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Narcissists Confess: The Dark Side You Were Always Curious About

Narcissists Confess: The Dark Side You Were Always Curious About

This is something that everyone’s been waiting for – the confessions of a narcissist. I know just how much these infamous people get on our nerves.

I’ve always wondered how can someone be aware of the fact that they’re consciously hurting someone and be completely fine with that.

What does it take for someone to become so cold-hearted and careless? It really makes you think if there’s anything human left in people like them.

What better way to find out than ask a couple of narcissists! You wouldn’t think that this type of person will gladly step forward and speak openly about what’s going on in that mind of theirs.

However, some of them did it without second-guessing. This gives me an eerie feeling about these people as if I hadn’t cringed about them enough.

There’s just something in their bravery and confidence that makes you tremble. I know you’re aware of the fact that most of them think of themselves as entitled and righteous.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if you find a confession that you’re not going to like. After all, they’re the confessions of narcissistic people that care only for themselves.

I’m bound to believe that they gave out these statements and confessions without an ounce of shame, embarrassment, or guilt. It’s just the way they are.

On the other hand, some of these may let you see another side to them. However, don’t feel bad for what they’re about to say because, after all, they’re notorious narcissists!

1. I like being in charge

DONE! Narcissists Confess The Dark Side You Were Always Curious About

“One of the narcissistic traits that make me the person I am is control. I like having full control and power over someone else.

It’s just the thought of dominating someone over their emotions and actions that gets me so thrilled. I hate being weak, so I choose to be the strong one.

I don’t see anything wrong with it. I’m helping people that way because they obviously can’t make up their minds on their own.

Wait. I actually wouldn’t call it dominance. I’d rather use the term guidance, it suits me well. I guide people to make the best choices.

If I didn’t know myself any better, I’d believe I was a fallen angel. Just kidding, I’m just a good person, that’s all.”

– Emmett, 27

2. I feel entitled to do as I please

DONE! Narcissists Confess The Dark Side You Were Always Curious About

“No one can really tell me what I can or can’t do. I am my own boss and that’s how it’s going to stay. Moreover, I don’t need anyone’s approval for my actions and words.

The way I look at it is that I’m a person just like everyone else. I deserve to be happy and do as I please. It’s only basic human rights if you think of it that way.

Why should I fray away from something that makes me happy just because someone else finds it uncomfortable?

If you’re not here to support me, I don’t need you. It’s simple as that really. Some people just like to play it harder I guess.

I know there are some people out there that would love to see me suffer. But I also know they’re just jealous because they can’t do the things I’m allowed.”

– Liam, 29

3. I don’t take the blame

DONE! Narcissists Confess The Dark Side You Were Always Curious About

“I’m done with people putting me at fault for doing something I clearly haven’t done. They get all emotional and start blaming me because they’re so sensitive.

If you can’t deal with the consequences, then don’t act a certain way. Look at me – I always own up to my mistakes and deal with them professionally.

I’ve never pointed a finger at someone else in my entire life for something that was completely my fault. At night, I sleep like a baby knowing this.

People will always try to get out the worst in you and they’ll try it in every way possible. However, I’m not that easily fooled because I don’t trust people to confide in them.

It gets on my nerves when they think I’m giving out confessions when I’m only being honest and real. If I wanted to give out confessions, I would’ve done something bad.”

– Michael, 25

4. I have great expectations

DONE! Narcissists Confess The Dark Side You Were Always Curious About

I know my worth and I like to feel appreciated. If someone can’t give me the gratitude I deserve, they better not come around any time soon.

I feel like people nowadays aren’t as grateful as they used to be. I would personally do everything for someone I love and cherish.

However, you can’t always expect the same treatment in return. There are more and more people every day that will stab you in the back for any reason possible.

You just can’t trust anybody these days. If only I could find someone who’s capable of loving me for who I am. Man, that would make me the happiest man.

I don’t expect much from my partner. She should just be able to listen to me attentively and use my advice because I know better for sure.”

– Lionel, 28

5. I think highly of myself

DONE! Narcissists Confess The Dark Side You Were Always Curious About

“I won’t settle down for the first person that comes my way, no chance of that happening. I know just how much effort I’ve put into myself to make me the man I am today.

I’m honest, faithful, and love caring for my partner. I would never do anything that would intentionally hurt her or let her come into harm’s way.

It’s just how I am really. Call me a hopeless romantic, I don’t care. There are really only a few things that can flatter me because I’m aware of just what a catch I am as well.

Trust me, everyone who’s ever been blessed to have me as their friend or a lover will tell you the same thing. I know for a fact that they’d take me back in a heartbeat if they could.

But you know what? I don’t forgive people that easily. They have to earn my trust and respect because I don’t give a hand out to everyone.”

– Sam, 26

Narcissists Confess: The Dark Side You Were Always Curious About

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