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Controversial Question: Should A Man Help His Girlfriend Financially?

Controversial Question: Should A Man Help His Girlfriend Financially?

You started a sensitive topic with your friends, but you can’t seem to reach any conclusive answer. Should a man help his girlfriend financially?

What could be so wrong with that? Perhaps your friend came to you with this question because her boyfriend offered to help her.

You don’t know the answer to this puzzle and you’ve never contemplated it yourself. You’ve been out for dinner and drinks that your partner paid for, but nothing like this.

How can you ask him for money? What will he think of you? Would that ruin the relationship?

There are millions of questions flooding your mind right now. But what can be so horrific about lending some cash?

I mean, you’re his girlfriend, after all. But if you’re not living together, this conversation might be a bit awkward for the both of you.

It’s one thing sharing your bills with someone or paying rent. But what if you find yourself in an unenviable financial situation where you could use some extra help?

Your boyfriend’s been talking about how he’s earned some extra money lately, so it probably shouldn’t be a problem if he helped you out.

This at-first-glance simple question has got you intrigued. The dilemma of whether a man should help his girlfriend financially all comes down to specific details of the relationship.

Is your relationship healthy and do you trust each other that much? How will he react? Will he think you’re using him for his money?

There are multiple case scenarios that could take place. Before you ask your boyfriend if you could borrow some cash from him, make sure you know the pros and cons of that action.

Should a man help his girlfriend financially?

Controversial Question: Should A Man Help His Girlfriend Financially?

Some people believe that only married couples get to share bills and different expenses. It’s as if only married people have these paying duties.

What if you’re in a relationship with your partner and everything’s going well, but you’re struggling a bit lately? Should a man help his girlfriend financially or should she keep quiet about it and find another solution to her monetary problem?

There are many what-ifs in your mind. You’re concerned about if he’s going to look at you differently. Will he think of you as immature or a freeloader?

If you reached that stage of the relationship where you feel comfortable asking him anything, then you should probably go for it. After all, this may only help you see how he is with his money. Perhaps he likes to pay for everything when you go out, but he also holds onto it dearly.

The outcome can show you what he really thinks of you and if he completely trusts you. It may bring you even closer and strengthen your bond.

On the other hand, some troubles may arise from it. Again, this situation can be perceived from different perspectives, depending on your relationship.

Sometimes it’s easier to ask your partner for help rather than a friend or family member. After all, he’s the person who’s supposed to support you and be there for you through thick and thin.

However, you shouldn’t try to take advantage of his role as a boyfriend. Money is a sensitive topic, and it can cause trouble for even married and older couples.

Here are some reasons a man should help his girlfriend out financially, as well as reasons he shouldn’t. Just remember, it all comes down to where do you stand in the relationship.

Why a man should help his girlfriend financially

There are many reasons why your partner shouldn’t refrain from lending you some cash. It may be difficult asking him for it and you may have to get out of your comfort zone.

However, you’d be surprised how many benefits this favor can bring with it. Perhaps it opens a whole new world for both of you.

We know that money plays an important role in everyone’s lives. This way you’ll see if he’s going to put dollar bills in front of you.

1. It can strengthen your bond

DONE Should A Man Help His Girlfriend Financially Or Is It Risky 2

This is only one of the reasons a man should help his girlfriend financially. If you find yourself in this type of situation, you’ll be glad to ask him for help.

This way both of you will gain more trust in each other. It shows each of you just how responsible you can be with more serious matters.

Moreover, you’ll learn that you can always rely on your partner in times of need. You’re convinced that your boyfriend will support you no matter what.

It’s not only the cash that matters here. It shows you his willingness to stick with you in the tough times as well. If he wasn’t boyfriend material, he would’ve likely given some poor excuse.

A man who is eager to help his girlfriend financially without further questioning is a man of desirable qualities. After this, you’ll be more open with each other and know you can tackle life’s issues together.

2. It can improve your relationship

If you’ve been recently struggling with your relationship, the thought of asking for money doesn’t sound so appealing to you.

However, it just might be something that’s going to get you out of that gloomy space you’re stuck in. Perhaps you subconsciously put a strain on your relationship because your financial problems were draining you mentally.

You neglected your partner and your bond because of your issues. Once you mustered up the courage to ask him for money, you felt sudden relief.

All of that burden fell off your shoulders and you felt the tension in the air drop. All it took was to just spit it out and express what you’re dealing with.

It might teach you a valuable lesson – that it’s best to communicate your concerns with your loved one and not keep them to yourself.

3. You’re partners

Controversial Question: Should A Man Help His Girlfriend Financially?

Being in a romantic relationship doesn’t mean around-the-clock rainbows and sunshine. It’s not enough to be there only when everything’s going smoothly.

When two people love each other, it implies there will be other qualities that define the relationship. Love isn’t enough to suffice its growth and strength.

You need to have mutual respect, responsibility, and understanding. If you can’t grow a pair and ask your partner for some cash, what do you expect of your relationship?

