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An Aries Man Stopped Texting You? This Is What You Need To Do Now

An Aries Man Stopped Texting You? This Is What You Need To Do Now

So, let me guess, your Aries man stopped texting you? The silence he left behind is definitely deafening. 

You want to talk to him, you want to get to know him better and see where things are going. But here you are instead.

You’re looking at your phone and constantly contemplating whether you should send him another message. Just one more text and everything would be okay, right? 

But it’s frustrating. Isn’t that what people always advise against?

Everything seems like a game these days and you’re not even sure whether you should listen to your own gut or play hard to get. 

How does an Aries guy even see this? Is he like any other zodiac sign or is there something you have to take into consideration regarding this fire sign?

Before you figure out what you can do to catch his attention again, you should definitely figure out why this Aries man stopped texting you in the first place.

​Is it your compatibility with this sign or are you simply not the type of person an Aries man likes? And what if something else is at play here? 

An Aries man stopped texting you? Here’s why he’s behaving this way!

DONE! An Aries Man Stopped Texting You This Is What You Need To Do Now

Aries is a fire sign that’s ruled by the planet Mars. They’re usually very honest and determined but at the same time, they’re impatient, impulsive and they get a bad rep for being quite aggressive. 

Now, why does that matter? Well, you have to understand who you’re dealing with. 

You need to know that when Aries is in love, they shower their partner with so much affection that it may seem excessive at times. However, that doesn’t mean that they’ll have the same approach when they’re just talking to you. 

So he could have different motives for his behavior that may never really make sense to you. But I do believe that it’s important you have a clear picture of what may be going on in his head. 

1. He’s angry at you

If you look at Aries’ traits, the first thing you’ll notice is their temper. They’re definitely easily agitated by things.

If we’re talking about why your Aries man stopped texting you then this could explain everything. An Aries man ignores you when he feels like he can’t get a word out without sounding like he hates you. 

What did you talk about the last time you texted him? Or if you met up in real life and he went silent afterward, think about what happened.

Did you say something that sounded condescending? Or did you simply state an opinion that didn’t match his and he got mad about it? 

You see, an Aries woman wouldn’t react this impulsively but an Aries man wouldn’t avoid an opportunity to teach what he thinks is a lesson. He thinks that you’ll know right away why he’s angry. 

His sun sign does say a lot about this situation and you can find out a lot just by analyzing what went wrong the last time you talked. Did he gradually back away or did he just stop all kinds of communication? 

2. You’re getting in the way of him achieving his dreams

DONE! An Aries Man Stopped Texting You This Is What You Need To Do Now

As you may know, all fire signs are quite emotional creatures. Even though it’s always said that water signs are the ones with big dreams, they’re not the only ones. 

People born under the sign of Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius all have big dreams as well. They’ll do anything and everything in the hopes of achieving what they set their mind to. 

So now here’s a question for you: Did you do anything that may have given him a reason to feel like you’re standing in the way of his dreams?

Were you unsupportive or did you laugh at him? Did you tell him that you don’t see how anything can come out of his hard work? 

Well, that could simply tell him that you’re not worthy of his time. This Aries man stopped texting you because he wanted your support and you didn’t give him that.

You weren’t able to understand his vision, nor his need to work. You expected him to give you his time and energy but he has so much he wants to achieve. 

And then whatever you said may have made him believe that you don’t take his dreams seriously. That was trigger enough for him to take a few steps back. 

3. He’s going through a tough time

At some point or another, we all go through a tough time. When an Aries man ignores you, it can also be because he doesn’t want to show you his vulnerable side.

He has to go through this by himself so that he can grow from it or he simply doesn’t trust you enough to show how hard life is on him right now. Whatever you may think, he likes to be alone when he’s under stress. 

Good luck trying to convince him to talk to you! It doesn’t matter whether he thinks you’re his soulmate or if he was just occasionally flirting with you, he’ll never be upfront about his struggles. 

The Aries sign is known for their stubbornness, so don’t think that things will change any time soon. Unless he figures things out himself, he won’t try to talk to you. 

He may even log off of social media completely to cut off contact with everyone and just focus on himself. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to talk to you at all, it just means that he doesn’t want to burden you with his troubles right now. 

My Aries man was definitely like that and it took me ages to just get him to talk to me about his problems. If you’re just starting to get to know each other, the ram is simply too sensitive to talk about what burdens him. 

4. He doesn’t see a future with you

DONE! An Aries Man Stopped Texting You This Is What You Need To Do Now

The last thing an Aries man wants is to end communication with a girl he’s genuinely interested in. So that could only mean that he doesn’t see a future with you. 

This sounds awful but it’s quite possible that he doesn’t want to talk to you because he doesn’t see a future with you anymore. He doesn’t want to waste his time on you!

