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Do Narcissists Know That They’re Narcissists? Are They Totally Oblivious?

Do Narcissists Know That They’re Narcissists? Are They Totally Oblivious?

Do narcissists know that they’re narcissists? This is a question that a lot of us have been dreading to find the answer to.

There’s something about this type of person that just makes us lose our minds. We hate the fact that they’re so good at what they do and the fact we somehow always fall victim to their acting.

Narcissists pretend a lot and it’s never easy to distinguish when they’re being honest or not. This leaves us confused and usually unable to judge properly.

However, we’re aware that certain people can pretend to be something they’re not just to benefit from it. But when it comes to showing off narcissistic traits and behavior, these people don’t have to pretend.

You can use it as a gateway and as an excuse for poor behavior. On the other hand, when a person is suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder, they could be aware of it.

It doesn’t necessarily imply that every narcissist knows that they’re a narcissist. Still, it kind of sounds unbelievable that they couldn’t possibly be aware of their condition.

As the question remains, you start to wonder if they’re really being such a douche on purpose or if it’s something they’re not really proud of.

You’re kind of hoping to hear it’s the latter option because you can’t comprehend that someone would be totally fine with being a narcissist. Trust me, people can surprise you in many ways.

Even if they’re fully aware that they’re narcissists, it doesn’t bring you a lot of peace and comfort.

DONE! Do Narcissists Know That They're Narcissists Are They Totally Oblivious

Some people are oblivious to the fact they’re behaving a certain way. In the same way, a narcissist can be left in the dark about their menacing behavior.

However, these people make a smaller percentage. The majority, on the other hand, make narcissists that are fully conscious of the fact that they’re actual narcissists.

This news doesn’t seem to bother them and actually, they may find it really flattering. I know there’s just a special place in hell for any person who’s aware they’re making others suffer in one way or another.

The most sickening part about this is possibly the fact that they can even feel proud of themselves. You see, the thing is that a narcissist feels entitled to everything.

They have an inflated sense of self that’s ruling their whole life. They can’t really see past their own reflection. Unfortunately, they can’t see the person they are, but rather a deteriorated picture of reality.

It’s all about their imagination really. They see themselves as superior to others and oftentimes in command.

DONE! Do Narcissists Know That They're Narcissists Are They Totally Oblivious

What gives them an even bigger thrill is realizing that others view them the same way. There’s a high chance that if you confront a narcissist they’ll fully admit to being one.

Instead of making them feel perhaps ashamed and guilty, they soak in all the attention you’re giving them. Narcissists know that they’re narcissists and they’re proud of it.

Moreover, they may get the urge to exhibit even more narcissistic behavior and try to determine their worth that way. It’s like adding fuel to the fire and you simply can never win in this game.

If you think about it, narcissists always get what they want in life, no matter what. They can manipulate a person using many ways, such as gaslighting or love-bombing.

Changing for the better is of no interest to them. It’s almost impossible to not be aware of all the damage that a narcissist does to someone.

Therefore, I believe that they’re fully aware of the things they’re doing and the ways they behave. You can’t be completely oblivious to the pain of someone who has fallen victim to your abusive ways!

Now for the real question: why are they happy with that?

DONE! Do Narcissists Know That They're Narcissists Are They Totally Oblivious

You’d think that when a person finds out they should change in some way and start to behave differently, they’d do everything in their might to do so.

That is unless you’ve met a narcissist. They know that they are one, so what’s the point? People that have a narcissistic personality disorder don’t usually hide it, but rather use it to their advantage.

So, it’s probably one of the reasons why they’ve never told anyone on their own. If you don’t ask, you’ll be left in the dark. Simple as that.

However, this decision of theirs to be the ruthless person they are makes you question a lot of things. For instance, why do they admit to being a narcissist and refuse to seek any help?

If they’re already aware of the fact how can they be content with it? Well, truth be told, why wouldn’t they?

A narcissist uses their infamous techniques and strategies to get everything they want in life. So far it worked, so why make any changes now?

DONE! Do Narcissists Know That They're Narcissists Are They Totally Oblivious

They can easily manipulate their way into anything, use other people for their bidding, and get away with a lot more just by being narcissistic.

Honestly, this only makes them more despicable. They’re consciously choosing to hurt another person over and over again.

What’s even more disgusting is that they don’t even care who their next victim will be. Also, they couldn’t care less about the consequences that their words and actions have on those innocent bystanders.

All of this leads us to conclude that narcissists know that they’re narcissists. They love to brag about their accomplishments and how people admire them.

Unfortunately for them, these are all signs of an emotionally unstable person that’s either gone through some sort of trauma or simply has low self-esteem.

Underneath all that cold appearance and twisted mind games lies a person with lots of insecurities that’s been badly hurt or mistreated before. They usually don’t know how to deal with their emotions and what to make of them.

Narcissists want to believe that we are their victims, when in fact, they’re the ones imprisoned by their own nature.

Do Narcissists Know That They're Narcissists? Are They Totally Oblivious?

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