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How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

You know that you need to stop caring about someone who doesn’t care about you, but you don’t know how.

It can be hard, but there are some simple steps that will help you get through this.

It’s hard enough to realize that this person doesn’t love you back, let alone learn how to stop caring about someone who doesn’t care about you… but it will be easier once you read this article.

How to stop caring about someone you love?

It’s not like there’s a switch on your back, or in your heart, that could get you to suddenly stop caring.

Even though it’s not that easy, sometimes you simply have to learn how to stop caring about someone, especially when they don’t feel the same way about you.

Why would you want to give your heart to someone who doesn’t want it?

That person would surely break it, and they don’t deserve to have it in the first place.

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

When the person you love doesn’t love you back, you have to forget about them and move on.

I’m not saying that it will be easy, but it won’t be as hard as you think it will either. I’ve been there too, so I know really well how you are feeling right now.

Maybe you would even give anything in the world to make them care about you… but they most likely won’t, no matter what you do, and you need to be aware of that.

You can’t change how someone feels about you, but you can change how you feel about them.

After all, don’t you want to be with someone who reciprocates your feelings and cares about you just as much as you care about them?

You can have that, and you will, but you first need to stop caring about someone who doesn’t care about you.

Loving them won’t lead you anywhere, and the longer you wait, the more it will hurt.

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

Trust me that it isn’t impossible to learn how to stop caring about someone who doesn’t care about you, and you owe it to yourself to at least try.

Once you figure that out by following the steps in this article, you’ll be free to love again.

I know that it feels like you won’t be able to, but you will, and someone will love you just as much as you love them.

You deserve that, and you should never settle for anything less.

Loving someone who doesn’t love you back, or at least not as much, hurts, and it won’t stop hurting until you stop loving them.

Do yourself a favor, and give up on the person who doesn’t appreciate you, because they never will.

No matter how much love you give them, they won’t ever give anything in return.

You will never be enough for the wrong person, and no matter how hard you try, they won’t love you the way you deserve… the way you love them.

Learn how to stop caring about someone you shouldn’t care about by following these steps and give yourself a chance to be truly loved for who you are.

Here are the ways on how to stop caring about someone you love when they don’t love you back:

1. Face the truth about how they feel about you

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

Maybe you’re trying to stop loving someone you were in a relationship with… or maybe you weren’t involved with them at all.

Whatever the case may be in your situation, the rules on how to stop caring about someone who doesn’t care about you are the same.

The first thing you need to do is face the truth.

To stop caring about someone who doesn’t care about you, you need to accept that they don’t and that there’s nothing you can do about it.

I don’t know what kind of relationship you had with them, if any, but whatever there was between the two of you, it is over now, and you can’t bring it back.

Wishing they would love you could only bring you more pain.

I know how tempted you are to try to make them care about you and win them back, but you would only be wasting your time and energy.

Don’t lose your dignity over someone who will never appreciate you for who you are.

Whatever you do, don’t beg for their love or attention; instead, see the signs that they don’t love you, and try to accept that fact.

Don’t try to see something that clearly isn’t there just so you can give yourself false hope. 

If they don’t care about you, that needs to be perfectly clear to you, as well as that you shouldn’t care about them anymore either.

2. Face the truth about how you feel about them

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

Just because it should be clear to you that you should stop caring about them doesn’t mean that you should pretend that you don’t.

Deceiving yourself into thinking you don’t care won’t get you anywhere.

Don’t lie to yourself because just like you need to accept that they don’t care about you, you need to accept that you do care about them.

You care, but they don’t and both of these things need to be clear to you, and you shouldn’t try to run away from the facts.

You’re in pain now, and it will pass, but right now, it’s important that you accept that and realize that there’s no need to be ashamed.

We’ve all been there at some point in our life.

3. Don’t let your feelings define you

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

Of course, accepting your feelings is the right call, but you need to be careful not to let them define or overwhelm you.

Just because you’re heartbroken doesn’t mean that that’s who you are.

You’re going through something, and this is just a phase in your life that will be behind you eventually.

Even though you shouldn’t ignore your feelings, they shouldn’t be all you think about so don’t let this pain you’re feeling change who you are.

You have a right to feel happy, even when you’re hurting, so don’t deny yourself that occasional happiness in a time of sadness.

Let the happy moments overwhelm you, not the ones you feel when you’re in pain.

