinctively play with their hair when they like a guy.

We don’t even notice that we’re doing it, because, just like with the example of legs shaking, it’s subconscious.

Besides playing with our hair, we also play with our jewelry for the same reason.

Have you noticed her playing with her bracelet, earrings, or a ring around you?

If she doesn’t do it around other people, it’s that subconscious move that lets you know she’s into you.

6. She gazes intensely into your eyes

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

Guys don’t find it easy to figure out what’s going on in women’s minds and this often leaves them wondering whether a girl likes them or not.

However, there are some pretty clear signs a girl wants you to notice her, and one of them is in the way that girl looks at you.

We get lost in the eyes of the man we like, which means that we forget about everything around us, as well as about the situation we’re in.

Have you noticed her often getting lost in your eyes lately? Whether she wants you to know or not, she’s interested.

7. She giggles around you and laughs at your jokes

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

You have to admit it; your jokes aren’t always that funny, but somehow, she seems to find ways to show you that you make her laugh.

Whenever you talk, she seems to be searching for reasons to start laughing at what you’re saying.

If she even giggles around you, it’s pretty obvious that she’s into you.

8. She lets you learn all about her

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

Whether you’re just having small talk or a very meaningful conversation, she lets you read her like a book.

She actually wants you to get to know her for everything she is.

All her dreams and fears, even her insecurities, are no secret to you, because she allows you to learn all about her and she even always lets you know about her schedule and plans. 

When a woman shares everything with you and lets you get to know her that well, it’s one of the signs that a woman wants you to notice her.

9. She connected with you on all of your social media accounts

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

Almost as soon as you met, she friended you on Facebook and followed you on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

She wanted to connect with you on all of your social media accounts because she wanted to make it easier for you to contact her and stay in touch.

Also, getting to see your social media accounts is her way of finding out more about you, and that’s because she likes you.

10. She says she misses you when you’re not around

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

She could say something like: “That party was okay, but it would have been a lot better if you had been there. I missed you.”

However, she doesn’t actually have to use the words, “I missed you,” because she could simply ask, “Where were you the other day?”

She wants you to know that she felt your absence, and it affected her.

Next time you happen to be away for a while, ask her when you get back if she missed you, and if her cheeks turn red, it’s a solid yes.

11. She doesn’t want you to be around other women

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

If things were the way she wanted them to be, there wouldn’t be any other women near you.

Don’t be surprised if she even talks negatively about other girls, like she’s trying to get you away from them.

The thing is, women become a little possessive when they like a man.

One of the signs a woman wants you to notice her is when she doesn’t want you to notice any other women.

12. She blushes at the very mention of your name

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

What happens when she hears your name? Do her eyes twinkle, does a big smile appear on her face, and do her cheeks go red?

Even when she only thinks about you, she blushes because she likes you that much.

Ask someone who was with her when she got a message from you if a grin appeared on her face as soon as she read your name on her phone.

You don’t need her to tell you about it when it’s all over her face. 

She wants you to make the first move and she obviously wants you two to be more than friends, so don’t let her wait for it for much longer.

13. She wants to learn all about you

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

She asks you about your day, wants to know how things are at home, and is curious to find out more about your past relationships.

You can’t count all the questions she has asked you or all the things she has shown interest in when it comes to your personal life.

She wants to know all about you, your hobbies, your likes and dislikes, your favorite things, your family, the music you like, and your pets. 

Do you know why that is? It’s because she’s crazy about you, and wants to get to know you better so that she could like you even more.

Everything about you is valuable information to her that will help her imagine what it would be like to be in a relationship with you.

Even trivial things about you seem fascinating to her.

When you talk, she always asks you open-ended questions and she also has follow-ups because she doesn’t want the conversation to ever end.

14. She often makes physical contact

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

When she touches you, it could be because she is just flirting with you without the intention of having it go any further than that.

However, if one thing’s for sure, it’s that she has some feelings when it comes to you.

When we are attracted to someone, we use every chance to touch them. She will always try to be close to you if she’s interested.

15. She’s your most devoted follower on social media

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

The first comment or like on a photo or status you update comes from her.

It looks like she’s carefully watching everything you post on social media, and wants you to know about it.

If anything says, “I want you to notice me,” it’s those numerous likes and comments.

16. She always has time for you

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

Let me tell you something that is very true; people who are too busy to see you don’t actually want to.

