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23 Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women Who Dare to Stand Out

23 Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women Who Dare to Stand Out

Many hairdressers turn to medium-length hairstyles for women because of their effortless and carefree look. They vibrate elegance and sophistication and are perfect for ladies of every age and hair type.

I will show you 23 flattering ideas for medium-length hairstyles that’ll make you want to call up your hairstylist right away.

1. Cute chocolate lob

23 Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women Who Dare to Stand Out
Credit: @dimitrishair

This cute long bob, or lob, adds dimension to your face, and this beautiful chocolate color brings light to your face. Subtle waves bring attention to the hair and are a perfect way to style this haircut.

2. Blonde babylights

Blonde babylights
Credit: @romeufelipe

Instead of classic highlights, this hairstylist went for babylights on this gorgeous lady. These are used to imitate the sun-kissed glow that many of us have during summer days when the sun’s at its brightest.

Babylights are great for blondies, and they’re an easy-to-maintain option for those who don’t want typical highlights.

3. Fun collarbone-length hairstyle

This amazing collarbone-length haircut looks so fresh and fun with these warm, caramel highlights that are more prominent at the front strands, so they attract more light and brighten up the face.

The length is perfect to still pull it up to a pony or bun, but short enough to easily maintain.

4. Adorable bangs

If you are looking for an elegant haircut, you can’t go wrong with this adorable medium-length hairstyle with many layers, and bangs that frame the face perfectly.

It’s a middle-parted, deep-colored cut that looks great for any occasion—from everyday looks to nights out with your besties.

5. Magic bob

If you have thin straight hair, you can add some dimension and bounce to it with a simple bob and modern side-swept bangs. I bet you will love them.

The bangs subtly frame your face and the above-the-shoulder length brings attention to your feminine neck and jawline.

6. Sassy balayage long bob

Incredible balayage long bob
Credit: brandonjh

As you already know, the lob is a staple hairstyle that looks sassy yet elegant, especially when styled with cute, beachy waves that fall right below the shoulders and give volume to the hair.

I especially love the balayage technique that creates a soft and natural gradation of light from the roots to the ends of the hair. This cut is incredible for every woman who likes to look effortless and fresh.

7. Cute medium-length hairstyle

23 Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women Who Dare to Stand Out
Credit: glamouruk

If you’re looking for a timeless haircut, this medium-length style is something you can’t go wrong with. With its smooth ends and middle part, it feels sophisticated and classy.

For an extra touch, you can add some beautiful gold hairpins or just tuck a couple of strands behind the ears to frame your face even more.

8. Razored brown bob

Stunning brown bob
Credit: glamouruk

The picture above shows a stunning, razored bob that gives a soft and textured feel to this hairstyle. I think this chestnut color suits dark brown eyes beautifully, and these trendy curtain bangs look amazing on oblong face shapes.

9. Sweet effortless hairstyle

23 Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women Who Dare to Stand Out
Credit: glamouruk

This sweet lob haircut with a warm, brown color and curtain bangs swept off to the sides, looks effortless and youthful.

If you already have natural waves, this hairstyle can be a great option for you, since it would be easy to maintain. This one’s perfect for both young girls and mature women.

10. Jaw-dropping curly medium-length hairstyle

A jaw dropping curly medium length hairstyle
Credit: @mrs.lilly___

If you thought medium-length hairstyles were only reserved for straight-haired girls, you are so wrong. Just look at this jaw-dropping bob with luscious blonde locks that add texture and even more volume to the curly hair.

Big and blonde highlights look so appealing with this cut, and they shower the face with light and brightness. As a curly girl myself, let me tell you, this is what curly dreams are made of.

11. Bright and blonde

This blonde, almost silver color is very trendy. It suits many hair lengths and naturally reflects light, so it makes your hair bright and glowy.

The beach waves give a carefree vibe to this cut and some volume to the hair. I think it’ll really look great with your daily outfits and evening dresses, so it’s only up to you and your preference.

