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You Are Allowed To Miss Him, But Please Don’t Ever Get Back With Him

You Are Allowed To Miss Him, But Please Don’t Ever Get Back With Him

After a painful breakup, all of us are confused. Those are mixed feelings of anger, pain, love, and fear. I am aware of how you miss him, trust me. I know it very well.

Wherever you look or whatever you do, things remind you of him. You had your own song, so when you hear it, your heart falls apart. You had your favorite restaurant and even though you love food over there, you don’t like to go back there because it makes you feel terrible. It is very hard to forget those happy moments that you two had. Somehow, it seems like there is no chance to get over him at all.

You get used to this painful life after a breakup, but you are sick of being unable to forget it. Why don’t you have ability to move without turning away?

No matter how much effort you are putting in to find the way, you feel like you need to try even more. It is never enough to feel better, you are constantly thinking about him and you kind of miss him.

Through the day it is easy, because you find a way to fill it with all those activities and daily obligations. So, you don’t have that much time to miss him. But through the night it is very bad feeling and you can’t run away from your mind.You Are Allowed To Miss Him, But Please Don't Ever Get Back With Him

You are spinning over and over in the same place, you thought a thousand times about sending him a message, even though you know that it is a very bad idea.

Yet, you can’t help yourself but think about that. Somehow you repressed those bad memories from your mind and now you don’t even remember how he hurt you.

There are only good memories of him which make you think that you should try again.

But, I beg you, don’t meet him and don’t call him, no matter how often you are thinking about him. You are allowed to miss him, but please don’t ever get back with him. 

Try to remind yourself daily that you are not weak; moreover, you are very strong otherwise. This weakness that you feel is something that will pass.

Think wisely and you will see that if you call him it will not change anything. People don’t change for others; they mostly stay as they always are.You Are Allowed To Miss Him, But Please Don't Ever Get Back With Him

You know that no matter how many times you get back to him, he will hurt you over and over.

Don’t put yourself in that kind of suffering, because life goes so fast. You deserve so much more than a person who is not willing to change a single thing for you.

At first you miss him a lot, but as time passes you miss him less and less. Leave yourself to feel that pain and be patient, because it will pass.

It is completely normal to miss the person you used to share your happiness or sadness with. You can’t say that you two didn’t love each other at all. But, sometimes love is not enough.

If you once have a serious fight and almost break up, you either have to find a way to fix that or leave that forever. There is no rethinking. You can’t let it go and then suddenly want to turn that back.

That way you make yourself stuck in the same place for a long time. Think about this and be patient through that process of getting over your partner.You Are Allowed To Miss Him, But Please Don't Ever Get Back With Him

You choose things for yourself and you can’t be in the middle in this situation. If you want to open up yourself for the future, you need to let the past go.

Always remember that you are valuable and that you really need someone who can love you with their whole heart. Someone who would give anything to cheer you up.

Someone who would fight the world for you. If that person from your past was ready to do these things for you, he would not be in the past.

Learn the way to love yourself before loving anyone else. Respect yourself so that no one can cause you pain. Be yourself, learn how to laugh alone, and give your love only to those people who actually deserve it just like you.

You Are Allowed To Miss Him, But Please Don’t Ever Get Back With Him

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