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How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game? 8 Ways To Checkmate Him

How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game? 8 Ways To Checkmate Him

He’s the most intriguing and frustrating guy you’ve ever had the displeasure of conversing with, yet you can’t seem to keep him off your mind. Aargh! How to beat an Aries man at his own game!? Is it even possible?

You have no idea what’s going on with you. You’re an intelligent, successful, young woman who doesn’t have time to play mind tricks on some random guy with a superiority complex.

On the other hand, you’re no stranger to the thrill of the chase and you would love to add him to the list of your conquests.

You owe it to yourself to put this guy in his place. Who gave him the permission to be so… perfect? You shouldn’t be saying this, but let’s be honest – he seems to be the perfect guy for you. He’s handsome, quick-witted, and in possession of just the right amount of Aries arrogance.

The last thing you want to do is boost his already inflated ego. Unfortunately for you, this means you have to beat this Aries man at his own game. Every man has a weakness, you just have to uncover his and use it to your advantage. Let’s dive in.

Understanding an Aries man

How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game? 8 Ways To Checkmate Him

If you want to beat an Aries man at his own game, you should familiarize yourself with the most prominent features of his zodiac sign. What’s he looking for in a woman? What’s he like when he’s interested in someone?

Firstly, an Aries man is passionate, fearless, and highly self-sufficient. He doesn’t need a woman to make him happy, and he would never be in a relationship with someone just to avoid being lonely. He isn’t afraid of commitment, but he won’t waste his valuable time on anyone.

Secondly, and more importantly, an Aries man loves to play games. He’s confident in his abilities, enjoys flirting and teasing, and absolutely lives for the thrill of the chase. He keeps an array of carefully thought-out strategies under his sleeve, and he’s not afraid to use them all!

He’ll play little tricks on you, test your patience, and push your limits. At the risk of ruining his reputation, it’s important to mention that an Aries man won’t do these things unless he really likes you. He wouldn’t chase after you if he didn’t find you fascinating.

Don’t expect an Aries man to talk about his emotions. He would rather act tough than admit that he has feelings for you. Don’t let yourself get fooled by his rough exterior – if he’s going through all this effort to tease you, ruffle your feathers, and be in your presence, he must really like you!

But how to beat an Aries man at his own game? Is there a way to do so?

It’s simple – use his own game against him. Observe his behavior, break a couple of dating rules, and always be one step ahead of him. Act like a lady, think like a man. Luckily for you, there are a couple of tricks you can shove up your sleeve!

How to beat an Aries man at his own game

An Aries man is a tough nut to crack, but that doesn’t mean you should cross him off your list. Even though we did focus on his primal instincts, an Aries man has a lot to offer to the world (and he’s completely aware of his value).

If you beat him at his own game, you’ll get to see a side of him nobody else has access to. An Aries man is a passionate partner who isn’t afraid of working hard to ensure the success of his relationship. He’ll go above and beyond to satisfy you emotionally, mentally, and physically.

If you have your heart set on this man, my advice is to just go for it. You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Be spontaneous, mysterious, and intriguing – even if you don’t manage to win him over, an Aries man is a great addition to your friend circle.

Without further ado, let the game begin!

1. Put the spotlight on yourself

DONE How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game 2

An Aries man is pretty reserved when it comes to sharing his valuable time with someone he just met. He might play tricks on you, trying to figure out whether you’ll get angry if he doesn’t call you or decides to spend a weekend with his friends instead of you.

Independence is extremely important to an Aries man. You might not approve of his approach, but you have to understand his unwillingness to be with anyone who needs constant attention and reassurance. Where’s the appeal in that?

If you want to beat him at his own game, you need to find a way to keep him wanting more. Focus on yourself and your own personal growth. There’s nothing more attractive to an Aries man than a successful, self-sufficient woman who doesn’t need a guy to tell her what to do with her time.

Keep yourself busy. Work on achieving your fitness goals, sign up for a course to learn something you always wanted to, find some time to catch up with your friends. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it for yourself. Show him you don’t have any time to waste, either!

2. Surround yourself with a veil of mystery

An Aries man might seem interested in you at first, but if you don’t live up to his expectations, he’s out. He gets bored easily, and he has zero interest in staying in a relationship with someone who doesn’t challenge him or bring anything new to the table.

Mystery piques an Aries man’s interest. If you just started dating or casually seeing each other, make sure to keep him on his toes. Don’t reveal too much about yourself, don’t let him know anything about your plans, and don’t let him anticipate your next move.

