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20 Summer Neutral Nails You’ll Be Obsessed With

20 Summer Neutral Nails You’ll Be Obsessed With

I know. Summer is approaching. You’ve got to find your perfect summer neutral nails or the world might end! Well, no worries! Your problem ends here. We’ve got so many ideas for you. Whatever your style is, you’ll find something that fits you perfectly.

There are many designs ranging from simple to complex. Do you like nature designs, such as flowers or animals? Or do you prefer ones with symbolism?

Well, we’ve got you covered. Scroll down and light up your summer experience with a whole new appearance!

1. Daisy blue

What’s a better idea for summer neutral nails than a cute flower? Blue daisies on a nude surface inspire cheerfulness and joy. But even more than that, they carry a hidden meaning.

These adorable flowers signify new beginnings. And even though spring is known as the period of becoming, it’s always the summer warmth and light that inspire us to take new steps.

2. Daisy white

6. Daisy white
Credit: chloezhaang

Elevate your summer outfit with these adorable white daisies! Not only do they lift your mood, but they also have a lovely hidden meaning.

As you probably assumed, they denote virtue and purity. But just as the blue daisies, they serve as a general symbol for fresh starts. It’s only a question of your aesthetics.

Which do you prefer, white or blue?

3. Cute fruit nails

20 Summer Neutral Nails You'll Be Obsessed With
Credit: sorellaco_

We all love eating fruit, but who knew they could also be an aesthetic addition to your nails! The tiniest of designs make all the difference and give your nails a certain freshness.

So, go ahead and pick your favorites. It’s a sweet idea that will go so well with your whimsical summer dresses.

Besides, this is your opportunity to choose cherries and have a Lana Del Rey moment. Just suggesting.

4. Cookie nails

These summer neutral nails are perfect if you don’t have frequent chocolate cravings. They almost look edible! It’s a mix of shiny stars, cookies, and the gingerbread man.

Even if it invokes the holiday spirit, it’s still a beautiful summertime idea because…we’re always up for cookies! And they never fail to put us in a good mood!

5. A colorful show

20 Summer Neutral Nails You'll Be Obsessed With
Credit: polished_yogi

Here’s a creative idea for every Skittles lover! A cheerful mix of pretty summer colors will make you look gorgeous, and your charisma will be through the roof!

But interestingly enough, these nails were inspired by nature—plants like the belladonna, giant anteater, papaya, and dusk, as well as animals like the mustard bird.

Think about what you love and get your very own skittle nails!

6. The Queen’s gambit

5. The Queens gambit
Credit: disseynails

Here’s your chance to fantasize about being Beth Harmon! Give your nails a chessboard design—perfect to inspire dreams of being a world-famous chess player! Just kidding. Unless…

You can choose other designs that go well with the original chess-inspired idea. Some of those are thick brown or white lines, or a simple white flower on a brown surface.

7. Nude and white symbols

20 Summer Neutral Nails You'll Be Obsessed With
Credit: nailsbyswayz

This is another chess-inspired idea for summer neutral nails. Its only difference is the use of nude and white. It gives off a less serious and more joyful vibe than the brown shades. Plus, you can spice it up by adding other designs.

Can’t decide between being a baddie and a softie? Who said you had to?! All you need is a simple smiley face for your friendly self and a bolt of lighting to show that you’re not to be messed with either!

8. Barbie nails

Are you ready for your Barbie era? Get these pink summer neutral nails with a touch of sparkles and you’re all set!

Elevate your Barbie self with an iconic soft pink outfit. Find yourself a Ken, too, while you’re at it!

9. Shades of brown

This is an idea you can’t go wrong with. It’s a classic! No matter what you wear, these nails will look amazing. Light and dark sparkly brown will transform you into a true lady.

10. White line offsets

If you don’t want something that’s “too much,” try this. A simple white line with different placements on each nail will give off an elegant look.

It’s nothing extreme and yet it drastically changes your whole appearance!

11. Simple summer neutral nails

11. Simple summer neutral nails
Credit: nailswithaby

Do you want to do your nails in a way that makes them look natural? Then consider this idea—a nude color with only a mild sparkle line marking the nails.

It’s nothing outlandish, but that’s what makes it so special. Simplicity is best sometimes. This look is sure to elevate your loveliness to a whole new level.

12. Good fortune nails

12. Good fortune nails
Credit: _by_shelley

We all want a memorable summer and exciting new experiences. Getting these summer neutral nails won’t only elevate your summer outfit, but they could also bring you good luck.

The symbol you see in the photo is “the evil eye.” People use it for protection against envy, usually in the form of jewelry. But getting it on your summer nails seems like a splendid idea!

So, if you believe in the supernatural, or just enjoy the aesthetics of these nails, what are you waiting for?

13. Almond nails

20 Summer Neutral Nails You'll Be Obsessed With
Credit: kuypernailart

Here’s another idea for beautiful brown nails! Choose stronger shades for the lighter surface and vice versa.

Create a contrast with the use of white, and observe how every single outfit you wear becomes much more classy!

14. Green fontana nails

14. Green fontana nails
Credit: nailsbymexyy

If you want more complex summer neutral nails, look at these! A variety of abstract-looking shapes with different colors will create an aura of mystery, but not without a touch of cheerfulness!

They fit perfectly with both bright and dark clothes. So, if you’re a fan of both, definitely go for these!

15. Minimalistic animalistic

Even if a Safari trip is off the cards for you, you can at least have nails to remind you of it. Choose different animal designs that look amazing in contrast to a soft pink surface!

These will stand out no matter what you wear, so if that’s something you’re going for, brilliant!

16. Tiny dots

Isn’t it amazing how much change a little dot can bring? A neutral color with dots on each nail will intensify your charisma and make you lovelier than ever.

If you’re going for a simplistic look, this is it. If you don’t like the idea of dots, choose a symbol that resonates with you more.

17. Cozy neutral

20 Summer Neutral Nails You'll Be Obsessed With
Credit: polished_yogi

This is perfect if you’re going for a warm and cozy look. Be creative.

Get different shades of regular brown, sparkling brown, or gorgeous brown lines on a nude surface. Nothing’s stopping you from adding sweet little flowers as well.

Despite being perfect for neutral-colored clothes, nobody says that won’t make your pink summer dress look extra cuter!

18. Nature-inspired

There are so many ideas to draw from nature! This is a great example—different kinds of trees with the addition of a beautiful moon design. It’s cozy-looking and gorgeous for neutral clothing!

19. Queen of hearts

20 Summer Neutral Nails You'll Be Obsessed With
Credit: chloezhaang

Finally! An idea for the sweet romantics! Get these cute little red hearts on a white surface that resembles the Queen of Hearts card.

These summer neutral nails give your appearance a touch of romance and are just heart-warming to look at!

20. Coconut nails

Not only does it smell great, but it looks great as well! Doing your nails in a coconut color is simple in the loveliest ways. You can be sure that every outfit will perfectly match these!

And that’s something you can think about. What do you wear most often? Is it cute and colorful summer dresses, or more neutral clothes? Whatever your answer is, you can find your perfect idea here.

Get your summer neutral nails and prepare for the time of your life!

20 Summer Neutral Nails You'll Be Obsessed With

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