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When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You – 21 Obvious Signs

When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You – 21 Obvious Signs

If you’ve been dating a Capricorn man for some time, and you start noticing unusual behavior, it might be that he changed his thoughts about your relationship. How can you know when a Capricorn man is done with you? Are there any signs that you can look out for?

You might think that you’ve had enough time to really get to know him, but the truth is – you never actually know. Either something triggered him to change, or you just weren’t aware of the dominant traits of his Capricorn personality.

To better understand his behavior and realize what to expect from you relationship, you need to find out more about his Zodiac sign. So, before digging deeper to find out if a Capricorn man is done with you, we’re first going to get to know him better.

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An overview of a Capricorn man

Governed by Saturn, a Capricorn Zodiac sign is a stubborn one, which means that it certainly has a setup of important life values and principles and he won’t make compromises on those.

Don’t doubt that all his manners and behavior will be serious. He’ll always add a bit of irony and cynicism to his response. It’s just who he is.

Since a Capricorn man is a cardinal sign, it means that he’s ambitious and wants to lead in all areas of life. Whether it be love, friendships, business or family. Therefore, it’s important for him to be in control. That’s where his inborn stubbornness comes in handy.

When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You - 20 Obvious Signs

His assertiveness in regard to those values can be seen in his relationship with you as well. It’s true that it may take some time for you to enter his armor of steel, but once you do, you’ll be his queen.

No devotion from a man compares to the one you’ll experience from a Capricorn man. Once he’s truly in love and commits to you, he’ll be yours, and only, yours. At the same time, he’ll expect the same from you.

If it turns out that things don’t go well, ask yourself if you’ve hurt his feelings in any way. If his behavior is changing into a negative one, and it’s something that occurs continuously, it could be that you’re the cause of it.

However, if you haven’t done anything wrong and things between the two of you haven’t been working out, then it could be that he simply isn’t into you anymore. I know that these words sound harsh but it’s better to face reality than to waste your time.

When a Capricorn man is done with you, here’s how you’ll know that

If a relationship between you and your Capricorn man is at the very end, things will start to go downhill. Here’s how you can be sure that a Capricorn man is certainly done with you and you have nothing to look out to.

1. He doesn’t tell you he loves you anymore

DONE When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You 20 Obvious Signs 2

It’s not to be questioned with a Capricorn man – it will take time for him to express his feelings for you.

Getting to know him might take a while, but once he starts to feel comfortable with you, he’ll open up. Because of his loyalty, he won’t lie to you.

When he shares all of his secrets with you, you’ll know things are serious between the two of you. Since he’s always streaming to success, the ability to share milestones in his career with you will also mean the world to him.

After that, he’ll admit to you how much you mean to him and he’ll repeat those words all the time.

But once his feelings change, you’ll no longer hear him expressing his love and gratitude for you. He’ll no longer tell you that he loves you since he doesn’t actually feel that way anymore.

2. He shows you you’re not a match for him

Most certainly, a true match for a Capricorn man is someone who is ambitious and independent as much as he is. Diligence, loyalty and honesty are a must. Qualities such as a strong work ethic and attention to detail come along as well.

There are, of course, some Zodiac signs that match him better than others. Earth signs like Taurus, and Water signs like Cancer and Scorpio are a wonderful match.

If you think that you don’t stand up to these qualities or if he actually told you that, maybe it’s time to accept the differences between the two of you and realize that they aren’t bridgeable. But don’t lose hope – just because he’s not the one for you doesn’t mean that you won’t find your soulmate.

3. He’s not being intimate with you anymore

When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You - 20 Obvious Signs

If he’s being loyal to his partner, he’ll show it in the bedroom, too. While a Capricorn man might have problems with opening up at the beginning and generally expressing his emotions, if truly in love – he’ll know it and he’ll show it!

When there is no passion and intimacy, it might be because he doesn’t find you attractive anymore and probably has no emotions left for you.

4. He’s not spending time with you

A Capricorn man, being ambitious, is someone who’ll put a lot of emphasis on his work obligations. Success is one of his priorities in life, so it’s normal that he’ll spend a lot of his time working.

He knows that success doesn’t come easy. So, he’ll expect you to have some understanding for his business or any other career endeavor.

He’s also aware of the fact that relationships take time to curate as well. So, he’ll set aside enough time for you if your relationship is stable. It only shows that, even though his career is very important to him, you still have a special place in his life.

