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Did He Unfollow Me For Attention? Explaining His Boyish Games

Did He Unfollow Me For Attention? Explaining His Boyish Games

“He’s driving me insane! Did he unfollow me for attention, or was he never interested to begin with?!”

Well, now that your brain is scrambled from all the different questions, I feel like you need someone to help you out. Men can drive us insane with the smallest things they do, but at least we can be there for each other.

You thought that things were going great! It doesn’t matter that you had your disagreements because you know that with a little bit of communication, everything can be solved.

He obviously didn’t think that way.

Whether you were in a relationship or just going through the talking stage, this type of behavior is unacceptable. A guy who thinks that it’s fun to block you whenever he feels like it isn’t even worth your time.

However, sometimes it’s not that easy. The heart wants what it wants, and right now, it wants to know what’s his deal.

You know just as well as I do that it’s not the end of the world, but your world is slowly crumbling.

Social media has a huge impact on every person in this day and age, whether we want to admit it or not. We post pics, we love to follow people who are interesting to us, and we always scroll through the list of those who follow us back.

Now, your ex unfollowed you. It bothers you and you want to know what’s happening!

Well, buckle up, we’re going on a fun ride through your ex’s brain!

Did he unfollow me for attention?

Did He Unfollow Me For Attention Explaining His Boyish Games

Who knows him better than you do? You were in a relationship with this man or you talked to him for a long time.

You know the way he thinks as well as the way he acts when you deprive him of your attention. At times, he becomes so desperate that he makes a scene, but other times it’s a passive-aggressive attack on you.

You saw that the number of your Instagram followers went down, so you went through the list and discovered that your ex has unfollowed you. He may even block you if he thinks that it’s the only way to get your attention.

It’s a weird way to go about things. He knows that you’ll pay attention to him if he makes a scene, so he does something dramatic to catch you off guard.

I mean, who would’ve thought that this man would go this far? He obviously didn’t see another way to handle things.

Now, he’s waiting for the moment when you’ll give him your undivided attention.

I can promise you that it doesn’t matter on which platform he blocked you, whether it’s Snapchat or Whatsapp, he still wants the same thing.

As I already told you, you know him better than anyone. You know if he’s really an attention-seeking boy who’s desperate enough to think that this is a power move, or if there’s something else at play.

Either way, there could be other reasons that you may want to look into.

8 other possible reasons why he would unfollow you

1. He’s trying to move on

DONE Did He Unfollow Me For Attention Explaining His Boyish Games 2

“Well, did he unfollow me for attention?” You can never be quite certain with men. However, there are other possibilities that may be even more accurate.

Once a guy unfriends you on Facebook and unfollows you on Insta, he immediately starts to live another life. This could sound a little too magical, but for most men, it’s easy to break off any contact and to move on.

Sometimes, if he needs more time, it’s easier to suffer in silence than to see your posts. He wants to move on with his life and he can’t do that if he has a constant reminder of you.

With that being said, you can easily determine if this is truly the case. Did he become cold right before he unfollowed you or blocked you? Is this the kind of thing that he usually does, or is this really out of the norm?

If it’s something that he does on the regular just to follow you again in a couple of days, then he’s really doing it for attention. However, if it’s the first time he makes this move, then you may consider something more serious.

2. He’s hurt

Your ex-boyfriend may be heartbroken, so he made the decision to unfollow you for his well-being. You may want your ex back, but he’s going through a lot of pain, and he didn’t know what else to do.

It hurts to see you. Especially when you always post pics of yourself having fun with your friends. Maybe you’re even a blogger, and he has to watch how successful you are while he’s going through very trying times.

He wanted to make his social media accounts safe for usage by getting rid of his ex-girlfriend. Once you’re hurting this much, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to always watch the person who’s the cause of your pain.

He knows that it’ll hurt him not to have access to you anymore, but it’s still better than having to deal with the fact that he’s not a part of your life anymore.

3. There are too many memories

Did He Unfollow Me For Attention Explaining His Boyish Games

I remember when my ex and I broke up, and I would always wonder if he did unfollow me for attention. He would play those passive-aggressive games whenever he could, so I just assumed that that was the case again.

However, there’s something that he told me when we finally sat down to talk. He said that everything reminded him of the time we had together.

It doesn’t just mean that it’s pain-inducing, but rather that it makes him angry. It’s a reminder of the life he could’ve had but doesn’t, and the memories are completely throwing him off.

