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An Open Letter To My Ex: Thank You For Cheating On Me

An Open Letter To My Ex: Thank You For Cheating On Me

Unfortunately, cheating has become very common… but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s devastatincg for the person who’s the one cheated on.

I am very well aware of that because I got to experience the awful feelings you get when the person you love cheats on you.

You, the person I loved the most in the world and who I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with, cheated on me.

I was heartbroken, and I felt disappointed, humiliated, and above all, betrayed.

I trusted you more than anyone and yet you stabbed me in the back in the worst possible way.

Another thing I had on my mind was how I didn’t see what was happening. How come I didn’t realize it earlier?

Is it possible that I was so foolish that I let all this happen right in front of me without noticing what was going on?

DONE! An Open Letter To My Ex Thank You For Cheating On Me

Once he cheated on me, my self-worth suddenly disappeared.

What was it that was missing in our relationship that only someone else could give you? What did she have that I don’t?

I tortured myself with so many questions and thoughts that kept me awake at night.

I had no intention of staying with you after what you did, but leaving you wasn’t any easier.

It didn’t help me feel better because the pain was just overwhelming.

I thought that I’d never feel better, and that nobody could help me. To be honest, I thought that I was done with life and that I could just die.

Your betrayal felt like something I couldn’t possibly recover from because it seemed like the end of everything I knew…

DONE! An Open Letter To My Ex Thank You For Cheating On Me

How come I wasted so much of my precious time living a lie, believing a lie, and convincing myself that everything was all right?

No one does this to the person they love. Not if they love them.

So, I know that you never loved me enough or respected me enough to stay faithful to me.

If you didn’t love me anymore, you could have just said so, and I would have understood and respected you for being honest with me.

Something I cannot understand is that instead, you convinced me you loved me while violating my trust.

I can’t forgive you for turning me into your backup plan while you were having an affair.

Eventually, it was time for me to pick up my broken pieces and put myself back together.

DONE! An Open Letter To My Ex Thank You For Cheating On Me

What were you doing while I was letting the heartbreak and pain define me? You simply kept living your life, and it was time for me to do the same.

I realized that you cheating on me wasn’t my fault; it was yours. You’re the only one to blame, not me.

I always worked on our relationship and tried to make it good for both of us.

If something was bothering you, you could have told me about it instead of deciding to cheat on me.

Yes, I hated the girl you cheated with at first, but I realized that it had no point.

I wanted to blame her for what happened. However, the truth is, it wasn’t her who was the one who had promised me commitment.

She wasn’t the person who would sleep next to me each night like nothing was wrong.

That girl wasn’t the one who kept making plans for the future with me while being aware of what was going on.

She wasn’t the one who would swear that she cared about me a lot while it couldn’t have been further from the truth.

DONE! An Open Letter To My Ex Thank You For Cheating On Me

You were.

However, despite it all, I realized that I shouldn’t hate you either. I learned that being bitter and holding grudges only had a negative effect on me.

Sure, I wanted revenge at first, but I learned that it would mean letting my pain imprison me and control me while having no effect on you.

Therefore, I’m not writing you this letter to wish you the worst or curse you.

I’m not trying to tell you that I resent you or swear that you will never be forgiven for what you did.

As a matter of fact, I’m writing you this letter to thank you. Yes, I actually want to thank you for cheating on me, and I’m being sincere.

Why am I thankful? Well, if you hadn’t cheated on me, I wouldn’t have become who I am now.

I wouldn’t be aware of how strong I am, and I would have no clue about how much I can actually take.

DONE! An Open Letter To My Ex Thank You For Cheating On Me

Before this, I would have thought that something like that would completely break me… Now I know that a simple heartbreak can’t do that.

I realized that time heals all wounds. No matter how terrible we feel, pain is only temporary.

I wouldn’t have realized that I can make it on my own, without you or anyone else beside me.

If you hadn’t done what you did, I wouldn’t have realized that I can be my own savior and hero.

I wouldn’t know some truths I know now, because you opened my eyes about people and love.

Some people are simply toxic and insensitive, and I wouldn’t have known that if you weren’t one of them.

They don’t care if their actions cause pain to others, and I have learned that I can’t change them no matter how much I love them.

DONE! An Open Letter To My Ex Thank You For Cheating On Me

If you hadn’t betrayed my trust, I wouldn’t respect and love myself the way I do now.

I wouldn’t be aware of what I truly deserve, and I wouldn’t know what isn’t love or what I can expect from a relationship.

If you hadn’t cheated on me, I wouldn’t be so proud of myself today because of the capacity and strength I showed in overcoming this pain.

Now I know not to let into my life those who don’t deserve it, and I will never settle for anything less than what I deserve.

I learned valuable lessons from all this, so thank you for cheating on me.

An Open Letter To My Ex: Thank You For Cheating On Me

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