But if you notice that he’s spending more time at work than he really should, and setting you aside, it’s time to worry. This is probably one red alarm sign that you shouldn’t ignore. It means that he’s trying to analyze his relationship with you by taking some more time off. He might be searching for a solution to a relationship problem you might have.

5. He doesn’t answer your calls

DONE When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You 20 Obvious Signs 4

If really in love, he’ll make an effort to fulfill any of your needs and wishes. Be it serious ones or the tiniest random ones, he’ll be there for you, whenever you need him. This means that he’ll answer your calls at any time of the day.

If he always seems busy nowadays, or has various excuses why he’s not able to help you, it’s not a positive sign. Ask yourself if you can rely on such a person, and if there’s anything kind and lovable in such actions.

6. He’s acting cold toward you

Not being so talkative and open at the very start of your relationship journey might be specific for a Capricorn man. His approach will be calm, patient, simply said steady.

But if you’ve been together for a while and he seems to start acting distant, overly quiet and thoughtful, it might be another red flag. Closeness and intimacy are very important parts of any relationship, so this might be a sign that something has changed.

Bear in mind that when a Capricorn man is done with you, he actually may start to act this way. In that case, you better watch out because your relationship is probably about to come to an end.

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7. He doesn’t let you be in charge

When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You - 20 Obvious Signs

A true leader, as a Capricorn man is, indeed likes to have it all in his hands, each time that’s possible. Since he’s such an A-type, you can be sure that he loves you if he lets you be in charge from time to time.

A woman he truly cares about will be able to do things, not only on her own, but she will even boss him around a bit. And believe it or not, he’ll enjoy it.

As an Earth Zodiac sign, he’ll be looking for female types similar to him. In his mind, it means that a woman is powerful enough to take charge and has a strong personality.

8. He doesn’t let you into his private space anymore

Private spaces like our home are personal areas we don’t easily let others have access to. When we do get permission to come over and visit, it means that the host is trusting you enough. What is a relationship like without such trust? To be honest, it is not something to envy.

If he used to invite you in, that was a good sign of him trusting you. He used to be willing to share with you the most intimate details and aspects of his life. However, things have changed for the worse and he simply doesn’t feel that connection anymore.

9. He isn’t jealous at all

DONE When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You 20 Obvious Signs 6

Believe it or not, being jealous may not always be negative. Of course, any behavior that crosses boundaries of normal, isn’t good. But jealousy in small amounts might signal some positive things about Capricorn’s love for you.

Try to look for signs of nervousness or resentment when other men approach you. If your partner isn’t taking it well, it might be because of jealousy. The reason is simple – he’s truly in love with you and that’s why he’s acting possessive.

10. He has no interest in your pursuits

If he’s making an effort to get familiar with everything you do like your work, your hobbies or your interests in general, you definitely have a special place in his heart.

Since he’s not easily stepping outside of his comfort zone, doing things with you is a sign that he wants to learn more about what’s important to you. Even if it’s something that doesn’t come naturally to him, he’ll make an effort because of you. Sharing experiences with a woman he loves is something he values very much.

11. He’s hiding things from you

When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You - 20 Obvious Signs

Another sign of love and trust is being able to allow access to private things like our cell phones. Not being afraid to do a Google search while having you around or typing messages on WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram or Messenger -these are the signs that a guy trusts you.

There’s nothing he has to hide from you, and you are free to enter any chat you want on his social media.

But once he starts hiding things from you, it could be a sign that a Capricorn man is done and ready to move on. Unfortunately, you no longer tickle his fancy.

12. He’s not willing to introduce you to his family and friends

One of the biggest signs of a serious and stable relationship is the famous introduction to his parents. He only invites the one he’s ready to settle down with to this meetup.

This is something long-term, for sure. If this happens, don’t have any doubt that you are the woman of his life. But, when a Capricorn man is done with you, this is very unlikely to happen.

13. He‘s not sharing problems with you

DONE When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You 20 Obvious Signs 8

There are very few people in our lives with whom we can share our most intimate problems. Some things that lay very deep in our soul, mind, and heart are not things we are always ready to tell others.

Sometimes, we even hide these details from our better halves, because it indeed takes a lot of courage and trust to open up. Imagine how much he appreciates you if he lets you know all the deepest depths of his soul.

If this is not the case, he’s definitely not trusting you enough.

14. He‘s not checking up on you as he used to do

Little things matter. Love isn’t about being showered with gifts, expensive clothes, or travels to exotic destinations. Just a quick call to see if you’ve returned home safely, or a morning call before work to check if you’re up is something not to be dismissed.