People born under the sign of Aries are very family-oriented. They’re romantic even if they won’t let you think that right away.

They’re not as emotional as Cancer men but they still can get very emotionally attached to people. However, their rational thinking always ends up getting the better of them.

It allows them to understand how compatible you are with one another and what this relationship may lead to. At the end of the day, he doesn’t want to waste time on someone who’s going to be in his life temporarily.

There are so many other women out there who could just as easily fill your place. You’re just not that special to him. 

If he was truly in love with you, he’d want to talk to you about anything and everything. However, you can clearly see that he’s been ignoring you for quite some time now. 

Your Aries man stopped texting you and the most plausible reason is that he simply doesn’t see a future with you. It’s terrible that he doesn’t want to talk about it with you but it doesn’t make this any less real. 

5. He’s playing his little games

When you’re thinking of men who play games, you usually think of air signs. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius men love to play their little charades with women.

The water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer) get too emotionally attached to do that. But Aries can do it too and just because they’re so honest, it doesn’t mean that they’ll avoid playing petty games. 

For example, if you didn’t respond to him for an hour, he won’t respond to you for two hours. If you didn’t talk to him for a day, he won’t text you first for two days. 

That’s the way his brain works because he’s too proud to let you know that he wants to talk to you. 

Another thing he could easily be doing is playing this little game to catch your attention. Men still believe that women fall for emotionally unavailable men who are hard to get.

He believes that you’ll think of him more if he’s not as present in your life as you’d like. That’s a sad way to look at things but he’s not as emotionally distant and cool as the earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo) either, who can play this game without you even questioning the purpose. 

You’ll know that your Aries man is acting this way because he wants more of your attention if he continues to like your social media posts or sees all of your stories. That’s when you’ll know for sure that he’s just being very dramatic. 

6. He feels like his freedom is at stake

DONE! An Aries Man Stopped Texting You This Is What You Need To Do Now

Yes, men who are born under this sign love to be loved. They love the thought of being in a relationship and finding the love of their life. 

However, they’ll see you as a potential partner only if you don’t make them give up their freedom for you. If he has to be contained in order to fit into your life, then he doesn’t want to be a part of it. 

Your Aries man stopped texting you because you took his freedom away from him. He wants to be able to go out with his friends and follow his own passions as well as continue to live his own life.

You’ll be a part of it but he wants to know that he still has enough freedom. If you’re not ready to give him that, then you may never see the full potential of your relationship. 

Giving him space doesn’t mean that he’s cheating on you or anything along those lines. He just needs to have enough time for himself. 

You’ll definitely know that this is the reason behind the missing text messages if you tried to contain his wild spirit. 

An Aries man stopped texting you? Here’s what you can do!

Now that we’ve figured out some of the possible reasons why this Aries man stopped texting you, we can talk about what you should do to get his attention back. This doesn’t mean that you should get in his face and demand he talks to you, though. 

I mean, nobody likes being ignored by someone they’re interested in but there are different things that you can do to get him back instead of always using the same strategy (which is almost always just bombarding his phone with messages). 

It doesn’t matter whether you ran into one of his deal-breakers or if he’s just playing with you a little bit. These tips will help you get him back in no time. 

1. Accept the circumstances

DONE! An Aries Man Stopped Texting You This Is What You Need To Do Now

Great tip, isn’t it? To just sit down and accept what’s happening. 

But sarcasm aside, I can tell you with certainty that this is the smartest move you can make in this situation.

He’s ignoring you for some reason that only makes sense to him. He doesn’t even realize how much it hurts you to have to accept this but he obviously doesn’t care. 

So why should you? At least pick your battles, so for now, you need to accept that you can’t change your circumstances.

There’s no way you can just force him to talk to you and if you tried, you’d just look pathetic. So, put down your weapons for now and see where things will go from here.

Maybe he realizes that he’s been acting childish all this time and ends up finally texting you? Who knows?

2. Be confident in your own approach

There’s nothing Aries dislikes more than an insecure woman. If you want an Aries man back, you can’t just be so focused on the fact that he stopped texting you. 

There’s so much you can do with your life that’ll get his attention much faster. But first of all, be confident about your decision!

Understand that you’re worthy of so much more than a guy who thinks that playing with your feelings is fun. 

You were trying so hard to keep him interested in you but that didn’t work out. So what?

He’s just another guy. Be confident right now and focus on yourself.

You can’t expect yourself to become more important to him if you continue to run after him. 

Be there for yourself. He can play his little games elsewhere. 

3. Respect his feelings

DONE! An Aries Man Stopped Texting You This Is What You Need To Do Now

At the end of the day, things may be awful but we all have a right to our feelings. You have the right to feel your own emotions that are telling you how hurt you are.

