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6 Signs He Is Not Interested Anymore That You Can Catch Early

6 Signs He Is Not Interested Anymore That You Can Catch Early

We have all heard the saying ‘love is blind’‘.

When you find yourself in a situation where you are giving your best while the other person doesn’t care, but you still decide to stay in touch with them, you tend to realize that that saying is completely true.

When we fall in love, we tend to ignore all of the bad behavior that the other person is doing.

We become blind and make excuses for why something is happening the way it is.

At one point, this becomes too much and you realize that you are making a mistake.

‘If a guy is not interested, I will not try to impress him anymore,”, you say to yourself.

However, it can be hard to notice the signs that secretly want to show you that he will never fight for you because he has lost interest in you.

Hearing these words might feel like a slap in the face but some things need to be said if you want to change your current situation.

Look for the following signs if you are unsure whether a guy is still interested in you.

1. He’s not initiating any dates

6 Signs He Is Not Interested Anymore That You Can Catch Early

When a man is interested, he will always contact you and arrange dates with you.

In the beginning, he always called you and made sure that you didn’t go out with anyone on Fridays as he wanted you to go out with him.

Now, he is becoming distant and has stopped calling and texting and you are not sure what is going on.

Of course, he isn’t supposed to be the only one who is trying to stay in touch but if you are doing all the work, be sure that he is not interested anymore.

A man who cares always finds time for a woman he likes. Simple as that.

When he stops doing that at the very beginning of the relationship or dating process, you should be prepared for the end, as his interest in you has drastically decreased.

Men are easy to understand. If they like you, they will show you. When something changes, their behavior changes too.

Stop blaming yourself or making excuses like, ‘‘He’s busy,” ”He has a lot of things on his mind,” or, ‘‘He’s working hard.”

No matter what he’s going through, if he likes you, he will always find a second to reply to your message or call you.

2. His friends don’t know about you

6 Signs He Is Not Interested Anymore That You Can Catch Early

Guys are shy when it comes to emotions. They don’t walk around and talk about their relationship but oh, man, they love to brag.

When he finds a woman he is really into, a guy shows her picture to all of his friends, as he is proud that he is going out with a woman like that.

This may seem childish but it is just the way men work.

If he really likes you, he will introduce you to his friends or at least mention you to them.

However, when you bump into his best friend at the mall and he has no idea who you are, then you should start asking yourself some questions.

Of course, you are not supposed to meet all of his friends at the very beginning of the relationship or dating, but they for sure should at least know who you are if you are as special as he says.

3. He only calls you when he’s bored

6 Signs He Is Not Interested Anymore That You Can Catch Early

Gym, friends, work, hobbies; everything comes before you. When he gets bored with everything else, then he calls you.

Because you really like him, you tend to ignore the fact that you two haven’t seen each other in weeks and you immediately go out with him.

However, when you think about it, you notice that you are not a priority.

If you call him when facing a huge problem and ask him to help you, he will probably say that he’s busy hanging out with his friends. Red alert!

Also, if he sets up a date and cancels at the last minute multiple times, then you can be sure that he only scheduled something because he had no other plans.

Now that something better has shown up, he cancels on you as your date is not interesting enough for him.

He doesn’t care how that makes you feel as let’s face it, he doesn’t care about you the way he used to.

Yes, yes, I am being harsh but you need to hear these words if you want to get yourself out of a relationship that will never bring you happiness.

4. He is the one who does all the talking

6 Signs He Is Not Interested Anymore That You Can Catch Early

He talks and talks but whenever you start to lead a conversation, it feels like you are talking to a brick wall.

There is no reaction and it seems like he doesn’t even hear what you’re saying.

A guy who is interested pays attention to every single detail you say, he listens and cares about your words.

On the other hand, a guy who doesn’t care about you will never care about your words either.

If he shuts down whenever you start to say something, even though when you first started dating, he carefully concentrated on every word you said, he is probably giving you the hint that he is not interested anymore.

5. He creates conflict so you will dump him

6 Signs He Is Not Interested Anymore That You Can Catch Early

Yes, we all fight sometimes but if you feel that he is doing it on purpose, then it is suspicious.

If he creates an argument just because he wants you to dislike him afterward, then it is time to go.

That tells you: ”I don’t care about you and I will constantly fight with you so you will get bored and finally leave.”

A guy sometimes doesn’t want to be the one to take the blame for leaving, so instead, he will try to find a way for you to be the one who takes all the blame.

If you lose interest, you will walk away and you will be the one to blame.

Until then, he will call you when he’s bored and you will just be there to fill an empty void.

6. Deep down, you feel he doesn’t like you

6 Signs He Is Not Interested Anymore That You Can Catch Early

When someone is treating you like you are not enough and that none of your actions are worthy to him, you start feeling it in your gut that something isn’t right.

Your mind sends you signals that you should stop and observe what is really going on.

If you feel that he has changed and so have his intentions, then they probably have.

Always listen to yourself, as you are the only one who knows how things were before and what they look like now.

If you notice that a guy has lost interest in you, then you should probably walk away and release yourself of all of the stress and suffering that staying in a relationship like this can bring.

When someone doesn’t feel that you are the one, then you shouldn’t try to fix it!

6 Signs He Is Not Interested Anymore That You Can Catch Early

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