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10 Signs You’re More Than Friends

more than friends
Leslie Blair
Written by Leslie Blair

The line between friendship and love can become blurry at times. It can be hard to tell if you are on the way to be more than friends. There can be lots of mixed signals whether you like him, or if he likes you. You can’t decide whether the feelings you have for him is a temporary lapse or a real crush. And you have no idea whether those long gazes when you look at each other mean something. Well, if you notice any of these signs, chances are that he likes you and that you’re definitely more than friends.

1.  Jealousy

One of the easiest signs to notice. If he is jealous of someone you think could be a possible suitor, he definitely has feelings for you that surpass the friendliness. How can you spot jealousy? Well, if he gets uncomfortable or angry when you’re speaking about that other person or takes an instant dislike towards him for no apparent reason. Same goes for you. If you suddenly feel jealous of some girl he is hanging out, you probably like him.

2. You text non-stop

Sure, we all have those close friends that we can chat at different times in one day. However, will you stay up all night to text a good friend? Not likely.

3. “Accidental ” touches

You’re sitting very close and suddenly you brush your hand over his arm? Or he likes to touch your hair and seems to always be close? Look at it this way: do you have a need to be constantly touching all of your friends? If not, you probably feel something for him. And if yes- congrats! You’re officially weird.

4. Daydreaming about them

If you are spacing out and thinking about your colleague at work or your friend in class- you probably like him. You’re not going to daydream about a friend. Sure, you can think of your friend, but daydream?

5. Butterflies

If you are jittery and nervous around him, especially if you’re feeling butterflies in your stomach everytime you catch his eye- a clear sign of a crush. And if you notice that he tends to be nervous around you, that is also a pretty good sign that he sees you more than a friend.

6. You talk about him all the time

Your friends have probably noticed this one. Every sentence that comes out of your mouth contains his name in it. You constantly gush about him and can’t seem to shut up. And I’m sure your friends have called you out on it. Saying you have a crush. They’re most likely..right.

7. The looks in the eyes

Eyes are the window to our souls, so what a better way to find out if he likes you than through his eyes? The looks you give each other are something only you two can explain. However, if he likes you he will most probably be looking you in the eyes a lot. If you don’t feel attracted to someone, you probably won’t be spending so much time looking them in the eyes. So, if you have second thoughts about that kiss- it is all in the eyes.

8. Cute nicknames

This can be a long shot, but if you call each other something sweet and cute, there can be something more than friendship going on.

9. You feel attracted to them

Feeling attracted to someone is a dead giveaway of something more than friendship. We can think that our friend is pretty and good looking, however, if you can’t take your eyes off them- crush alert!

10. You act differently around each other than with your other friends

When you’re in a group of friends, you two can stop talking to each other and being in your own bubble. Even if you are with your friends, you still spend more than hanging out with each other. It is a sign that both of you prefer each other’s company above everyone there.

If you are in love with your friend, yet still unsure if he likes you or not- talk to him. Facing possible rejection is not easy. Especially if your friendship is on the line. But if you suspect that he might be feeling something more towards you, your intuition is probably right. Communication is of great value in every friendship and in every relationship.

10 Signs You’re More Than Friends