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21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

Maybe he is in love with you but is hiding it. Don’t worry, the truth can’t be hidden, so he’ll show signs he loves you secretly.

You can learn all about them and find out the truth.

How to know if someone loves you secretly? Men aren’t as open about their emotions as we are, so he might not tell you directly.

However, there is a way for you to figure it out.

All it takes is for you to read these signs he loves you secretly and start noticing them in the way he acts around you.

His body language and the way he behaves will tell you the truth. 

Have you noticed him paying attention to you more than to anyone else?

If he listens carefully to you when you talk and remembers the little things you say, those are signs he loves you secretly.

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

Still, there are many more, so be sure to keep reading. This list of the things men do when they are secretly in love will give you the answers you need.

So, if you’re wondering how to know if someone loves you secretly, this article is going to help you.

How to know if someone loves you secretly? Well, just keep reading and see if they show any of these signs.

Is he hiding that he’s in love? 21 signs he loves you secretly

1. He’s never late

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

Is he leading you on? Well, if he loves you, he won’t be. When he says he’ll be there at 9 PM, he’ll be there; he’ll even show up ten minutes early!

He doesn’t want you to wait for him and he is eager to see you.

That is one of the signs a man loves you secretly. It shows that he not only respects you but looks forward to seeing you.

What he wants is for you to feel special, so he’ll do whatever it takes to give you what you really need.

If you recognize your guy in this example, you’re lucky! This is a good guy and the way he behaves is promising!

2. He looks deep into your eyes

Isn’t it a little embarrassing when a guy stares at you the whole time when you’re on your first date?

The truth is, you shouldn’t be embarrassed because it’s a very good sign. He looks straight into your eyes because he cares about you.

Don’t pressure him into talking when he’s looking at you, just let him enjoy the view. When he’s ready, he’ll open up.

If, in addition, he holds your hand while looking deep into your eyes and telling you something, it’s one of the clear signs he loves you secretly.

Don’t overlook the message of strong eye contact. He likes to look at you and he’s focused solely on you.

That’s always a good thing and in fact, it’s an early sign of love.

3. He often ‘accidentally’ touches you

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

Guys always want to use every opportunity to touch the girl they’re in love with.

Still, because they don’t want you to know the truth, they tend to say that it was an accident. 

Is it really? He wants to be close to you and feel the touch of your skin so he’ll try to get as close as he can to you and touch you ‘by accident’.

Whether he puts his hand on your shoulder or touches your knee, those ‘accidents’ are actually signs he loves you secretly.

Don’t call him out and let him know you know what he’s up to. Instead, let it play out and see if he’ll manage to win you over by himself.

This is one of the subtle signs so be sure to look for others as well.

4. He wants to get to know you better

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

One of the signs a man secretly loves you is when he asks a lot of questions and he does so because he wants to learn more about you. 

Is he trying to be your best friend at first?

He asks you a lot of questions about yourself but it doesn’t stop there, because he also wants you to know more about him.

So, he shares stories about his life with you; you’ll hear him talk about the places he has visited and who his friends are.

Does he make jokes at his own expense when talking to you? That’s actually one of the signs he loves you secretly.

For now, he’s investigating to find out more about how you feel about him.

He’ll make an effort to make you feel good about yourself when he’s around because he wants to keep seeing you. 

The point is, if he is interested in you, he’ll show it by being interested in the things you say about yourself.

5. He’s always clumsy in front of you

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

When a guy is into a girl, he’ll be clumsy in front of her and this is because he wants to show himself in the best possible light, but is too nervous to manage it.

So, if your guy is always clumsy in front of you, it’s one of the signs he loves you secretly.

He is struggling to impress you, so don’t make it hard for him. Just sit back and enjoy the fact that his clumsiness means that he’s into you.

It’s important for him to impress you so let him.

Don’t laugh at his clumsiness. All guys get clumsy when they are around a girl they really like. He can’t control his emotions, nor can he hide them.

6. He leans toward you when you’re talking

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

Does he lean toward you when trying to explain something? He isn’t really aware of it but it’s one of the body language signs that he secretly loves you.

Men often do so when they are in love with a girl and who could blame them?

It’s not easy to just approach a girl and tell her that you’re in love with her so try to understand him. 

