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This Is My Goodbye: I Don’t Want You In My Life Anymore

This Is My Goodbye: I Don’t Want You In My Life Anymore

I thought that my heart would always belong to you. That you’d be my last and only choice in life, and that you’d always be there for me.

But things have changed drastically and I don’t want you in my life anymore. I’m tired of listening to your lies and deceptions and manipulations.

I won’t allow you to hurt me anymore with your “charming” words and pitiful mind games, or blame me for everything bad that happens in our relationship.

I now know I’m not getting the love I crave so much and that’s why I’m leaving you. This is my forever goodbye to you.

All I’ve ever wanted is to be accepted and appreciated for who I am. I never wanted a man who only sees my flaws and imperfections and tries to change them because he can’t stand them.

I wanted a man who would accept those flaws because he knows he has them too. No one’s perfect in this world.

We all have something we need to work on. But the beauty of being with someone is that the other person can always push you to be better with each new day and help you grow.

But you failed to do that. You were never there for me at my lowest and you always ran away whenever I faced an obstacle in my life.

DONE! This Is My Goodbye I Don't Want You In My Life Anymore

You were this selfish immature boy who just thought about his own wants and needs and who’d always come back when it suited him. And you never owned up to your mistakes or felt bad for all the awful things you did to me.

Then as if that wasn’t bad enough, you could never gather enough courage to say you were sorry for breaking my soft heart into a million pieces. You just continued with your life as if nothing ever happened.

And I was crazy in love with you. The moment I saw you, my heart practically jumped out of my chest.

That’s why I accepted all your terms because it seemed impossible for me to live another day without you. The truth is, I stooped to your level because I didn’t want to lose you.

Deep down, I knew that you weren’t the man of my dreams, but I was terrified to let you go. I couldn’t see myself being with another man and letting someone else kiss me.

I knew I’d be totally confused and lost after you and that I’d never be the old me again. In some twisted way, you made me feel complete.

DONE! This Is My Goodbye I Don't Want You In My Life Anymore

You helped me heal from those emotional scars I had and made me feel like I was enough when I was with you. You didn’t even run away when I allowed you to see me at my worst.

Sadly, you were the one who could lift me up and bring me down at the same time. But for the last couple of months, you’ve done only harm to me. You’ve forced me to realize I’m not able to function like this anymore and I need to get away from you.

I don’t want you in my life anymore.

My heart can’t take any more pounding and my mind is exhausted from all those hot and cold games.

I need a strong, mature man who’ll love me every day. A man who’ll give me his hand when I’m confronted with my inner demons, not break me down whenever I’m feeling low.

Then when I saw that you took me for granted once more and had no intention to love me forever, that’s the moment I realized I don’t want you in my life anymore.

DONE! This Is My Goodbye I Don't Want You In My Life Anymore

I knew my life would never get easier, and my needs and emotions would never be satisfied, since we’re not meant to be.

You’re just a selfish boy who could never give me the love I deserve to experience. Your meaning of love isn’t the same as mine and that’s another reason we could never have succeeded.

So, don’t be surprised that I’m leaving you now. This was inevitable and we both know that.

I don’t want to cry and feel lonely anymore, even though I committed to you. Every time you choose your friends over me, my heart breaks a bit more and I can’t take it anymore.

I don’t want to wait for you to come home and touch me with your cold hands, telling me that I’m your only one. I know for a fact those words aren’t true at all.

You’re playing these games so that I stay by your side, but I’ve had enough.

I’m done with you criticizing my every word and action. I need to regain control of my life again.

DONE! This Is My Goodbye I Don't Want You In My Life Anymore

I need to breathe fresh air into my lungs and enjoy every second that I’m alive. You can’t find your happiness with me, that’s why we need to go our separate ways.

I don’t want you near me anymore. I don’t have the same desire for you as I had when we first started dating. And the spark is long gone – it vanished into thin air and we can’t reignite it again.

I know it may be hard for you to accept that it is over, but I don’t love you anymore. You had your chance and you wasted it.

I have to continue on my own and start living the way I want to. You have no influence on me or my decisions. Now you’re some distant memory that lives in my past.

I learned my lessons, but I’m ready for the next chapter in my life. One without you in it.

This Is My Goodbye: I Don't Want You In My Life Anymore

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