You know very well how hard it is to see a picture of your ex on his profile while knowing that you were the one behind the camera. You took that photo, and now you have that constant reminder in front of you.

I can assume that this is an issue that your ex is also facing right now. He’s not sure if he can handle the memories, especially when there’s a lot to process after the breakup.

Why would you even want to remember those things in the first place? He’s just looking out for himself, and you should probably respect that.

4. You’re in a new relationship

I don’t understand why you’re even wondering, “did he unfollow me for attention.” You shouldn’t even be thinking about your ex if you’re in a new relationship.

You can say that it’s because he’s also your best friend, but if that’s the case, then you know for a fact that he can’t handle seeing you with someone who’s not him.

Your relationship with your ex can stay friendly, but you should understand how hard it is for him to actually see someone else’s hands all over you. You’re giving him a hard time by demanding that he continues to follow you.

Your ex wants to be free from those posts. It doesn’t have to be in order to catch your attention because you obviously have someone new in your life.

If he feels like he’s lost you completely, then there’s nothing to look for anymore. He doesn’t need your text messages or your selfies anymore. All he needs is his freedom, so he took it upon himself to unfollow you.

5. He wants to create a barrier so you don’t text him

DONE Did He Unfollow Me For Attention Explaining His Boyish Games 4

What better way to avoid getting texts from someone than to unfollow them (or block them)?

He knows you just as well as you know him. If he’s aware that you’re too prideful to contact him after something like this, then he knows that he won’t get your attention by blocking you.

This is his way of keeping his distance from you. It doesn’t always have to be some weird game, but rather a genuine way to create space.

So, if you’re trying to figure out if he’s trying to be sneaky, while also being aware of the fact that your ego won’t allow you to contact him, then there’s nothing to worry about.

He’s just trying to create a barrier so he doesn’t have to deal with texts from you. When a guy unfollows you it may be because he’s not just that interested in you anymore.

6. He wants to save himself from a stupid mistake

When you start to ask yourself “did he unfollow me for attention” I believe you know the answer to this question. Especially if he texted you last week out of the blue that he misses you.

You can vividly remember those text messages and phone calls because you really did think that it was weird. Afterward, you learned that he got drunk and kept texting you through the entire night.

He’s the type of guy who can’t help himself. He’ll text you when he has a few more drinks than he should.

The act of unfollowing saves him from making that stupid mistake again and again. It’s easier when you end on good terms, but everything falls apart when one of you reaches out every now and then.

So, now he made sure that this didn’t happen again. He wants to know that he’s safe and that he can drink with his friends without waking up to a conversation with you that he doesn’t even remember.

If this is really the case, then good luck. Simply because unfollowing you won’t be enough for someone who can’t control their actions when they’re drunk.

7. He wants to live rent-free in your brain

Did He Unfollow Me For Attention Explaining His Boyish Games

Men know how well ghosting works. Let’s be honest, we can’t get a guy out of our head once he starts to ignore our text messages.

Does he even like me? Why doesn’t he like me? Did I do something wrong? What if he has someone else?

That’s when a guy gets a free pass into your brain. Especially if he knows that you pay close attention to your follower list! He knows that you’ll check it and that you’ll go crazy trying to decipher his behavior.

Now, he’s living rent-free in your head, and he didn’t even do much. He doesn’t have to be a special guy to be able to do this, he just needs to play his cards right.

You’re baffled why he did it and you’re suffering. This is exactly what he anticipated because he has all of your attention while also mocking you from the sidelines.

His cruel ways are the only thing that you should focus on right now because this will remind you that you’re better off not talking to him at all.

8. He knows you’re out of his league

Once a woman asks herself, “did he unfollow me for attention” she also feels like the guy thinks she’s dumb or something. Did he really think that this would get her attention? Well, this poor guy thinks too highly of himself.

However, it could simply be that he thinks you’re too good for him. Yes, things like this can happen even if your insecurities tell you otherwise.

If you’re a successful, beautiful, charming, and smart woman, then he won’t even try to make a move on you. Even if you were in the talking stage for a couple of months, it’s still hard for him to believe that you’d be interested in him.

He’s not doing this for attention but rather to stop himself from setting any high expectations. His mind is telling him that it’ll only backfire, and he’ll get heartbroken.

What can you do when he unfollows you for attention?

