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16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

I won’t lie to you, there are upsides and downsides to dating a cougar, and I’ll tell you about them.

However, we’ll focus on the many benefits of dating a cougar that you maybe weren’t aware of and you’ll also get to find out some useful tips for dating a cougar.

A cougar is, as you probably know, an older woman. Whether she’s in her late 30s, 40s, or 50s, a cougar is fit, confident, and beautiful.

She has the enthusiasm and energy that men her age often can’t match and this is the type of woman who is stable, whether it’s emotionally or financially.

Let me first tell you the pros of dating a cougar. She is experienced, mature, and independent, and she won’t play with your emotions.

This is a woman who knows exactly what she wants, and there’s no unnecessary drama. She quickly adapts to change, and she has faced many fears, so she knows how to handle difficult situations.

You’ll see more benefits of dating a cougar below, but what about the cons?

While many people support a younger woman-older man relationship, a younger man-older woman relationship isn’t that popular so you might not feel confident to share your relationship with your loved ones because of the fear that they’ll judge you.

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

If it’s okay for a younger woman to date an older man, why would it be any different the other way around?

However, let’s not forget that older women come with baggage. Most of the time, they were already married, so that baggage comes in the form of divorce, an ex, and possibly children.

Will that stop you from dating a cougar? I don’t think that it should.

A lot of guys are attracted to older women, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, age isn’t just a number, and therefore dating a cougar can be tough.

It’s worth it when you fall in love with an amazing older woman who will teach you a lot of things and in any case, this is a woman who won’t ever pressure you to get married and have children. After all, she has probably already done those things, and now she’s just looking for someone to make her happy. 

Dating a cougar will make you realize a lot of things, and I’ll mention them in these tips for dating one. If you choose to get into a relationship with an older woman, no one should judge you; an older woman has a lot to offer, and as I already said, there are many benefits of dating a cougar. 

So, if you’re looking for tips for dating a cougar, read these reasons why dating one is a good idea.

Dating a cougar

Are you dating a cougar or considering it? Well, don’t let anything stop you because here are all the reasons why dating a cougar is a good idea.

1. She has a life of her own

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

The great thing about older women is that they don’t need you to entertain them all the time. 

You won’t hear a cougar complain about being bored and she also won’t ever beg for your attention because she has a life of her own. This is a woman who pursues interests of her own, and therefore, you’ll have a lot to talk about with her.

She has a life that includes her home, friends, career, and money, and it’s all her own. A man dating her knows that her life will go on even when he’s not there beside her.

The fact that she has her own money shows that at some point, she worked hard to earn it. You don’t need to impress a woman like this with cash because she has enough of it.

2. She knows what she wants

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

Young women are still discovering dating and everything that goes with it, so they often aren’t sure about what it is that they want. Older women, on the other hand, know exactly what they want.

A cougar isn’t interested in playing games, and she’ll do anything it takes to get what she wants. That implies that this type of woman is upfront with her intentions and desires, unlike many young girls.

If she can’t be in a relationship, a cougar would rather choose to be alone. She has a lot of friends and activities outside of the relationship, even when it’s a good one.

An older woman won’t let a man consume her life, and he’ll be only a part of it as she has a lot of other things going on.

The thing about her is that she doesn’t need you, she just wants you. Many younger women will need their boyfriend to provide them with an identity and future and unlike them, an older woman knows what she wants and just wants to share it with you. 

She will never think that she’ll die if you ever leave her, and that’s what makes you love her.

3. She appreciates a younger man

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

An older woman will appreciate the fact that a younger man chose her over a lot of young women. It makes her feel more attractive, and that feeling adds more passion and excitement to her interactions.

Just because an older woman is open to dating a younger man it doesn’t mean that she wants to date a boy. She wants a strong and powerful man, and you’ll need to show her that you’re one of them.

Start with strong eye contact and confident body language. Controlled and purposeful movements are the best ideas when trying to seduce an older woman.

4. She has a lot of experience

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

Obviously, older women have more experience in life, dating, and relationships so dating a woman like this will give you a chance to learn new things.

She has gained a lot of wisdom from her past relationships, and she knows what works and what doesn’t. Since she has tried many different things, she’ll introduce you to new ones.

Her life has had its ups and downs, so she has learned to deal with stressful situations and stress itself. She’ll impress and surprise you, and you’ll learn a lot from her.