You feel disrespected and tossed aside. Your emotions are an authentic expression of your own experiences.

However, you can’t forget that he has a right to feel his feelings too. He can’t change the way he feels about you right now, especially not if you’re forcing something onto him. 

If you want to make an Aries man miss you, you can’t do that by constantly clinging to him. You’ll get him back once you start to respect his feelings. 

Understand that he needs space right now to figure out his feelings, even if that’s not what you want. Just know that you won’t get anything out of him by being pushy.

Respect his needs and you may see him again once he realizes that you’re the perfect girl for him. 

4. Stop blaming yourself

Okay, an Aries man stopped texting you. So do you intend to blame yourself until you realize that you had nothing to do with his decision? 

You’re not responsible for his feelings or how he chooses to behave right now. Your only responsibility is to take care of yourself.

You can’t blame yourself until the moment you eat yourself up from the inside out. You’ll never be free of him and this guilt you’re feeling until you understand that he’s an adult who’s making decisions for himself.

He’s the one who took a few steps back. You may think that you’re at fault here because you were too much but you were just yourself.

You’re more than enough that way. You did everything right and he’s the one who took it upon himself to back away a few steps. 

All you can do is accept his decision and stop blaming yourself. 

5. If he does reach out, confront him about it

DONE! An Aries Man Stopped Texting You This Is What You Need To Do Now

As I said before, it could just be that he’s trying to figure out his feelings. He wants to understand what he’s experiencing. 

More often than not, a man will ghost you and then come back afterward. He gets scared for a second and then realizes that he’s losing an amazing woman. 

That’s when he’ll come back and reach out. If it does come to that, which I’m not promising, you have to confront him about this.

If you let this slide out of the fear that you may lose him again, then he’ll continue doing this until you stand up for yourself. He won’t stop treating you this way until the day you confront him about it. 

Ask him why he did this to you and why he thinks that he can come back whenever he feels like this. Ask him if he’ll do this again and say why would you stay around if he’s going to do this over and over again. 

You won’t be able to let this go until you talk about everything with him, so don’t hold back. Ask him about everything and make him explain it all to you. 

6. Make sure you set clear boundaries

It’s one thing to talk to him and it’s a completely different thing to set boundaries.

When this Aries man stopped texting you, you felt disrespected, as if he made a conscious decision to break your heart. Why would you ever want to be with someone like him? 

But the heart wants what it wants. And your heart is completely smitten by an Aries and whatever his personality traits may include.

So, now it’s time to understand your own value and who you are as a person. Your value doesn’t decrease when a guy decides that he doesn’t want to text you anymore. 

You have the right to stand up to him and demand that your boundaries are met! Once he decides to come back into your life, tell him that he can’t pull a stunt like that anymore.

Tell him that you won’t wait around for him any longer and that you need him to be genuine this time. Demand that he promises you this or you won’t take him back.

That’s your boundary. It’s doesn’t matter how aggressive an Aries can be because a woman’s wrath can’t be contained. 

7. Always stay true to yourself

DONE! An Aries Man Stopped Texting You This Is What You Need To Do Now

Whatever happens, don’t let your authentic heart get taken away from you.

You’ll want to become the perfect woman for him. You’ll want to give him more space because you believe that you’re too demanding.

You may believe that he’ll change once you start behaving a different way but then he’ll fall in love with a false version of you. He’ll fall in love with a woman that you made up just for him. 

Just because an Aries man stopped texting you, you can’t stop being the woman you put so much effort into becoming. You’re more than enough just the way you are.

If he doesn’t want to talk to you because you’re you, then he may as well continue on to the next woman. The man who’s right for you could also be an Aries; just not this particular one.

Your perfect match will be a man who’ll love you for you and he’ll never make you doubt his love for you.

An Aries Man Stopped Texting You? This Is What You Need To Do Now

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The ending really hit home ♥️

  2. Libraian girl says:

    Yes,I’ve encountered an Aries man he’s 41 though,we’ve met on Dating apps but never directly asked me to MIP ,only to ask what’s my plan on the weekend. So ,i gave it back to him the questions…. Shortly,we’ve chatted 1 month,until one day I made a mistake word he misinterpret,but honestly, I already attached on him,I can’t directly say it to him,since I am a shy person. Then he ghosted me,it’s hurts until 2 weeks I am the one who send a message ask him how is he and confess my feelings to him, then we have misunderstanding again so i am the one who stop.. then about 2weeks i am surprised i got a message from him,then I tried to make a jokes,,, then suddenly he ghosted me again even I asked him what is his intentions in me but he can’t answer directly. What a terrible guy . I thank God I’ve move on.