You might think it’s a bad idea to pretend you don’t like him. But, you have to remember that an Aries man is someone who attracts a lot of female attention. If you show your interest too soon, you’ll get lost in the sea of other women who tried to win him over and failed.

You want to stand out from the competition. Don’t be afraid to turn the tables on him. Let him think he’s the one chasing you and trying to conquer your heart. He’ll be so taken aback by the fact that he has to work for a woman’s attention for once in his life!

3. Master the game of hot and cold

How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game? 8 Ways To Checkmate Him

One thing’s for sure: An Aries man doesn’t have the patience to wait for anything. He’s so accustomed to having everything served to him on a silver platter and in a timely manner, that he can’t stand waiting for someone to make up their mind.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s no stranger to keeping women waiting for him to call them back, send them a message, or ask them out on a date. He doesn’t see an issue in that because he’s never experienced it on his skin.

But, if you were to do the same to him, he would have to stop and wonder who has the audacity to keep him on his toes. This is your opportunity to play some mind tricks on him. If you want to beat an Aries man at his own game, you have to be ready to play dirty.

Next time he calls you, don’t answer your phone. When he texts you to check if you’d like to come over, either leave him hanging or respond a couple of hours later telling him you were busy. Instead of making excuses, let him know when he can reach you in case he wants to reschedule.

When you do see each other, act as if nothing happened. Make sure he has the best time of his life – be flirtatious, laugh at his jokes, and use all your feminine power to drive him crazy. He’ll have no idea how you actually feel about him, which will make him want to pursue you even harder.

4. Compete with him

“How to beat an Aries man at his own game when he seems like a great player?”

Trust me, this guy isn’t perfect and like everyone else, he also has a sore spot. He’s extremely competitive and loves to dominate whichever situation he finds himself in.

However, he’s a sore loser – he can’t stand the thought of somebody being better than him.

Try learning more about his hobbies and interests, and arrange a competition. You don’t have to organize a football game or run a marathon, you could simply try finding something both of you enjoy doing and start from there.

If he loves playing video games, you can act as if you have no idea what you’re doing and ask him to show you the ropes. Once you start winning, he won’t be able to believe his eyes. Don’t comfort him, he’s just jealous he lost to his own student!

You can also try a little gaslighting. Whenever he tells you he accomplished something amazing, got a promotion at work, or earned a bonus, act unimpressed and as if he only got lucky. Remind him of the (significantly bigger) bonus you earned last week, or inform him you turned down the same promotion.

Don’t forget, this only works if you do manage to beat him at his own game. If you lose, you’ll just boost his ego and make him even more annoying than he was beforehand.

5. Compliment him

DONE How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game 4

Bear with me, there’s a good reason you should compliment an Aries man if you want to beat him at his own game. It goes hand in hand with the hot and cold game. You don’t want him to think you’re completely uninterested in any kind of relationship with him.

Just like any man, he likes to be complimented and appreciated. An Aries man is completely aware of his value and everything he brings to the table, so you want to make sure your compliment game is strong. A simple “You’re handsome” or “I like your hair” just won’t cut it.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t compliment his looks, but try to be more creative with what you say. Tell him you love the way he smells, or that the sound of his voice makes your knees weak. Whenever he does something impressive, tell him you’re proud of him, or that you love the way his mind works.

You get the point. Regular, washed-out compliments won’t help you achieve your goals with an Aries man. You want to make sure he knows you’re paying attention to how he acts around people, and how he presents himself. A guaranteed confidence boost – not that he needs one!

6. Compliment other men in front of him

You might be feeling a bit confused at this point, trying to figure out how to beat an Aries man at his own game. But don’t forget that you want to make him fall for you, but not before you have some fun playing a couple of harmless tricks on him.

He may seem like an epitome of arrogance, but he’s plagued by insecurities just like anyone else. He might not be too happy to see you flirting with other men while you’re claiming to be interested in him. Not only will this hurt his ego, but it will also make him feel inadequate and not good enough.

Let’s be clear, though. It’s never okay to play with his emotions and make him question your intentions. You can simply throw in a couple of compliments when you see a handsome man walk past you on the street, or comment on your colleague’s presentation in front of him.

An Aries man loves some healthy competition. Teasing him in this way might make him want to prove himself to you. If you want to take things a bit further, you can say something along the lines of “My ex had a BMW, too! I think it was the newer model, though!”