4. Keep in mind that it’s all a part of being human

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

Feeling what you feel is a part of being human.

We’ve all experienced heartbreak during our life, and it’s just something that’s bound to happen at some point.

Not everyone you love is going to love you back, just like you’re not going to love everyone who loves you.

Very few people end up with the first person they love, so, logically, most of us have to experience a few heartbreaks before we end up with the right person.

This is probably not your first heartbreak, and it most likely won’t be your last one either.

Until you find the person you’ll love for the rest of your life, just as much as they’ll love you, you’ll experience heartbreaks.

You can’t make someone love you, they don’t have to love you just because you love them and it’s no reason to be angry with them.

I know how you feel right now, but you have to know that it will pass. Not only will you survive this, but you’ll come out of it even stronger than you were.

5. Don’t idealize them and remember their flaws

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

When things become a part of the past, we tend to romanticize that past.

All of us often idealize the person we care about, as well as the relationship, once it ends.

It feels like that person had no flaws, even though we knew very well before the relationship ended that they did.

Suddenly, in our memory, that person becomes different from who they truly are, and they seem to be perfect.

Looking back on our past relationship, we think only about the good times, and it seems like we’ve lost something amazing.

Was it really that amazing? Is that person really perfect for you? You don’t need to start focusing only on the bad things, but try to be realistic.

The relationship wasn’t that great, and that person isn’t flawless.

Every time you start thinking about beautiful memories, remember the reasons why it all ended.

To stop caring about someone who doesn’t care about you, you have to keep in mind the bad things.

Don’t let nostalgia make you think that there was something there that was worth fighting for.

How many times did you try getting them to love you? Did they? Remember that.

6. Stop all contact

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

How to stop caring about someone who doesn’t care about you? Well, certainly not by staying in touch with them and stalking them on social media.

The most important part of learning how to stop caring about someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you is stopping all contact with them.

You have no reason to keep them in your life anymore.

It could only make things worse, so you don’t need any reminders of them, nor any possibilities to contact them.

This isn’t like the no contact rule, which you can use to get them back, and that is why I haven’t used that term.

Stop all communication by blocking them on social media and deleting their phone number.

Don’t ask others about them, don’t stalk them, and don’t show up at places where they often go.

I know this seems like too much, but it really isn’t – it’s here to help you move on.

7. Remove all reminders of them

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

Like I said earlier, if you want to learn how to stop caring about someone you love, you don’t need anything to remind you of that someone.

Everything that reminds you of them has to go. All the pictures of the two of you, stuff they gave you, or anything else that brings back memories, are now things you have to get rid of.

The best choice is to throw these things away, but if it’s too hard for you to do that, just put them all in one box.

Keep in mind that that is like Pandora’s box, so make sure you keep it somewhere where you can’t look at it.

Take it to the basement or loft and hide it somewhere where even you will forget about it; though, of course, you should know that it’s better that you throw everything away.

Keep in mind that removing all reminders doesn’t apply only to material things.

You can’t listen to the songs that remind you of them either, and why would you, when you’re just torturing yourself with them?

Don’t go to the places that remind you of them either, and it will also stop you from running into them.

8. Don’t wonder about what could have happened

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

What could have been? This is the most dangerous question you could ask yourself right now, and it’s a big mistake to wonder about that.

Why? Well, because it’s one of the methods of self-torture which most of us use when we are heartbroken. We just can’t help it… 

What if this person had given your love a chance? Could things have worked out, and would you have loved them for the rest of your life?

Unfortunately, that probably isn’t so.

Even if that could have happened, it won’t, so don’t think about it.

I know how hard it can be, but you have to realize that thinking like that will only cause you more pain and prevent you from moving on anytime soon.

Don’t think about ‘would’ things be different, just think about whether they are. What’s done is done, and it won’t change, but you know what?

That’s a good thing!

Things between you and this person ended for a reason.

That reason won’t suddenly disappear, and another reason is that you weren’t meant to be with them.

This person isn’t your forever person, but someone else is, and the sooner you move on, the sooner you’ll get to find them.

9. Change something

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

Every time I tried to stop loving someone, I dyed my hair a different color, or at least changed my hairstyle.

This is something most girls do after a break-up, and it’s actually a good thing.

Change something, but don’t stop with your hairstyle. Get new clothes, start going out to different places, or even redecorate your bedroom.

