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An Overthinking Girl Needs To Date An Understanding Guy

An Overthinking Girl Needs To Date An Understanding Guy

Dating an overthinking girl can feel like a challenge. Men hear the word ‘overthink’ and immediately freeze out of fear.

We all know that the minds of overthinkers work like machines. There’s always something happening, millions of questions, what-ifs, and whys.

And the worst thing is that if you’re an overthinker, you know that there won’t be a day when you’ll wake up and no question marks will pop up in your mind.

Overthinking is a never-ending process and it makes you analyze things you would rather not think about.

Your mind focuses on them and examines them from the bottom to the top, paying attention that every detail gets carefully thought about.

If you’re an overthinking girl, you know what I’m talking about.

DONE! An Overthinking Girl Needs To Date An Understanding Guy

Your mind is constantly filled with questions and it feels tiring all the time.

And like that isn’t enough, men keep running away from you, as they think that you’re a burden.

You share your thoughts with them and you see them rolling their eyes in front of you.

“She’s a mess,” you hear them thinking and it hurts like hell, as you know how capable of love you are.

Then you blame yourself for being too much of a burden and for asking to be understood.

You think that you’re the reason why all of your previous relationships failed.

But I need to tell you something.

The reality of the situation is that you were never asking them for too much. You were only asking the wrong ones.

DONE! An Overthinking Girl Needs To Date An Understanding Guy

Not all guys will work hard for you and that’s okay but there’s one type who will easily assure you that everything is all right and that there’s nothing wrong with you.

He’ll make you feel that you’re not the only one who goes through those wild emotions and you’ll finally feel like you fit in.

An overthinking girl needs to date an understanding guy, as he’s the only one who’ll know how to comfort her when her mind keeps working like crazy.

An understanding guy will know how to be patient with an overthinking girl.

He’ll know how to calm her down and how to reassure her that everything will be okay.

His words will sound like a lullaby and she’ll get pulled into his arms of safety.

Instantly, her mind will calm down and things will go back to normal.

It’ll feel like a wild chase that ends with a calm sit by the fire, listening to its crackling, and drinking hot tea.

“I’m home,” she’ll say, and things will finally feel right.

An understanding guy will never make an overthinking girl feel sorry for her thoughts. All of the men before him only knew to do that.

DONE! An Overthinking Girl Needs To Date An Understanding Guy

Each time she felt attacked by her thoughts, they would only make things feel even worse as they tried to convince her that she was part of the problem.

“Stop thinking for once.”

She heard those words a million times but she never felt strong enough to explain to them why it was impossible to do that.

They never understood that she has no control over her mind. It starts asking questions and the only thing she can do is work with it.

She can’t make it stop. Trust me, she would love it if she could but it’s impossible and she had to learn to live with it.

Do you think that it’s easy for her? Her mind works twenty-four seven, without any breaks, and she’s the one who has to fight with it.

She’s the one who has to put up with it even when she gets tired of her own thoughts. And trust me, it gets tiring.

DONE! An Overthinking Girl Needs To Date An Understanding Guy

But an understanding guy will know how her mind works and he will never make her feel bad about it.

He’ll know how to save her from her own self, and he’ll know how to do that carefully, without even making her realize what’s going on.

His words and actions will assure her that everything’s fine and she’ll feel immediate relief.

Each time an overthinking girl asks him a series of questions, he’ll reply to her in a manner that makes her calm.

He won’t protest and tell her that she’s being controlling. He won’t make her feel that her emotions are irrelevant.

Instead, he’ll know why she keeps asking them because he knows that she has zero control over it.

Her mind plays games with her and she has no other option.

When she starts overthinking, he’ll start understanding.

DONE! An Overthinking Girl Needs To Date An Understanding Guy

He’ll make sure to show her how much he loves her every time she hits rock bottom.

Her mind will take her to a path of low self-confidence but he’ll always make sure she sees her actual worth.

He’ll never ask her, “Why are you thinking about that?” as he knows that she has no idea either.

It simply popped up in her mind and her brain started making up questions.

Instead, an understanding guy will show her empathy. He’ll convince her that she’s not the only one who has to go through this.

We all have our demons and he’ll let her show him hers.

He’ll show her his vulnerable side and share with her the things he’s afraid of.

He’ll let her know that she’s not alone and that she can always count on him.

DONE! An Overthinking Girl Needs To Date An Understanding Guy

And finally, she’ll feel like she has met someone who understands her. The stories in her head will start to decrease.

Day by day, things will start to feel better.

And even when she goes through a bad day, she’ll know that an understanding guy will always be around.

He showed her that before and he convinced her that she can always count on him.

No matter how many thoughts and questions he has to go through with her, he’ll always stay, as he understands what she’s going through.

He knows that her mind is a battlefield and that the only thing he can do is understand her and be there for her.

And that’s exactly what he’ll do.

DONE! An Overthinking Girl Needs To Date An Understanding Guy

Over and over again, he’ll say the same words, as he knows that they can make her calmer and he’ll never get bored.

So, every time you feel that you’re the cause of the problem, like this girl does, I want you to know that you’re wrong.

You never asked any of those guys before you for too much. It’s rather that they weren’t right for you.

But once you find an understanding guy who knows how to treat you right, it’ll feel like you’ve found the final piece of the puzzle.

An Overthinking Girl Needs To Date An Understanding Guy

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