You can try to make it easier for him to make the first move.

When he’s leaning toward you, turn your head to him and look him in the eyes for a moment.

If there’s chemistry between you two, that will make him think of kissing you and he might finally really do it!

7. He remembers all the little things you tell him

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

Did he remember your favorite flower even though you have only mentioned it once?

It’s one of the clear signs he adores you and wants to get to know you better.

He is interested in everything you’re interested in because he’s interested in you.

Naturally, when a guy loves a girl, he wants to know everything about her and that is why he listens carefully when you talk and remembers even the smallest details. 

You’ll be surprised at how much he really remembers once he mentions something you told him a while ago.

It proves that he really listens when you talk and that you’re a priority to him.

There’s nothing better than seeing that someone actually remembered something that matters to you, no matter how small it is.

It’s a sign of a keeper!

8. It seems like other girls don’t exist for him

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

Have you ever been on a date where a guy checks out other girls in front of you?

That would be the worst date in the world, but just like there are good guys, there are guys who do that. 

Is yours one of them? Or does it seem like he’s quite the opposite? If so, it actually seems like other girls don’t exist for him.

He never looks at other girls, nor does he mention them.

Maybe he wants you to know that you’re the only girl for him, or he just loves you so much that he really doesn’t notice other girls.

Whatever the case may be, if he doesn’t mention other girls nor look at them, it’s one of the signs he loves you secretly.

9. He tries to be a gentleman

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

Does he pull out your chair for you at a restaurant? Maybe he holds the door for you? In any case, he’s trying to be a gentleman when he’s around you.

This is not only one of the signs he loves you secretly, but also a sign that there’s still chivalry in these modern times.

Being a gentleman never goes out of style and he thinks he could win you over by doing nice things for you. 

Is he right? Gentlemen are rare nowadays, so if your guy shows any signs of being a true gentleman, he’s a keeper.

Even if he’s doing these things just to impress you, it still means he cares about you.

A guy wouldn’t go through all that trouble unless he was interested in the girl he was doing it all for.

10. He likes everything you post on social media

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

Is he active on your social media accounts? He will like all of your posts because he’s in love with you and wants you to know that he’s there. 

The photos you post are his favorite things on social media because he thinks that you’re very beautiful.

He probably stares at your pictures as soon as you post them.

Your beautiful eyes and genuine smile make his days brighter and that is why he likes all those photos.

So if you like him back, show him that. He obviously needs a sign from you in order to make the first move. 

Another reason why he’s so active on your social media accounts is that he wants to know what’s going on with you every second of every day.

11. He doesn’t let you pay

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

What happens when you’re at a restaurant and the check comes? Does he always pay for a meal? This is a sign that he loves you.

By picking up the check, he wants to appear as a true gentleman who always treats women the way they deserve – with respect.

It shows that he isn’t a cheapskate and has morals and he wants to let you know that he’ll always be there to take care of things.

Letting you pay would be an insult to his gentleman code.

He doesn’t want you to worry about money but to focus on the lovely evening you had together.

To make the experience complete, he’ll pay for everything, and to him, it’s totally worth it!

12. He gives you compliments

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

Does he compliment you? If he always has nice, warm words for you to make you feel good and special, he’s secretly in love with you.

He knows that his compliments can always lift your spirits, so he never misses a chance to brighten your mood.

All of us girls love getting compliments, but it’s truly special when it’s from someone who secretly loves you.

If your guy never misses a chance to tell you how beautiful and smart you are, he’s definitely into you.

He wants you to feel good about yourself, at least when you’re in his company. 

Another thing is that he means all the things he says because he sees you as an amazing woman he wants to be with.

13. He is protective of you

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

Do you want to know how to know if a man loves you? Well, he’ll act protectively if he really cares about you.

Guys are only protective of the girls they like very much; they don’t do it for everyone. Your guy is protective of you because you’re special to him. 

Does he always defend you from those who want to hurt you? You can’t get a clearer sign than that.

He obviously likes you, the only question is whether he thinks he’s not good enough for you, or if he is waiting for a sign that you like him back.

Whatever the case may be, he’s into you and he’s not going anywhere.

14. He uses ‘we’ and ‘us’ a lot

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

Does he say ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ when talking about some future event?