You always find time for the people who matter to you, no matter how busy you get.

If she always has time for you, it doesn’t mean she isn’t busy… it means she makes the time, and that is because she likes you.

17. She wants to be alone with you

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

It’s not only that she wants to spend time with you, but it’s also that she wants there to be just the two of you when she does.

Even when you’re in a group of people, she tries to have some time alone with you so she will come up with all sorts of excuses to achieve her goal.

I need to get some air, this place makes me claustrophobic, or let’s take a walk

She’ll say things like that just to get you away from others so that she can be alone with you.

18. She lets her friends know about it

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

We women talk to our friends about basically everything, and the guy we like is no exception.

Be certain that she’ll talk to her friends about you, and let them know how she feels about you.

As a result, one of them may tell you about it, or at least let you know that they’ve heard a lot about you.

19. She mirrors you

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

A significant sign of subconscious attraction is when a person starts unknowingly imitating your speech pattern, an attitude, or a gesture, and this is called mirroring.

The fact that this is subconscious behavior that isn’t done intentionally can help you figure out how someone really feels about you… even if they don’t want you to.

20. She looks at you when she’s dancing

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

All women dance, but not all of them will look at you to see if you’re watching them.

She will want to have a connection with you through eye contact when she’s dancing, so she’ll often look at you and then look away.

21. She immediately replies when you text her

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

When a girl anticipates your texts and looks forward to talking to you, she’ll reply right away when you send her a text.

Also, her response won’t be just, “lol” or, “OK” because she’ll be eager to talk to you and have a real conversation.

22. She wants to be close to you

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

You can learn a lot by watching someone’s body language.

A woman who likes you will want to be close to you and as a result, her body will always be positioned toward you, she’ll lean into you while you’re talking, and she’ll make sure she stands next to you in a crowd.

If she doesn’t like you, she’ll keep her distance.

23. She never ignores your feelings

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

A girl who likes you will often apologize to you if she thinks she has done something to upset you, even if she hasn’t.

She will want you to like her back, so she’ll always be very sensitive about the feelings you might have. 

If this girl never ignores your feelings, she probably cares about you and wants you to notice her.

She will even give lengthy explanations for her actions if she thinks they could cause you to think less of her or dislike her.

Whenever you get upset, she will try to improve your mood, even if she didn’t cause the bad one you’re in.

24. She takes the time to talk to you

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

When I say she talks to you, I don’t mean when she simply greets you and has a conversation she would have with anyone else.

When you’re in a place where there are other people, you’re her first choice when she wants to talk to someone.

If she answers with only a few necessary words and seems reserved, she probably doesn’t think of you as a potential boyfriend.

However, if she engages with you and responds when you have a conversation, she could be interested to find out if you could start a relationship.

25. She gets nervous when she’s around you

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

A girl who likes you could get nervous when she’s around you and what I mean by that is when she laughs really loudly, her hands shake, she talks more than usual or her voice gets high.

A girl who’s nervous around you because she likes you might play with her hair or jewelry, as I mentioned earlier, or her hands could shake.

She may also play with other things besides her hair and jewelry, such as cups, napkins, or straws.

26. She is always dressed up

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

She used to wear sweatpants almost all the time, but lately, she wears make-up and dresses a lot nicer. 

Could it be that she’s doing that because of you? It could, and maybe because she’s trying to impress you, but it could also mean that she met someone else whose attention she’s trying to get.

How can you tell? Well, if she started dressing up and paying more attention to her appearance recently, that is, when she met you, it could be all about you.

27. She asks for your help

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

When a woman finds herself in a crisis, she’ll want to call the man she likes to help her out.

Of course, that crisis could just be something that she can conveniently use to ask you to come over and spend some time with her.

Maybe she has a jar she can’t open, or there’s a giant spider in her bathroom that she needs you to remove. 

Excuses like these are just signs that a girl wants you to notice her.

28. She is always around you

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

She seems to never be far away from you, even if you haven’t officially met yet.

Of course, it could just be a coincidence but it’s also true that women want to give the man they’re interested in a lot of opportunities to pursue them.

If you’re constantly bumping into each other, and she happens to be everywhere you go, it’s very likely that it’s not just a coincidence.

When a girl wants you to notice her, she’ll always be there where you can notice her – around you.

It’s time for you to stop being scared of rejection because she’s trying to make it easy for you to make the first move.

If she’s doing that, you definitely should!

28 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her

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