DONE Did He Unfollow Me For Attention Explaining His Boyish Games 6

Now that you understand all the different reasons why he unfollowed you, maybe you should consider what you can do. Imagine if this type of thing happened on any other platform, like Tinder; I believe that you’d know what to do next.

However, this is a specific situation that bothers you to the maximum. So, how can you react without losing your mind while screaming, “did he unfollow me for attention?!”

1. Nothing

It’s that simple. You may think that it’s easier said than done, but the truth is that you can control your actions and (sometimes) your emotions; which automatically means that you can control what you do about this.

If you have trouble checking his social media all of the time and you feel like you’ll give in, and you’ll text him, then simply let your friends take your phone away. This is a very drastic thing to do, but it’s also the best option if you tend to make all sorts of excuses for yourself.

Don’t give him that one thing that he’s asking for. I mean, he doesn’t want you; all he wants is your attention. He can get that from so many other women because a woman knows how to make a man feel loved and appreciated.

I know that this isn’t something that you want to hear, but it’s the truth. So, I would advise you to do nothing and to simply forget about him.

Don’t text him to ask him what happened, don’t text him to start an argument, and don’t apologize for things that you haven’t even done. Just don’t do anything.

2. Focus on yourself more than anything else

Did He Unfollow Me For Attention Explaining His Boyish Games

Once you start to focus on yourself, you won’t have time to think about “did he unfollow me for attention?!” My Instagram account gains and loses followers each and every day. It’s never been stable for more than a few consecutive days.

What would happen if I checked every single person who unfollowed me? I’d probably go insane!

I don’t care because I choose to focus on myself! And how do I do that? Well, by listening to my body and realizing what I can do to become a better friend to myself.

You probably wanted to do so many things, but you never did. Now it’s the right time to explore the world and to create a life that you can be proud of. Don’t just sit at home and check every minute if he’s still not following you!

Imagine all the things you could do if you weren’t so obsessed over a guy whose only interest in life is to get a girl’s attention by being a complete and utter douche. Simply let go of the version of him that you created in your head and turn to the real life that becomes magical if you try hard enough.

Focus on yourself! Stop thinking about a guy who obviously thinks you’re easy to manipulate! Stop it!

3. Don’t let him back into your life

He’ll try to make a comeback. Wanna bet? I can tell you right now, with complete certainty, that he’ll follow you again sooner than you may believe.

This will happen if you stick to our plan and you don’t do anything about him and his stupid, boyish games. He’ll see that he can’t get your attention by ignoring you, so he’ll try to turn things around.

Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t know that you’re a strong woman who couldn’t care less about him! Block him!

Okay, that was aggressive. What I meant to say is that you should be very protective of your energy. No one should be allowed to simply barge into your life and make a mess when you know for a fact that life can be beautiful without drama.

So, my genuine advice to you is to not let him back into your life. He’ll try multiple times to show you that he’s the right choice for you, but you should never give in to his pleading.

4. Understand that playing games isn’t the best way to start a new relationship

DONE Did He Unfollow Me For Attention Explaining His Boyish Games 8

Imagine if you started a relationship with this man. Take a moment to think about everything that’s happening and understand that nothing good can come out of this.

Do you genuinely believe that a man who’s good for you would behave like this? Of course, he wouldn’t! He would never make you question his adoration of you, nor would he make you think, “did he unfollow me for attention.”

Are we not adults? Or should we simply believe that we can change people, even though that theory was proven wrong multiple times in the past?!

If your relationship starts like this, then it won’t become any better over time. He may lovebomb you for a while to convince you otherwise, but let your brain guide you.

You’ll live a better and healthier life without toxic people in it; I can promise you that much.

Final thoughts

I really took a moment to think about the reasons why women take so much time reading into everything, and I understand you completely. It’s a devious symphony that no one wants to admit we’re playing on the dating field.

With social media taking a huge toll on human relationships in general, we have to consider the way they impact romance. It’s frustrating and tiring to read every text twice and to scroll through his pics just to see the type of girl that he likes to hang out with.

I would like to remind you that previous generations didn’t have these issues, and you can still see loving couples walking the streets. So, stop obsessing over the fact that he is or isn’t following you.

Who cares? Don’t give him the attention that he’s seeking; otherwise, you’ll fall into a rabbit hole that you won’t get out of.

Life is too short to spend it thinking about “did he unfollow me for attention.” You can spend your time on much better things.

Did He Unfollow Me For Attention? Explaining His Boyish Games

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