This shows he wants to have a future with you and he most likely already considers you to be his girlfriend, he just hasn’t said it out loud yet.

This guy cares about you deeply and wants to show you that. He is trying to impress you but doesn’t want to look like an idiot so help him out a little.

When you see he’s trying to make you like him, show him that you do. It might be what will finally get him to make the first move.

15. He gets jealous

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

What happens when another guy approaches you? Does he get jealous?

Maybe he even gets jealous when you mention some other guy you’ve been talking to.

He sees it as a threat because he’s scared that another guy will steal you away from him. 

Even if you’re not dating yet, he might get mad when you talk about other guys.

Don’t be surprised by that but think of it as one of the signs he loves you secretly.

He can’t control his defense mechanism, so don’t blame him for the way he reacts. 

If you don’t like him back and this behavior upsets you, you can always let him know.

However, if you like him, one of these days that jealousy might get him to finally admit his feelings for you.

16. He always smiles when he’s around you

A guy who is into you will always smile more than a guy who isn’t so if you see him smiling a lot when he’s with you, it’s a very good sign.

He likes you and that’s what’s causing him to smile, but he’s hoping that you’ll make the first move.

You don’t have to pour your heart out, just say something like, “You make me laugh,” or, “I feel great when I’m with you.”

It will show him that you want to be more than friends. Just show him that you like him too and see how he’ll go the extra mile to make you happy.

It’s not easy for him to open his heart to you, so respect the fact that he’s trying. Respect his efforts and it will mean a lot to him!

One of these days, he might finally say how he really feels.

17. He always wants to hear your opinion

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

A man will only ask a person who is special to him for their opinion; it shows that he considers you to be intelligent enough to help him decide something.

He respects you and cares about your opinion because he wants you to be more involved in his life.

He is also imagining a future with you, so he wants to know how you’d handle things in his situation.

Your opinion means a lot to him because he loves and respects you. You’re not his girlfriend yet, but this is his way of putting you in that position.

He might even ask you how you would tell someone you love them or something like that so maybe he’ll try to get your opinion on how to seduce you.

Try to give the best advice and wait for him to realize he has to make the first move.

18. He shows you respect

Regardless of what the song says, love isn’t all you need, because you also need respect.

It’s not enough for a man to love you because he needs to respect you as well. 

Why is that so? Well, after a while, love fades, but respect always stays.

Maybe you only want love now that you’re young, but once you’re an old lady, respect and support will mean more to you and that is why you should look for them in a partner who you intend to spend the rest of your life with.

Does he respect you? If he shows you respect, he doesn’t only love you but is husband material!

19. He offers you a helping hand

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

What happens when you tell him about the problems you’re experiencing? Does he offer to help?

Even if he can’t do anything to fix them, he’ll at least be your shoulder to cry on and he’ll listen to you.

He will at least talk it out with you to make you feel better. 

If you’ve been lucky enough to find a guy like that, hold on to him! Such guys are keepers!

This is a man who will be there for you when you need him, and at the end of the day, that’s what you really need.

He’s hurting when you’re hurting, so he’ll do everything in his power to make things better.

He’ll at least manage to make you feel better and that’s all that matters.

20. You are a priority to him

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

All of us want a guy who will always put us first.

Unfortunately, a lot of girls don’t get to have that from their boyfriends and instead, they get taken for granted, neglected, and rejected.

So, if this guy always puts you first and makes you a priority, you’re lucky!

He cares about you a lot and he wants to make you happy and this is because he’s hoping to make you his girlfriend.

A guy who makes you a priority is a guy who will surprise you in the end by giving you everything that you’ve been dreaming of.

At least he’ll try to and it’s only because he loves you so much. Now it’s up to you whether you’ll accept and reciprocate his feelings.

21. He pays more attention to you than to anyone else

21 Foolproof Signs He Loves You Secretly

Last but not least, the simplest way to find out whether a guy is secretly in love with you is to compare.

Just look at how much attention he pays to others in comparison with how much attention he pays to you.

If he is different around you and pays more attention to you than to anyone else, he loves you.

What happens when he tells a joke? Does he immediately look at you to see if you laughed?

If it’s clear that you’re more important to him than anyone else, it’s clear that he loves you as well.

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