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20 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Rock At Your Next Vacation

20 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Rock At Your Next Vacation

As the golden rays of summer brighten our days, it’s the perfect time to refresh your look with some new cute summer hairstyles. Whether you’re jet-setting to exotic destinations or planning a nice staycation, your hair is your ultimate accessory.

From the playful high buns adorned with whimsical flowers to sleek, polished ponytails ideal for a night out in a beach town, we’ve collected some of the year’s trendiest looks and brought them to you. Get ready to turn beach heads with these 20 cute summer hairstyles!

1. Cute understated braids

20 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Rock At Your Next Vacation
Credit: braids_by_breelise

Infusing a touch of sweet nostalgia with a modern twist, these cute understated braids are the epitome of summer whimsy.

It’s one of those cute summer hairstyles perfect for a sunny day exploring the town or a breezy evening at a seaside restaurant.

2. Single Dutch braid with a flower

2. Single Dutch braid with a flower
Credit: raine_drip

Embrace the romance of summer with this enchanting hairstyle adorned with a cute pink flower. It starts with a slightly loose Dutch braid, also known as an “inside-out braid,” that begins at the crown and weaves its way down in a plait that stands out for its pronounced woven pattern.

It’s not just a style, it’s a statement of elegance and simplicity intertwined, much like the best summer memories.

3. Casual high bun with some loose strands

20 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Rock At Your Next Vacation
Credit: mariaxsammour

The casual high bun is a beloved summer staple, effortlessly encapsulating the laid-back yet sophisticated essence of the season.

This particular rendition of the classic updo is refreshingly unfussy, with a relaxed bun perched atop the head, highlighted by a few loose strands in the front. It’s a style that suggests a fun, carefree vibe for an easygoing summer. That alone makes it deserving of a spot on this list of cute summer hairstyles.

4. A beachy shoulder-length bob

4. A beachy shoulder length bob

In this cut, the hair is snipped to fall gracefully onto the shoulders, allowing for a breezy feel that’s as functional as it is chic.

Each curl is crafted to appear undone, like you’ve been spending many afternoons lounging under the sun. Ideal for the vacationer who embodies the spirit of summer, this hairstyle is low-maintenance yet high-impact.

5. Long and layered to frame your face

20 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Rock At Your Next Vacation
Credit: alihan.capan

Step into the sunlight with this long, layered hairstyle designed to frame your face and enhance your natural beauty.

Whether you’re enjoying a chill afternoon in a café or an exciting night out, these long locks are sure to make a statement. Long hair might not be your first thought when it comes to hot August days, but cute summer hairstyles like these are so gorgeous, you have to make an exception.

6. Versatile medium-length cut with a deep side part

6. Versatile medium length cut with a deep side part
Credit: leventkilic0

This versatile medium-length cut exudes understated elegance with its deep side part that sweeps the hair subtly across the forehead.

This hairstyle balances the line between casual and sophisticated, making it a perfect companion for an unpredictable summer.

7. A stylish and sleek blonde bob

20 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Rock At Your Next Vacation
Credit: leventkilic0

This is one of those cute summer hairstyles that epitomize chic simplicity. The cut is precise, with sharp, clean lines that give it a modern edge.

The bob falls just above the shoulders, a length that’s both flattering and easy to manage—perfect for those on the go.

8. A shiny, layered cut to make you stand out

8. A shiny layered cut to make you stand out
Credit: wellahair

This summer cut is a modern masterpiece, offering a standout style that catches the light—and everyone’s attention. The stunning silver-blonde color boasts a metallic sheen, radiating in a way that is both edgy and classy.

Whether you’re strutting through the streets of a bustling city or making an entrance at a chic rooftop party, this hairstyle is your ticket to the limelight.

9. Soft and slightly messy bob

20 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Rock At Your Next Vacation
Credit: muratdeler

Cute summer hairstyles are often about practicality, but this one is an example of controlled chaos. The textured layers create a relaxed yet elegant silhouette that moves with grace and ease.

The tousled strands add an element of playfulness, suggesting a spirited personality behind the style.

10. Rich curly style with volume galore

10. Rich curly style with lots of volume
Credit: nieseyshair

This rich curly style celebrates the sheer joy of volume, with bountiful spirals full of confidence and charisma. Each curl springs with life and energy from root to tip.

It’s a full-bodied look that doesn’t shy away from making a bold statement, perfectly suited for those who embrace their natural texture and want to show it off to the world.

11. Flowery vacation bun

20 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Rock At Your Next Vacation
Credit: _taraduffy

When you think about cute summer hairstyles, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Buns!