12. Amazing fiery red curls

Amazing firey red curls
Credit: curlyideia

Curly hair itself grabs attention easily since it’s big and luscious. So if you dye your curls red, there’s no way you’ll go unnoticed with this fiery color.

As shown above, curls and the color red match beautifully together. If you want a flattering and playful hairstyle, then this may just be the one for you.

13. Blunt bob with a pop of color

If you are a woman who likes to stand out, there is always a little twist that you can add to the usual blunt bob. Throw in some colorful highlights at the ends to give that playful, eye-catching edge.

This particular hairdo shows us a wavy style that brings volume and dimension to the hair and an ombre effect coloring, where the color blue highlights the middle-to-end part of the hair.

14. Dark curls

Dark curls
Credit: curlysity

One of the most popular medium-length hairstyles for women is definitely curly lobs, and that’s not a surprise, since they are so easy to style yet so attention-grabbing.

I love how tight and defined these particular curls are and how well they frame the face.

15. Brilliant red highlights

These brilliantly bright red highlights are here to spice up your everyday look and make you feel luxurious. This is one of the trendiest colors this season, and I’m all here for it.

Sleek, elegant, and edgy, this one has earned its spot among the top medium-length hairstyles for women this year.

16. Glamorous waves

Soft, glamorous waves are a great option for medium-length hair, especially if you’re a bride in need of a wedding hair idea. This style is just so polished, it’ll highlight your beauty on that special day.

I love this stunning hairpin that gives an extra luxurious vibe to it. Overall, this is one mesmerizing hairstyle.

17. Interesting shades

23 Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women Who Dare to Stand Out
Credit: thecuredubai

Another example of something special and colorful, but a little less on the bright side. This hairstyle is full of amazing shades, you can’t really tell which color is used to achieve this awesome look.

At one glance it looks purple, then reddish and brown, which is what makes it so mesmerizing and attention-grabbing.

18. Bold and bouncy waves

Lovely bouncy waves
Credit: saloninxs

These bouncy waves with a touch of purple make a lovely hairstyle for all the bold girls who dare to be different. There’s nothing like a bit of color to make you stand out from the rest.

The purple highlights accentuate the skin of the girl in this particular photo beautifully, and little waves make this style even more playful and fun.

19. Multidimensional hair color

23 Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women Who Dare to Stand Out
Credit: ulacentanni

Purple-red is such a unique color that needs a little more maintenance, but I think it’s so worth it. Its oh-so-bright and vibrant hues give dimension to the hair and brightness to the face.

The medium length of this haircut is an easy one for styling, so you can always have fun with it.

20. Trendy lob

Trendy lob
Credit: yukistylist

The loose waves of this trendy ginger lob make it so timeless and enjoyable to look at. The color goes perfectly with girls’ skin tones, and the messy waves are so flattering to her face shape. What a great option if you are opting for a medium-length hairstyle.

21. Creative medium-length hairstyle

23 Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women Who Dare to Stand Out
Credit: adlydesign

This one is so creative because of the many vibrant colors that remind me of the sunsets by the beach. The colors and the transitions between them blend together so well, making this hairstyle a masterpiece. I would say this one is only for the bravest.

22. Unique pink hair

Unique pink hair
Credit: rendoeshair

If you have fair skin and light hair, a pastel-pink, middle-length hairstyle could be one of your top choices, since it’s so unique and show-stopping. The fringes are a cool option for this cut because they frame the face even more.

23. Striking split hair

23 Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women Who Dare to Stand Out
Credit: mermeghair

The split dye is a style not many can pull off, yet many will talk about. It’s so bold and edgy, and there are many color combinations you can choose from. No matter what you choose, I guarantee you will grab everyone’s attention. But the question is, are you brave enough to pull this one off?

Medium-length haircuts are here to stay for some time. Fortunately, there are so many options for so many hair types and face shapes, so the hardest thing for you is to decide which one you’ll go for.

23 Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women Who Dare to Stand

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