These small details mean you’re always somewhere in the back of his mind and you suddenly pop up even when he’s busy. It’s a whole different thing to check up on you when he’s set aside time specifically to call you.

That’s why you should pay attention to these small, and seemingly random acts of kindness because those are the things that matter the most.

15. He‘s mentioning the breakup

When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You - 20 Obvious Signs

When a Capricorn man is done with you, he’ll start mentioning the end of your relationship. He’ll casually slip it in your conversations even though he never used to do that before.

The reason behind this is that he’s actually reconsidering his options since you no longer make him happy. Unfortunately, his feelings have changed, but he still doesn’t know how to tell you that.

Maybe you’ve been together for a while and he’s used to having you around. But deep down, he knows that you’re not the one for him and he’s thinking about breaking up.

16. He‘ll always seem to be mad at you

Being down to earth and a grounded Zodiac sign, the Capricorn man certainly won’t splash any rage or uncontrollable reactions to you, don’t worry. But even though he won’t admit it, he’ll still be mad.

Proud types as they are, they won’t easily accept that everything they’ve worked on with you, is now simply gone. So, when a Capricorn man is done with you, you’ll certainly be able to tell. He’ll try to blame you for problems that occur during your relationship and you’ll hear it in his tone of voice that something’s off.

17. He won’t talk to you as much as he used to

DONE When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You 20 Obvious Signs 10

Him distancing from the moment when relationship problems occur, is something he feels is right to do. That, in many cases, has to do more with himself than with you. He might analyze his behavior a bit more, to see if there’s something he can change.

Since each problem to solve is a painful process, he’ll also be taking some time for rest. A Capricorn man in times of worry, is a man that desperately needs alone time. That’s why other people aren’t welcome around him.

In any case, if you wish to speak to him now, be aware that he still might not be ready. He’ll probably try to surround himself with other people, but don’t expect him to talk to you as much as he used to before. It’s obvious that he needs to be away from you for some time.

18. He’s not being nice to you

When a Capricorn man is done with you, his pride will float to the surface. He will often try to make you feel inferior as well since he considers himself to be superior to others. Now the same will apply to you.

Not-so-nice words will become a part of the vocabulary and he’ll use them to bring you down. He might devalue any of your abilities, achievements, or even personality traits.

19. He separates his finances from yours

When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You - 20 Obvious Signs

All things practical are of high priority in Capricorn man’s life. The same applies even to his romantic relationships.

If the two of you have had common expenses and you’ve shared some savings, once he decides to end everything with you, he’ll close all terms on that as well. He’ll stop investing financially in your relationship and this is one of the sure signs that signifies he’s ready to break up with you.

20. His friends will talk about your relationship problems

If you’ve heard his closest friends mentioning or asking you questions about your relationship, be sure that he told them about your issues.

First of all, when a Capricorn man is done with you, he’ll be seeking advice from his friends to be completely sure it’s time to break up with you. He spent so much time working on your relationship, so he’ll need to know if it’s time to stop investing in it before it’s too late.

21. He’ll tell you he’s lost interest in you

DONE When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You 20 Obvious Signs 12

Since he’s someone who greatly values honesty, he’ll most likely be direct when it’s time to break up with you. You’ll know it, unless he decides it’s better not to tell you because of the way you might react.

If you are a person that might burst into anger, who isn’t able to think rationally in such emotionally intense situations, he might not be so direct. But still, he’ll show you through his behavior that he’s done with you. His feelings have changed and he can no longer pretend to be happy.

To wrap things up

Every relationship has good and bad sides. It’s just a matter of time when you’ll have to weigh out what’s better for you – to stay or to leave.

Yes, you’ve shared your innermost with this person, but don’t be discouraged. Just because this relationship might be coming to an end, it doesn’t mean you won’t experience your happy ending.

Each person comes into our lives and teaches us a valuable lesson. That’s an important factor of growth.

If you date a Capricorn man, and for some unfortunate reasons it seems that your relationship is coming to an end just remember to look on the bright side. Maybe it’s time to move on and look forward to new love adventures.

The best-case scenario would be if you could focus even more on your personal growth. Read more books, find some new hobbies, take courses, learn a new language. Beside that, it is important to take care of your physical and mental health. Take walks in nature, play sports, hang out with friends and family.

You deserve love, and just because this man wasn’t the right one, it doesn’t mean that your soulmate won’t come to you any time soon.

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When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You - 21 Obvious Signs

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