Word of advice, don’t take it too far. It’s all fun and games until someone gets their heart broken. It’s okay to have fun, play some harmless mind games, and tease him to provoke a reaction – as long as you make sure nobody ends up getting hurt.

7. Show off your assets

How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game? 8 Ways To Checkmate Him

Girl, you don’t need another weapon to beat an Aries man at his own game. Show him what he’s missing out on while he’s busy pretending he doesn’t want to come over and rip your clothes off. Excuse my French!

All jokes aside, an Aries man isn’t known to stay immune to female charm. He loves a successful woman who has all eyes on her whenever she enters a room. Next time you’re working on a project together, wear your killer heels, keep your head up, and command that meeting.

Don’t be afraid to show off your witty sense of humor and your impressive knowledge of current affairs – in the same conversation. Question his attitude towards particular subjects, correct him if he makes an uninformed conclusion, and don’t be afraid to lead the conversation.

Trust me, an Aries man won’t be able to take his eyes off of you. If you do this, as well as everything else we’ve talked about in this article, you’re guaranteed to win him over. He won’t be able to resist your female charm once you show him everything you’ve got up your sleeve.

8. Be honest with him

You can never go wrong with honesty. We can spend hours talking about things you need to do to get his attention or things you need to avoid if you don’t want to scare him away, but we aren’t psychic. Unless you have a serious conversation with an Aries man, you might never find out how he feels about you.

Beating him at his own game shouldn’t be more important than getting to know him better and seeing if the two of you have a real shot at a healthy relationship. If you’re willing to go through all this effort to pique his interest, you must really like him.

The best thing you can do is be honest with him. Next time he asks you out on a date, wear your big girl pants and tell him how you feel. Don’t be disappointed if he asks you to give him some time to think and process his emotions.

An Aries man might need more time to figure things out, especially after you’ve spent so much time dropping hints and trying to manipulate him into becoming a part of your life. If he ends up reciprocating your feelings, you need to make sure you play open cards.

Have a serious conversation and talk through everything you did to each other. Once you set the record straight, you can move on and have a healthy relationship without scheming, playing games, or being dishonest with each other.

I beat an Aries man at his own game… Now what!?

DONE How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game 6

Firstly, you need to answer a couple of questions. Did you play this game because you wanted to beat an Aries man at his own game? Or did you play it because you had real feelings for him and wanted to find a way to make him interested in you?

If the answer to the first question is yes, you might want to remove yourself from the situation entirely. Maybe you considered him arrogant and you wanted to put him back in his place, or you thought he was a player and you wanted to show him you could beat him at his game.

Either way, you had your fun and now it’s time to move on. You shouldn’t strive to hurt him or to manipulate him into falling in love with you. Don’t forget that playing hot and cold games should be fun for both of you. If one of you no longer enjoys the thrill of the chase, simply stop whatever you’re doing.

If the answer to the second question is yes, you should prepare yourself for some serious talk with your Aries man. There’s nothing wrong with catching feelings for someone, and you shouldn’t be ashamed to admit how you feel.

Even if you fell for him while you were still playing tricks on each other, it’s best to come clean and have a serious conversation. Keeping your feelings a secret can only lead to more pain and desperation.

Think about it. If he feels the same way about you, you’ll be the happiest girl in the world. An Aries man can be incredibly loyal, loving, and passionate once he falls in love. Any girl would be lucky to be in a relationship with him!

Final thoughts

Playing games with an Aries man is no joke. An Aries man is incredibly competitive and he will do everything in his power to win. He loves teasing, making you feel like a princess one day and not calling the other, and making it seem like you’re the one chasing him.

However, there’s a good chance he’s initiating this game because he wants to get closer to you. Even though an Aries man doesn’t need a reason to approach a woman, he might choose to do it this way to protect his reputation (especially if you share the same workplace!)

Nobody would go through all this effort for someone they’re not interested in. An Aries man is incredibly independent, which means that he doesn’t need a woman or relationship to keep him happy. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want one!

If you want to beat an Aries man at his own game, use his own game against him. Observe his behavior, always be one step ahead of him, and make him believe he’s the one chasing you. An Aries man might be a tough nut to crack, but he’s worth the hustle!

If you beat him at his own game, you’ll earn his respect and admiration. You should never bend over backward to impress any man, but if this is the outcome you were hoping for, congratulations are in order!

How To Beat An Aries Man At His Own Game? 8 Ways To Checkmate Him

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