You’ll never stop pursuing this woman because she’ll make you that interested in her. She knows how to deal with men a lot better than young girls do.

5. You will learn and grow

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

Men who have dated cougars often say that they gained a different perspective. Dating an older woman is your chance to learn and grow and you’ll be able to discover a lot more about who you really are. 

Share your emotions with her and let her know about how much she influences you. You’ll create a deep connection once you open yourself up, and you’ll both feel closer to each other. Opening up will get you to learn more, whether it’s about each other, your relationship or yourself.

An older woman will help you grow and learn, you just need to open up to her. She will understand you even better than you might think.

6. She is mature

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

This is a woman who has a lot of life experience, and it has made her more mature so she has control over her emotions and behavior.

Still, that doesn’t mean that she can’t have fun. Joke about the age difference with her to show her that you’re okay with it and she’ll laugh.

Another thing that makes cougars different from young girls is that they have different interests and concerns. While a young girl will go clubbing, you’ll find a cougar in a jazz bar or at home.

Dating older women is great for guys who like calmer environments better than wild nights out. However, your relationship can work perfectly well even if you don’t share the same interests.

Maybe the older woman you’re dating misses the wild lifestyle, and she’ll be happy to go out with you and have fun. Dating you is her opportunity to reconnect with that old lifestyle.

She knows how to appreciate things, and she doesn’t value materialistic ones and you two will have deep conversations about many interesting things.

7. She is confident

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

When it comes to who makes the first move, it will probably be her. All you really need to do is make eye contact, and if she’s interested, she’ll come to you.

That kind of confidence comes with age and the confidence I’m talking about isn’t just self-esteem and arrogance, like with many young girls.

You won’t need to cater to her self-esteem, but don’t expect her to cater to yours either. What’s more, she is probably successful when it comes to her career and that means that she will need less from you in the sense of supporting her.

That kind of independence will make you stress-free and you won’t ever need to worry that she’s after your wallet.

8. She isn’t needy and is nurturing

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

Don’t expect an older woman to sit by the phone, hoping you’ll finally text her back. As I already said, she has a life of her own, as well as her own passions.

She doesn’t think that a guy can break her heart or make her feel complete, which means that she isn’t as dramatic as some young women, and it’s easier to date her.

Don’t all men love nurturing women? Well, almost all of them were raised by a nurturing mother, so it makes perfect sense.

Those nurturing characteristics can be found in older women, and it’s one of the things that make them so attractive.

9. There is no pressure or expectations

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

When a woman is more than several years older than you, you can often both agree and be aware of the fact that it’s not a long-term thing.

Your life circumstances and levels of maturity have too many differences, so it’s probably not going to last. However, that can be a good thing because you have an understanding.

There’s no pressure to make it a long-term relationship, and you can just enjoy each other for as long as it takes. You’re both in it for fun, and you can learn from each other with no expectations.

Just because you’re not going to end up married doesn’t mean that you can’t have a strong connection. Maybe your relationship will be long-term, but there still won’t be any pressure for marriage and kids.

10. You’ll have amazing conversations, and she’ll be there when it gets tough

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

Naturally, a woman who has more experience will have more interesting topics to talk about and more information to share. Women who are intelligent become wiser over time, and it’s what makes them so attractive.

You will surely have a lot of interesting conversations with her, but that’s not all. She understands relationships better than young girls, and she knows what she wants from them. 

If the two of you are in a relationship, she’ll be more willing to commit and talk than a younger girl would be.

What matters most is that she’ll be there when it gets tough. She’s not someone who’ll run away or get scared when things become complicated or difficult.

11. She has money and a career

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

When it comes to older women and money, there are only two options; either she has money, or she got used to living without it and lives a nice life anyway.

A cougar often has a successful career, or gave it up to do something else more interesting. That makes them know exactly who they are and what they want, and that’s another reason why they are so attractive.

She has a lot of experience when it comes to work, and it’s that experience that makes her so successful at what she does. If she has a successful career, she is confident because of it, and it makes her attractive to men.

Everyone wants to talk to people who are excellent at something, especially when they are women. It’s easy to fall for someone who has a successful career and is financially stable.