A man’s willingness to help his girlfriend financially isn’t something you should second-guess if you deem your relationship a serious one.

If he notices you’re undergoing some issues currently, he’ll offer help himself. You don’t have to beat around the bush and feel ashamed if what you have is real.

4. You’ll look at him differently

You already love your boyfriend and think of him as the best thing that’s ever happened to you. You think couldn’t love him any more, right? Wrong.

When someone is there to help us out in tough times, our appreciation for them deepens. Friends are known for sticking by in times of trouble and not for joy.

This way he’ll show you that he’s not only ready to share the good moments with you, but also the dark ones. He should definitely help you out financially if he has the opportunity.

In return, he’ll receive something much more valuable – your loyalty. A loyal girlfriend is perhaps the best gift he could ever receive.

This selfless act will really show you how much you mean to him and that he’s ready to commit. It’s a sensitive topic, but it just may be the push you needed to get into the next stage of the relationship.

When a man should NOT help his girlfriend financially

DONE Should A Man Help His Girlfriend Financially Or Is It Risky 4

Even though there are many benefits that can help improve your relationship regarding this little loan, things could also go the other way.

There’s always a risk of things going downhill after you ask your partner for a favor or a service. As I previously mentioned, it all depends upon where you stand in your relationship.

It could potentially take turn for the worse, but don’t blame yourself for it. If your man isn’t ready to help you out financially, then he probably isn’t ready to fully commit to the relationship.

Money shouldn’t be a problem if it’s true love. If he feels offended or starts making excuses, I think it’s time to second-guess your decision regarding your partner.

However, also don’t feel that he’s obliged to constantly help you out. If you regularly rely on him for some cash when you run out of it and you’re so careless about it, it can easily deter him.

1. You feel like it’s his duty

Let me get this clear: A man is not required to help his girlfriend financially all the time. Boyfriends are not obliged to buy you things or pay for your rent and bills.

If you think of your partner as someone who’s there only to financially support you, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

You shouldn’t put your boyfriend under the obligation to pay for your stuff and rely on him for financial reasons. It’s not fair.

If you create a pattern of every month asking him for some cash, that becomes suspicious. It doesn’t mean help anymore, it means you’re taking advantage of him.

You know he won’t turn you down and say no, even if he’s struggling on his own. If you don’t feel any remorse about leaving him broke just to meet your needs, then he should really reconsider his choice.

2. You don’t offer repayment

Controversial Question: Should A Man Help His Girlfriend Financially?

“There’s this one question that keeps bothering me and I’m just gonna say it. Should a man help his girlfriend financially?”

Well, I believe it goes without saying that you should at least offer to repay him the money. I mean, I would definitely do that.

Perhaps he told you that it isn’t necessarily the first time and you shouldn’t bother. This was his first mistake, as you understood that as if you’re not obliged to pay him back.

It’s like going to the bank to get money for free, how awesome! Nope. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not how things go.

He may be too proud to take back the money, but it doesn’t mean you should assume the freedom to just forget about the favor.

What’s mine is yours doesn’t really work that way. If everything he has is yours and nothing you have is his, doesn’t that tell you something?

I’m sorry to say this, but you’re starting to look more like a gold digger now. If you continue asking him for more cash for something you don’t really need, you’re only after his money.

It’s not true love if you only see dollar signs when you meet up, trust me. Borrowing some money when you really need it is one thing, but emptying his pockets for your satisfaction is simply taking advantage!

3. You’re not thankful

A man should help his girlfriend financially only if he sees she deserves it. If he did it once and never got a simple thank you, he probably won’t do it again.

Don’t think of him as a fool who is so blinded by your unconditional love. Believe it or not, he can see right through your act.

You may get away with it once or twice, but who are you kidding? When he realizes you don’t show him any appreciation for his selfless acts, he’s going to start questioning it.

Of course, you shouldn’t fall onto your knees every time he does a good deed. However, don’t try to play his trust and take him for granted.

That’s not desirable behavior. Moreover, if you keep it up, you’re more likely to end up broke and without a boyfriend.

Bottom line

DONE Should A Man Help His Girlfriend Financially Or Is It Risky 6

A man should help his girlfriend financially if she really needs it. However, he shouldn’t feel that it’s his duty to be at her service whenever she drains her bank account.

Show him that you appreciate him for taking care of you and offer to repay. He may not want to take it, but if you don’t offer, you could be perceived as ungrateful.

Even though he should always try to be there for you and support you, don’t use that to your advantage. There are different situations where a man should and should not help his girlfriend financially.

After all, this only goes to show both of you how much you’ve improved in your qualities and relationship. It can help set foundations for future dilemmas you’re facing and reinforce the trust you have for each other.

Don’t feel ashamed or uncomfortable talking about these fixable issues. Above all, communication is the most important tool you can use in a relationship.

Controversial Question: Should A Man Help His Girlfriend Financially?

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