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20 Cute Fade Hairstyles For Women In 2024

20 Cute Fade Hairstyles For Women In 2024

It seems like you’re finally ready to get that fade hairstyle. But you’re not entirely sure which one to pick. There are so many! Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Scroll down for our top picks of cute fade hairstyles, ranging from a simple low fade to more intricate designs. Whether you want something unnoticeable or a fade that will make you stand out, you’ll find something for yourself.

Not to mention that we’ve also got many stunning hair colors to show you! Are you up for something bold? Or would you rather look simple yet mesmerizing? Your dilemma ends here.

1. A simple glow

20 Cute Fade Hairstyles For Women In 2024
Credit: Basha_spr

Simple is best sometimes. Keep your natural flowy hair with only one mild fade line on the side. Add your preferred jewelry and shine on!

And don’t think you can’t rock both the cool and ladylike looks! It all depends on what you wear and which accessories you pick.

2. A touch of the natural

You can achieve a more flamboyant look even with a mild fade line. All you need is some creativity. For example, dye your hair a new color but leave the lower part untouched.

You can keep it simple by choosing the standard colors such as black and blonde. But if you’re up for something more extreme, go for it! Nobody’s stopping you!

In any case, you’ll achieve a beautiful contrast and give yourself a fresh new look!

3. Bold purple

Purple hair never goes unnoticed. And if it’s faded on the sides, it gives off an extra badass vibe.

Still not enough? You can always spice it up further with makeup.

A purple lipstick and hair combo gives off bold vibes and the impression that you don’t care what anyone thinks. It makes a statement, and at the same time looks gorgeous!

4. Cheerful blue

If you aim to radiate joy and be a people magnet, this cute fade hairstyle is for you.

Blue hair is soothing because it reminds us of peaceful things (like the sea, for instance). That’s why people will naturally be drawn to you. You can even add matching jewelry!

This color may draw the faded lines out of focus, but they will still make a silent contribution to your overall beauty.

5. Colorful shapes

If you opted for a half-shaved side of your head, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative.

Think of a pretty symbol. What does it mean to you? Is it something you’d like to show off?

Once you find something for yourself, choose a preferred color. If your hair is black as in the photo, picking a red symbol will make it stand out. If that’s something you want, don’t hold back!

Or if you’d prefer something less extreme, you could always opt for a colorless shape.

All in all, your faded side makes for a perfect drawing spot.

6. Curly red

If you like it chaotic, this one’s for you. It’s a low faded haircut with a bald curve line revealing beautiful red curls on top. Its messy style makes you look like a true baddie. I wouldn’t want to mess with you!

Also, the contrast between red and black is too beautiful to ever go unnoticed.

7. Dashing red

20 Cute Fade Hairstyles For Women In 2024
Credit: vixenneyes

If you’re more of a simple type, this is for you—fiery hair with a low fade just above the ears. Not an extreme measure, and yet it gives off a certain freshness.

You might’ve thought you couldn’t possibly look ladylike with cute fade hairstyles, but we’re here to prove you wrong. All you need is a fancy outfit and appropriate accessories, and you’re golden!

8. Flower fade

Do you have faded spots on the back of your head? Perfect. Use this opportunity to create intricate designs and make your hairstyle even more irresistible!

Flowers are always a great choice. They’re pleasing to the eye and have hidden meanings as well. Find something that resonates with you and get the cute faded hairstyle you’ve longed for!

9. Heart-shaped

This one’s for all the romantics out there! Yes, your faded spots can be heart-shaped too. And if you opt for bright red hair, it’ll only intensify the feelings of romance and tenderness.

Choose the color and size that’s more “you” and show the world how you’re made of love!

10. Neon lime

Jolly green
Credit: pochukaev

And here are some more bold color choices! Green hair in general has a healing effect because it reminds us of nature, but at the same time, the neon lime shade screams that you’re the life of the party.

The low fade freshens it all up and makes you look extra trendy.

11. Mild yellow

20 Cute Fade Hairstyles For Women In 2024
Credit: fadedu

Why choose between curve lines and hearts? Opt for both! The heart shape looks less visible with this hair color but not at all less beautiful!

So, if you want something easy and low maintenance, this cute fade hairstyle is for you.

12. Geometric lines

Gelled hair will never go out of style! And with the addition of cool geometrical shapes, it’ll boost your confidence and help you embrace your inner baddie.

Plus, if you choose the bob haircut, you can “baddify” yourself even more with proper earrings or necklaces.

13. Silver tail

Yes, you can even have matching fade lines to make your haircut more appealing. But you don’t have to keep it simple! Choose ANY two matching objects that you like.

And leaving a tiny strand of hair that could be put in a mini ponytail gives that extra edge! Talk about a badass anime villain!

14. Sharp shapes

If an intense look suits your personality better, try this. Draw beautiful sharp shapes on your faded side and keep the rest heavily gelled.

One look at you, and nobody would mistake you for a softie!

15. Smooth shapes

20 Cute Fade Hairstyles For Women In 2024
Credit: Basha_spr

If sharp designs aren’t for you, you can always keep it smooth. Choose the perfect geometrical shape and rock your cute fade hairstyle!

16. Tender pink

This is for you if you want a cute fade hairstyle that doesn’t look like a fade hairstyle. The pastel pink casts a shadow over the soft fade lines.

But this doesn’t make them useless! On the contrary, the faded lines work silently to make you lovelier than ever!

17. Vibrant orange

Yes, a fade hairstyle can look just as stunning on long-haired women. Get simple faded lines on the side and that’s all you need to look fresher than ever!

18. Fluffy fade

If you don’t like the bob haircut, but still want a cool low fade, don’t worry! You can just gather your hair into a bun and show off your new cute fade hairstyle.

And if you ever get tired of it… release the bun! Wow, magic! Long hair does have a lot of advantages.

19. Elegant fade line

This is a deep bald line dividing the faded side from the hair. But the faded side isn’t equally arranged. It goes from mild to high and gives a unique appearance.

20. Parallel fade lines

Curls and coils look cool by themselves, let alone with two bald lines added to the mix. Don’t waste time—jump on this badass look!

In any case, I hope one of these cute fade hairstyles resonates with you. The important thing is that you like it. And once you find your thing, that’s enough to make you shine!

20 Cute Fade Hairstyles For Women In 2024

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