As I already mentioned, you won’t have to worry about her being interested in your money. When it comes to a cougar, you can be sure that she likes you for you, not for how much money you have.

12. She appreciates the relationship

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

Older women know how hard it is to find a good relationship and to find a person who’s your soulmate. As a result, when they finally meet a guy they’re into, they will be good to him and work on building the relationship.

They are, in fact, more thoughtful and caring than young women and a cougar understands how important it is to compromise.

She is prepared to do everything it takes for a happy relationship and has a good understanding of everything it takes to have a good life, so she is passionate and has a lust for life.

When an older woman likes or loves you, it’s much deeper than when a young girl does. The way she can connect with you is something young women can’t really understand.

13. She is open and willing

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

Maybe you wish to try new things but think you’ll never get the chance but when you get into a relationship with an older woman, you’ll feel free to talk to her about them.

You’ll soon realize that she’s open to a lot of things. She is open to making friends, ending a misunderstanding, maintaining a relationship, continuing a conversation…

You will think differently when you get involved with an older woman, and you’ll see that she’s open to everything. Even if she isn’t up for trying out new things, she has tried many of them that you haven’t so you’ll get to try new things either way.

She is also more willing to overcome tough times and more patient to become successful, whether it’s in her career or her life. Most importantly, she will always be willing to maintain a happy relationship and when it comes to good opportunities, she is always decisive.

You’ll get to learn all these things from her when you start dating her. A young man who’s exploring his life has a lot to learn from an older woman.

14. She is attractive

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

When a woman has experience in life, she also has experience in attraction and beauty. Every woman can learn how to become more attractive, and older ones know it best.

It will be easy for you to fall in love with a cougar and you’ll think that she’s the best woman you ever dated. You’ll learn from her and see that she has learned how to be attractive to men.

She knows how to look her best, and she dresses well, chooses the perfect perfume, and does her make-up flawlessly. Also, she knows how to seduce a man over text, and all the other tricks young women struggle to learn.

When it comes to her clothes, she knows what she looks good in, and when she dresses up, you’ll be speechless. A mature woman can look even better than a young one, and if you’re dating one, I’m sure you already realized this.

15. She will teach you to be a better man

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

If you’re dating a cougar, you’ll soon realize how mature she is and that you can learn a lot from her. You will learn how women should be treated… and you’ll become more confident when approaching them and talking to them. 

What’s more, you’ll be able to have more interesting conversations with women because you’ll surely have plenty of them with a cougar.

Maybe you won’t get to read women’s minds, but you’ll be able to understand them better and know what they’re about. The knowledge a cougar will give you will prepare you for marriage one day.

Young girls don’t really know what they want, so they can’t tell you, and it’s hard to understand them. An older woman, however, knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell you.

A cougar will give you a better understanding of how women think and what they really want even when they don’t know. A lot can be learned with experience, and an older woman has learned it all.

She will teach you, and you should listen carefully to her and accept that knowledge, as it will make you a better man who understands women.

Don’t be fooled that you can’t use that knowledge with young girls. A cougar remembers very well what it’s like to be a young girl, and she’ll tell you what they want at that age.

All in all, you can learn a lot from an older woman, so let her share her knowledge with you.

16. She is intelligent

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea

Learning might be the most important thing in life because it’s what makes people intelligent. Intelligent people are attractive people, so don’t underestimate the power of learning.

An older woman is very likely to be intelligent because she has learned a lot from her experience. When a woman is more mature than a man, she becomes an idol in his mind.

She’ll share the knowledge she has with him, and it will capture his heart. If you admire intelligent women, you’ll find out that dating a mature woman is a great idea.

Intelligent women are also more respected, so a cougar probably gets the respect that she needs. Whether you are attracted to her because of her intelligence or her beauty, she’ll win your heart.

Just don’t make things complicated with her and keep it simple. So what if she’s not the woman you’re going to end up marrying?

As I said earlier, you’ll learn a lot of things that will prepare you for marriage. Dating this woman will be an experience you’ll never forget, even if you go back to dating young girls.

After all, those young girls are going to become older women one day, and they’ll want to date a younger man just the same. So, don’t judge cougars, but love them and learn from them.

She might not be the mother of your children, but a relationship with her is something you’ll remember forever. Good luck!

16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea
16 Reasons Why Dating A Cougar Is A Good Idea 19

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