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6 Signs She Only Wants Attention And Is Wasting Your Time

6 Signs She Only Wants Attention And Is Wasting Your Time

You hit it off with a girl and everything seems good in the beginning. Your first date went amazingly.

You’ve been out a couple of times and now you are wondering whether you should take things further.

You’re over the moon because something is finally happening in your love life.

She seems nice, you two have a good connection, but at some point, you start to notice some red flags.

It feels like she randomly appears in and disappears from your life.

Like she’s telling you, “I will have you whenever I want because I can easily make you fall for me.”

You start thinking about it; are her feelings genuine or is she just an attention seeker? Should you give her a chance or is it just a waste of time?

Let’s find out whether she only wants attention or if she has a genuine interest in you.

Welcome to the mind of an attention seeker!

DONE! 6 Signs She Only Wants Attention And Is Wasting Your Time

Attention-seeking is a desperate wish to be the center of attention. This way, attention seekers look for the validation of the people around them.

Attention-seeking is usually connected to low self-esteem and it represents a way of convincing others of their worth.

However, deep down, they don’t feel enough and they try to compensate for that by being the center of attention.

If you want to know whether you should stay with this girl or if you should break up before you get too attached to her, then keep on reading.

The following signs will show you whether she’s an attention seeker or if she just doesn’t know what to do and is sending you mixed signals.

1. She posts tons of pictures on her social media

DONE! 6 Signs She Only Wants Attention And Is Wasting Your Time

If her social media profiles are filled with selfies, then it’s a good sign that she only wants attention.

Her comment section probably looks something like this: Best friend: “OMG you are beautiful!!!!” Your girl: “Thanks love! #nomakeup #ugly”

Her whole life is based on taking good pictures of herself, posting them on social media, and then waiting for people to validate her beauty by liking and commenting.

You probably had to wait for her on your first date because she had to take a good selfie she could post later on.

Or potentially because she even secretly took a picture of you holding her hand so she could post it on Snapchat.

She wants others to notice her and to spend time thinking about who she’s going out with. Red flag alert- attention-seeker on your radar!

2. She knows how to get to you with her eye contact

DONE! 6 Signs She Only Wants Attention And Is Wasting Your Time

Through her eyes, you can tell that she’s really skilled and that she knows how to get your attention.

Her eye contact is so strong that it makes it impossible to take your eyes off her.

It’s like she is telling you with her look, “I need to be the center of attention. Look at me now!”

Combined with her amazing body language skills, you simply cannot not look at her.

She knows how to play this game; she’s too skilled at it. Still, it only represents her need to seek your validation and improve her self-esteem in a way.

Once you stop giving her that, she will look for another victim.

3. She is flirtatious and she uses it as her superpower

DONE! 6 Signs She Only Wants Attention And Is Wasting Your Time

You may notice that this girl knows how to flirt. She makes eye contact, throws a pickup line at you and you are hers. Still, you notice a big red flag.

You are not the only one she flirts with. Instead, she’s flirtatious with her guy friends and random people who pass by too.

If you think about it, she even flirted with the waiter the first time you went out.

If she flirts with every male creature who walks by her, it’s an obvious sign that she only wants your attention.

She will get what she wants and then leave. That’s how attention-seeking works!

4. She constantly appears in and disappears from your life

DONE! 6 Signs She Only Wants Attention And Is Wasting Your Time

At the very least, all of the mixed signals she sends you confuse you. She’s hot and cold so it’s hard to understand what is going on.

Things seem to work fine and then she stops replying to your messages.

You know that she’s online because you see her posting selfies on her social media.

That gives you a clear message that she’s ignoring you and you give up on her. Then, out of the blue, she reaches out to you.

She sends you funny memes, text messages, and her selfies. Anything and everything, just to get your attention.

You reply to her, you start communicating more, and boom – the same thing happens again.

No more phone calls or messages, and literally no sign of any interaction.

If the same thing happens to you again and again, you should see it as a big sign that she only wants your attention and nothing else.

5. Her phone is her best friend

DONE! 6 Signs She Only Wants Attention And Is Wasting Your Time

If you notice that she is always on her phone, texting and Snapchatting other guys and posting her selfies on social media, these are all good signs that she is an attention seeker.

Her phone is her best friend, as it helps her be the center of attention.

She could be on a date with you and at the same time, she’s fishing for other guys to boost her self-esteem. That’s not a problem for her.

She has no genuine interest in getting to know you, as she will probably replace you once you stop fulfilling her needs. 

6. She acts the same way in front of her friends

DONE! 6 Signs She Only Wants Attention And Is Wasting Your Time

If you’ve noticed that she also seeks attention from her good friends, then it’s a good sign that she is an attention seeker. 

If she is the one who sits in the middle of the group, always making sure that her words are heard, then I wish you good luck with her.

She will never change, no matter how hard you try to help her.

When someone else comes along, she will leave you but once she gets bored of them, she will go back to you.

Attention seeking is a dangerous thing! It makes her feel important and that’s why she can’t stop.

She will sweep you off your feet just to prove to herself that she can do whatever she wants.

If you are thinking about being serious with her, I want to warn you that she only wants your attention.  

There are no feelings in it for her – just a pure wish to be seen. These people know how to make you play by their own rules.

You serve the purpose as long as you provide them with validation. 

Once you stop doing that, you will be replaced by a better pawn who she can control more easily.

6 Signs She Only Wants Attention And Is Wasting Your Time

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