The reason most of us change something when we are heartbroken is that it helps us believe that we have a chance for a fresh start.

You do have a possibility for a fresh start, and you should use it.

Change something because it will help you move on. Pick up a new hobby and meet new people, and you’ll see how good it will be for you.

You’ll feel better, regain your confidence, and recover much more easily.

10. Occupy your mind

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

When we have a lot of free time or are bored, we think a lot more.

If you’re trying to stop caring about someone who doesn’t care about you, that’s all you’ll think about during that time.

This is why it’s important to occupy your mind and have a tight schedule, so you can save yourself from thinking about them.

The less you think about them, the less pain you’ll feel. All you need to do is make sure that you keep yourself busy.

Of course, you shouldn’t just put your whole energy into work, because you will burn out fast, but there are other ways to occupy your mind.

Do the things you like, so watch your favorite TV show, take a nap, read a book, watch a movie, or listen to some music you have never heard before.

Do whatever makes you feel happy and fulfilled, and try to not stress yourself out.

11. Embrace the pain

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

Yes, you should occupy your mind, but that doesn’t mean that you should hold anything in.

Don’t be focused solely on the pain you’re experiencing, but allow yourself to embrace it for a certain amount of time during the day.

When you feel the need, you can scream and cry as much as you want for a while.

That amount of time is reserved for grieving, but when it’s over, you need to get back to living your life.

It’s important that you don’t rush yourself more than you should. If you cry every day for a month for half an hour each time, that’s okay.

You need more time or less time? That’s okay too.

There’s no specific time by when you’ll completely heal because everyone needs a different amount.

Try your best to move on, but don’t force it when it’s too hard.

You need time to grieve, and that’s perfectly understandable; just choose an amount of time you’ll do that each day, so it doesn’t become all you do.

12. Be open to dating again

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

You will start dating again when you’re ready, and even though many will advise you to start a rebound relationship, that doesn’t lead anywhere.

When you get into a relationship while still healing from the heartbreak you had, in most cases, you’re only wasting your and that person’s time.

You need a healthy relationship, which won’t be burdened with the baggage from your last one, and there will come a time for that.

You’ll know when you’re ready, but be open to dating again anyway.

I’m not saying that you should start a new relationship right now; I’m saying that you should be open to meeting someone new.

You can even go on a date or a few, just to remind yourself that there are plenty of fish in the sea.

It will boost your confidence and help you realize that you’ll love again.

Don’t be afraid to flirt with someone. It doesn’t have to lead anywhere, but getting a smile from a new potential partner could make you feel better.

13. Surround yourself with people who love you

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

When you’re trying to get over someone who doesn’t care about you, it’s best that you surround yourself with people who do care about you.

Spend some time with your friends, and let them remind you how lovable you truly are.

Confide in those you trust, and let them help you heal.

The people who love you will always try to bring back that beautiful smile on your face, and you can use their help at a time like this.

Maybe there is a family member you are very close with too? Let them be there for you now that you need them.

The people who love you, whether they’re your friends or family, will want to help you any way they can; however, you shouldn’t blindly listen to their advice.

Only you know exactly how you feel and what will help you heal.

14. Learn from this

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

Instead of focusing on how this experience has affected you, try to learn from it.

This is just one challenge in life that you need to overcome, and it is like a test of your strength, so see it that way.

The lesson you need to learn from this is that people who don’t care about you don’t deserve your love.

You will also learn who in your life will be there for you when you need them the most.

The biggest lesson you’ll learn is that you can survive anything. I know that heartbreak can feel like the end of the world, but it never is.

Once you pick up your pieces, you’ll realize that you weren’t as broken as you thought you were, or at least you won’t stay that way for long.

Once you get through this, you’ll realize how strong you really are and that this is just something that will stay in your past.

15. Make yourself happy

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

This is a time you should use the best you can, and use it to make yourself happy. Don’t expect others to do it, especially because you can do it better.

You’ve wasted so much time on this person who doesn’t love you, but the only person whose love you truly need is you.

Love yourself and put yourself first for a change.

Do things that make you happy, and try to improve things about you that you don’t really like, so you can love yourself even more.

Draw yourself a bath, pour yourself a glass of wine, light some candles, play some relaxing music, and simply pamper yourself. You deserve it.

How To Stop Caring About Someone Who Doesn’t Care About You

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