Fix your hair up into this cute bun, and you’re ready to escape to a tropical paradise. Whether you’re there for a friend’s beachside wedding or a sunset dinner by the sea with your partner, this flowery vacation bun will make you fit right in.

12. Glossy slicked-back summer look

12. Glossy slicked back summer look
Credit: minndmagazine

The glossy slicked-back summer look is the definition of sleek sophistication with an edge. Perfect for the hottest days, this style keeps hair out of your face and allows your features to take center stage.

The hair is combed back to perfection, with a high-shine finish that captures the essence of summer glam. It’s ideal for showcasing statement jewelry, like bold earrings, and works just as well for an upscale event as it does for a day at the pool.

13. A messy bun to make you ready for summer fun

20 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Rock At Your Next Vacation
Credit: howtokeshia

This high and playful messy bun is the epitome of summer fun, featuring a carefree concoction of twists that’s both stylish and spontaneous. With strands gently pulled out to frame the face and neck, the look achieves a romantic yet relaxed vibe.

Cute summer hairstyles like this one aren’t just about keeping cool in the sun—they’re about embodying the playful spirit of summer. Relax, the only agenda on your calendar is to enjoy every sunlit moment to the fullest.

14. A sleek bob cut that will turn heads

14. A sleek bob cut that will turn heads
Credit: hassadity_hair

This cute summer hairstyle is cut straight across at a length that flatters the jawline and enhances the neck’s graceful lines. The part is clean and straight, allowing the hair to fall symmetrically on either side and creating a balanced look.

Baby hairs are carefully laid down in delicate swoops, adding an intricate detail to the simple elegance of the bob. This hairstyle is a statement of empowered femininity, perfect for those who want to project confidence and refined taste.

15. Free-flowing braid-and-curl combo

20 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Rock At Your Next Vacation
Credit: tas.extensions

This gorgeous hairstyle combines tight cornrows with free-flowing curls for a look that’s tailor-made for summer days and beachy vibes. If you’re going to be outside in the hot weather, you don’t want loose strands of hair in your face, and this cut keeps them at bay.

The cornrows are intricately designed, swooping gracefully across the scalp and allowing space for your face to shine. This structured top transitions seamlessly into lush curls that add a playful and feminine contrast.

16. Curly and cute summer hairstyle

16. Curly and cute summer hairstyle
Credit: zaraecurls

This curly and cute summer hairstyle is a delightful mix of elegance and youthful energy. It features hair slicked back from the face in a smooth, glossy fashion, highlighting your facial features.

The back lets loose into an array of soft, natural curls that flow freely and catch the sunlight. If you’re one of those people who don’t want to spend a lot of time grooming your hair—especially on vacation—then you should definitely consider this casual yet stylish choice.

17. Long bohemian-style cut with a waterfall braid

20 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Rock At Your Next Vacation
Credit: braiding_by_hannah

Embrace the free-spirited vibe of summer with this long bohemian-style cut, beautifully accentuated by a stunning waterfall braid.

The braid weaves through the hair like a ribbon of elegance, interspersed with delicate flowers that seem to have been plucked from a dreamy meadow. It’s ideal for music festivals, beach weddings, or simply as your go-to summer style.

18. Elaborate triple cornrows with pink and purple

18. Incredibly elaborate triple cornrows with pink and purple
Credit: t.t.hairdesign

This hairstyle is a remarkable display of intricate artistry, featuring elaborate triple cornrows that make a vibrant statement with streaks of pink and purple.

Adorned with unique silver beads and rings, these cornrows transcend traditional hairstyling and practically enter the realm of wearable art. I have to admit that this cut probably isn’t for everybody, but if you like it, why not give it a shot this summer?

19. Extra shiny slicked-back hairstyle for the summer

20 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Rock At Your Next Vacation
Credit: michellerrose

For a dose of instant glamour to match the golden summer sun, this extra shiny slicked-back hairstyle is a clear winner. With every strand meticulously combed back to create a flawless canvas, this look is the epitome of chic elegance.

This hairstyle doesn’t just keep you cool in the heat, it makes you look as dazzling as the summer sun setting over the horizon.

20. Effortless updo for the boho summer queen

20. Effortless updo for the boho queen of the summer
Credit: invisibobble

This effortless updo is the symbolic crown for the boho queen looking to rule in the summer of 2024. It’s an artful twist on the classic bun, with its loose strands offering a relaxed twist and infusing the look with a sense of spontaneity.

It’s perfect for sun-kissed skin and warm, breezy days, as it easily complements flowy dresses and floral patterns.

20 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Rock At Your Next Vacation

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